Apple IPad Air 3: Rumors & Expectations (2015)

Apple IPad Air 3: Rumors & Expectations (2015)

It’s one of the most hotly anticipated tablets of 2015, but will Apple’s iPad Air 3 live up to the hype? Here’s everything you should expect, from an A9 chip to wireless charging.

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20 thoughts on “Apple IPad Air 3: Rumors & Expectations (2015)”

  1. Thinking about getting an iPad? Here’s what you should know about Apple’s
    upcoming iPad Air 3.

  2. I feel like they should make 32 gb a option again because they dropped that
    option when the air 2 came out. Also in late 2014 I saw a video about a
    larger tablet as a option. Honestly I think I won’t be that bad. But if
    they do make the screen bigger the camera has to be a minimum of 10 mp
    because the bigger the screen the more pixilated the picture will be. Also
    if the tablets screen is bigger it will be much easier to make it thinner.
    The estimated size of the air 3 as of December 2014 was a whopping 12
    inches long by 9 inches tall which will be much bigger. Also I think the
    number 1 thing I’ve ever wanted ever since the I pad came out is a led
    light next to the camera just like on the I phones. When ever it gets dark
    and I want to take a photo of a sunset or my friends with my tablet I have
    to get a flashlight out which is silly. Although the tablet is not used as
    a main camera I still feel like it should be as good as your main camera
    because I expect good photos and reasonably nice quality.

  3. The reason why I am highly anticipating for this to come out is that i
    could then get the air 2 for cheap lol

  4. I am like Steve Wozniak make a 256 gig yet make specialized made to order
    512 gig ipad already. We are halfway through 2015 already, soon it will be
    2016, ii is not the year 2000 anymore, Apple catch up already.

  5. I want one similar in size to the Samsung s tab (8inch) HD with a phone

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