iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test – Is ‘Ceramic Shield’ Scratchproof?!

today we're going to durability test the iphone 12 pro and its ceramic shield covered front screen you might have noticed that the box is a little bit smaller this year you know how apple has slowly been removing things with each new product launch first was the headphone jack then the hdmi on their laptops and now it's the charging brick itself that's gone it's always exciting to find out what's going to disappear next apple definitely keeps you on your toes honestly though it's probably a good thing their 5 watt inbox charger was the slowest charger of any phone anywhere and now there's no reason not to upgrade to the faster charging anker nano which costs less while still charging three times faster all while still keeping the same size as the old brick thanks to anker for sponsoring this video now iphone users will get to experience the fast charging that androids have had for years i'll leave a link down in the video description that'll give you a 10 percent discount off the anchor nano because you know if apple isn't going to hook you up anchor for sure will now it's time for the durability test let's get started personally i think it's a bit sus that apple got rid of the free inbox charger at the exact same time they came out with a new type of magnetic charging which conveniently cost forty dollars by the way i'm sure it's all just a coincidence though just like how the headphone jack disappeared at the same time the wireless airpods came out you know totally normal behavior you can see that inside the magnetic circular attachment is a group of coiled wires that transfer power to the other set of coiled wires inside of the phones we'll have to see what those look like for realzy's when we open them up for the teardown video but while we're here on the outside we can see where the magnets are located with some metal shavings the magnets form a perfect circle around the outside of the copper coils thumbs up for that i think it's kind of cool even if you aren't able to keep your credit card and phone in the same pocket anymore it's probably a good idea in general though to keep metal shavings away from your phone if you remember the earpiece and loudspeaker are also both made with magnets so if any small shavings get sucked up inside of the phone it can tear the speakers to shreds i'm sure the ip68 waterproofing will help keep the dust and shavings out but still it's better safe than sorry speaking of being safe rather than sorry apple has stepped up their phone design quite a bit this year with a lot of focus on the screen apple says their new ceramic shield is a step beyond glass but it's also important to listen closely to their carefully structured buzzword-filled sentences apple said they've included nano ceramic crystals within the glass matrix to dramatically improve toughness and yeah they might have found a new way of forming glass to make it tougher but those new crystals are still within a glass matrix which means it's still glass no matter how many other words they add to the sentence and if glass is still glass you know the rest apple doesn't mention much about scratch resistance just drop protection and toughness they also use the phrase along with our new design it makes the iphone tougher than ever so it's not just the new glass i think a large part of that four times more drop resistance comes from the design with the glass totally flush sitting just inside the surface of the frame a piece of glass has six sides front back and all four edges and with five of those six sides protected by this phone frame in a way that most smartphones are not built it really does make this iphone 12 pro more shatter resistant so i do believe apple's claim about the glass being four times tougher but i think the protective design has more to do with it than the buzzwords do i've scratched hundreds and hundreds of phones in this exact same way and apple's ceramic shield is still scratching at level six with deeper grooves at a level seven it might just be my imagination but it does look like the level six scratches are a tad more faint but they're definitely still there ceramic shield is not the product that will bring us to the next level of mohs hardness one thing that can always be certain though is that as apple removes things from the box the high price will always remain the same the only way to really keep your screen scratch free and resale value high is with a screen protector i've installed thousands of screen protectors from my pre-youtube phone repair days and it only takes a few seconds the biggest obstacle is the dust underneath the glass but there's an alcohol wipe and a dust sticker in the box to help mitigate that the screen protector is held in place by a thin layer of nano adhesive so there's no residue left on the glass when it's ever removed and since the iphone 12 pro display is totally flat the precision cut screen protector makes it look like it was meant to be there just like you wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and a mask to protect your lungs a screen protector is a cheap way to avoid a lot of future regret i'll leave a link for dbrand screen protectors down in the video description plus these aren't your normal plastic rubbery screen protectors either it's an additional layer of protective tempered glass and as we know glass is glass and glass can it's much easier to replace a 10 screen protector than it is to replace a 270 display i'll leave that link in the description now if i'm being totally honest i do have to say that the iphone 12 pro is one of the cleanest looking and best feeling phones that i've held in a really long time and the frame is surprisingly hard to scratch the sides of the iphone 12 pro are made from stainless steel and since my razor blade is also made from stainless steel they're having a hard time damaging each other the paint is obviously still going to scratch off most phones are usually made from softer aluminum aluminum's like a 3 or 4 on most scale so this stainless steel at most five is quite a bit more resilient [Music] it's just the paint that's not the silver colored version of the iphone is going to hide this kind of damage the best there is no expandable memory of course there never was the magnets on the back can be a handy sim card removal tool holder and then of course at the bottom we still have our lightning port [Music] i'm also a big fan of the textured glass back here you can hear the difference my razor makes when it goes from the rough frosted texture to the smooth glass on the apple logo the textured glass has the ability to act like sandpaper to other objects since glass is a very hard material softer objects like this penny will leave marks behind on the glass but the marks aren't permanent it's just dust caught on the rough surface and can be rubbed away the top camera bump is relatively reasonable this year when compared to samsung's monstrosities the bottom lens is a 12 megapixel two times optical zoom telephoto then we have the 12 megapixel ultra wide in the center and the main 12 megapixel sensor up top and each camera lens is again covered with its own sapphire crystal lens cover it's still getting marks levels six and seven but you already know how i feel about that the screen of the iphone 12 pro is a 6.1 inch super retina xdr display meaning it's oled and has a slightly higher resolution than 1080p a cool thing though is that even after 30 seconds from the heat of my lighter the pixels on the oled are still unfazed with zero damage other phones start to turn white and not recover now i'm no materials expert but ceramic is a slower conductor of heat than glasses meaning that the heat doesn't transfer through it is easy so it is possible that apple's new screen material is keeping the heat away from the pixels this doesn't mean quite a whole lot as far as lighters go but it does add a little validity to the new ceramic crystal material claim that apple is making the oleophobic coating is definitely evaporated though so don't try the burn test on your own phone what about the bend test i mean it's probably easy to guess but with the more solid stainless steel frame and recessed glass on both sides keeping the box rigid the iphone 12 pro is a non-flexing tank of a cell phone and i'm impressed no bins kinks or cracks of any kind in the frame apple is and always has been premium and expensive but at least lately the materials have started to match the price tag a bit better i used my last phone for over three years and i've only had my current phone for about a year so i'm not ready to upgrade just yet maybe someday i'll try out the iphone again but i'll wait till next year's iphone 13 pro max ultra plus 6g no screen edition before i make up my mind i'll leave links in the description for that stuff apple forgot to include like the charger and screen protector let me know what you think of apple's new phone down in the comments you cool with them leaving out the charger come hang out with me on instagram and twitter and thanks a ton for watching i'll see you around

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World’s Smallest Android Phone!

What's up guys, Lou here back with another video. And it doesn't get any less exciting here at Unbox Therapy. Today I am bringing you The World's Smallest? Possibly? Android Smartphone? That's what I'm told. This is the Micro X S240. Company called Posh Mobile.com This was sent to me from a guy named..Tom. What's up Tom? I will link them down in the description. He sent me 3 of these units, so I guess I'm gonna do a give-away as well follow me on Twitter for details there. Maybe you want the smallest smartphone on the planet. Why wouldn't you? Specs: 4 GB ROM, 512 MB of RAM, Dual Core Processor, Multi touch. Well I hope so, hope it's got a touch screen. *LAUGHS* 2 MP camera and a VGA front camera – Listen, It ain't always about specs.

