Sony Playstation Phone 2 – My Dream Smartphone!

my favorite phone that i've never used yeah that's such a weird thing to say you guys have used a lot of phones believe me i've been doing this for almost 10 years but sony's playstation phone the xperia play this predated c4 tech by a little bit so i never got around to getting my hands on it now if you're one of the 30 people who watch this channel you'd know about my recent obsession with everything retro gaming and you 30 have usually asked me what my dream phone is now that i've gotten my hands on a refurbished expedia play playing around with it it got me thinking it finally got me to realize what my dream phone's gotta be i have a bunch of cool ideas here i've got no idea hear me out and tell me what you think beat it up disclaimer i'm keeping this viable and realistic as in no snapdragon replayed at 100 kind of crap now sony's mobile business has been floundering for a while now and they've been dealing with it by doubling down on optics which is not a bad idea given the success of their mirrorless cameras and the fact that their smartphone camera sensors they are good and popular enough to actually be a marketing point during other brands launches now every brand that's launching a phone most of them at least when they have a sony sensor they come out and say we have a sony sensor now if my time with the xperia 5 mark ii was anything to go by sony seem to be doing a fine job with optics now recently i've cut down on reviewing covering phones right but the expedia one mark iii and the five mark iii they are still most definitely on my red app why because sony's been doing a beautiful job of leveraging that alpha camera technology and pairing it with some beautiful hardware now as popular as sony's alpha cameras are today they do have one brand that's even bigger playstation and unlike cameras where sony is one of five or six top brands today with gaming sony is one of three one of three so here's where a playstation phone comes in now this is the expedia play the original playstation phone it's got direction buttons two analogs okay not analog sticks but you get what i'm saying oh i've been holding up upside down awesome if you like that go ahead give this video a thumbs up so any which ways uh you get what i'm saying right it's got menu select start buttons apart from that the face the face button circle x square triangle and then we also have the left and right bumpers in 2021 to be able to do something like this with a smaller form factor and add in l2 r2 kind of like this and maybe even on-screen keys for l3r3 or just tap the left side of the screen for l3 right side of the screen for r3 that should work because most of the games the kind of concept i'm going for it's not going to use l3 and r3 a lot now pair all this hardware with a 720p 60 fps screen yes i said it 720p no i'm not trying to pleasantly surprise you i'm not gonna fault you for thinking this is stupid but bear with me i'll clear it up in a moment now apart from these i will also go for a successor to the playstation pocket app now in case you didn't know the playstation pocket app that was sony's own store to buy ps1 games on the xperia play so refresh playstation pocket app uh you know for 2021 with support for not just ps1 but ps2 psp and maybe just maybe even the ps vita that would be amazing technically it should be doable the ps1 came out in 1994.

In 2011 sony had no issues emulating that the ps2 launched in 2000 the psp in 2002 if i can recall correctly so emulating them on 2021 hardware should not be an issue the ps vita okay maybe i'm being a little unrealistic a little greedy with that one but returning back to the dream hardware it is a dream after all right so the ps2 it doesn't run great on some flagship chips so we got to go snapdragon triple 8 and i want to get the most out of it which is why i'm pairing it with a 720p 60 fps screen guys if you look at the ps vita it's got a 544p display and as of now the games still look tremendous they are still very very beautiful as you can see this is the original ps vita with the oled display and it's it's just fabulous uh pleasantly surprising because you know when we are talking about consoles like the ps1 ps2 psp or even the vita higher than 60 fps n gonna really do much and these games don't even run at a native 720p so we're going to be upscaling and 720p i i feel that would help keep the battery small the price low and the performance high now this is not samsung cutting resolution just for the heck of it we are doing this because it fits now with the snapdragon s2 chip the xperia play was able to emulate ps1 pretty flawlessly why because it is using an official first party sony emulator to get the job done now in 2021 aaa pushing only 720p at 60fps soon he should be able to achieve flawless ps2 emulation because even with third party emulated emulators it is possible today it runs decently well uh a native emulator they should be able to get it flawless and the vita yes yes yes i'm a greedy i know now think about this these crazy devices 700 us dollars heavy as with weird displays that is a market for these not a huge market but that is one nonetheless so phone like this at around the 400 mark yes you heard me right 400 at this price point it should have an audience the price can be met if sony looks at it as an ecosystem the cameras put in one imx 686 or even a 586 sensor to the back a basic eight megapixels megapixel selfie shooter for zoom calls and wait for it ship these phones with a dock now this if you've seen my other video i don't know which one's going live first so let me repeat myself uh the dock was not a nintendo idea it was a sony idea they actually sold one for the psp go they just executed it so poorly that most of us don't even remember it and i said this multiple times in the past sony microsoft nintendo they all sell dirt cheap hardware for consoles why i mean why do they actually take a huge hit with the hardware because at the start of a generation it's okay taking a hit they're actually subsidizing the costs because it's basically a price of entry for for a consumer into an ecosystem that's how they say it unlike with pcs every time you buy a game on the nintendo store the playstation store the microsoft store these brands actually get a cut of every sale you make and they make that throughout the life cycle of a console so yeah a snapdragon triple eight at four hundred dollars isn't gonna be profitable for sony they're probably gonna lose money on it at least initially but at a hundred dollars over the switch as a gateway to an ecosystem it might just be what the doctor ordered now unlike consoles the phone cannot be sold with the same specs for six seven years right you can do that with the console yes now the switch is almost four years old already they can push it for another three years it's totally fine maybe do a minimal refreshing hardware but a phone can most definitely be sold for four think about it the flagship chip from 2018 what is it the snapdragon 845 as of today at 400 i'm not gonna call it great value but if it were running android 11 flawless android 11 and it came with the entirety of suny's retro library i'd still be interested in getting it and of course by year 3 year 4 they could drop the price by 50 or 100 as a standard with consoles now the key to this is gonna be updates people don't mind older hardware as long as it's gonna be updated fine case in point the nvidia shield tv it started off with android tv version 405 and it's had support for six years now now nvidia has managed to do it mostly because they have their own chip and qualcomm if you were using a qualcomm ship even if you did want to support it you can't because qualcomm just doesn't support their chips past a few years but then this is sony that we are talking about and if this becomes a this concept phone becomes like a hybrid it's it becomes an ecosystem by its own then sony should be able to have enough pull to actually push qualcomm to support the phone for or support the chip for four years uh they might even talk them into getting them a higher bend exclusive chip the snapdragon 888.8 or whatever it is now one of the biggest issues with android well let me come out and say it piracy that's one of the reasons why a lot of uh great developers develop only for ios and not for android now this is something sony will have to contend with after all what's going to stop someone from buying the phone at cost you know letting sony subsidize it and then putting damien ps2 pp sspp and eps xc on it to get all these games for free in which case sony will just be losing money on hardware and not really making anything on software not a good business idea now one of the biggest reasons for the failure of the psp was the fact that a few years in while they didn't manage to match nintendo on the units sold but on an average each buyer was only buying three to four games so that meant we're not really seeing the profits despite the hardware sales being good but that was 2011.

