Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 May 8th Launch

Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 May 8th Launch What’s in the box? Travel adapter Charging cable USB-A to USB-C (A51 only) USB-C to USB-C (A71 only) Ejection pin Quick start guide Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71, the device with a quad camera so you can capture more awesome. The high resolution camera enables you to capture crisp photos that are clearer during the day and brighter at night. Enjoy more of what you love and see it all on a beautiful high resolution Infinity-O display, which delivers true to life colour in everything you watch and do. Stay connected with a long lasting battery that gives you the power to share, stream and do everything awesome. With Galaxy A, awesome is for everyone. Enjoy a quad-camera. Use the ultra high-resolution main Camera for crisp, clear photos day and night. Add live focus using the 5MP Depth Camera to make your portrait shots look more natural. Capture more and, pan less using the 12MP ultra wide camera and get a full 123-degree view. Maximize every inch of screen space. The Infinity-O display has Super AMOLED Plus colour technology and delivers real-to-life colour in everything you watch and do, from gaming and movies to web-surfing and multitasking. Start enjoying more of what you love, without the screen getting in your way. Long lasting battery. While on the go, you need a phone that can last for a long time. Samsung Galaxy A71’s 4,500mAh and A51’s 4,000mAh battery gives you the power to stream, share and game on.

Introducing the first 5G capable Galaxy.

Introducing the first 5G capable Galaxy Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G today $0 upfront plus tax and 24 equal payments1 with a TELUS Easy Payment® plan. Get it for only $45/mo. with the Bring-It-Back™ program.2 No-term price for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: $2,300; 0% APR

Telus Offers $200 Trade In Credit On Samsung Galaxy S10e

Telus Offers $200 Trade In Credit On Samsung Galaxy S10e Posted: Mar 29, 2019 9:31 PM MDT Updated: Mar 29, 2019 9:31 PM MDT March 29, 2019 – – Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, a store in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, has announced that TELUS is offering a $200 trade-in credit towards a Samsung S10e, S10, or S10+ when customers trade in a device with a minimum value of $1 after assessment. Those who activate or renew a Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10+ or S10 on a two-year consumer Your Choice rate plan or business Easy Share plan are eligible for a $200 trade-in credit plus the true residual value of the device. Dan LHeureux from Cambridge Electronics Incorporated says, “This promotion can be best explained by an illustration. For instance, if the customer’s device is worth $1, they would receive a $201 trade-in credit. If the device is worth $201, they would receive a $401 trade-in credit. Note, however, that this offer can be pulled with 1 business days’ notice via a bulletin update.” Dan Lheureux adds, “We’re a team of about a dozen Telus Specialists, professional problem solvers, tinkerers, and all around geeks, working around the clock to make Cambridge Electonics Incorporated the best Telus Service Provider in the universe. We make it easy to select the proper wireless device and match it up with the accessories you need, share them on social networks, integrate with web services you already use, and track your results.” The limited time $200 trade-in credit offer is available from March 21 to April 30, 2019. It is also stackable with other code-based offers. Meanwhile, customers who are in the middle of their contract must pay their outstanding device balance before renewing. The TELUS Trade-in must be completed at the time of renewal or activation and entered into the HYLA portal at that time. There are various promotions available from the Telus Fort Saskatchewan store, aside from the $200 trade-in credit. For instance, customers who add Pik TV with the Crave + Movies + HBO pack, will get On Demand access to all seven seasons of the Game of Thrones. Also, Telus Home and Mobile Plans now offers a long-distance add-on for China. Cambridge Electronics Incorporated offers various accessories. Some of the featured accessories are the BeatsX wireless headphones; the JBL Link 10 Speaker, which provides immersive stereo sound with the power of Google Assistant; and Apple AirPods. Meanwhile, the Fort Saskatchewan store does not only offer the Samsung S10e, S10+ and S10. Also available are the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy Note9, Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4, and the Samsung Galaxy J3. With regards to Google smartphones, the Fort Saskatchewan store offers the Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, and the Google Pixel 2 XL. For the Huawei brand, they have the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P30, Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei P20, and the Huawei P20 Pro. For LG, they have the LG G6, LG …

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Encased Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Holster Clip Slim Fit Clear Case, Metal Kickstand Belt Holder (Black Metallic Bumper)

