How To Fix A Bent IPhone 6

How To Fix A Bent IPhone 6

PeripateticPandas is back with a fix!
Making bendable design more robust…
with a drill press.

For Part 1 go to .

This is more of an advanced tutorial; do not try this at home.

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21 thoughts on “How To Fix A Bent IPhone 6”

  1. wow. i find it funny that some people here think that the better the price
    the better the product. they are obvously ignorant so i will go easy on
    them. the price doesnt define the phone and if you think that because
    because the iphone is so more expensive than any android phone it is the
    best phone ever you must be an idiot. there are so many android phones that
    are several times more powerful, and overall: better and yet way cheaper
    than the iphone 6. my galaxy s3 neo is just 300 bucks and yet its got a
    better processor (both CPU and GPU), more physical memory, better battery,
    larger display, nearly the same screen resolution and pixel density as the
    iphone 6. tell me why in the world would i buy an expensive shitty iphone
    when my 300 bucks android is way better yet way more affordable? yes, i can
    afford an iphone 6 but why in the world would i waste my money on such an
    overpriced piece of junk?

  2. I’d like to see what happens when he opens the camera app to the back
    camera XD

  3. Бесят такие идиоты, которые ломают дорогие вещи

  4. the thing i like about your videos is that it looks like you are completely
    destroying the phone but in the end the modifications work and the phone or
    device still works XD

  5. Haha I use to hate on apple because I couldn’t afford it and I would always
    say that an android was better than an iOS and that I would always pick
    android over iOS but deep down I knew that if I had to chose between a free
    android or a free iPhone , I GAURANTEE everyone would go for the free
    iPhone, I used to have an iPhone 5c but then I realized it was stolen (I
    had bought it second hand from a random guy ) and all I can say is that
    when I touched that iOS I felt like a boss holding a 300$ phone in my hand
    and able to see the apple emojis and the nice camera, now I don’t have iOS
    and I’m typing this from an hp7 tablet, appreciate what you have iOS users
    =) us android users are going through the struggle 

  6. it works! now my iphone fixed, thanks. now please make ‘how to take a
    picture with fixed bent iPhone’

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