IPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble

IPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble

http://www.fixez.com presents the iPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble video. This video will assist you in safely replacing the LCD and Touch Screen Assembly on your iPhone 5c.

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21 thoughts on “IPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble”

  1. Hi. My iPhone 5c screen always pops out and it’s making a weird clicking
    noise when I press on it. I don’t wanna take it apart :(

  2. I dropped my iPhone 5c and part of the screen cracked and popped out a
    little. The screen has weird colors on it and lines, The screen doesnt
    work. This is the 2nd time this has happened but i got it fixed the first
    time. What happened to it when it does this…?

  3. i dropped my phone and when i picked it up the screen was fine but the
    display was all fizzy and wouldnt respond to my touch? everything works
    fine but the display/LCD screen

  4. +Tyler Lynde Have you double checked your flex cables? Ensure that they are
    seated correctly and if so, you may have a bad LCD.

  5. What if on the cracked phone the screen is just black and doesn’t turn on,
    if I fix the screen will it turn on again ? 

  6. PLEASE HELP ME 🙁 I did the repair myself w/ my grandmother and when I
    finished, I powered the phone back up and it wouldn’t respond to my touch
    at all. I went back and undid the connectors & put them back in and powered
    up, well now it’s not FULLY responding to my touch. I can use the phone,
    but say if I’m texting and I want to type “I”, it won’t let me use it.
    Also, there’s a line down the screen on the side it won’t respond to. Now I
    have another problem. I’ve been on 100% for a while and I was wondering why
    because I’ve been on my phone. Then my phone just automatically shuts down,
    while on 100%! I plug in the charger because it says it’s dead, but when it
    comes back on it still says 100% ! PLEASE RESPOND, I don’t know what to do
    or what I did wrong!

  7. +Hero Doge Double check your flex cables. It sounds like they are not
    seated correctly. Loose connection.

  8. My iphone 5c fell today and the screen is unresponsive and has color lines
    on it what do i do ?

  9. I dropped my iPhone 5c, the screen cracked and half of it went black. Would
    replacing the LCD screen fix the problem? 

  10. It would be a lot easier to watch this vid but my cracked screen makes it

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  12. Hello my hone is cracked and the screen completely blanked out on me i was
    wondering what do i do next i.was thinking about pawning it but i dont want
    metro pcs because it sucks i.am a apple person but idk my next move!!!!

  13. My digitizer works I just want to replace the glass do I do the same thing
    as here?

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