Maybe you have a different agenda. It's for a very specific type of individual. So… Ooh Get out of town! Look at this little guy! This would be cool for a kid to have. Hello? So there's your little display on there. Camera on the back, speaker here. Micro USB on the bottom for charging. Microphone Now it does look like the rear is removable here. Let me see.. I don't have the fingernails necessary I don't think. Theres a bunch of stuff, what do we have? Basic little headset with microphone Micro USB cable, Power brick Let's try this again. Come on Lou, use your muscles. So here we go, battery goes in. Come on battery… Little bit of juice Give us something Ooh POSH Mobile So…POSH Dare I… *Woosh* This little guy I mean.. Here is the set up Yes, this is small Oh my…*Laugh* Look at how small the keyboard is Do you see that?…What do I…

Oh man… What do you need for this? A little pen or something Look at that! It's a real phone Very dimly lit capacitive buttons The brightness of the screen is surprising, I didn't expect it to be that bright. The main thing here is just how small it is. Benjamin Button He's a li.. I think he get's smaller as time goes on He still needs a phone Phone, messages and contacts by default You scroll over here… little skin on this android it looks like Browser, clock… camera! *oOoOo's* Did that work? I think… Yea! *Chuckles* Just a little delay! Hello to the world From 1999 Ooo…I think i'm getting better Maybe not… You're not going to want to write a novel on this guy here *Laugh* Man..Look at that tiny little Youtube player Is the orientation locked here? There we go! Speakers not terrible! There you can see it…How do they get it all in there? I dunno how they get it all in there.. Galaxy Note 5 Wow…It's the smart car of phones! If you're a… little different kind of person This might be just what you're looking for Cause I like to suprise people…

In weird ways… Wow… What is this? This is the quietest I've been…This is mysterious.

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I Bought The Cheapest Smartphone on Amazon…

I've used a lot of famous and expensive smartphones like the iPhone X, the Samsung phone , and the Pixel 2XL in my pocket. These phones are pretty expensive, but in reality, not everyone can afford it. A lot of times when I unbox a money saving phone the radios in these internationally sold phones don't work that well I want to find the cheapest smartphone on Amazon but there are a few rules 1.

Can't be used can't be 2. Must be able to buy it on Amazon Prime 3. Must be able to support LTE 4. Must be a smartphone 5. Use Android if possible This is the phone cost me $49.99 Alcatel onetouch IDEAL From the box, the phone is still running the old version of Android , but the old version of Android is turned over to see the 4.5-inch 854×480 resolution screen on the back. As I said before, 4G LTE is 200W in the front and 800W in the rear. Camera 1.1GHz Octa-core processor Android version 5.1 Back to the era of 5.1, this is more important, the supported 4G signal frequency band supports both WCDMA and GSMA 850, 1700, 1800, 1900 American residents can use it with confidence by inserting a SIM card and as long as 49 Oh! Open the box and see what the $49 is.

Stop thinking about those good-looking phones that are 10 times more expensive than this one. First, get the device body, the removable battery! There is also a piece of paper in the front, so you know what it will look like when you turn it on The micro USB port at the bottom does not need to consider any symmetry issues at all. It needs to be placed where it needs to be placed. I guess there is no fast charging battery. This 1780mAh battery cannot be bought on Amazon. This is the back cover and the AT&T logo is posted.

What is the rating of this phone on Amazon? Seems like 3.5 stars? That's right, it's 3.5 stars. Based on this price, you shouldn't have high expectations. Simple and rude hhhh Good! Power on! Okay that's stupid bezels oversized bezels We don't care once we don't care this reminds me of the small Pixel 2 oversized capacitive buttons that I'd get sprayed on are common on older phones no glass backs, no wireless charging I went to see how much electricity it got from the factory, the screen is too dark hhhhhh The keyboard speed is a little slow, look at the difference hhhhhhh Also, I just want to connect to wifi, he told me it takes two minutes hhhhhhhhh What the hell is the same viewing angle, these two The screen is literally going down and down a $50 phone every day, the screen is completely invisible Wish the brightness could be turned up a bit, oh so much better! It 's not an OLED for a comparison dude I'll remind you, this phone is only $49 and I'm bragging that this phone has some pre-installed software and it's not that fast.

Time to look at the camera. It's a little nervous. The shutter lag is a bit high. ……The latitude is too low. Either it's too bright, or it's dark. The front camera is probably bad. It's not like human skin and zombies. However, the details are still wide and you can zoom in and out. But not being able to touch to focus the camera is really bad to test the speakers may be good may be bad latest Unbox Therapy video is this a Facebook ad? Come use Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? have you heard of it? guys? The maximum brightness is 480p. Turn up the volume . The speaker of this phone may be accidentally covered on the back. Of course, the speaker is very bad. Of course, look at youtube . Positioning is for those who have never used a smartphone.

For those people, it's okay. After all, he has achieved the experience and price that a smartphone should do. How to balance it? I definitely don't want to buy a $49 phone if I can but $7,890 or even $500 is a bit pricey for us on the low end and you can indeed see some phones that improve that quality on Amazon in the US , I will definitely not buy it for $49. It should sell for one or two hundred dollars. There are some mobile phones at this price. It is a huge improvement compared to it. Don't buy this mobile phone. I bought it as a tape recorder or a backup machine. I don't hate the experience of this mobile phone. Just $49 Jack is more than $49 for a lunch.

This video is co-sponsored by Shanis Bennis and ProFlowers. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. There are flowers, chocolate strawberries, and truffles. Pick two, you make the decision. See who wouldn't be happy to see this. The flowers are beautiful and great, but you know, your Uncle Lewis prefers the chocolate-dipped strawberries in front of him. He's drooling, open the box and look at me! The strawberries also had nuts on them! This looks too delicious . The fragrance of strawberries is very good. Anyone who smells it will be in a good mood. First, try one with chocolate on both ends. ~ uh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u uh…… uh…… ……… So delicious! It feels like it's Valentine's Day and you really have to try delivering the package to your loved one. Your relationship will definitely heat up. It's that simple, just buy one for her and you're done.

Just buy two together. Maybe she prefers truffles. , look at this beautiful truffle, go buy it now, don't wait until the next Valentine's Day There is no better Valentine's Day gift than this, with flowers and chocolate strawberries, so let's get started.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown – Tiny Motherboard & BIG Battery!

the iphones have always been some of the most complicated phones to take apart you'll see why over the course of this video but there's no way we could let this iphone 11 pro max flagship slip by without seeing the insides this is the most water resistant mainstream smartphone money can buy right now so it's time to see what helps keep water out and how repairable it really is let's get started [Music] [Applause] [Music] since basically day one of the first iphone's existence apple has been in the business of trying to keep people out of their phones and this new iphone appears to be no different it has the same proprietary pentalobe screws holding the bottom of the screen to the stainless steel frame of the phone it uses a screwdriver that's pretty easy to find online but most people don't immediately have it on hand i'll leave a link for a good tool kit in the description looking closely at the screw it has black thread locker filling the gaps between the threads and the phone body this helps keep the screw in place as well as helps keep water out the biggest opening for water to get inside the phone though is the screen there is adhesive surrounding the whole rectangle in order to pull the screen off i'll need to use heat to soften that adhesive and a strong suction cup to pull on the screen while adding some leverage with my pry tool between the plastic lip and the stainless steel frame as i work my way around either side of the phone lifting off the display you can see the substantial amount of stringy gooey black adhesive that holds the parts together i'm taking special care to avoid the ribbon cables hiding along the edge of the right side these cables are about as fragile as paper and can be torn very easily you'll get a better look at them as the screen lifts off they're down there through those gooey strands at first glance things look pretty standard for the iphone a ton of screws and the massive l-shaped battery thumbs up to apple for adding battery life and thickness to their phones this year instead of trying to go thinner i'm also glad that the ribbons are all off to the side last year had a random ribbon cable coming from the center that made the screen removal quite a bit harder the front camera and face scanner are tucked up in the top of the phone i'll remove these six y triple zero screws holding the middle plate over the top of the screen ribbon connectors one of those screws is easier to access from the other side of the screen if you close and scooch it over a bit and take a look at that motherboard it's lego connector central up in here happy birthday to myself i'll remove another four y triple zero screws that hold the top protective metal plate and side ribbon guide down over the camera units and there are two more screws holding down the tiny plate over the battery connector before i unplug that battery though i want to make sure this whole thing still works and that nothing was damaged during the screen removal tapping the power button shows the apple logo and the phone turns on which app should i test to make sure the phone still works maybe i should use today's sponsor audible that was convenient audible is actually one of my favorite apps the book i'm currently listening to is called the man who knew the way to the moon and is one of the audible originals it sounds more like a verbal documentary than a narration i usually adjust the speed to be a tad faster than normal so i can get through more information quicker it's a true story about the guy who convinced nasa to use space rendezvous points instead of one gigantically massive rocket it's super interesting you can get a free audio book plus two audible originals when you try audible for 30 days with the link in the description audible.com jerryrig or text the word jerryrig to 500 500.

