Tiny Smallest Spy Mobile Phone CZ J8 Long 3 in 1 Bluetooth quick review. Smaller then a lighter.

hi guys I wanted to do a quick review on the world's smallest being one mini bluetooth phone the one I got from eBay originally it was unlocked he's supposed to take any of the UK things you have to remember to get the right size theme it's a micro sized SIM card this one from eBay I pay 25 pounds worth free delivery came pretty soon the next day unfortunately no matter what SIM card I've used it hasn't worked they supposed to be unlocked but that I'm going to be sending back for a refund I got the standard USB charger lead instructions in Chinese and English but honestly no good 25 pounds might sound cheap but if it doesn't work it smell good I've then gone to a local mobile phone shop in my area and above the frame 1j a smart mini phone bluetooth dialer poplar open this is what you have an incredible 99% plastic it'll say long see Zed on it if you have a look it's smaller than the size of my finger compare it to a disposable lighter smaller absolutely fantastic you normal iPhone 4 just to give you a concept of the actual size it's discreet enough to hide in your hand keeping your handbag as a spare just in case your one goes down it will make all received calls you can send a text obviously receive text messages it's got about talk times about three to five hours on it standby around for days and you can use it a doubles up as a Bluetooth headset which is really good if you want to keep your hands-free you've got no problems they're only 18 grams mainly plastic I don't think there's hardly any plus metal in it I beg your pardon what can I tell you switch it on I've already tried it it does work just to show you you can receive a phone call I'm going to give it a quick call the keyboard is really good you can hear that I think there is a way turning up louder but this is just a quick review that I thought I'd do before I send this crappy one back to ebay this morning and if I disconnect sorry you'll see three missed calls can go back check them pick up the number do whatever you want a hope of help if you're thinking about buying the freedom one j8c said via have good bones and receptions not fantastic but you can hear and receive a phone call really really well like I said they discreet enough if you need a spare phone don't want to pay the odds 45 pounds not too bad thank you very much for having a look at my video and it's the first one I've done ever actually so thanks very much take care bye now

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The Best Gaming Phone Is…

– Hey, guys, this is Austin. Between the ROG Phone
and the Razer Phone 2, 2018 is shaping up to be an awesome year for gaming smartphones. So with both of them on
the desk at the same time, why, I think a good old-fashioned
comparison is in order. First up we have the Razer Phone 2. Now, a couple weeks ago, we were able to get our hands on this, but it was a very brief hands-on, whereas this, this is going to be a little bit more of an in-depth feature comparison
review gaming benchmark. Are there other words
I can put in the title? Do you see how shiny this glass is? It'll never be this shiny again the second I put my
dirty fingerprints on it. Not only do we have a fast
charger included in the box, something that a certain
fruit-themed company might want to take note on, but we also have a series
of cables and dongles. But what's actually kind of interesting about the Razer Phone is that we have a USB-C headphone adapter. Now this might not sound impressive. In fact, it's included on most phones that don't have a headphone jack, which is basically
everything at this point.

But this actually does
support full hi-fi audio and supposedly has a
pretty good DAC inside. Next up we have the ROG Phone, and I actually don't
know to open this box. (Velcro crackling) Oh, wow, okay, that's,
all right, that's a box. All right. (chuckling) First up, we have the phone itself. So the ROG Phone's kind of unique in that not only does it have a USB-C and a headphone jack on the bottom, but it has two more USB-Cs on the side which are meant for accessories. So the last time I tried the ROG Phone, it was still a fairly early prototype, and I've gotta say, immediately,
this feels really nice.

We do have that, actually, is that aluminum? That's gotta be aluminum. It's incredibly heavy, though, wow. It really feels nice, and it's got such a heft in the hand, and unlike the Razer Phone, which is basically a
giant squared-off brick, this is much more rounded and a little bit more of
a hand-friendly shape. Something unique about the ROG Phone is that unlike basically every
other gaming phone out there, there's a wide range of accessories that are either included in
the box such as this fan, or other things that'll
be available for purchase.

You know what I feel like right now? I feel like ROG is trying to make the ultimate ROG Phone, right? Like, when we do Building the Ultimate, we try to find the ridiculous
and crazy accessories, but they're just selling
all of the accessories. You could literally
get everything you need to build the ultimate ROG
Phone straight from the store. Not only does it have the RGB, but it also has a fan,
USB-C, headphone jack, all that stuff, which is
rearranged to the bottom. This is cool. I really appreciate that
they put this in the box. I don't want to get too
into the dock right now, but the idea is that when
you're using the phone in landscape mode, your hand
is naturally covering up not only the headphone
jack but also the USB-C, so in addition to be able to
get a little bit of cooling, you also have those ports
on the bottom of the phone so you can easily plug it
in, plug your headphones in, and you won't get in
the way of your hands. (box thumping) Wait, what'd you, what are you doing? A Black Shark? Wait, are you trying to add another phone to the comparison in
the middle of the video? "You're Gamer, Let's Shark!" Oh boy, this looks exciting.