Encased Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Holster Clip Slim Fit Clear Case, Metal Kickstand Belt Holder (Black Metallic Bumper) Reveal Collection, all new for the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The case features a transparent crystal back design framed by an accenting bumper guard providing strong, reliable protection for your new Galaxy Note 9 Built to last with a solid-core commuter ready polycarbonate frame and a rotating belt clip for vertical or horizontal use Secure-fit top latch design makes phone mounting / dismounting a breeze The design of this case offers two key benefits: 1) A slim ergonomic profile and 2) full compatibility with wireless charging Encased is proud to be the holster case manufacturer trusted by the Department of Defense, NASA, US Marines, Army and Navy, US Army Corps of Engineers and hundreds of state and local Police and Fire departments. Invest in the best and trust with confidence. The case is very sturdy. I almost can’t tell it’s on except when pushing buttons. The buttons are really stuff that sometimes I have to hold phone in one have while pushing the button with the other hand. Sometimes I have to press two or three times before it will work. I also wish it had bumps or something for grip. However if you are looking for something that’s thin, will made and almost feel as if nothing is in the phone this case is for you. The stand and clip are well made. All holes are in right spot.. Oh yes it’s very hard to hit the fingerprint scanner. You have to really press your finger in the hole to do it . It’s not a big deal I’m getting used to it my only real concern is not being to push the buttons easily. I’ve been buying from this company for a few years . When I have a problem they fix it right away that’s why I will always stick with them. I been with them since S7 edge(2 cases), the s8 (two cases), the note 8, one case and now note 9. The case arrived a lot quicker than I thought it would I am pleased with that I have only had it A-day or 2 so far but I am happy with it. I will recommend it to my friends. Telus Store

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features the second best phone camera, according to DxOMark

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features the second best phone camera, according to DxOMark In the ongoing battle for the best smartphone DxOMark comes out with their ratings.  Read the Android Authority article below to see where they fall.   Android Authority by Justin Duino  /  8h  //  keep unread  //  hide Samsung Galaxy Note 9 DxOMark has released its review of the Galaxy Note 9’s camera performance and gave it a score of 103 points. This ranking puts the handset six points below the Huawei P20 Pro and tied for second with the HTC U12 Plus. Autofocus consistency and tracking reliability are two features that best the Galaxy S9 Plus’ camera system.   Even before the Galaxy Note 9 was released, it was widely believed that the smartphone would have one of the best cameras when compared to other handsets currently on the market. This is in part due to Samsung having a history of releasing flagships with best-in-class cameras. But now, according to DxOMark’s camera review, the Galaxy Note 9 only ranks second at 103 points, falling six points below the Huawei P20 Pro. Before we start breaking down the Note 9’s points, keep in mind that DxOMark scores can be influenced and are not necessarily unbiased. While we don’t have any evidence that points to Samsung doing this, companies have paid DxOMark in the past to analyze their smartphone camera systems and suggest changes so that they could receive a higher ranking. Read next: Best Android smartphone cameras Starting with photo performance, the Galaxy Note 9 scored 107 points, besting the HTC U12 Plus but still falling short of the Huawei P20 Pro by several points. This ranking is based on several subtests that examine details such as exposure, contrast, color accuracy, autofocus, texture, noise, artifacts, and more. You can see photo samples from DxOMark’s exposure and contrast test below. Without going into too many details, DxOMark found the Note 9’s camera to feature a fantastic dynamic range under most lighting conditions, the zoom kept imagine quality up to 4x, excellent color accuracy, and bokeh that looked highly realistic. Unfortunately, the organization also notes that the camera occasionally had exposure inaccuracies, images tended to not always look the sharpest, and fine details disappeared when shooting in bright and dark locations. Lastly, DxOMark also includes the phone’s video performance in its ranking. Coming in at 94 points, most of the organization’s notes are similar to those provided for photo quality. Some of the standout pros include an improved autofocus and tracking, the exposure updates nicely when faced with a change in lighting, and a good amount of image stabilization when moving. Some of the downsides included loss of details, chroma, and luminance in low-light situations. Editor’s Pick DxOMark scores shouldn’t be your definitive camera rating system Over the last few years flagship devices have pushed the boundaries of what a mobile camera can offer. Every year sensors have improved and the addition elements like better image stabilization and dual cameras added new shooting … One thing to note here at the end is that the Galaxy Note 9 might only have the second highest ranking according to DxoMark, but it’s the highest …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case, SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster Cover Built-in Screen Protector & Kickstand Galaxy Note 9 (2018 Release), Unicorn Beetle Pro Series – Retail Package (Black)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case, SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster Cover Built-in Screen Protector & Kickstand Galaxy Note 9 (2018 Release), Unicorn Beetle Pro Series – Retail Package (Black) [20 Foot Drop Tested]: Multi-layered TPU and Polycarbonate materials create ultimate drop protection [Built-in screen protector]: Screen protector prevents scratches without compromising sensitivity [Precise cutouts]: Easy access to all ports, buttons and features thanks to the exact design of the UB Pro [Rotatable Holster]: Experience user-friendly convenience with an included detachable rotating holster [Compatibility & Warranty]: Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 [2018]. SUPCASE’s are covered under a one-year limited warranty Normally not a fan of phone cases and try to get away with taking my cases off of my phone’s regularly, which always results in me breaking it. With the Unicorn Beetle Pro, my opinions of cases have changed. I love this case, it’s very rugged and yet stylish. The screen protector is perfect. The kick works in landscape and portrait mode, and also works great as a hand hold while your holding the very large Note 9 in hand. All this for much cheaper than the competitor’s case. Im never taking this case off. Good solid case, fits well, no issues after 2 or 3 weeks. The built in kickstand is a fantastic idea. Case doesn’t block the speaker ports and it also easy access to the spen. Only real complaint is the screen protector…since its plastic it does scratch, but that’s to be expected, on a positive note the s pen works great with the screen protector on. All in all I am very happy with the case. Samsung Fort Saskatchewan

Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Case Ultra Hybrid – Air Cushion Technology and Hybrid Drop Protection for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (2018) – Crystal Clear

Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Case Ultra Hybrid – Air Cushion Technology and Hybrid Drop Protection for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (2018) – Crystal Clear Hybrid case made of rigid back and flexible bumper Long-lasting clarity and Mil-grade certified shock-absorbent sides with Air Cushion Technology Slim design stays pocket-friendly with easy access to S Pen Compatible with wireless charging and Spigen screen protectors Galaxy Note 9 Case Spigen Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (2018)   Inliek this case and especially the back borders. Perfect for my new black Note 9! The case fits the phone very snug which helps with keeping it safe. I did notice that the case shows a lot of finger prints as well similar to the phone itself so not an advantage Fits like a glove. Easy to use the s-pen. Clear so I can see the ocean blue of my note 9. Just waiting on my screen protector to see if they clash, but not expecting any issues.   Samsung Fort Saskatchewan  

The Samsung Galaxy Note was announced seven years ago, it’s still the most influential Android phone

Samsung Galaxy Note was announced seven years ago

The Samsung Galaxy Note was announced seven years ago, it’s still the most influential Android phone The note has been the Flagship of the Samsung Galaxy of Android Smartphones for years now.  Other that that unfortunate year with the Note 7 problems the Notes have been amazing and highly popular.  Found this very informative article which provides a lot of historic details on this awesome series.  Read below: Android Authority by Duncan Elder  /  16h  //  keep unread  //  hide A great phone, but probably too big. That was pretty much what the press thought when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note at IFA Berlin in 2011. The phone had all the tech you could want, but there was real concern people wouldn’t want to walk down the street talking into such a large phone. How wrong we were. Many were happy to use a larger device, and the way smartphones have developed since suggests they actually preferred it. As well as selling a ton of units, the Galaxy Note completely changed the smartphone landscape. The Galaxy Note isn’t the only influential Android smartphone, but it may be the most influential one. It’s the only one to almost single-handedly usher in a new product category — one all the main manufacturers, including Apple, would soon be clamoring to release products in. See also: Best phablets of 2018: Which ones made our list? What was the Galaxy Note up against? Back in 2011, the smartphone market was growing fast and plenty of excellent phones launched. The iPhone 4S with its 3.5-inch display was a huge hit, as was Samsung’s main flagship, the 4.3-inch Galaxy S2. Other competitors included the Motorola Droid Bionicwith its 4.3-inch display and the HTC Evo 4G with a 4.3-inch display. Samsung released the Galaxy S2 just months before the Galaxy Note. None of these smartphones were like the Samsung Galaxy Note. They could compete with its specs, but the Note’s display was simply on another level. This was a gamble for Samsung. It’s easy to look back at the reaction to the phone and mock those who said it wouldn’t be a success, but at the time you’d definitely get a few funny looks using a Galaxy Note in public. Not the first phablet The Galaxy Note was not the first phablet, and the fate of the Galaxy Note’s predecessors showed its success was by no means guaranteed. The HTC Advantage was arguably the first phablet — a Windows Mobile smartphone with a 5-inch screen. While the screen was big, technology hadn’t advanced enough to make the phone small enough to be particularly portable — it weighed almost a pound — and the trend didn’t catch on. The Dell Streak was launched around a year before the Note but a poor user experience held it back. These early phablets showed simply having a large screen was not enough to succeed. Samsung had to ensure the Galaxy Note provided a great user experience while staying small enough to be truly portable. Samsung’s Galaxy S series was already a huge success, proving the company could produce excellent high-end phones. …

