24 thoughts on “IPhone 5 Power Button Repair”

  1. @RobTheSamplist Oh man that stupid silent switch on the 3G/3GS flex cable!
    That was the biggest pain ever. I have to say though that the 2G was, if
    not as difficult, more dangerous. I can’t even remember how many times we
    cut ourselves cracking that one open. 

  2. thanks for good explanation.BUT i have problem with iphone 5 home+power
    button.it was my mistake because during replacement of battery it happen. i
    broke U3 IC from board .
    NOW my Question is how i can reconnect it .Do you have any idea for that
    i see in video you use an heat gun ! it is ok for that saturation to repair
    it for solder . So plz Ans as soon as possible……

  3. +Go Cell Phone Repair Hey I have a problem with the lock button not
    clicking when I have screwed it in I did what you said hold it closed
    before screwing it shut and the lock button worked so I screwed the hinge
    close and now the lock button does not work! PLEASE HELP!!!

  4. So is this how to fix the power button on dropped iPhones that no longer
    work? I am looking at some listings and they say they work fine except
    that the power button does not work and the screens tend to be cracked when
    they don’t have a working power button. I was thinking of getting one
    cheap if I could and fix it my self. The only tool I would need that I
    dont have is that torx driver but I can just as easily order one if I find
    an iPhone in my price range. Preferably not iCloud locked. They are
    useless with that unless you know how to contact the person whos iCloud
    lock is on the device. Sometimes they forget to remove the iCloud lock and
    just have to log into their iCloud account and remove the device. I would
    rather get one without someone else’s iCloud instead even if the phone has
    been beaten within an inch of its life. As long as the logic board is OK I
    just need a phone that just has a bad logic board and preferably sold cheap
    (if not working).

  5. If I had this problem, I wouldn’t disassemble the phone. With me, I could
    bet you that I would break something. LoL

  6. I have followed your video exactly and when I try plugging my phone it has
    short one second vibrations separated by 5 seconds of nothing no screen
    …. what did i do wrong… can you help me please MR Phone Guy???

  7. Thanks pal ,ive just changed my power button watching ur video.very
    helpfull.many many thanks.keep doing this kinda good job pal.cheers

  8. thank you very much mate!!! just finish replace the flex cable by
    watching this video ,and it works!! thanks for the video!!!!!

  9. That was my first iphone repair (wife’s) and your video made my life soooo
    much easier! Well explained, no background music, just perfect!

    Other videos on youtube show the dudes disassemble the thing but they never
    get it back together and you just can’t go in reverse, there is so much
    more to look after!

    Thanks again, I owe you a beer, lemme know how I can at least donate a few

  10. @Simon B No problem and I do appreciate the offer. Rather than taking
    donations at this time my plan is to create a product that people like us
    will find useful. When that happens I hope that you will consider checking
    it out. I’ll be sure to announce it to all subscribers when that time
    comes. Congrats on the repair!

  11. Herzlichen Danke!
    Dank Ihrer Anleitung hat der Wechsel des defekten Powerbutten inklusive
    Flex-Kabel wunderbar funktioniert!
    Super Video!!!
    Gruß, Kiesi……

  12. Does anyone offer a flex cable with those small metal pieces included so we
    don’t have to fiddle with that part of it?

  13. My front camera doesn’t work this happened when I opened my phone for the
    first time I have a iPhone 5 what could this be do I need a new camera and
    flex cable or is there any other repair could I have disconnected it when
    taking the screen out by pulling on the wire too much ? Please help me

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