Turn on Mobile phone without Power button in 1 min, Easy way to power on Mobile without power button

welcome to all know I am showing how to join the mobile phone without power button now I have ones mobile phone and it has no power button here now I switch on the mobile for how is it pretty simple I connect with Choi sure now it's going to choi jin yes now it's connect is going to charge it and i remove that back cover of this mobile phone okay so now i remove the charger cable from mobile phone and remove the battery from mobile phone and immediate put into mobile okay so i remove no our mobile phone is switched on though the thing is first step I remove the charger cable from mobile four and I remove the battery from mobile phone and immediate I put into mobile now my mobile links switch the arm [Music] okay thank you for watching [Music].

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Transitioning from the CDMA to the 4G LTE Network

What you need to know:

Telus is currently in the process of decommissioning the old CDMA network. They are planning to have it completely shut down by January 31, 2017. All customers still relying on the older network should receive a letter advising them of the turndown, detailing what options they have in order to migrate to the newer 4G network. In order to ensure service isn’t interrupted, customers are advised to make the switch to Telus’ 4G network as soon as possible.


FAQ about the network changes:4G Network Image

Why is Telus doing this?

  • Telus continues to invest in the expansion of 4G/4G LTE services throughout the country. As a result; they are aiming to shut down the old CDMA network in 2017. They are already reaching out to customers asking that they upgrade to a new 4G/4G LTE phone to ensure service is not interrupted.

What happens if I do not want to make this change?

  • The CDMA network will be turned down in 2017 and when this happens, you will no longer be able to use your old phone. We recommend taking advantage of the available offers to migrate to 4G before January 31, 2017.


Benefits of switching:

Customers who migrate to Telus’ 4G network will experience Canada’s most reliable mobile network. That means better call quality and fewer dropped calls, an improved data connection and faster speeds, as well as coverage that extends to 97% of Canadians. You also gain the ability to use the latest Smartphones and other devices if you so choose.


Google Pixel
The Google Pixel, a new Premium smartphone available through Telus.




If you are unsure whether or not your old phone is still reliant on the CDMA network and is due for an upgrade, you can always come in-store or give us a call at (780) 998-9551. Fore more information regarding available phone and plan pricing though Telus, you can follow this link to their website, or call in to 1-866-558-2273.