Mobility Help Is Now On Spotify

Mobility Help Is Now On Spotify Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is pleased to announce that Telus’ Podcast is now listed on Spotify as well as Apple’s Popular iTunes Podcast. The podcast is centered on bringing news of current tech events to listeners, and anyone interested is encouraged to subscribe now in order to get notified whenever an episode goes live. MobilityHelp podcasts about nearly any tech related topic imaginable, with in their episodes (usually titled Tech Talk), going into great detail about new developments in the world of tech. Find out more online at MobilityHelp now on Spotify. Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is a team of Telus specialists and professional problem solvers that work 24/7 to make Cambridge Electronics Incorporated the top Telus Service Provider available. They make it easier for users to select the correct wireless device and match it to the right accessories, share them on social networks, integrate with web services one already uses and track the results. “You’ll love mixing and matching smartphones, plans, features, and accessories to suit your needs—think of it as your own personal communications hub,” says the tech service provider. Telus, the brand with which many of the specialists at Cambridge Electronics Incorporated are associated with, is known for the great service and networks it provides access to. “We’re making the future more friendly,” Telus says, “using technology to break down barriers, keep you safe online and help Canadians reach their full potential. When you choose Telus, you’re All Connected for Good.” The company works to push the boundaries of what technology can offer and has had great success in doing so. In addition to helping clients and anyone else interested in the tech world learn more through the spotify, Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated works on developing new, innovative technical solutions. An example of this can be seen in their recently launched iPhone charger. The quick charger is meant to allow iPhone owners to charge their devices at nearly three times the normal rate. “This enables anyone to charge their iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes,” says a blog post discussing the new charger. The company’s high quality designs and developments have proven very popular in the tech industry, and Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated has come to be known as one of the top names in technological innovation. The goal of every endeavor Telus undertakes is to ensure that the final user gets the best possible results out of whatever device they purchase. The company places great emphasis on combining functionality with quality, and they strive to ensure that all their clients are happy. “Thanks for helping me out replacing my iPhone 6,” says a 5-Star Google review from a client named Denis C. “I’m so happy to get the iPhone 7 and have the water protection now. I was worried about getting all my stuff transferred to the new device but you made the process so easy. Very happy with the service from this store. Highly recommended!” The reviews from customers average about 4.5 stars …

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Tech Talk with Luke England & Dan LHeureux on Mix 107.9 April 19th, 2019

Hey!  Check out what we talked about on Tech talk this week!   We are Closed Sunday Easter Sunday! How to use Apple Maps to find retailers that take Apple Pay Apple Pay support continues to spread, both to more U.S. retailers and to more countries. But still, it’s not yet so commonplace that you can just assume you’re going to be able to pay with your iPhone anywhere you go. With the upcoming Apple Card, the 2 percent cash back rate is predicated on paying with Apple Pay, so finding retailers that accept it is going to be more important than ever. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to see if you can pay with your iPhone at that store, restaurant, or other retailer: just check Apple Maps. To read this article in full, please click here   2020 iPhones to feature Qualcomm 5G modems: report Following the abrupt end of their two-year-long legal spat and Intel’s sudden exitfrom the smartphone modem business, Japan’s Nikkei reports Apple will start integrating Qualcomm 5G modems into the iPhone starting in 2020. “It is too late for Apple to use Qualcomm’s chip this year, but for 2020 it will purchase modem chips, including 5G modem chips, from the chipmaker for iPhone after finalizing the deal,” says Nikkei, quoting a “source with direct knowledge of the settlement plan.” Echoing a variety of other past reports, the publication adds Apple had started to lose confidence as to whether Intel could deliver a working 5G modem in time for the launch of the 2020 iPhones. Quoting a “person familiar with the matter,” Nikkei writes: “Apple had been a little concerned whether a sole supplier for modems could affect the company’s plans to introduce its first 5G smartphone new year.” As part of its settlement with Qualcomm, Apple agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to the chipmaker. It also signed a six-year licensing agreement, with the option to extend the deal a further two years, with Qualcomm. In the short-term, even if Canadian carriers don’t launch their 5G networks in 2020, the fact the new iPhones will feature Qualcomm modems again is a positive for Canadian consumers. In test after test, Qualcomm’s LTE modems lapped whatever Intel could muster. At the moment, the Qualcomm modem Apple is most likely to integrate into the 2020 iPhone is the X55. The X55 is multi-mode modem that is capable of both LTE and 5G connectivity simultaneously. In the long-term, it’s unlikely this the last we’ll hear of any animosity between Apple and Qualcomm. The potential eight-year time frame of the licensing agreement Apple signed on Tuesday gives the company more than enough time to develop its own modems, which it was already doing ahead of Tuesday’s announcement. Source: Nikkei The post 2020 iPhones to feature Qualcomm 5G modems: report appeared first on MobileSyrup.   Netflix Not Concerned With New Streaming Services Coming From Apple and Disney   Netflix isn’t worried about the upcoming Disney+ and Apple TV+ streamingservices from Disney and Apple, respectively, the company said today in its Q1 2019 earnings report. [PDF] In the document, Netflix says that it’s “excited” to compete with Apple and Disney, and that it does not feel that the new services will affect Netflix’s growth because of the “differing nature” of …