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Canada Deal: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are $200 off right now

samsung S9

Canada Deal: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are $200 off right now To get everyone ready for Back to school or just to celebrate the ending to summer we have special offers currently availble but for a limited time.  These sales have been running all week and can be ended at a moments notice.  The thing about these opportunities is once there gone they are gone and there nothing that can get them back for you.  Its always best to take advantage of these great deals while they are here.  Check out the post below for more information on the Deals now available:   2 Android Central by Jared DiPane  /  1d  //  keep unread  //  hide INSIGHTS Don’t pass this deal up! Amazon currently has both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on sale for $760 and $900 respectively. These are both the unlocked versions, meaning you’ll be able to just take your existing SIM card and pop it in and start using it. Normally, both phones sell for around $200 more and considering they were only just released a few months back, this is a great offer that you won’t want to miss out on. The discount only applies to the Titanium Grey Galaxy S9 and Lilac Purple Galaxy S9+, though odds are you’ll pop a case on it anyway, so the color shouldn’t matter too much. Read all about the Galaxy S9 on Android Central through the original review and followup articles. This model has a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 1440p resolution, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the most recent Android OS, and 64GB internal memory. See at Amazon   Photo By TheBetterDay

Samsung explains why Note 9 cooling system is better than ever

Samsung explains why Note 9 cooling system is better than ever 500+ Android Authority by C. Scott Brown  /  7h  //  keep unread  //  hide Samsung Galaxy GN9 The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cooling system is bigger and more efficient than any prior system. Samsung posted an infographic as well as a blog post describing how it works in detail. The Water Carbon Cooling system ensures that your Note 9 doesn’t overheat and can handle processor-heavy tasks with ease.   Samsung introduced what it calls the Water Carbon Cooling system in 2016 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7. The cooling system does what you’d expect: it helps regulate the internal temperature of your smartphone to keep things running smoothly. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – which just landed on store shelves last week – features the largest and most ambitious Water Carbon Cooling system yet in a Samsung device. To emphasize how big of a deal this is and how much it can improve your day-to-day smartphone usage, Samsung took the time to explain in detail how it all works. The Water Carbon Cooling system is simple: inside a porous thermal spreader is a little water. As the device heats up, the water inside the spreader turns into steam, which then carries some of the thermal energy away through a pipe. When the phone cools down, the steam turns back into water and then returns to its original placement in the spreader for the process to repeat itself. Editor’s Pick The Galaxy Note 9 proves that Samsung thinks Huawei’s phones are worth copying The original Samsung Galaxy Note marked a major moment for the company and the industry. The device delivered a 5.3-inch display, which was a massive jump in size over competition like the iPhone 4S (released … The Galaxy S7 had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, and a 3,000mAh battery. Since the Galaxy Note 9 has a Snapdragon 845, up to twice as much RAM, and a battery that’s 33 percent larger, it needed a Water Carbon Cooling system to match the beefed-up specs. As such, the cooling system in the Galaxy Note 9 is substantially larger than the one in the Galaxy S7 and even the one in the Samsung Galaxy S9. The thermal spreading pipe in the Galaxy S9, for example, is 95mm3 wide, while the same device in the Note 9 is 350mm3wide – an enormous increase. Samsung With the increase in size and efficiency, Samsung claims the upgraded cooling system’s heat absorption is three times greater than what it achieved with the cooling system in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. What does all this mean? It means you can play games, watch videos, and perform heavy multitasking operations on your Galaxy Note 9 and not have to worry nearly as much about overheating or lag. You can read Samsung’s full blog post on the Water Carbon Cooling system here. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fort Saskatchewan