Asus ROG Phone vs ROG Phone 2: Better in every way

Asus ROG Phone vs ROG Phone 2: Better in every way

hey everyone this is Dom from tech
advisor here at in for 2019 in Berlin and I'm here with the new asus ROG or
Rog phone to know we see this was announced a month ago so you already
know a bit about it but here at IFA Asus has just announced the pricing and
release info for Europe so that seemed to me like the perfect excuse to stack
it against the first rog phone and see how the two compare and whether you
should be looking at an upgrade if you're an existing rog phone user or if
you don't own either but you're tempted which wants you to go for let's take a
look at the two phones side by side you'll straightaway see that while at first glance they're pretty similar there's actually a big difference
the rog phone 2 which is on the right is a lot taller and a little bit thinner
not a lot but there's a tiny fractional thinness but it feels thinner because
that extra height that's basically because they've gone to a nineteen point
five by nine display ratio in line with most of our flagship rather than the
kind of stockier boxier thing you'll see on the the first rog phone that's not
the only change to the display it's also showed up from ninety Hertz in the first
rock phone up to 120 Hertz in the second one still AMOLED still one millisecond
response time and still HDR – it's now got hdr 10 bit support so like you're already
looking up this is basically one of the best panels you can get on any phone
right now the original rog phone had a great panel
already but 120hz with one millisecond response and HDR I mean this is the only
phone you can buy right now that has a panel like that and it's hard to show on
video but that extra response where it just means everything is super smooth
and fluid whether the jump from 90 to 120 really makes a massive difference I
don't know that's probably gonna be harder to tell where that jump up to 90
is certainly a big deal and that makes both phones very very tempting
rest of the design kind of similar we've got the the fan ad on on both right now
so that blocks a bit of the back of the phone you can see there there's a very
similar aesthetic to the two similar to your camera setup though the specs are
different fingerprint sensor you'll see is gone so it's there on the original
Rog phone not on the rog phone 2 because it's now in
the display otherwise it's got this same sort of
angular cut out but you'll just see it's a little less pronounced on the new
opponent and like even on it like just unlock that lock that area even on the
fan you can see it's changing but there's more space here
it's a quiet of fan but still just as powerful they've both got the RGB
lighting here built on the fan the fan comes in the box by the way you don't
pay extra for that and if you don't have the fan on the the RGB panel on the back
of the phone itself lights up obviously the RGB is all customizable all that
kind of stuff that's pretty much the same between both inside it's also all
change so the original Rog phone Snapdragon 855
very fast to it when it came out the rog phone 2 hasn't just had the
upgrade to the 855 it's gone to the 855 plus an extra optimized
version the 855 so you're getting more than the year's benefits on top of
the eight five five has got another seven percent CPU performance 15 percent
GPU performance plus optimizations for a few specific games between this kind of
perform even faster in those supported titles like asphalt 9 so you're gonna
see like really phenomenal performance that's not even counting the other specs
so Ram – 8 gig in the original rog obviously they've gone up 12 gig total
overkill storage the original rog phone went up to 512 gigabytes previously Asus
announced that the rog phone 2 was also a 512 gigabyte phone we just found out
there's an Ultimate Edition that goes up to one terabyte of storage so you could
be 855 plus processor like the first phone in the world to have that 12
gigabyte RAM you're not gonna find a phone with more RAM than that terabyte
storage you're not gonna point phone with more
storage than that then battery original rock phone four thousand milliamp hours
rogue front to six thousand milliamp hours again outside of going into the
phones made by brands like energizer that are really focused on that kind of
thing you just will not find more battery than that in one phone so this
is like really phenomenal top spec for what you're getting in terms of those
sort of the gaming specific stuff there's been a few tweaks to as I've
already mentioned the fans been changed a bit you can also see this an extra bit
of RGB here on the updated fan there's also a whole range of other accessories
