Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos SM-J320H/DS 8GB Dual SIM Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos SM-J320H/DS 8GB Dual SIM Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos SM-J320H/DS 8GB Dual SIM Unlocked GSM Smartphone The J3 is a good basic smart phone. I bought it to replace a Galaxy S2. The cameras and other features are comparable with the DISPLAY and the PROCESSOR SPEED being superior to an S2. The battery has more power, the phone itself is ‘slightly larger’ and of course the operating system is a newer version. Both FRONT and BACK cameras Accepts MicroSD cards This model is a DUAL SIM card so you -could- use it with two separate carriers I bought a number of unlocked Samsung Galaxy Phones to take as gifts to family members on a trip to Gabon. I’m an iPhone user, but used a Samsung J7. A great feature of this duos phone is the dual SIM card, which enables Gabonese, most of whom have two lines, to save money by calling in-network. The internet features on these phones also work very well: Viber, Skype, Email, What’s app, etc. This is an excellent phone for the money. It is “THE” best phone I’ve owned by far! Very responsive, bright screen, pretty clear pix and video, 8gb of memory, really bright light from the flash will help you take pictures or using the flashlight also will help you get around at night. Plus the seller must’ve used the Flash super hero to deliver it cause it got to me waaaay before expected. It even outperforms my son’s Ipad mini!

Galaxy Note8 By Samsung – Pre-Order & Get Free Gifts –

Samsung galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note8 Samsung – Pre-Order & Get Free Gifts –   After testing it from San Francisco to Los Angeles and up to Lake Tahoe, I can confidently say that the Galaxy Note 8 is without a doubt Samsung’s best, most feature-packed phone. Does it scrub away the bad taste of last year’s disastrous Note 7 double-recall? Does it offer enough over the cheaper Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to make it worth the sky-high price? We have answers. Samsung has amped up its safety testing and reduced the Note 8’s battery size to avoid repeating last year’s fatal battery mistake, though we won’t know if it’s truly safe until weeks have gone by without a reported incident. Buyers of the Galaxy Note 7– who had to relinquish their flame-prone phones– and 2015’s Galaxy Note 5– until now, the “best” Note phone you could buy– will find the Note 8 to be the high-end handset they should have gotten last year, and then some. It largely merges the Note 7 with the S8 and S8 Plus. One bright star is the presence of a dual camera setup on the Note 8’s back. There’s also the Note 8’s vibrant 6.3-inch OLED screen, and a tall, slim design that goes lean on bezels. You’ll find a welcome repeat of the Galaxy S8’s top-of-the-line processor, water resistance, expandable storage and wireless charging, plus fun ways to create animated GIFs that belong to the Note 8 alone. Everyone who saw me whip out the Note to write down numerous Starbucks orders on the lock screen, create cute animated GIFs of our silly photos, and take depth-effect portraits of wedding guests in their finest was immediately impressed. “Take our picture with the good camera,” one friend said. Despite the Note 8’s undeniable excellence as an Android device, however, I’m split on whether or not it’s worth the hefty price, especially when it’s so similar to the single-lens Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Throw out the stylus, and your key benefit versus the S8 Plus is … portrait mode (which Samsung calls Live Focus). On its own, that’s not a very compelling reason to level up. Galaxy Note8 Samsung I need to also point out the Note 8’s most grating imperfection. Even if muscle memory takes over and you get used to it, and even if you use the hit-or-miss iris scanner instead, there’s no good reason it shouldn’t be in the center of the Note’s back like it is on so many other phones. Feel good taking the Note 8 plunge if you’re using a Note 5. If you’ve never owned a Note but can truly make the S Pen part of your daily life, you won’t find any other phone that goes as far (though there are rumors that the next iPhone may support an unembedded Apple Pencil; we shall see). If you’re contemplating the Note 8 for the second camera alone, I say wait to see how the LG V30, Apple’s next …

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Official TVC: Unpacking S7 for Fort Saskatchewan


Samsung Galaxy S7 Official TVC: Unpacking S7 for Fort Saskatchewan Samsung has had its challenges lately.  Let’s not forget there awesome products.  I bring you today the unpacking of the Samsung Galaxy S7.  This phone continues to amaze.  Please stop by to view a live demo and experience a smartphone with incredible specifications.  Here’s the Unpacking once again.     Available at Telus Fort Saskatchewan by M&M Meats

Galaxy Note 7 recall: what a mess!


Galaxy Note 7 recall: what a mess! This recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been bad news for everybody.  I as well as everybody else has been disappointed with the events which have come upon the Note 7.  Its bad for the consumer as well as the industry as a whole.  Nobody likes to see the bad luck that has come with the launch of this exciting new phone.  It’s really too bad but I for one know Samsung will fix this issue and come out stronger because of it.  They make excellent products and the information I see is the problem was not with their phone but the battery which is built by and outside company. So far the process for return has just begun and already some people are not happy with the way its going.  I say patience is needed.  Read whats happening below written by BOGDAN PETROVAN over at Android Authority below: Consumer Reports is not happy with the way Samsung is handling the Note 7 recall Following days of heavy rumors, Samsung has moved in to quell fears about the safety of the Note 7. The company assured that only a very small number of devices pose a risk and announced a worldwide recall program, “out of an abundance of caution.” While some have praised Samsung for acting decisively in the interest of customers, not everyone is happy with the way the Note 7 recall program is being conducted. Consumer Reports, a respected US-based consumer rights organization, said Samsung should have conducted an “official recall” together with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a US government body that oversees consumer products recalls. Consumer Reports says that a CPSC-sanctioned recall would have made it illegal to sell the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States until the remediation of the problem. The consumer rights group said that it identified stores that still had the Note 7 on sale on Friday. Read the rest here: Perfect example of un -needed criticism just to make things worse.  Samsung is doing what needs to be done and will correct everything while having replacements in short order. Here some information for customers who have purchased Note 7s Play it safe and swap your Note 7 because of the recall Unless you think you know better than the people who built your Note 7, not getting it replaced is stupid. I’m seeing a disturbing trend in forums and social media — people are saying they aren’t going to return their recalled Note 7 and get a new one. Don’t be that person. Some of the reasons I’m seeing for not returning a Note 7 for a new one do make sense on some level. Nobody wants to take the time to set up a new phone, or people are worried that the replacement might not be as “perfect” as the one they are using now. I feel ya. I hate setting up phones and I know getting the perfect …