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Tech Talk August 3rd, 2018 with Owen Shoemaker & Dan the Man LHeureux Mix 107.9

Tech Talk August 3rd, 2018 with Owen Shoemaker & Dan the Man LHeureux Mix 107.9     ” Telus has the fastest wireless network in Canada, according to Ookla Speedtest 100+ MobileSyrup by Sameer Chhabra  /  3d  //  keep unread  //  hide INSIGHTS Add note Canadian national carrier Telus had the fastest network in Canada between Q1 and Q2 2018, according to internet performance analyst Canada’s third-largest carrier by subscribership reportedly achieved download speeds of 63.03Mbps, and upload speeds of 12.62Mbps. National carrier Bell came in second place with average download speeds of 62.07Mbps, while Rogers flanker brand Fido came in third with average download speeds of 42.52Mbps. Interestingly enough, Canada’s largest carrier by subscribership Rogers came in fourth place, with average download speeds of 38.95Mbps. Quebec-based regional carrier Videotron rounded out fifth place with average download speeds of 37.42Mbps. gathered its data from 698,171 speed tests conducted across Canada. The average download speed across the country was 47.84Mbps, while the average upload speed was 11.99Mbps. Average network latency, or the time it takes for a packet of data to move from a device to a server and back, was 41 milliseconds. Telus has been on a hot streak lately, receiving praise for its network quality and network speed. The carrier’s first major victory was in September 2017, when PCMag awarded Telus the distinction of Canada’s fastest network. Wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal then determined that Telus has Canada’s fastest LTE network in a February 2018 report. In May 2018, J.D. Power added that Telus had the best wireless network in Ontario, the best wireless network in Canada’s west region, and the second-best network in Canada’s east region.” Source: ” Samsung hypes the Note 9’s battery life in new teaser 10 MobileSyrup by Brad Bennett  /  9d  //  keep unread  //  hide INSIGHTS Add note Samsung’s latest ad shows a nondescript phone from one of the company’s competitors quickly draining its battery from 5 percent to zero at an inopportune time The ad doesn’t show any footage of Samsung’s upcoming Note 9 phablet, but if this ad is any indication, it will feature a long-lasting battery. Leaks have claimed that the Note 9 will feature a 4,000 mAh capacity battery. That’s an upgrade over last year’s Note 8 battery, which is rated at 3,300 mAh. In fact, Samsung made the battery in last year’s Note smaller since it was recovering from the Note 7 battery fiasco. The company shrunk the Note 7’s 3,500 mAh battery to 3,300 mAh for the Note 8. This year the company is back to making bigger batteries. The end of the video cuts to a black screen with the date, August 9th, 2018 which is the same date that Samsung has revealed as its next Unpacked event, meaning that this teaser is almost certainly for the Note 9. The phone is also rumoured to feature a 6.4-inch display, Snapdragon 845 chipset and dual 12-megapixel cameras.” Source: Samsung Via: Engadget Telus Store Fort Saskatchewan Hours | TELUS Mobility | Shop our Phones and Plans‎ | Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours | TELUS Mobility | Shop our Phones and Plans‎ | Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours   Tech Talk Fort Saskatchewan Fun talk about the new Bixby 2.0 and New Blackberry News Fun talk about the new Bixby 2.0 and New Blackberry News     Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours Posted by TELUS/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated at Telus Telus Store Fort Sask Telus Fort Saskatchewan hours