you've got to buy them separately but there's things like be the twin view
which gives you a second screen a bit like the LG V50 but more you know
optimized for gaming purposes that second screen is also 120hz and
comes with its own 5 thousand milliamp hour battery giving you a grand total 11
thousand milliamp hours between the two my favorite is probably the kunai
gamepad or kunai I think it's kunai which basically looks like a kind of set
of switch joycon controllers so you can use it as a remote controller or you
can sort of strap them to the side of the rog phone to turning it into a
basically a little mini switch and you know it doesn't feel quite as flawless
as a switch then there's a little bit of life delay and using it I found though
that may have just been the demo unit here but man like it's great having that
access to really solid physical controls if you just want to use the actual phone
itself both phones have the air triggers which are the little pressure sensitive
sections on here so that when you're holding the phone landscape they
basically serve as shoulder buttons if you want to use it to press down one
thing you'll find on the new rogue phone is there's some extra sensitivity
settings plus there's a new option to sort of slide along rather than just
squeeze in so you get a little bit more control over them we'll also see if we
go into the game center which has a nice you fancy animation we get a few more
options we have specific game profiles we can set there's only one set on this
device as you can see but we get more options here things like setting CPU
performance or refresh rate per game if we go into the console this is pretty
similar to what you've seen before again there's a few more archery options fan
speed RGB lighting options that's basically the same between the two but
there is one final software thing which is a little bit different which is that
if you buy the original road phone you are tied in to this kind of gamer-y
system interface which I actually quite liked I get a lot of flack on the
channel sometimes they're sort of making fun of like things that have too much
for gamer aesthetic I think it kind of works here and I quite like the look at
it but if you don't if you buy the rog phone 2 you can switch that off and
just switch to the Asus ZenUI which is what they use in their zenfone range
it's pretty close to stock Android I can't show you it right now but yeah
it's so much more sort of it's less flashy
it's more casual it might feel more suitable in a professional environment
and then you can switch back to the sort of rog UI when you really want a game
when you're in your free time and speaking of the zenfone final thing I
did talk about cameras briefly they've had a big upgrade so what we've got in
here now is actually the same camera setup you'll find in the zenfone 6 asus's
non-gaming flagship for the year so there's a forty eight megapixel main
lens and then a wide-angle to support it with Sony's flagship flagship sensor in
there powering it all you've got support for 4k video at 60fps a dedicated night
mode all that kind of stuff plus then the selfie camera is that a big boost to
24 megapixels so that will be a lot better for selfies but also given the
gaming thing if you want to stream as stream pushing yourself while you're
gaming also couldn't in the corner it's in a nice bar it's out of the way of
your landscape and it will get a nice angle of you for this at the top so yeah
I mean I'm normally the kind of person who when we're looking at like
year-on-year updates of phones I tend to be a skeptic about operating I tend to
say look stick on the old phone if you've got it or if you're looking to
find you one go with the old one it's going to be cheaper but I'm not she kind
of torn here because they have the same RRP 899 euros so that should mean
799 pounds $899 so that hasn't quite been confirmed just yet if you
want to get the terabyte version of the rog phone 2 that will jump up to 1199 euros so 300 euro difference again I assume the same in dollars and pounds that's a
big jump probably not worth it for most but if you're happy with the regular 512
model like it's the same price the other one will probably took down a bit just
because it's the older one there are so many updates across the board in the rog phone 2 everything like core specs camera design display accessories RGB
lights air triggers everything is better than it was before
and so it's really hard not to look at the first rog phone as proof of concept
and the rog phone 2 as the real deal alright yeah we're here
at IFA 2019 we're gonna be shooting more videos out here so like them
subscribe stay tuned check out and I cannot wait to get one of these in
and shoot an unboxing with it and hopefully do a full review