The audible original titles come from diverse categories like theater journalism literature and the documentary styles like the one i'm listening to now even if you decide to cancel audible at some point in the future you still get to keep your books they're yours to own forever audible.com jerryrig or text jerry rigged to 500 500 and thanks to audible for sponsoring this video i'll unclip the battery connector like a little lego from this smorgasbord of lego connectors the battery actually has two connectors one is found down below by the charging port so when clipping both of those is a good idea at this point i just didn't know the second one existed until later i'll unclip one of the charging port ribbons and then i'll make my way down to the three main ribbons holding the screen to the body of the phone the screen is significantly more simple this year than it has been for the previous years which is definitely appreciated it only has three screws holding the earpiece to the back of the display apple throws phillips head screws randomly in here and there throughout the phone so for those of you following along at home this is the third type of screwdriver we've used so far the earpiece folds down which lets us pry away the front sensors from the glass replacement parts will become more common and get cheaper as the phones get older i'll try to link some in the video description as they become available screen replacements aren't super difficult on iphones and with the disappearance of 3d touch the display is actually thinner and leaves more room for the larger battery speaking of which i've had a few requests for a straight up clean video shot of the internals so feel free to screenshot this crop it and use it as your phone wallpaper if you want just make sure to tag me on twitter if you do let's remove the front camera and the face id death scanner thingy it's got two ribbon cables to unplug wait nope there's three last one kind of just snuck in there this little unit has the front 12 megapixel selfie camera the one that can film in 4k and do those slow fees and also has the infrared dot projector and secondary camera for the face id it's a pretty cool setup and i'm glad it's not attached to the screen it makes repairs easier the three rear cameras each have their own ribbon cable attached to the motherboard i can unclip each of those and then the whole contraption comes right out of the phone apple really has made their design much more modular this year and i'm a fan up at the top we get the normal 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilizing down at the bottom we get another 12 megapixel two times optical zoom camera which also has optical image stabilizing and over here on the side we have a 12 megapixel wide angle camera with no physical stabilizing i feel like this is the perfect setup and the arrangement i would personally like to have someday when i upgrade from my galaxy s8 i feel like apple has finally brought way more features to the table with smartphones this year and are finally competing at the same level of other flagships let's get this motherboard out i'll unplug the charging port ribbon but before i can pull that out once again i need to switch back to the y triple zero screwdriver there are three screws running down the right side keeping this cable with the metal bracket tucked to the side of the phone the next three screws are a bit trickier these are called standoff screws and they hold the motherboard in place if you don't have a standoff remover i can usually take a flat screwdriver bit and just twist the screw around in the circle from one side and as the screw comes out you can see that a standoff screw is actually a screw that has a screw hole inside a screw within a screw they are annoying to work with but apple uses them to save space and stack things on top of each other speaking of saving space once those screws are out and the sim card tray is removed the whole motherboard is ready to come out of the phone and this my friends is it this is the whole thing the brains and brawn of the whole iphone operation is sandwiched between these two stacked boards one thing i'm pretty impressed with on the iphones this time around is that all the solder connecting the circuits inside of this motherboard is made from 100 recycled tin you might be thinking nice work apple on recycling that tiny drop of tin but because apple is using recycled tin and not only their iphones but the macbook air the ipad air and the ipad mini it adds up to over 29 000 metric tons of tin ore that they don't need to mine from the earth it's a pretty substantial achievement and i'm glad apple's doing it let's keep going deeper the taptic vibrator engine is down here below the battery near the charging port it's got three little screws holding it in place and i'm going to set those off to the side to help keep things organized a lot of phones you can take apart and just toss the screws held or skelter but since basically every screw in here is a different shape and size it's very important to keep them organized with the metal plate gone and the vibrator unclipped from the charging port we get our first close-up of the taptic engine it's nice of apple to include their logo in case we forgot what phone we're taking apart this little guy is also using 100 recycled rare earth elements since we don't have an unlimited earthly supply of these magnets i'm glad apple is now going through the effort to reuse and recycle parts of their phones i'll remove one more screw and pull off the metal plate over the microphone hole and check out all that white adhesive over the hole to help keep water out of the microphone it's time to remove the battery apple once again has added the magic pull tabs which i'm thankful for prying out permanently glued batteries is extremely dangerous and even if a pride and bent battery doesn't spark and start on fire right away it'll still be damaged internally and will start to puff up and expand over time these pull tabs make battery removal much safer yeah they are still pretty fragile and break every now and then but it's still much better than what samsung is currently doing with the permanent adhesive and their phone [Music] apple has three pull strips at the end of each side of the battery [Music] and i was successful enough with most of them that the rest of the battery can be lifted up unharmed this is a 3969 milliamp hour capacity which is quite an improvement over last year's 3174 milliamp hours for real apple has come out to play this time the loudspeaker comes out next with its two screws holding it in place you might have noticed so far that while the iphone seems complex most components are still modular and come out relatively easily you can see the substantial amount of black adhesive holding the loudspeaker to the frame of the phone like i said in my durability test video this iphone 11 pro max is the most water resistant smartphone on the market right now while most manufacturers have water tested their phones to a depth of 1.5 or 2 meters deep for 30 minutes just to get that ip68 rating apple has gone above and beyond and tested the new iphone 11 pros to 4 meters deep for 30 minutes double the depth of what everyone else is doing hold on for a second though check this out the loudspeaker is full of a ton of those little white sound balls i assume these white balls help fill the space inside of the tiny little cell phone speaker to keep it from sounding like a tiny little cell phone speaker i'll take out the last nine screws for the charging port and get back to that ip rating even though apple went twice as deep as everyone else they still only got the same ip68 rating you're probably like why didn't they just go up a level to ip69 and that's because ip69 is a totally different test instead of submersion it's a high pressure and temperature water jet test and pretty irrelevant for cell phones cell phones get accidentally submerged all the time but getting accidentally blasted by a fire truck is far less common the charging port is finally out of the phone that was definitely a nightmare i don't want to repeat the iphone has so many intricate components it's not so much a difficult phone to repair it's just a very complex phone to repair and one wrong move or screw in the wrong place could wreck the phone if you do end up breaking your back glass and don't have insurance you can either pay apple 599 to fix it or just buy a replacement housing and swap over each component individually yeah it's going to be pretty extremely painful either way apple's still kind of being a big jerk where that's concerned i think you should just get a case before it breaks i'm pretty impressed with apple for stepping up and going above and beyond the bare minimum that they usually do this time apple has given customers the specs and features they're paying for and that always hasn't been true in the past of course in my opinion androids can still accomplish more i'm not ready to switch size just yet but i am glad that apple has stepped up with enough performance to match the price tag and is doing it with recycled and recyclable materials we can all appreciate and support that i'll get the camera units put back into their slot they are all housed in the same metal block so it's impossible to get them out of alignment and the same thing goes for the front cameras finally the front screen with its three ribbon cables can plug into the tiny motherboard and i can start throwing down all those metal plates over the lego style ribbon connectors the last thing that gets plugged in is the battery and this little metal bracket that covers the top then we can turn the phone back on and once again i'm just as surprised as you are that this thing still works i for one am glad that apple has started participating again in the smartphone race and even more so for using recycled components innovations in both areas are good for everyone i'll be looking into the recycling efforts of other manufacturers in the future so hit that subscribe button if you haven't already it's free and remember that the computer the astronauts used to land on the moon 50 years ago is less powerful than the cell phone in your pocket right now don't forget to check out the audible link in the description for your free audiobook and come hang out with me on instagram and twitter thanks a ton for watching and i'll see you around

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Making the iPhone Perfect in 2 Minutes – Unc0ver IOS 13.5 Jailbreak

– I've said this before,
even as an Android user, there's no denying that iOS
has got a lot going for it. The issue for me is that
no matter how many times I try to switch to it though, I always find a couple of tiny things that Apple refuses to allow
for whatever convoluted reason, and it kind of ruins
the experience for me. Like in the control center, a menu meant to give you quick
access to common settings. You see the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles. They don't even turn off their
respective radios anymore. The toggle just closes
any active connections until Apple deems that they
should be turned back on. And then how about the
unremovable notification shade on the lockscreen that
requires you to swipe up every time you unlock
the phone with face ID instead of just dropping
you on the homescreen which is probably where you wanna be.

