I Bought The Cheapest Smartphone on Amazon…

I've used a lot of famous and expensive smartphones like the iPhone X, the Samsung phone , and the Pixel 2XL in my pocket. These phones are pretty expensive, but in reality, not everyone can afford it. A lot of times when I unbox a money saving phone the radios in these internationally sold phones don't work that well I want to find the cheapest smartphone on Amazon but there are a few rules 1.

Can't be used can't be 2. Must be able to buy it on Amazon Prime 3. Must be able to support LTE 4. Must be a smartphone 5. Use Android if possible This is the phone cost me $49.99 Alcatel onetouch IDEAL From the box, the phone is still running the old version of Android , but the old version of Android is turned over to see the 4.5-inch 854×480 resolution screen on the back. As I said before, 4G LTE is 200W in the front and 800W in the rear. Camera 1.1GHz Octa-core processor Android version 5.1 Back to the era of 5.1, this is more important, the supported 4G signal frequency band supports both WCDMA and GSMA 850, 1700, 1800, 1900 American residents can use it with confidence by inserting a SIM card and as long as 49 Oh! Open the box and see what the $49 is.

Stop thinking about those good-looking phones that are 10 times more expensive than this one. First, get the device body, the removable battery! There is also a piece of paper in the front, so you know what it will look like when you turn it on The micro USB port at the bottom does not need to consider any symmetry issues at all. It needs to be placed where it needs to be placed. I guess there is no fast charging battery. This 1780mAh battery cannot be bought on Amazon. This is the back cover and the AT&T logo is posted.

What is the rating of this phone on Amazon? Seems like 3.5 stars? That's right, it's 3.5 stars. Based on this price, you shouldn't have high expectations. Simple and rude hhhh Good! Power on! Okay that's stupid bezels oversized bezels We don't care once we don't care this reminds me of the small Pixel 2 oversized capacitive buttons that I'd get sprayed on are common on older phones no glass backs, no wireless charging I went to see how much electricity it got from the factory, the screen is too dark hhhhhh The keyboard speed is a little slow, look at the difference hhhhhhh Also, I just want to connect to wifi, he told me it takes two minutes hhhhhhhhh What the hell is the same viewing angle, these two The screen is literally going down and down a $50 phone every day, the screen is completely invisible Wish the brightness could be turned up a bit, oh so much better! It 's not an OLED for a comparison dude I'll remind you, this phone is only $49 and I'm bragging that this phone has some pre-installed software and it's not that fast.

Time to look at the camera. It's a little nervous. The shutter lag is a bit high. ……The latitude is too low. Either it's too bright, or it's dark. The front camera is probably bad. It's not like human skin and zombies. However, the details are still wide and you can zoom in and out. But not being able to touch to focus the camera is really bad to test the speakers may be good may be bad latest Unbox Therapy video is this a Facebook ad? Come use Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? have you heard of it? guys? The maximum brightness is 480p. Turn up the volume . The speaker of this phone may be accidentally covered on the back. Of course, the speaker is very bad. Of course, look at youtube . Positioning is for those who have never used a smartphone.

For those people, it's okay. After all, he has achieved the experience and price that a smartphone should do. How to balance it? I definitely don't want to buy a $49 phone if I can but $7,890 or even $500 is a bit pricey for us on the low end and you can indeed see some phones that improve that quality on Amazon in the US , I will definitely not buy it for $49. It should sell for one or two hundred dollars. There are some mobile phones at this price. It is a huge improvement compared to it. Don't buy this mobile phone. I bought it as a tape recorder or a backup machine. I don't hate the experience of this mobile phone. Just $49 Jack is more than $49 for a lunch.