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Telus Fort Sask Family Day $0 Galaxy Active 2 Watch Offer


Telus Fort Sask Family Day $0 Galaxy Active 2 Watch Offer

Family Day* $0 Galaxy Active 2 Watch Offer

Feb 13 – 17 2020
Customers who activate or renew a Samsung Galaxy S10 series device (S10, S10+, S10E) on a Peace of Mind Connect rate plan are eligible for a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 for $0.

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Offer available from February 13, 2020 to February 17, 2020.
Customer must activate or renew on a Peace of Mind Connect rate plan
Customer must purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 series device (S10, S10+, S10E) or Note 10+
Offer limited to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
Offer is available for Consumer accounts and TWA
Offer is available at Corporate Stores & TELUS Authorized Dealers only
Offer available while supplies last
A one-time connection fee applies per line
Offer is subject to change at TELUS’ sole discretion at any time without notice
Device discount can be reversed if the customer chooses to leave TELUS prior to the end of their contract

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web telus Fort Sask

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Telus Fort Sask Early Black Friday Deal!!

Telus Fort Sask Early Black Friday Deal!!

Black Friday will soon be upon us with all those great deals and Retail madness. We have an advance Deal which we thing will be better than than what will be offered on Black Friday. If your a Samsung fan than this is for you. From November 14th all the way through to November 18th when your activate or renew your Plan with Telus you will receive a Samsung A50 for free!! No payments at all. Its called the “Buy one Get One Free Sale” Stop in the store for all the details!!!

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Prepaid: My first phone

Prepaid: My first phone

Prepaid: My first phone


Remember that feeling when you got your very first phone? You begged your parents for that cool new device nonstop and then when they couldn’t take it anymore, they caved!

Choosing a first phone shouldn’t be difficult task. Parents want something reliable and cost effective that doesn’t break the bank. Let our customers know the amazing ways we set ourselves apart this holiday season Prepaid: My first phone plan.


For a limited time, new prepaid activations on My First Phone plan ($180/1 year plan) will receive 1GB data add-on for $0 for 30 days ($30 value).


  • TELUS prepaid must be activated between November 13, 2018 and January 2, 2019 to receive the promotion.
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    • My First Phone plan is a 1-year rate plan that includes 180 outgoing and incoming local calling minutes, unlimited international text, picture and video messages and unlimited local evenings starting at 6PM and ending at 7AM for up to one year.
  • $0 1GB add-on will be applied to the account between 24 to 72 hours after activation.

Why is TELUS prepaid the best choice for a first phone?

TELUS Learning CentersThe TELUS Learning Centres are dedicated to providing families and their children with the best learning experience through the expertise of our certified and dedicated trainers.

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Great valueMy First Phone plan is a 1 year plan so parents can buy the rate plan today and not worry about top-ups for a full year. The cost works out to as little as $15 month.

Reasons to buy

  • Limited time offer
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Complete guide to 2018 Black Friday offers

Complete guide to 2018 Black Friday offers

Make the most of this Black Friday this year! Due to competitive response in market there may be fast paced offer changes. This page will serve as your “one stop shop” to keep track of offers and updates as they happen.

Black Friday limited-time offers

Consumer Mobility
OfferDescriptionRegionEffective datesNotes
$0 smartphonesFind several phones like the iPhone XR or Samsung GS9 starting at $0.NationalNovember 20, 2018 – November 26, 2018Act Now!
Double DataDouble data available on activations and renewals on a 2-yr termNovember 20, 2018 – November 26, 2018Act Now!
OfferDescriptionRegionEffective datesNotes
$100 Black Friday CreditIncremental $100 bill credit for Mobile customers adding Optik TV and/or High Speed Internet on a 2- yearAB, BCNovember 20, 2018 – November 26, 2018Stackable:

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  • M&H
  • Existing sweeteners and credits


OfferSummaryRegionEffective datesNotes
Up to $700 in hardware credits

Bonus $100 upfront hardware credits on select plans: $300 P/ $500 P+ / $700PL November 10, 2018Hardware discounts are upfront at point of sale
Up to $600 in hardware credits$200 upfront hardware credits on select plans: $400 P+ / $600 PL November 10, 2018
Extra shareable dataExtra data on select plans: $80/mo and $100/mo on Premium November 19, 2018

Tips and tools

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Bike Stem Phone Mount, Universal Bicycle Handlebar Cell Phone Holder for iPhone X 8 Plus 7, Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 Edge Note 8, Up to 6.5 Inch Smartphone, Bike TIE PRO 2 (2nd Generation) -Black

Bike Stem Phone Mount, Universal Bicycle Handlebar Cell Phone Holder for iPhone X 8 Plus 7, Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 Edge Note 8, Up to 6.5 Inch Smartphone, Bike TIE PRO 2 (2nd Generation) -Black


  • 【UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER】New and redesigned silicone bands fit all cell phones from 4 to 6.5 inches with or without a phone case
  • 【BIKE STEM MOUNT】Designed to mount your smartphone on the bike stems in Portrait orientation mode
  • 【ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING STRAP】No tools required, easy to install and remove in seconds; the patented strap design fits various sizes of bicycle handlebars, baby strollers, pushchairs or shopping trolleys
  • 【SHOCK PROTECTION】Soft-touch silicone material absorbs all shocks and prevents your devices and accessories from damage
  • 【PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT】Easy to carry in the pockets or bags on the go


Love this! I have a road bike and have not been able to find anything that would hold my phone and fit on the bike. This has worked perfectly! Very sturdy, doesn’t move a bit during rides.

C’est exactement ce que je voulais.

Works great, very stable holding the phone

Smartphone Bile holder Fort Sask!