It's little things like this
that drives me up the wall. So when I saw the epic
new jailbreak released for iOS 13.5 with support
for every iPhone model that supports that version of iOS. I figured it was finally
time after all these years to take jailbreaking out for a spin. Speaking of spin, spin open
your wallet for a lot less with our sponsor Ting. Why pay for things you
don't need or even use? Ting wants to help you with that by getting you to pay for
only the mobile data you use. Check it out at the link
below to find out more. (upbeat music) Going from now all the way back to the early
days of iOS jailbreaking.

The main reason people did it was to add or modify functionality that either wasn't present in iOS, or that Apple didn't allow or want. For example, features
like the control center, touch gestures and dark
mode already existed as jailbreak tweaks long before Apple ever
implemented them officially. Then there's the people
who jailbroke their devices to remove carrier restrictions. Remember when you had to pay
for mobile data tethering or to unlock a device so it can be used with
a different carrier. Another huge reason people
jailbreak are aesthetics. And these kinds of mods
are all over the place ranging from themes like Viola which reskins your menus and icons to a beautified control
center with tweaks like Prism, or even Apple Watch style
status icons on the lockscreen with a tweak called Complications. If you're like me and you
prefer less rather than more, there's SimpleLS which
can remove all the clutter from your lockscreen.

And then there's the taboo
side of jailbreaking, piracy. Many people jailbreak their devices to get paid apps or services for free, or to cheat in mobile games. Now, all this is super cool, but jailbreaking has been on
the decline for many years due to slow jailbreak
releases for new OSes instability and Apple simply implementing many of the features
that people originally jailbroke their devices to get. However, maybe because Apple has been
kinda sitting on their thumbs when it comes to iOS features
in the last couple of years, things have been picking
up again with speedy, stable and easy jailbreaks from the team behind the
latest exploit, uncover.

So how do you do it? First, you'll need a compatible device, you can see the full
list of tested devices over on uncover site, but
essentially every modern iPhone is supported all the
way from iOS 11 to 13.5. Please note by the way guys, as of the day we filmed this video, Apple released iOS 13.5.1 which patches this jailbreak. If you're not already on
13.5 and you want to be you can still update by
downloading the update file from the link in the description and then shift clicking the
Update button in iTunes. note though, that Apple may
stop signing this version at any time making it impossible
to update to it later. If you're already on iOS 13.5 do not update to 13.5.1 or you will lose your
ability to jailbreak. Alright, with that out of the way. We're gonna assume that
you're jailbreaking from a Windows computer
but if you're on Mac, the process is the essentially the same. So with the guidance
from the uncover website and the links below, you should be able to
jailbreak without issue.

Start by downloading iTunes and
iCloud from Apple's website. If you have the Microsoft
Store versions of them, you're gonna have to uninstall those grab the wind 32 versions, and then give yourself one of these, for ever touching the Microsoft
Store in the first place. Next, head over to the uncover site and download an install AltServer. We're gonna use this software
to self sign and then sideload both the AltStore and the
uncover jailbreak apps.

Once it's installed, plug in your iPhone. Trust the PC that you're plugged into and select your device
under install AltStore in the AltServer menu in your taskbar. Enter your Apple ID to
authorize the install and within a few seconds you should see it on your iOS homescreen. Now because this is what
Apple deems a self signed app, you'll need to navigate
into the device settings and authorize the app
before you can run it. Once it's running, head over to the uncover
jailbreak site on your phone and click the open in old store button. If you're prompted re-enter your Apple ID then AltStore will install
the uncover jailbreak app. Now you might notice there's
an expiry date on the apps. This is because you self signed the apps with your own Apple ID. And without an apple
developer subscription, the longest you can sign
an app is for seven days.

Don't worry, though, because the AltStore guys thought of this. So if you keep all server
running on your PC or Mac, the Store app will actually
phone home to your system when you're on the same network to renew those certifications. If you do end up away from
home for a while though, it's possible you might not
get the automatic renewal meaning that if your phone
dies or is hard rebooted after that seven day period, you might have to re-flash the apps or go without a jailbreak for a few days. Alright, disclaimer over. Now it's time to open up the
uncover app and hit jailbreak.

It'll do some stuff and then
prompt you for a reboot. Click OK and then once the
device is booted again, open uncover, hit jailbreak
again and it will reboot in a jailbroken state with a
brand new app called Cydia. That's it, your jailbroken! Cydia is what's known
as a package manager. Kinda like the underwear and lttstore.com. It handles installing and
updating any tweaks and themes that you want to install. And it's kind of like the App Store, but for jailbreak stuff.

Let's start with modding
our device and fixing some of those issues that
I've been having with iOS. It's worth noting that while Cydia ships with lots of default repositories, many of the popular tweaks and themes are hosted on third party
repos, like Packix or SparkDev. So we're gonna add those first
as those hold the downloads for the tweaks that I wanted to add. First, I installed Snowboard,
which is a theming engine, which allows you to actually
apply the viola theme that I mentioned earlier, I then proceeded to install
a bunch of other tweaks, namely SwipeSelection, which really adds that keyboard swiping to navigate text thing that
was removed from 3d Touch died. AutoUnlockX, which allows us to skip the
notification shade on unlock. DigitalBattery13 to show the battery
percentage in the status bar, and Prism to beautify
and add haptic feedback to the iOS control center. Oh, and since Apple
Maps sucks the big one, we changed the default to Google Maps with a tweet called maps opener.

And the crazy part is that that is just
the tip of the iceberg. If you have a grievance with iOS, there is probably one of the
hundreds of other super useful quality of life improving
tweaks that are out there that is going to help you. So we've included a link to a Reddit post that lists a ton of them
for your tinkering pleasure. If you guys are looking
for more Apple content, hey, maybe check out our review
of the latest MacBook Pro. Actually, we're fast tracking this. I don't know if that'll be out yet. But whatever, it's
coming soon so subscribe. If you're looking for our sponsor, well then you can check out this segway. Ting does mobile phone
service differently. There's no contracts, no overage fees and no
other carrier tricks. You just pay a fair price for the talk, text and data you use each month. It's especially great
if you're stuck at home and you're using your
Wi Fi more than usual, Ting gives you complete control over your cell phone account. You can set alerts and caps for each device on your account
to keep your usage in check.

And they've got nationwide LTE coverage using T Mobile sprint and Verizon. Almost any phone will work with Ting from an ancient Motorola
razor in your basement to the latest iPhone 11
series like this one. So check your phones
compatibility at linus.ting.com and get $25 credit when you sign up. And actually if you
enjoy this kind of like hacking phone stuff, maybe check out our
video where we compared routing an old android phone
versus buying a used iPhone.

People got mad about some
aspects of that video, but I still thought it was good. Not fair comparison, we never said it was and we never like
glorified Android routing. It's like kinda messy..