What's the deal with this? Oh. Oh, this is not the
original Black Shark at all. Okay, this is an unprecedented move in that there's a brand-new
unreleased smartphone on my desk and I literally
don't know anything about it, except that it looks kind of cool! That's something to know about it, right? So it's got a kind of combination
of aluminum on the sides but it still does have
that glass back panel, and I'm assuming that looks
kind of like an RGB logo? Oh, wow, that's quite the gamer skin, and, oh yeah, we do have
a RGB logo on the back. I like how we have this great comparison: look, it's the ROG Phone
versus the Razer Phone. It all makes sense. And now, I'm like, wait a minute, there's this totally new phone
that I have no idea about. I have to figure it out on the fly.

This is cool, though. I guess they've definitely
upped the RGB game. I mean, that's a look right there. So it looks like you
can individually change not only the logo color, but also the little Shark
Mode thing on the side. "By pressing the Shark button, "your phone will become a game console." What, a game console? In a smartphone? That's crazy! So after spending some
time with the Black Shark, a few things come to mind. First of all and probably the
most important for the video is that this is not a final phone and it's certainly not final software. There's definitely some tweaks that are going to need to go
on before this is released. And also, a lot of the
benchmarks and stuff don't even work yet, so
we're gonna take some of this with a grain of salt. There's also the controller, which actually doesn't
attach to the phone.

It attaches to the case
that comes with the phone, so it's maybe not the most
elegant way of doing it, but it's sort of like you
would expect with a Joy-Con. The only problem is that the controller only works wirelessly, so even though you can slide
it on, something like this, it actually doesn't attach with any kind of wires or whatever, so you still need to separately charge not only the controller
but the phone itself. The big problem is that this
is a Chinese market phone, which means that here
in the United States, well, it doesn't have
the Google Play store, or any kind of Google apps at all. Now there will be a global
version of this phone, and hopefully that will include, you know, the fundamental apps that you
would expect like YouTube, but for now, it's kind of
hard to get apps on this, unless of course you wanna play a little bit of Fortnite by chance.

All three phones have the very familiar Snapdragon 845 inside. So the ROG is slightly clocked higher, but the main difference between the three is that the Black Shark has an optional 10 gigabyte of RAM option, whereas the others only top out at a measly eight gigs of memory. Coincidentally, they all
have the exact same size 4,000-milliamp hour battery, which is a good thing for gaming, but from here, the
differences start to stand out just a little bit more. The first big difference is with displays. The Black Shark has a
perfectly respectable six-inch 2160x1080p panel. It's good but nothing spectacular, especially when you compare it to both the ROG Phone as
well as the Razer Phone. Move over to the ROG Phone, and while it does have that same size as well as resolution of the Black Shark, it is an OLED panel
running at a full 90 Hertz.

Now as far as I know,
this is the first time that any phone has hit 90
Hertz with an OLED panel. The Razer Phone has a slightly
smaller 5.7-inch display, but it is a much higher
resolution at 2560×1440, and importantly, it runs at a whopping 120 hurt refresh rate. Hertz, not hurt. It doesn't hurt to refresh,
it Hertz to refresh.

The only real downside is that
this is a very wide phone, specifically when you put it side by side with the Black Shark and the ROG. It's just not quite as
comfortable to hold, but that screen is really
well-optimized for video. Let's talk about these
screens for a second. The ROG Phone has a very
accurate OLED panel, and even though it's not the most well-calibrated thing in the world, it looks nice to the eye. The Razer Phone thankfully
is much, much brighter than the original version
of the Razer Phone. Again, it's not quite 100% there, but it is a lot better than
the previous generation.

And the Black Shark looks nice, but again, it's not quite final, so it's hard to run
any kind of real tests. It looks goods, but I really
feel like the winner here is the ROG just purely based on the looks. Where these phones really shine is with the higher refresh rate, so it's really hard to show on video, but even the 90 Hertz of the ROG Phone really does make a big
difference in small things like scrolling through a
webpage or moving between menus.

It really does seem a lot more fluid, and that definitely does
apply to the Razer Phone. Now, to my eye, I
actually can't really see a major difference between
90 Hertz and 120 Hertz. Theoretically, this is
a little bit smoother, and I will say it looks
maybe a little bit sharper when you're moving between things, but realistically, both these phones are a big step up over the Black Shark, or, well, every other 60
Hertz phone out there, which is basically all of them.