Telus to launch digital healthcare app through partnership with Babylon Health

Telus to launch digital healthcare app through partnership with Babylon Health

Telus to launch a new Health App with Babylon Health. App to give people ability to put them in touch with Health Professionals via the APP read more below:

The two companies will work together to roll out a Canadian-specific mobile app in English and French By Sameer ChhabraSEP 7, 20186:03 PM EDT0 COMMENTS


Vancouver-based national telecom service provider Telus has announced a new partnership with Babylon Health — a British digital healthcare service provider — to better connect patients with medical solutions. While the partnership was formally announced in a September 7th, 2018 Telus media release, the venture is between Telus Health — Telus’s healthcare arm — and Babylon. The two companies plan on launching a virtual care mobile app specifically designed for the Canadian market. An English version will launch first, and a French-language version will follow sometime in 2019. Telus said that the app will allow individuals living in remote or rural communities, individual living with mobility issues, individuals who are simply unable to access non-emergency healthcare, as well as the roughly five million Canadians without a family physician, to better access healthcare. According to Telus, the app will feature an “easy-to-use, chat-style symptom checker that patients can use to better understand their symptoms or healthcare concerns.” “This highly intuitive and accurate interface can also be used to have a video consultation with a licensed Canadian healthcare provider,” reads an excerpt from the September 7th media release. It’s worth noting that neither company has formally established a dedicated timeline for the eventual rollout of the mobile app. Instead, Telus’s media release simply stated that more details will be announced “later this year, including information regarding its staggered rollout across the country.” “Our partnership with Babylon, through a globally-leading virtual care solution, will enable consumers to get access to healthcare anywhere and anytime they need it,” said Juggy Sihota, vice president of Telus Health, in the same September 7th media release. “Together, we are not only helping to improve the options Canadians have for accessing healthcare, but also providing them with a digital tool that makes communicating with healthcare professionals more efficient.”

Read more at Telus to launch digital healthcare app through partnership with Babylon Health

Photo By rabbit.Hole

Cambridge Electronics Store Hours


Three for Three! PCmag named Telus as the fastest network nationally

Fastest Network Telus Fort Saskatchewan

Three for Three! PCmag named Telus as the fastest network nationally

September 12, 2017

Fastest Network Telus Fort Saskatchewan
Fastest Network Telus Fort Saskatchewan

For the last 5 years, PC Magazine has conducted network performance tests across Canadian carriers and published their findings in a report called Fastest Mobile Networks Canada. This summer, PCMag took a cross-country road trip to test how fast Canada’s wireless networks are from a real-world customer perspective. The great news? In PCMag’s 2017 report, TELUS has been ranked as the fastest wireless network nationally. Even more exciting, we also earned the distinction of being the fastest network in a number of key markets across Canada including Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Fredericton and Prince Edward Island.

This recognition by PCMag comes on the heels of TELUS’ recent best-in-class network awards from both J.D. Power Awards and OpenSignal. Together, these results confirm the exceptional network experience that we provide our customers. It also means our customers across the country enjoy the best speeds whether they’re watching Optik on the Go, uploading photos to Instagram or sharing videos from game night.

Customer research shows that network performance and perception is a top reason why customers’ choose their provider. So we’ve been communicating our Friendly Feels Good network message to clearly promote the fact that we have the fastest and largest network in Canada. It is crucial to keep our ranking as the fastest wireless network as we progress our wireless strategy and evolve to state-of-the-art network technologies including 5G.

For a limited time, customers are eligible to receive 1GB bonus data when adding a line to any TELUS Your Choice or Share plan.

Telus TV Fort Saskatchewan

For a limited time, customers are

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TELUS is providing Your Choice, TELUS SharePlus and TELUS Share Plan customers up to $100 off the device price for each additional line they activate on a 2 year term on a Your Choice or TELUS Share Plan.
TELUS Your Choice, TELUS SharePlus and TELUS Share Plan customers can get up to $100 off the device price of any new smartphone when they activate an additional subscriber on a Your Choice or TELUS Share Plan on a 2 year term. And for a limited time only, the GS7 and GS7 Edge are eligible for an additional $100 off overtop the existing $100 discount, for a total discount of up to $200. This offer is only available on these devices and ends on June 30,2016. This includes new Your Choice or Share Plan customers who are activating at least two lines at once, in which case, the discount applies to each subsequent line activated. The 1GB bonus data for $1/month must be selected as a feature add-on. Please note that the feature expires after 24 months.
Image result for Telus 1 Gb Bonus