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Using a Windshield Repair Kit on a Cracked Smart Phone

So I read online around April 1st that you
can fix a cracked cell phone using a windshield repair kit. Naturally, even though it was April 1st I
was intrigued and I decided to try it on my own. Even if it didn’t end up fixing the cell
phone, at least I got to learn the basics of car windshield repair. The iPhone 5C is 100% functional except for
the cracked glass on top of the screen. The repair kit comes with glass resin and
plastic shields that help the resin cure smoothly over the crack in the windshield. First I’m going to go ahead and clean the
screen off.

The point of windshield repair is to get the
resin in-between the glass chunks inside the glass itself and this makes the crack effectively
disappear. Normally on a car you would use some suction
cups and a pressure pump to squirt the resin down into the chip or crack, but with a cell
phone, the added pressure might crack the LCD. So I tried to “v” down into the crack
with a little razor blade hoping that the resin would absorb in. Once the resin is applied, I can put the plastic
curing strips over the top. This helps cure the glue when placed under
sunlight. With UV light from the sun, the glue will
dry or cure within 5 or 10 minutes. With this UV light from my shop it will only
take about 2 or 3 minutes to cure. After the glue is cured, you can peel off
the plastic and scrape the hardened resin off with a razor blade. The windshield resin did not hide the cracks
completely, but it did make the cracks much smoother.

It also made the phone smell toxic, so that’s
a plus with holding it up to your face. So it looks like the myth is more or less
busted. A windshield repair kit works well on windshields,
but not on a cell phone. One thing I would do differently if I try
to do this again is see if I can get more pressure on the glue to force it down inside
of the crack and help it hide there. Either way it was a fun project. I learned something new and hopefully you
did too. Hit that “subscribe” button if you haven’t
already. Hope to see you around!.

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Is My iPhone Listening To Me? Apple Experts Tell The Truth!

– Hey, David, I'm thinking about taking
a trip to Disney World. – [David L] That sounds fun. – Then I'm seeing ads for
Disney World on my phone. Is my phone listening to me? – This actually happened. It was a news broadcast, and tried to try use this as an example. – I'm going to Disney soon.
– Oh. – And I wonder if I should Airbnb there? – As I'm planning this trip to Disney and all of a sudden I'm seeing Disney ads. – It's almost like the app is listening to your conversation. – Was that really true? – No, in the way that they thought. But yes, in ways that
they didn't even realize. (imitates dramatic sting) – It's true that certain apps do have access to your microphone, because you gave them
access to your microphone.

For example, Zoom, if you wanna be able to talk
to people on a Zoom call, Zoom needs access to your microphone. But it's not true that these apps that have microphone access are constantly tapping our phones, listening for words and phrases that then they can send off to Google or some advertising network, and immediately send us targeted ads. – Right, but they don't have to do that. Because they have other ways to track what we're interested
in, where we're going, and we're gonna help you turn
a lot of those things off. But one of the really scary parts was the accelerometer data. The accelerometer is one of the
only features on your iPhone that doesn't have to ask permission to send the data to wherever
the heck it wants to.

The accelerometer is what
detects the minor vibrations. Let's say you're riding the bus. So, let's say I have turned off all the privacy features on
my phone, it's all customized, and I think I'm really safe. I get on a bus to New York City. David also has an iPhone, but
hasn't optimized his phone. What Facebook can do, and other apps, is they'll see that his accelerometer data matches mine exactly,
and then they just know that we're interested in the same things, they know we're going to the same places.

Because of that little bump data. So, we hope that in iOS
16, or as soon as possible, Apple gives us the ability to turn off that sending of
accelerometer data to everybody. – Similarly, your location, these tech companies can use your location and make connections if you have a spouse, and you start seeing your ads that your spouse might see. It's because they were able
to build that connection between your two phones, and now you're seeing their ads. – Yep, and it doesn't
even have to have GPS, it could just use your IP address at home. – It's also true that if you have Siri, hey Siri set up…

– Oh boy, here we go!
– Yep, there we go. It's also true that if
you have hey S-I-R-I set up on your iPhone, I don't wanna say it out
loud because it'll trigger, it's listening for those trigger words. It's not recording all of your
conversations all the time unless it happens to get
accidentally activated, and there have been issues with that. – If you're and Apple
person, and you're like, "Apple's better than the Android", and you wanna win an argument, we're gonna give you some ammo right here. – Yes. "Siri Data and your requests are not used to build
the marketing profile, and are never sold anyone." That is not true with Google and Amazon.

– Right, they're actually
using what you search for using the voice assistant, to build marketing profiles
and sell you products. So, is your microphone listening to you? In that case, yes. – But the truth is that everything you do is just being tracked. When you scroll on a social media feed and you pause on a video for 37 seconds, they've tracked that. When you've add something to your cart, and then you abandon that cart, that's been tracked. And they can also learn
from your patterns, Amazon is especially good at this. If you buy cat food every two weeks, don't be surprised that two weeks go by, and you start seeing cat food ads. There's also something
called frequency illusion. Let me read through what that is for you. "After noticing something
for the first time, there's a tendency to
notice it more often, leading someone to believe that it has a high
frequency of occurrence. Put plainly, the frequency illusion is when a concept or thing
you just found out about suddenly seems to crop up everywhere." So, bottom line is that
these big tech companies just have a million
different ways to track you.

What we're gonna do next is help you cut down on
those tracking mechanisms. – Right, we can't build walls,
but we can build fences. ♪ You've been out ridin' fences ♪ Build some fences so that what
you're doing in these apps is not then getting sent. The apps can't see into their
neighbor yards, neighbor's. – Neighbor yards.
– You get it. – Let's open the settings app. First thing we're gonna
do is go down to privacy, tap on that, and let's tap on Microphone. Let's just see which apps
can access my microphone. And right now, a whole bunch. Does Google Maps need my microphone? – I use it in the car for voice search.

– There you go. – It works like, half the
time, it's very frustrating. – So, something like Twitter, I don't upload my own videos
or anything to Twitter, I don't use view their Spaces thing… – Do you ever do their voice search? – Voice search, no. So, just ask yourself, "Does this app need
access to my microphone?" A lot of the time the
answer's gonna be no, sometimes it'll be yes. – If you're not sure,
turn it off to be safe. And then if you're using
the app in the future, it'll just tell you to come
back here and turn it back on.

– [David L] So, we just
wanna make you aware of that, but here are the real tips for you. Let's go back to the main
page of the settings app, we're gonna scroll down and tap on Safari. First thing to turn on,
Prevent Cross-Site Tracking underneath privacy and security. – Cross-Site tracking means
that when you're on one website and you go to the next
one, that next website can see what you were
doing on the first one. Or at least see that you came from there, and possibly what you were searching for. This is gonna help put some walls up between the websites you visit, so they can't see what
each other are doing. – Let's step back to Settings. If you use Chrome instead of Safari, scroll down and tap on Chrome, Allow Cross-Website Tracking, we're gonna turn that switch off.

I think Chrome intentionally did the opposite of Apple, here. – You do? Conspiracy? – Conspiracy.
– I think so. – Oh, I think so. Let's tap back to the
main page of Settings, and scroll up to Privacy. Similar to prevent cross-site tracking, let's tap on Tracking here. Allow Apps To Request To
Track, turn this right off. – Facebook hates this setting so much they took out full page
ads in the New York Times, and said that if we turn this setting off, we're killing small businesses. (dramatic sting) False. – Lie.
– Yep. This, when on, allows apps
to track your activity across other companies,
apps, and websites. It's just collecting all
this information about you, and you don't need it for anything. – Yeah, it's fuzzy too. It's like, if you don't
understand specifically what you're signing up
for, don't sign up for it.

– [David L] Turn it all off. Let's tap back to the
main page of Privacy, scroll down to Apple
Advertising, tap on that. Personalized ads, we recommend
turning this switch off. Turning off personalized ads will limit Apple's ability to
deliver relevant ads to you, but will not reduce the
number of ads you receive. – Probably won't. You're still gonna see high-quality ads because apps don't wanna
have low-quality ads alongside their stuff.

