DIY Fix | Changing Cracked IPhone 4 Screen

DIY Fix | Changing Cracked IPhone 4 Screen

For 4s, click here:
AT&T version screen:

Ebay iPhone LCDs:

The one I think I would buy ( New Black AT&T, GSM with tools):

Blue Thin iPhone 4 Case:

DIY = Do it yourself.

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Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours for iPhone repair options!



21 thoughts on “DIY Fix | Changing Cracked IPhone 4 Screen”

  1. Damn asians! Make everything look bloody too easy lol oh well i guess I’ll
    try my 5th attempt with a little more care only cost me $120 so far
    would’ve been better off paying the $60 but fuck it . YOLO

  2. Omg help. I have a phone protection cover but my phone gets scratched
    everyday and I don’t even do anything! I never dropped my phone and I don’t
    have huge nails so that I scratch my phone when I’m using it . They appear
    almost everyday and they usually are rainbow colored stripes on the screen
    . I never did anything to crack or scratch my phone! For example, today I
    was watching a movie with my phone near me. When I looked on my phone after
    the movie had finished, there was a huge rainbow vertical line on my screen
    protector . I never touched it , it had nothing before I started to watch
    the movie, so how the heck am I getting these scratch marks?! Can someone
    explain or tell me how I remove them?

  3. After watching this brilliant tutorial, I have decided to get someone else
    to fix the glass.
    Thank you for saving me the grief mate, cheers.

  4. Hey I was wondering, in going to change my back screen on my iPhone will I
    be able to use the iPhone 4S back screen on an iPhone 4 

  5. Thanks! There were a few small differences with my phone, the vibrator was
    down on the left under the big long electrical strip, and there were a few
    small pieces that seemed to be for anti vibration, and one plastic triangle
    to hold the speaker down on the left side. Also I had to pull the
    headphone jack out which I was really concerned I had broken a connection,
    but it hasn’t effected anything so I think it may have just been a glue
    strap to hold it down. Other than that your video was a HUGE help and I’d
    never have attempted this without it.

  6. Thanks for this! I am more confident in replacing my broken screen now! My
    daughter, who is 3, dropped my phone today and the screen is a total mess!
    Thanks again! 

  7. I have an iPhone 4 and i’ve been through several of these videos in
    attempt t fix my broken screen, but my phone doesnt appear to have the sim
    card slot anywhere so i am a bit stuck on how to go about repairing my

  8. Hey , my iPhone 6 broke and whenever i click the apps or go on something
    its super super slow and hard to click would this be something with the
    reader ??

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