This is 2021 and the difference is too soon in 2021 brands have another method of seeing profit i call this the netflix formula think about this for a minute a few years back when when say the original xperia play came out how many of us were pirating content i mean let's be honest sharing is carrying team jack sparrow a lot of us were doing that but now with the rise of netflix and prime i don't say we don't pirate stuff i'm saying we still are paying for at least some services right netflix prime jio hot star hell even sony live at least some of these services we do pay for so if sony were to offer a subscription service or maybe even two tiers of it you know tier one you get ps1 and psp tier two you get ps2 nps vita all this you know you get to access these content on a monthly subscription that should entice people into paying for it maybe even give the subscription three months free when you buy the phone after that sony could even offer exclusives resurrect playstation mobile now with something like this the nvidia shield portable or something like this oh yeah these utter failures they still got exclusives so if sony can drive up adoption then they might even be able to get some developers on board for exclusives now add to it the dock here i'm just channeling the pstv which basically was a vita without a display now the psd will let you stream ps4 to another room to your second tv so basically hey you get another console on another room without having to buy a second console they could probably let this playstation phone do that there's a market for it isn't there pstvs well technically not a hit they still sold decently command all of these into one product at a killer phone at a dollar price point which off the bat might seem unrealistic and hey it is a little unrealistic but then look at it the xperia 5 mark iii is expected to be priced around 850 900 you cut the display from that full hd to 720p the refresh from 120 hertz to 60 hertz the cameras from three to one a much older sensor that the storage from 128 to say 32 gb with micro sd because ufs 3.1 and microsd it's not gonna make a huge difference for older titles because we're talking emulation of course you're going to have to factor in the costs of the buttons and all that but as of today there is no official console with the controller that lets you stream your ps5 the vita got you remote access to ps3 and ps4 but it can't do ps5 so maybe maybe even if they are taking a bit of a cut on the hardware it could be alluring enough for existing ps5 buyers for gaming enthusiasts for retro gaming enthusiasts and on top of that streamers uh i said i'm not asking i'm not talking about people streaming i'm talking about people who uh who like to stream the games themselves to play kind of like what a microsoft is doing with xbox game pass or google with stadia that this could be the hardware the best way to experience those so even if you're not really using sony's own service you're still going to be paying for sony hardware that's probably the best way to do things uh kind of like samsung selling amoled panels to uh apple or rather sony selling their sensors to other brands that's a more obvious parallel what what am i thinking any which means all these services are they're supposed to go up with the adoption of 5g with 5g you know more and more countries more and more uh consumers embracing 5g this adoption rate of google stadia or of playstation now off uh microsoft xbox game pass all this is going to go up so uh being able to send out push out these uh existing huge uh gaming libraries as a service that means they aren't really focusing on development but they are able to put the ps1 ps php ps2 ps vita these entire payments or behemoths of libraries in the palm of your hand that would be the epitome of gaming right because from an android gaming perspective there's a lot there are a lot of brands doing android gaming phones so this would be a different take of gaming uh a look at gaming without micro transactions and look at more uh just full-fledged gaming for a more hardcore gamer from somebody who's playing on smartphones from somebody who's not looking at the social aspect of gaming maybe just maybe this might work out uh now the xperia play was a good phone but frankly speaking it was a little ahead of its time so i feel this the time is perfect for sony to come out with a follow-up what do you guys think do you feel this stream phone of mine is something that could be done and more importantly do you have a dream phone if you were to go about it what would you use how would you go about it what services would you actually provide let me know in the comments below and with that we get to the end of this video thumbs up thumbs down based on whatever you felt about it subscribe turn on notifications hit that bell icon if you haven't yet and thanks a lot for watching till next time my name is ash you've been watching c4 retech and i'm signing off for now you guys have a great day bye

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