– Let's go back to the main privacy page, scroll up and tap on Location Services. As we mentioned, location is one way these companies can really
pinpoint who you are. And the word to look
out for here is always- – That's privacy, but
it's also battery life. So, whenever you see always, you're saying this app can
always drain my battery. And I think that's even more of a compelling argument sometimes. – [David L] So right now, Facebook has access to my location always, even when I'm not using Facebook.

– What the heck is the point of that? Sorry, Mark. – So, we'll just do While Using the App. Maybe if you want
Facebook to your location while you're using it, fine. Also be aware of Precise Location. When this is on, it's just a
more targeted location of you, also a battery issue. That's a pretty good start
in the Settings app itself, but there's even more. Because individual apps
also have their own personalized ad-tracking stuff in the app, and they're really burying, and it's very frustrating. – But I thought that
we just did everything to protect our phones, and you're telling me
that there's more to do? – There's always more to do. So, let's go to the home screen. – Jeez.
– Let's start- – Quite the journey we're on here! – [David L] Let's start with Facebook. So, on Facebook, tap on your account icon, lower right-hand corner of the screen.

– [David P] At least it's simple. – [David L] Yeah, it's not. Scroll down to Settings
& Privacy, tap on that. Then tap on Settings, then scroll down, and tap on Ad Preferences. Then tap Ad Settings, then scroll down to data about
your activity from partners. – Okay, if you're pulling
your hair out at this point, we don't blame ya. – Use Data from Partners,
turn that switch off. – Well, that was a lot,
but it's important.

I mean, you use data from your partners. – We use data that advertisers and other partners provide to us about your activity on
their websites and apps, as well as certain offline
interactions, such as purchases. – That has to do with the Facebook Pixel, which is on many, many websites. It's not nefarious, but it's the truth, and it is compromising your privacy. – Yes.
– I mean, it's not… It could be used nefariously. – One thing we noticed on Android is that they rather nicely, put Facebook and Instagram
right in one spot, not the case on my iPhone.

– Unbelievable! – So, let's do Instagram next. – Don't tell your Android friends that one 'cause they can use that against you. – Let's open up Instagram
and tap on your account icon, lower right-hand corner of the screen, then tap on that hamburger menu, upper right-hand corner of the screen. We're gonna tap on Settings. Tap Ads, tap Data about your
activity from partners.

Again, Use Data from Partners,
turn that switch off. How about Twitter? They are totally secure. – Yep.
– Just kidding. – [David L] Tap your account icon, upper left-hand corner of the screen, then tap on Settings, gotta
stroll down to find it, Settings and privacy. Tap on Privacy and safety, scroll down to Ad
preferences, tap on that. Turn off that switch
next to Personalized ads. – Unbelievable. I know that there are
a ton of settings here that we're talking about. If you're feeling overwhelmed, or stuck, or searching for answers, and you join our channel, we have a download of a free
PDF for our channel members, so it's not exactly free, but it'll walk you through
this entire process slowly, you can print it out. I know it's a lot. – You might wanna print it out, too, because maybe you update the app, sometimes these settings
get flipped right back on.

– Yeah, it's true. We'll stay in touch with you,
too, if there's new stuff. – They might move it around, they might hide it somewhere else when people start to catch on, and it gets a bit overwhelming. It was overwhelming for me when I was looking through all these apps, and trying to find all this
stuff and digging around. It just, it took a long time. – Well, yeah, I mean they
bury it six levels in. – [David L] Oh wait, there are more apps. – [David P] Oh, no. – Let's go back to the home screen, let's open up Snapchat. Tap on your account icon, upper left-hand corner of the screen, then tap on the settings gear, upper right hand corner of the screen.

We're gonna scroll down, under Additional Services, tap Manage. That's really descriptive. Tap on Ad Preferences, and you get a whole bunch
here, Audience-Based, Activity-Based, Third-Party Ad Networks. – Yeah, at least the explanations are extremely large and legible. – So if you've got poor eyesight, you're gonna be able to really read this. Turn these switches off,
Disable Third-Party Ad, and you're gonna see pop-ups. You will still see a similar number of ads if you disable this feature, but those ads may be less
relevant to your interests.

Disable. – You may be less profitable for us, AKA. – You'll make us less money. Let's do another app, how about Amazon? – Amazon, totally secure though, David. – Yeah, I'm not so sure about that. – Nope. – Tap on your account
icon, bottom of the screen, then tap on your account icon, upper right hand corner of the screen, scroll down to go to your account underneath the account section there. It's kind of a small button. – You're in the account section, but then you have to go to your account. – You're gonna start scrolling, start scrolling to App Preferences, all the way at the bottom,
tap Advertising Preferences. Here we go, submit your preference. Show me interest-based
ads provided by Amazon, do not show me interest-based
ads provided by Amazon.

Do not. After selecting Do not
show me interest-based ads, make sure you hit that Submit button, it's one extra step that they make you do. Make sure you get that "Thank you, your preferences
have been saved" notification. Otherwise, they will not be saved. How 'bout TikTok? – Uh, it's perfect. – Yeah, well actually, you
can't do this on TikTok because they have disabled to your ability to turn off personalized
ads in the United States. – In the United States! – If you live in the European union, you've got the GDPR protecting you. – Yep, O-G-D-P-R. – Yeah, so go into your TikTok settings… I wish I could show you how to do it, I don't know how to do it 'cause
I can't do it on my phone. – Yep, they used to let us do it, but now they're just selling our data and there's nothin' you can do about it.

– You could uninstall the TikTok app. – Well, yeah, but let's
not go crazy here, David. – Let's not go crazy. – People are not gonna stop using TikTok. – We hope this video helped
you answer the question, "Is my iPhone listening to me?" It's a nuanced answer of yes and no. – No. – Please give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed, subscribe to this channel
for more videos like this. – We'd love to have you
as a channel member, and a subscriber, and a video liker.

– Thanks for watching. How about TikTok? (yawning muffles speaker) – I'm just yawning. How about TikTok? It's super secure. – What does Dick's Sporting
Goods have to do with it? – Well, it's because it's
not related to Disney World, so then you'd see
uniforms for Disney World. You'd see clothes with Disney outfits. – Okay.
It's kinda cute, but it's not really a good example. (David L sneezes loudly) – Sorry.
– That's all right.

Make sure you get some other
lens there, David, geez. – Did it get on the lens? – No, I don't think so..

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iPad mini Bend Test! – Do ALL Tablets Break?!

The iPad lineup is getting pretty crowded
lately with the iPad, the iPad Air, the iPad Pro, and this new 2019 iPad Mini that Apple
just released. They all do pretty much the same thing. To get any real work done, you'll still need
a laptop or a desktop computer, but sometimes it's nice to have a bigger screen to read
or watch movies on. Today though, we'll be assessing the durability
and build quality of the littlest iPad. You already know how the iPad Pro handled
this durability test. Let's hope the Apple's iPad Mini is built
a bit stronger. Let's get started. [Intro] You might be thinking to yourself, 'Man, that
iPad Mini looks kind of old. What year is it?' And you're right. The exterior design hasn't changed much in
the last 7 years. It has that lightning port on the bottom instead
of USB-C, but does come with a fast charger in the box…something that Apple has yet
to include with their iPhones.

The overall appearance of the new iPad Mini
is the same as it was back in 2012, with its large bezels and curved edges, but if it works,
it works. Let's start with the scratch test. I'll use my set of Mohs mineral picks to check
the hardness level of the front surface. We've seen clear plastic screens scratch at
a level 3. Glass screens would scratch at a level 6,
and sapphire screens, like the Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 will scratch at a level 8 or 9. The iPad Mini 5 looks like it's covered in
tempered glass since we see the industry standard scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves
at a level 7. The 7 megapixel selfie camera is up here in
the top Texas-sized bezel protected with the same scratch resistant glass. Little guy is unable to do face unlock, but
does film in 1080p. The bottom bezel includes some hardware we
haven't seen since 2015 – a physical clicky home button. Yeah, it's still scratch resistant and does
that fingerprint scanning thing. Apple must just have a bunch of old parts
they're trying to get rid of with this new release.

