VTech DS6151 two line Phone Purchase decision

hi thanks for checking in with me on another review this one here a little bit something there on a VTech 6151 I believe the name is let's take a look real quick here yeah des 6151 DECT 6 cordless phone this is a two line phone it's nice I have magicJack I have one for the business and I have one for the house I had a typical basic handset for my business phone and all the batteries were running dead after years of use on my old VTEC system the old VTEC was a fails I mean we've never had a problem with them they never replaced the batteries we've had him for probably oh I don't know we had it for a long time over six years and we religiously try to keep the battery you know the things the handsets on the Chargers but anyways so I want to say with VTech again and I got this one let's show you more in the unit than the screen there it's it's a nice system it's got a lot of features in there they do you know everything that you really want it to do and it's to line so I can pick up a line I can put that line on hold I can pick up another line it's it's nice I mean I can go back to the first line put the second one on hold cancel them out I mean it's it does quite a few things it's got an answer machine for both of them you know I should say a machine that's just old school that's kind of the way I am I'm older remember when they used to be just be old tapes big huge tape players that somehow worked and yeah anyways and then you had these little beepers that would you could call the home number and get your messages and it was strange but anyways this one you can get your messages on the road if you like or from your cell phone somewhere else just had to punch in the code punching a bunch of numbers good lots of features tons of features but the best part about it is it's a two line the quality of the unit being honest on this review the quality of the the sound on this unit excuse me any quality issues with the sound of my voice today the quality of the sound when speaking you can hear your voice in the earpiece a little bit there's just a little bit of feedback however everybody I spoke with that I've asked them about they hear nothing they say the quality is outstanding the range are in these very good I bought this bass with four other head handsets and you can add I think up to you know I honestly don't remember and I don't want to lie to you people up to 12 handsets so anyways it's a great unit go ahead and pick it up if you're looking if you've had VTEC in the past this is just right along lines of what you had in the past and if you need two lines with magicJack in these other offers that are out there now the the you know voice over Internet Protocol VoIP there's houses that will have multiple lines and this is a great way to take care of them so now I have one handset or I should you have one handset at each station in the house each room one in the garage that kind of a thing that I can pick up either the house phone or the business phone where before I was only getting you know I had two phones and I was concerned about them interfering with each other you don't have to worry about any of this plug them both in through normal phone jacks in the back and you're set so if you're looking for a two line phone and like I said you've had VTech products in the past and you've been happy with them jump right into it 64 86 I should the price on here the link will be down below also will be the link for the additional handsets that you can purchase I know that there's some that try to bundle them together however I really try to stick with the in my case the prime so it was cheaper for me to buy the handset separately and the prime not being any additional cost for me as far as shipping this was the way to go so again VTEC des six one five one if you're looking for a two line phone with a lot of capabilities go ahead and pick it up especially if you've had BTech in the past I don't know how many times I can say it but the VTEC brands been pretty good to me over the years like I said the last set of handsets original batteries lasted six years and there's nothing wrong with them if I buy new batteries I can go you know I'm sure another six years with them as long as the batteries or you know OEM quality but go ahead and pick them up I think you'll be happy thanks again for watching

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Apple Reacting to Amazon? Apple Planning a $249 to $299 ‘iPad Mini’ This Year [RUMOR]

Thought Apple wasn’t changing its marketing strategy when Amazon released its tablet? Think again look what Todd Wasserman from Mashable has been hearing.

“12 hours agoby Todd Wasserman 30


A month after Apple delivered its new iPad, rumors are heating up about a new iteration of the tablet designed to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The latest rumor to make the rounds is that Apple is planning to produce 6 million smaller iPads for sale some time in the third quarter. The report, from Chinese portal NetEase, was translated by Kotaku.

The NetEase report is based on “Taiwan media reports” and is said to be based on orders that Apple is placing to factories in the region, notably Honhai Precision (Foxconn) and Pegatron.

The report comes after The Korea Times wrote last month that Samsung was supplying Apple with “new PLS-based LCD technology for smaller iPads.” An unnamed Samsung official also told the publication that Apple was “planning to release a smaller iPad, probably with a 7.86-inch screen,” later this year. The current iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.

Despite the latest reports, though, there are reasons for skepticism. First, rumors of a smaller version of the iPad have circulated since Apple’s initial introduction of the product in early 2010 and have not come to pass. Second, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was famously skeptical of 7-inch tablets, calling such devices “tweeners” that are too big to compete with smartphones and too small to vie with the iPad. Finally, Apple would likely cannibalize sales of its pricier iPads if it released a smaller, cheaper model.

Since Windows 8-based tablets set to hit the market later this year will be more in the price range of the current iPads, the real competition for Apple on the low end will be from Amazon’s Kindle Fire. However, Apple’s first-quarter results revealed that Amazon’s entry had a minimal impact on iPad sales.”

Let the Tablet wars begin!