How To Save Your Wet Cell Phone

How to Save Your Wet Cell Phone

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In this nail-biting episode of TGIS: Joanne-Marie proves how saving your phone from water damage can be simple with a few quick tips. Don’t lose hope, because while this isn’t a sure-fire way to revive your precious handset when it takes a dive into the deep, it will increase the chances of it being revived with ordinary stuff you can find around the house.

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    How to save a wet mobile phone (TGIS S01E05)

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  3. espero que no me pase esto ,pero si ocurre el desastre tratare hacer lo que
    dice la chica .Muy simpatica y muy convincente.

  4. 手機掉入水中後這樣做:

    1. 不要急著開機,而是應該先擦乾手機,取下電池、手機卡等。

    2. 不要使用吹風機改用吸塵器才對,使用吹風機反而會使水更深入手機。(感謝網友jyying WU更正)

    3. 將手機放進裝滿大米的密封袋中,3天以後就可以正常使用了。

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