The gold colored 2019 iPad Mini is made from
metal, along with both of the volume buttons up here at the top. Speaking of old school hardware, let's welcome
back the headphone jack. Apple trying to milk an old design for more
money does have it's perks for the rest of us. Maybe they'll bring back the iPhone SE this
year too. The iPad Mini does have one little microphone
hole up at the top, but we'll come back to this later. We have more metal over here on the left side
of the tablet. You can see that silver glinting through under
the gold anodizing.

So far, no big issues. The bottom of the iPad Mini has dual stereo
speakers and the same lightning port that Apple's been using for the past seven years. We should see an update to USB-C at some point. One thing I am glad to see though is that
there's no weak points along either of the iPad Mini sides. The longer and thinner something is, the more
prone it might be to breaking like the iPad Pro. With it's microphone cutout on one side, and
wireless charging dock for the Apple pencil on the other side, it made an already fragile
piece of tech even weaker. That's probably why people were getting brand
new tablets bent right out of the box. The iPad Mini doesn't have any of these builtin
deformities on the long sides, just the one microphone hole up at the top on the short

Hopefully this helps the iPad Mini survive
the rest of this test. The 8 megapixel 1080p capable rear facing
camera is a circular inlay with no protruding camera lens. Apple doesn't mention sapphire on their website
for this iPad Mini, but judging by my diamond selector tool and scratches at levels 6, 7,
and 8, they're using the same material they've always been using. No surprises there. One thing that has improved with this year's
model is the front of the tablet is now compatible with the Apple pencil 1 – also 4 years old
at this point. (Everything sold separately.) The back side of the tablet is also compatible
with the Apple pencil if you believe in yourself, but I recommend something a little sharper. I asked on Twitter a few days ago what people
wanted to learn from Art Class with Jerry and Thanos was suggested. As somewhat of an expert in fine razor blade
art, I'll do my best. Bald guys are pretty easy to draw. And here we are…Thanos eating an apple. Not sure if this is pre or post universal
destruction, but it looks to me like Thanos did nothing wrong.

One thing you can add to your tablet before
it gets scratched or after it gets scratched, is a dbrand skin. This particular skin camouflages not only
the scratches, but also the Apple logo…effectively debranding the tablet, making it perfectly
balanced as all things should be. I'll put a link in the description so you
can customize your own phone or tablet. Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. One thing that Apple changed with version
4, and subsequently this version 5, is the outer glass is now glued to the LCD screen
underneath it, making screen repairs quite a bit more expensive. Replacing the front glass on the iPad Mini
3 only cost about $20. Once Apple started laminating the glass to
the LCD, the repair price skyrocketed to the point where people just live with cracked
screens nowadays. Kind of fun. After about 16 seconds of intense flame, the
7.9 inch LCD pixels go black and turn off, but do eventually come back to life and make
a full recovery…hopefully like the Avengers will recover in Endgame.

The iPad Pro failed my bend test catastrophically,
and it's time now to see if the miniature iPad will suffer the same fate. With the initial flex the tablet moves easily
into an extremely compromised obtuse angle, but then locks out and amazingly retains full
functionality. I'm impressed that Apple has found a way to
defy physics. The tablet is still fully functional despite
the massive bend, and this isn't even a flexible AMOLED display – it's an LCD. I'll try bending the iPad Mini 5 back the
other direction, and it pops into place…mostly, but does not allow any flex towards the screen
size. It still surprisingly doesn't shatter or stop
working. There is some adhesive separation between
the glass and the frame. Yeah, Thanos has some curves, but some people
are into that. Apple definitely wins this round. That was quite possible the biggest bend I've
ever seen on a device that still survived.

The iPad Mini is way more durable than the
iPad Pro. I'm impressed. Hopefully this isn't an omen of Thanos surviving
in Endgame. Tell me your predictions for the movie down
in comments below. Hit that subscribe button – it's free. And then see hat your phone looks like with
a dbrand skin. Link in the description. Thanks a ton for watching. And I'll see you around..

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Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your iPhone

I wasn't going to do another video
about iPhone bugs, but the 1970 glitch that's been going round
is interesting — because it's probably a type of exploit I
haven't covered before. In short: it is almost certainly an integer underflow
caused by the Unix epoch. And if you understand those terms, you don't
need this video. Everyone else: buckle up, 'cos here we go. January 1, 1970 is a special day for computers.
Back in the 70s, when the UNIX system and all its friends were
being originally designed, the programmers needed a simple way to represent
dates and times, without having to deal with all those awkward
human things like days and hours and minutes. They just needed a ticking clock that it was
easy to do arithmetic on. And the simplest way to do that is just a
number, an integer, representing how many seconds had elapsed
since January 1, 1970. And we're still using that. All over the place, in pretty much every computer everywhere. It's generally the best way to store dates
and times, because it ignores time zones and irritating
human things like that.

Now, I've done videos about it before, so
I won't dwell on it, but all you need to know for this is that
midnight at the start of January 1, 1970 — the date in question — is zero. That's the first clue to what's going on.
Clue number two: it only happens on modern, 64-bit iPhones. Now 64-bit refers to how numbers are stored
on the processor. You've got 64 binary digits to play with, instead of the old 32, which means you can… well, you can deal with bigger numbers, down at the really basic processor level, without having to resort to fancy programming
tricks. Changing the phone, and its operating system, from that old 32-bit system to 64 requires
some work, though, so there'll be subtle differences in the code
between the two. And somewhere, this bug slipped in. Now, showing you 64 bits on screen is a bit
tricky, so let's just use four bits to demonstrate
how this works.

0000 is 0. Then you count up in base 2, in binary, 1, 2, 3, 4, until you get to 15. Biggest number you can store in four bits. You can not count higher than that. But what happens if you try? Well, then you get what's called an integer overflow. After 15 comes… 0. It wraps round and you start again, like an
old, analogue odometer on a car. Now, if you've only got four bits, sure, that's going to be a problem: if you've got
64, well, you're only going to get into trouble when you've counted up past 15 quintillion.
It'll probably be fine. Except. If the largest number you can store,
plus one, comes back as zero… what do you get if you do zero minus one? Well, that's called an integer underflow. You can't store negative numbers in this format. If you can drop the number below 0, you won't
end up with -1, you'll end up with it wrapping around to its
maximum value.

That's why, in the original version of the
video game Civilisation, Gandhi was a dick. He started out with an aggression score of
1. And later in the game, it'd drop further, and no-one wrote code to check it didn't drop
below zero. So instead, it wrapped around, became the
maximum possible, and suddenly Gandhi started declaring war
on everyone. Thankfully, only in a video game. Now. There is a version of this format where
negative numbers are allowed, but if Apple were using that, well, they probably wouldn't have this problem. After all, why would you ever have a negative
time value? It's not like anyone's ever going to do something
like set their iPhone clock back to earlier than
1970(!) And you'll note that you actually can't. If you scroll all the way back, the calendar stops at January 1, 1970, at
zero, because someone at Apple went, no, hang on. That's a bad idea. That could cause a problem. So they set the Unix epoch, as it's called,
the zero time, as the limit.

But if you do set you phone's time to near
zero, then somewhere else in the code, there's a
check — maybe it tries to do a battery time calculation, maybe it just runs the math on when the last
call was, or… well, it's something that no-one's worked
out yet. But whatever that check does, it ends up with a time before January 1, 1970, which just should be a negative integer… except it's not. It's wrapped all the way round, it's giving you a date twenty times longer than the expected lifespan of the universe. And I suspect it may not deal with displaying
that date all that well. But whatever it is, it causes what's formally
known as "undocumented behaviour" and informally known as a crash. Now, I should say that, like always when I
try and break down a bug in an Apple product, this
is speculation: it's unlikely they'll ever confirm exactly
what happened, and it was probably a bit more subtle than

And there is another type of binary integer
— it's called a signed integer — that does handle negative numbers… but that's a story for another time. Even if this isn't exactly what caused it? Well, hopefully it'll stop you making the
same mistake in your code in future. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!].

