25 thoughts on “Wifi Antenna Repair – IPhone 5 How To Tutorial”

  1. *facepalm so hard when through my face* you cant take to back plate off
    like the 4/4s the iphone 5 is like a 3g/3gs you take the screen out first…

  2. hello, my name is James, I live in Brazil, and wanted to take a doubt with
    you, the touch screen of the ipad 3 the ipad Serves 4? Here in Brazil I am
    not finding to buy a touch screen of 4 Thank you and Congratulations for
    Videos, are great.

  3. i have a problem in my iphone 5 , its not capable to connect to the
    internet , only if my wifi signal is 3 bars , if it is 2 or 1 bar i cannot
    even connect to my or any other routers , ” unable to join network ” ,
    hope you can help me with it , thanks in advance.

  4. I have an ipod 5 and recently got an lcd repair everything works but now I
    dont get wifi unless im like 2 feet away from the router. I think this is
    an wifi antenna issue, but how do i i know if i need a completely new wifi
    atenna or if its just loose and i need to tighten it up. PLEASE HELP *

  5. That is EXTREMELY tedious! It’s even worse than the iphone 4…

    Apple really strives to make their devices nearly impossible to repair.

  6. WARNING good video but they don’t tell you the screws in the mother board
    are different lengths the hardest part is getting the phone open. just set
    each step on a towel 

  7. By any chance after the wifi antenna has been replaced and still doesn’t
    work, what can the problem be? Neither my wifi or Bluetooth work. Wifi is
    greyed out and the Bluetooth just doesn’t work. From time to time I can
    turn both functions on but don’t actually work. If anyone has come across
    this problem and has figured out a solution please reply to my comment.
    Thank you.

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