World’s Smallest Android Phone!

What's up guys, Lou here back with another video. And it doesn't get any less exciting here at Unbox Therapy. Today I am bringing you The World's Smallest? Possibly? Android Smartphone? That's what I'm told. This is the Micro X S240. Company called Posh This was sent to me from a guy named..Tom. What's up Tom? I will link them down in the description. He sent me 3 of these units, so I guess I'm gonna do a give-away as well follow me on Twitter for details there. Maybe you want the smallest smartphone on the planet. Why wouldn't you? Specs: 4 GB ROM, 512 MB of RAM, Dual Core Processor, Multi touch. Well I hope so, hope it's got a touch screen. *LAUGHS* 2 MP camera and a VGA front camera – Listen, It ain't always about specs.

Maybe you have a different agenda. It's for a very specific type of individual. So… Ooh Get out of town! Look at this little guy! This would be cool for a kid to have. Hello? So there's your little display on there. Camera on the back, speaker here. Micro USB on the bottom for charging. Microphone Now it does look like the rear is removable here. Let me see.. I don't have the fingernails necessary I don't think. Theres a bunch of stuff, what do we have? Basic little headset with microphone Micro USB cable, Power brick Let's try this again. Come on Lou, use your muscles. So here we go, battery goes in. Come on battery… Little bit of juice Give us something Ooh POSH Mobile So…POSH Dare I… *Woosh* This little guy I mean.. Here is the set up Yes, this is small Oh my…*Laugh* Look at how small the keyboard is Do you see that?…What do I…

Oh man… What do you need for this? A little pen or something Look at that! It's a real phone Very dimly lit capacitive buttons The brightness of the screen is surprising, I didn't expect it to be that bright. The main thing here is just how small it is. Benjamin Button He's a li.. I think he get's smaller as time goes on He still needs a phone Phone, messages and contacts by default You scroll over here… little skin on this android it looks like Browser, clock… camera! *oOoOo's* Did that work? I think… Yea! *Chuckles* Just a little delay! Hello to the world From 1999 Ooo…I think i'm getting better Maybe not… You're not going to want to write a novel on this guy here *Laugh* Man..Look at that tiny little Youtube player Is the orientation locked here? There we go! Speakers not terrible! There you can see it…How do they get it all in there? I dunno how they get it all in there.. Galaxy Note 5 Wow…It's the smart car of phones! If you're a… little different kind of person This might be just what you're looking for Cause I like to suprise people…

In weird ways… Wow… What is this? This is the quietest I've been…This is mysterious.

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How to Connect your AirPods to an Android Phone | T-Mobile

Hey guys, it's Susana with T-Mobile. Today I'm going to show you how to pair your AirPods or AirPod Pros to your Android device. For more tips and tricks just like this be sure to subscribe below and ring the bell for notifications. Let's get started. [MUSIC] Now, whether you have a pair of AirPods or AirPod Pros your process should be the same. First, go to the settings on your phone and make sure that Bluetooth is on To do so on your android device, open "Settings" select "Connections" then "Bluetooth" Next, make sure both AirPods are in the charging case and the lid is open. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until you see the status light flash white when your AirPods appear on the list of Bluetooth devices select them.

Once paired, you will be good to go. Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us what you're listening to on your AirPods. Thanks for watching and don't miss the video coming up next. [MUSIC].

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Motorola Moto E

moto e

Motorola Moto E available at Telus Fort Saskatchewan

Motorola’s strategy has been a peculiar one lately to say the least. In the high-end segment, its Moto X Android smartphone proved to the masses that great phones don’t need beefy specs to stand a chance in being successful. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, its Moto G ushered in a new era for the proud company with its hard-to-beat price. In following up to that success, the Moto E stands to continue

Motorola Moto E

We are proud to introduce the Motorola Moto E Smartphone on contract and prepaid! This

phone is perfect for beginners as it is very easy and clear to use. Yet it is also perfect for

Smartphone lovers. Some of the amazing features on this phone are the 4 Quad-core processor,

2390 mAh battery, 4.5 inch screen, and a very nice 5MP camera. A huge feature to this phone is

the ability to expand memory for all those photos!

Motorola has chosen to put a feature called Moto Display on the Moto E, a feature that was not

added to the Moto X. This feature works by when you get a notification the screen will

periodically pulse with the time on the clock.

Moto E benefits from having four Cortex-A53 cores a 1.2 GHz, combined with Aderno 306


The show stopper with Moto E is the addition of LTE connectivity. LTE is actually a way more

efficient standard then 3G today! With LTE the battery will last and last. They say the Moto E

will give you over 24hrs of heavy use!!

This is an amazing Smartphone for its price!

Moto E

$0 on a 2 yr term

$200 no term

$150 prepaid

moto e

Stop in at Cambridge Electronics, your local TELUS dealer to pick up your new Moto E today.

See you soon!!


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