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The TRUTH about Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program..

apple just did something that broke the tech side of the internet something that many of us never thought we'd see in our lifetime they announced their self-service repair program finally allowing regular people to order genuine apple parts to fix their own devices this is an absolutely amazing shift in the way that apple does things making it seem like they're finally turning over a new leaf especially after the release of the new macbook pro which is far more repairable than previous macbooks earning a 4 out of 10 ifixit repairability score compared to the previous 1 out of 10 score on the intel 16 inch model so this is obviously good news for all consumers but don't think that apple is doing this out of the kindness of their own hearts because there is actually a hidden reason for why apple is making this change now as well as many different ways that they will directly benefit from this new repair program but before i jump into all of that i want to quickly explain how all of this is going to work and how it's going to benefit you the customer starting sometime in early 2022 you'll be able to visit a new apple self-service repair online store choose the repair you want to make then check out the manual to see if you're capable and willing enough to repair it yourself then order the genuine parts and tools to make the repair and then finally ship back the old parts to apple for a recycling credit now it'll first be rolling out with the iphone 12 and 13 so for example if you cracked your front glass you can order a new display panel and swap it out yourself without having to pay a massive 329 dollars for apple to do this for you which currently leads many common people to a local repair shop that is going to try to sell you on a crappy unreliable third-party display to lower the total cost since of course they're going to be charging you extra for the labor cost to repair it but don't get me wrong this new program is also very good news for independent repair shops that will now have access to apple service manuals and genuine parts especially now that apple has finally changed their mind on the iphone 13 display replacements disabling features like face id even if you're using genuine parts from another iphone so this is essentially a win-win for everyone but i do want to mention that the new program is really only meant for those who do not have apple care plus because anyone with that coverage only has to pay 29 for apple to replace the screen which i can guarantee you is multiple times cheaper than apple is going to be charging you for a genuine display panel that you have to replace yourself and on top of that you'll probably be waiving your right to any sort of warranty as soon as you decide to fix something yourself so if you mess something else up like ripping a ribbon cable while replacing a component then you're on your own and some people on twitter are wondering if apple is going to be requiring you to purchase expensive tools like a 250 dollar heated display removal fixture in order to purchase a replacement display but i honestly don't think that apple is going to be going that far since it's going to be much more worth it for you to pay a shop to do it for you but perhaps the best part about all of this is that apple is going to be rolling out this service to their mac lineup starting with the new m1 max so it makes sense why apple brought back those battery pull tabs on the new m1 pro max macbook pros so with that said it's very exciting that this is going to be a win-win situation for both consumers and independent repair shops but now i want to get into why it's actually apple who is the real winner in this situation but first let's get into that hidden reason for why apple is turning over a new leaf as we all know the right to repair movement has been gaining some ground in recent years by gathering followers and spreading the word about apple's locked down repairability ecosystem now this has already been creating problems for apple because i personally know people who refuse to buy apple products solely because of apple's stance on repairs and this is especially true for their macbooks which feature soldered on storage and other components but the even bigger problem for apple came in july 21st of this year when the federal trade commission formally pledged to fight unlawful right to repair restrictions and this came after president biden signed an executive order on july 9 asking the ftc to crack down on companies like apple who have unfair anti-competitive restrictions on third-party or self-repair so basically the point is that if apple didn't open this new self-service program out of their own will they would have been forced into doing it down the road anyway but now we have the question of why they caved so early instead of dragging the process as long as possible and this is where we get into the various benefits for apple which far outweigh the cons so let's jump right into the first reason or benefit i fully believe that apple is finally trying to repair their brand image in an effort to bring back all of those potential customers who have been avoiding apple for years because of these moral issues like repairability and i believe it's also very closely tied to their apple silicon transition for their mac lineup because for the first time ever apple is now able to perfectly streamline the experience and ecosystem of all of their devices at once thanks to those new arm-based m1 chips which are essentially souped up iphone and ipad chips and if you've been following our mac content you'll know that i fully believe that apple's master plan for the new macbook pros was to create the best laptop in the world so that they can finally take back a bunch of the laptop market share from the windows competition and that will obviously require steps like apple repairing their brand image as well as listening to their customers and bringing back features like the wide variety of ports reliable function keys awesome display quality with 120hz promotion and a thicker design that supports better cooling performance so if apple wants to regain serious laptop market share they need to repair their brand image which this new self-service program achieves now on top of that another reason is that apple is probably sick and tired of being sued all the time for their repairability issues because not only do they have to spend money on lawyers and waste a bunch of time with all of those court hearings but it also makes apple look like a villain because they're constantly in a negative spotlight so it makes sense for apple to cave in early and give us this repair program now getting into the next benefit for apple we already know that facebook or meta has announced their vr headset metaverse or in other words a real life matrix that'll help you escape the real world and instantly upgrade your rundown studio apartment into a million dollar penthouse and as you might already know apple is preparing to launch their own vr headset as soon as next year potentially alongside their own version of a metaverse so if they want to gain the trust of millions of customers they need to start doing it now which they obviously are so with all that out of the way let's pivot over to a completely different side of things with some real world benefits for apple to reap right now we were recently warned by the ceo of nvidia that the chip shortage is going to last through 2022 and other economists think it could potentially last years with even apple warning us that their sales are taking a hit directly because of all the chip and transportation shortages so in my opinion i think apple's new self-service repair program is gonna help apple recycle and refurbish as many components as possible to get through these shortages and that right there is the real reason why they're offering credits to customers who returned their used or broken parts back to apple for recycling so for example the number one thing that gets repaired on an iphone is a cracked display we're talking millions of iphones per year and before this self-service repair program people would replace their display with a cheap third-party panel from china and most likely toss the genuine cracked panel in the garbage can but now with the new returned part credit system people will finally have a reason to send that crack display back to apple and then apple will be able to simply replace the cracked glass and re-laminate it to the very expensive display panel that was in perfect condition all along and then sell that refurbished part to either self-repair customers or refurbishers and the store is the same for customers who return their old iphone and mac battery packs back for a credit since apple can very easily recycle the batteries to make extra profit instead of people simply tossing their old batteries in the trash or wherever else and going even further apple could potentially go as far as taking return components apart into various items like perfectly good condition ribbon cables which they could then resell back to customers or refurbishers and in the worst case scenario when customers don't return back old parts for a credit apple will keep the extra profit since they're likely going to overcharge for the parts ahead of time kind of like auto stores who overcharge for car batteries expecting you to return the old one for a credit but going even further into the next reason why apple is going to be benefiting from this new self-service repair program the us is currently going through a widespread worker shortage ever since the pandemic broke out so there's a really good chance that it's getting increasingly more difficult and expensive for apple to hire and trade employees who can keep up with all of the repairs that need to get done these days especially if apple is expecting to regain a bunch of laptop market share within the next couple of years so with this new self-repair program apple is essentially offloading all of this repair work to the customers themselves saving apple millions of dollars in terms of having to hire and train repair technicians and allowing them to repurpose employees in areas where there are shortages so from apple's perspective they're making extra profit off of selling these genuine parts and they get to go completely hands off after that since the customer puts in their own labor hours to fix their own iphone but the beautiful thing about all of this is that it's essentially a win-win for everyone especially the folks over at apple who have a variety of very good reasons to make this self-service repair program happen with them now finally being able to get the right to repair movement off of their back as well as giving them an opportunity to show their apple brand image in an entirely new positive light so hopefully you learned something new in this video and if you disagree with anything that i've said go ahead and leave a comment below but if you enjoyed it go ahead and click the circle above to subscribe for more videos like this one and definitely check out one of those two right over there thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video [Music]

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