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Alcatel MyFlip2 | KaiOS and Less Bloatware

how's it going everyone welcome back to another video today we're going to be talking about the alcatel my flip 2 this is a kaios device from tracfone that has a lot of good features so let's get started if you're new to the channel my name is jose and here we review dumb phones we talk about digital minimalism and everything in between so that's something that interests you make sure to subscribe again we're taking a look at the alcatel my flip 2. i actually enjoyed using this device on tracfone's network but again you cannot use this device outside of tracfone's network because of their unlock policy as with most of the devices that are sold at target or walmart or anything else you have to wait about 12 months after activation in order to unlock it now the advantage is that tracfone uses all of the networks so you can use it with t-mobile atm t verizon networks you just have to pay tracfone in order to use this device now the alcatel my flip 2 is just a different version of the alcatel my flip or go flip 3 or d but my flip which i have all of them right now here and i'm making reviews individually for each of them but again they have very similar cores and that's actually a good thing the devices don't bring a ton of bloatware like the nokia devices that bring a lot of bloatware so you are able to uninstall most games or apps that are added and you're not forced to keep them on the device the one that has the least amount of bloatware is the alcatel go flip 3 and we'll get to that review in a couple days or weeks just depending on my schedule but the my flip 2 is a very reliable device and it actually has something that the other alcatel devices do not have and that is it has a quick call button this can be configured in order to be an sos button called 9-1-1 or call a family member or somebody in case of an emergency i actually think that this is something necessary for a lot of flip phones and i personally enjoy that this device has it it has a camera on the back it has your regular t9 keypad and it sticks to predictive text so on devices like the nokia 6300 the issue is that even though you enable predictive text whenever you go to compose a text message you have to go back to t9 you have to select that that is the kind of keyboard that you want to use on the alcatel devices i am happy and pleased to announce that you have predictive text as the first option so you don't have to keep switching back and forth you can just go into predictive text once and time and time again which is a very big advantage when you're trying to save time and compose a message it has all of the other features of kaios google assistant it has whatsapp facebook if you want to use those things or it has the other tool apps like a podcast app or calendar calculator things of that nature so when it comes to the software again make sure to check the walkthrough video if you want to see how kiosk operates now the good thing about the myflip 2 is that it's operating on version 2.5.1 which is the same version that is operating under the nokia 6300 4g which allows for calls on whatsapp and also allows you to have a deep memory cleaner which is a great addition when you're trying to use the device for a long term and you feel like it's getting bogged down then you go to the deep memory cleaner and then you're good to go again the only disadvantage of the buy flip 2 is that it only works on tracfone's network which is a bummer i wish it was available on more carriers however that's just how it works as of right now the device works reliably well with phone calls and text messages and again if you want to compose group text messages you have to add a subject or an image or something in between in order to convert it to mms this is a limitation of kiosk we have seen it on other devices so don't expect just to type the numbers and then type a quick text message right there you have to go to the options and then add a subject in order for you to send it that way it is a little bit annoying but it has the ability to send group text messages as long as you do that this applies to all of other kios devices so if you have a kaios device and you say i wish i had the ability to send group text messages you just need to add that subject and then you're able to send it as a group text message it's an extra step that you always have to remember and it is a little bit of a bummer but again it does work besides that battery life is very consistent with kaios it lasts for two to three days with light use and of course if you want to kill it in one day you can do that but i had difficulty draining it to its fullest in one day so i think this device has better battery life than the nokia devices maybe that is just because i started testing it and because tracfone's network is very reliable in my area so i was not having any signal issues which lead to battery drainage when it comes to other features on the alcatel my flip 2 you have your sd card 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and you have your micro usb charger pretty standard when it comes to kaios devices i really like the alcatel myflip too but it stands in tough competition if you're going to use it on tracfone especially if you're going to compare it with the lg classic i have a review on the lg classic and i said that that device is actually the device that i wish it was available on all major carriers because it's very reliable it has group text messages it has calls reliable browser everything is snappy so again if you're looking for a flip phone device that is better than the alcatel my flip 2 then i would say the lg classic is a better option and they stand about the same price 29 this one may go on sale for 19 from time to time or depending on your local store but the price is very accessible and you're going to be able to get this device and run it if that's what you want again it has great accessibility you can install apps like whatsapp and it has some advantages over the lg classic just because the lg classic you cannot install a lot of apps but this device is very reliable very good and if you are okay with adding a subject every time that you send a text message for groups then i think this may be the device for you thanks for watching this video if you have any questions or anything else about other devices or any extra things make sure to put it in the comments below i'll be interacting with you guys thanks for watching this video

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