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Telus Store Fort Saskatchewan Note 6 News & Rumors

Telus Store Fort Saskatchewan Note 6 News & Rumors Anticipation is starting to build around the Note 6 and what advances it will boast!  Here is something interesting from John Dye at Android Authority below: Samsung just unveiled a 10nm 6GB RAM chip that may arrive on the Note 6 Yesterday Samsung showcased a 6GB RAM chip at a Mobile Solutions Form event in Shenzhen, China. While 6GB of RAM isn’t a totally new thing for smartphones, it’s definitely a spec that is far from mainstream, and what puts this chip above existing models is that it’s packed into a tiny 10nm form. Although nothing has been confirmed by Samsung, some are theorizing that this 10nm 6GB LPDDR4 could power the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Advances in processors and RAM chips are currently crucial to the evolution of mobile devices, because lithium ion battery technology is essentially at a standstill. While chips are still advancing in relative accordance with Moore’s Law, we need some kind of substantial battery breakthrough to be able to store power in a smaller, cost-efficient manner. Ergo, currently the best way to keep battery life in stride with more demanding components is to make high power chips smaller and more efficient. Not only does that leave more room in the device to be devoted to the battery, but it also assures that power will be used more efficiently. Read the rest of the article here at Android Authority. Here is information about Release Date and Specs again from Android Authority TeamAA Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumor roundup: specs, release date, features and more The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are all the hype right now, but we know many of you believe the Note series is the true Samsung flagship every year. And rightfully so, Note phones usually come later in the year, boasting superior specs, improved functionality, larger batteries and more. As we wrap up all the Galaxy S7 coverage our sights turn to the larger side of things. What will the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 have to offer? In this post we try to create a one-stop shop for all your Samsung Galaxy Note 6 leaks and rumors. Want to learn more? Let’s dig in. This article will continue to be updated as more details on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 emerge, so bookmark this page if you want to stay informed!  Previous Samsung Galaxy Note reviews: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs Details are scarce but a few leaks are giving us a look at what the Galaxy Note 6 may pack. According to the International Business Times, the upcoming phone is to feature a massive 5.8-inch screen with a QHD (2560×1440) display. What’s interesting is that this time Sammy might be doing away with the Diamond Pixels and instead has opt for a slimmer RGB matrix AMOLED panel. Rumors of pressure sensitivity are also going around. This means the Samsung Galaxy …

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Are you Tired of your Existing Emojis on your Android Device?


Are you Tired of your Existing Emojis on your Android Device? Well changes are coming where Google will be releasing new Emojis that look a lot more like people.  Check out the recent article by Android Central below which details exactly what Google is doing.   Android is finally making its emoji look like people We still don’t know Android N‘s eventual food-related name, but we are slowly learning more about its extensive feature set. In the second Developer Preview issued to a variety of Nexus devices today, Google announced that with N it will support Emoji Unicode 9 standard, which includes a number of new pictorials. Google also plans support for skin tone variations, a feature that iOS users have been enjoying for some time. But perhaps the most interesting change is that Google is moving away from its often-reviled cartoon emoji in favor of a “more human-looking design,” according to a post on the company’s developer blog. The Unicode Consortium, the organization that decides on which emoji will be added to each release, plans to make Unicode 9.0 available sometime in June 2016, well before Android N becomes publicly available. New glyphs include “Face Palm,” “Bacon,” and “Mother Christmas,” though not every character will likely be included in the Android N update.   Looks pretty good definitely a step up with what we have been using to date.  9To5 Google had another great post letting us know what Samsung has coming our way with regards to emoji changes below. The just announced Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will launch with a host of new emoji. Emojipedia has full details on the 159 new emoji and countless changes to the current ones. Users of older Samsung phones will get the refreshed emoji as part of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update that is rolling out now. Samsung’s take on emoji is much more rounded and in-line with Apple’s, Whatsapp’s, and countless industry others. In comparison, Google uses a much more bulbous-looking character on Android and in Hangouts on the web. The last time Samsung updated their emoji was with the launch of 2013’s Galaxy S5 with 4.4.2 KitKat. Please go back to their post for the full post.  These changes are coming we just have to be a little patient.  For more information stop by the Telus Authorized Dealer Store for more detailed information. Telus Store Fort Saskatchewan Hours

Save $200 on a new smartphone when adding mobility to your telus home services bundle

From now until March 8/2016 you can get up to $200 off select smartphones in store pricing when adding a line to a existing home services account. Offer is only valid on the primary subscriber on a 2yr Your choice plan with a min. $80/ per month spend. Also save $5 on your home services. See in store for details. telus home services bundle

Weekend Sale: New Low Prices on Select Smartphones

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