Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park

Our neighbor to the South is Sherwood Park. There are a large numbers from Sherwood Park who make the commute to Fort Saskatchewan for their employment. I enjoy serving them in our Store for all their Telus Communication and Entertainment needs. Sherwood Park is doing its share for Fort McMurray as well. Please check out the CBC article below by Wallis Snowdon:

Parrots unperched from Fort McMurray find refuge in Sherwood Park


Pet parrots un-perched from their homes in Fort McMurray are finding a safe place to roost in Sherwood Park.
Meika’s Birdhouse, a pet store and bird rescue operation, is providing free “bird-sitting” services to wildfire evacuees.

More than 25 parrots and exotic birds have taken refuge at their bird safehouse since 94,000 people were ordered out of Fort McMurray.

“The owners are stressed and the birds really pick up on that, so they’re not going to feel relaxed until their owners feel relaxed,” said owner Ian Sprague.

Some of the birds from Fort McMurray have been with the same family for more than 20 years. There have been a lot of tearful farewells and ruffled feathers inside the shop in the last week, Sprague said.

Some of the birds have been pacing on their perches, and nervously plucking their feathers from the stress of separation.

“The owners are obviously traumatized. The birds are obviously traumatized,” said Sprague. “We try our best to keep them occupied so they’re doing okay, but they’re still fairly wound up.”

Sprague says exotic birds are a handful at the best of times. He admits that caring for dozens of them all at once has been a challenge.

“Simply because they’re loud, they’re destructive and intelligent. As a whole, it’s like having a feathered person in your house. Every day’s an adventure.”

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Sherwood Park has a number of Telus Dealers to serve you. Although if its more convenient for you, please don’t hesitate to stop by and enjoy are excellent customer service in the Cornerstone Mall across from Safeway. Always happy to help! Telus Fort Sask your Apple Masters Designated store