Three for Three! PCmag named Telus as the fastest network nationally

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Three for Three! PCmag named Telus as the fastest network nationally September 12, 2017 For the last 5 years, PC Magazine has conducted network performance tests across Canadian carriers and published their findings in a report called Fastest Mobile Networks Canada. This summer, PCMag took a cross-country road trip to test how fast Canada’s wireless networks are from a real-world customer perspective. The great news? In PCMag’s 2017 report, TELUS has been ranked as the fastest wireless network nationally. Even more exciting, we also earned the distinction of being the fastest network in a number of key markets across Canada including Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Fredericton and Prince Edward Island. This recognition by PCMag comes on the heels of TELUS’ recent best-in-class network awards from both J.D. Power Awards and OpenSignal. Together, these results confirm the exceptional network experience that we provide our customers. It also means our customers across the country enjoy the best speeds whether they’re watching Optik on the Go, uploading photos to Instagram or sharing videos from game night. Customer research shows that network performance and perception is a top reason why customers’ choose their provider. So we’ve been communicating our Friendly Feels Good network message to clearly promote the fact that we have the fastest and largest network in Canada. It is crucial to keep our ranking as the fastest wireless network as we progress our wireless strategy and evolve to state-of-the-art network technologies including 5G.

For a limited time, customers are eligible to receive 1GB bonus data when adding a line to any TELUS Your Choice or Share plan.

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For a limited time, customers are eligible to receive 1GB bonus data when adding a line to any TELUS Your Choice or Share plan.   TELUS is providing Your Choice, TELUS SharePlus and TELUS Share Plan customers up to $100 off the device price for each additional line they activate on a 2 year term on a Your Choice or TELUS Share Plan. TELUS Your Choice, TELUS SharePlus and TELUS Share Plan customers can get up to $100 off the device price of any new smartphone when they activate an additional subscriber on a Your Choice or TELUS Share Plan on a 2 year term.  And for a limited time only, the GS7 and GS7 Edge are eligible for an additional $100 off overtop the existing $100 discount, for a total discount of up to $200. This offer is only available on these devices and ends on June 30,2016.  This includes new Your Choice or Share Plan customers who are activating at least two lines at once, in which case, the discount applies to each subsequent line activated.  The 1GB bonus data for $1/month must be selected as a feature add-on.  Please note that the feature expires after 24 months. Don’t Forget about Telus TV Fort Saskatchewan special offers now!

How Telus Ft Sask Contributes To The Community

How Telus Ft Sask Contributes To The Community   When thinking about Telus Ft Sask, we can only mention good things that happened in the life of this community, things brought by the availability of fast wireless internet. 4G LTE is the most advanced technology possible today and residents of Fort Sask and other remote regions of Canada can enjoy it thanks to Telus. The company invested huge amounts of money in building the infrastructure needed for the implementation of 4G, as well as for the expansion of Optik TV, the IPTV based service that brought progress in so many of the homes in Alberta and not only. IPTV based television is the most modern available, featuring lots of facilities and bringing important benefits to its subscribers at prices that are affordable for many. There are about 37 communities, all in remote areas of Canada, that got connected thanks to massive investments done by this corporation. Telus Ft Sask only put about $2.1 million in enhancing the 4G wireless network in Fort Saskatchewan and in extending Optik TV to more homes in the same area. This is a big step for people in those homes, as Optik TV comes with a wide array of features that increase the quality of life and the comfort of the citizens. Such features include remote record, pause, rewind or replay live TV, schedule the recording of various shows and access previous recordings even from the smartphone directly, thanks to a special application. However, Telus Ft Sask is only a drop of water in the ocean of the total $26 billion invested by the corporation in operations and technology in the province of Alberta over the last 10 years or so. This shows Telus lives up to its philosophy, which implies an active participation to the community life. Telus spent important amounts in supporting local charities, community organizations and a series of grassroots community projects meant to improve the life of the citizens. Telus is like a large family, its members being actively involved in volunteering, adding up to a total of 1.2 million hours volunteered in the benefit of the community. Moreover, donations made by Telus team members in Alberta go up to the impressive figure of $82 million. This speaks volumes about the quality of Telus employees, it shows the company cares about people, policy illustrated also in the way they pick their employees. Investments in infrastructure are not only good for the company that makes them, but also for all members of the community, especially if we talk about remote areas where access is very difficult, thus isolating people who live there from the rest of the world. With the fast internet, those communities will no longer have the problem of big distances and difficulties to travel, because they will be able to stay in touch over the internet, using applications like Facebook, Twitter or Skype. Online conferencing is already part of the modern society, but in order for it to work, …

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