All three have dual front-firing speakers, but there's a clear winner as
far as which one sounds best. – 780-998-9551 Hey, guys, this is Austin. The Microsoft Surface line
has been growing a lot lately, with everything from a desktop all-in-one with the Surface Studio all the way down to the
cheap and tiny Surface Go, there's a lot to like. – I guess the ROG Phone
wins by default here. That's not what I was expecting. So the problem with the Razer Phone is at least with my specific unit, even though it is very
loud and very clear, there's definitely a
little bit of distortion on the very high volume. Something the ROG Phone
definitely does right are the extra features and accessories that come along with it. One of the main ones
is the squeeze feature. This is somewhat to what
you'll find on the Pixel where if I squeeze it, what
happens is it turns into ROG Gaming X Mode. The thing with X Mode is you
actually can customize it to do whatever you want, but I just like going X Mode, not X Mode.

X Mode! It's just kind of fun to do. But it's not only just for show, so if you flip the ROG Phone over, on the top are the AirTriggers. This essentially adds physical controls to the top of the phone, giving it a little bit more
of a controller kind of feel. The way it works is that each of them can be mapped to a specific
button on the screen. The way it works is that
inside the X Mode software, you can adjust the actual
touchpoint of where you want it, so for example, my right trigger is the actual trigger in the game, and my left is to go on to the sights.

You can do it however you
want, but the thing is, this is a really, really nice addition to give you a little bit
more of a physical control on a phone without having to carry around, like, you know, a
controller, or accessories. One downside to the ROG Phone is that this is one of the hottest devices that I've ever tested. Now it doesn't get uncomfortably warm, but after a few minutes of gaming, it does get a little bit toasty, which is where the included fan comes in. So what you do is snap
this on to the USB-C ports on the bottom of the phone. As soon as you clamp it on, not only will the RGB logo light up, but it will start a pretty easy little fan which will cool the back of the phone. Now in testing this doesn't make a massive difference to performance. What it does do is cool
off the back of the phone to make it a lot nicer
for when you're, you know, doing extended Fortnite gaming sessions and not sweating your fingers up.

Can you sweat your fingers up? Is that, I can't say
that, can I, that's weird. So what's the best gaming phone of 2018? Well, I really like a lot
of what Razer has done with the Razer Phone 2. I gotta give it to the ROG Phone. Not only does it have great
performance, it looks nice. It's got a lot of really cool features, but really, what kind of sells this to me over everything else is this
is the first gaming phone that's not only good at gaming, but it's also good at being a phone, and that, that kind of means a lot.

(electronic static) (screen humming) (deep breath) Hey, guys, this is– (electronic music).

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Indians And Phones Part 2 | The Timeliners

Oh man! Hello I'm riding mate won't be able to talk right now Oh [email protected]#$%&* Hello Buddy, I don't need an Aquaguard! We already get a 20 litre water tank Yes, yes even it is very pure Very! Yeah, hang up now! Namaste! Argh.. Argh man! Buzz off! Yes? Yeah sell me the aquaguard Yes, I'll buy it right away. I'll buy everything! Ask him if he's had food? Kiddo, your dad is asking if you've had your food? Yes mom I've had it, you guys.. Ask him how's the weather there? Son, your father is asking about the weather there The weather is fine here Okay When is your holiday? Ask if it is raining there? You only talk to him! Ask this, ask that Irritating me Did it rain or not So unproductive he is, just wants tea and newspaper Uhmmm…….

Tushar! Ya? Do you know how many years of his life does a person waste on a mobile phone? How many? 4 years! 4 years? That's why I have decided that I'm going on a digital social detox Detox? But how will you do all your work? I'll manage bro I choose life So this phone goes.. What a message did he send! Did he say something about me? Our boss.. You are on a detox, right? Get away, go! Okay then, Shiv See you See you bro! Okay then bro Do you know how much I was missing you? You are not an iPhone You are my phone Thanks kiddo! Bro! Do you think something will happen if you drank this? Something must happen Scientists claim that mix Chentos and cold drink..

And die soon! Have you gone mad? Will you drink cold drink with Chentos? Hunh? You wanna die? Wanna die? I love you! So? If you won't be mine, I'll have poison and die Die! I'm right here Die! Die right away! He will die That's what I want! Die! He's a Romeo he will die once but you'll die everyday listening to his tale Bro, you drink poison! Yes you'll die! Drink the poison It's not that serious bro Why don't you die? You have poison! I'm saying have poison Die already! I will die! You wait here I'm dying, I'm dying You just have poison! One second! You drink it go drink the poison He had poison now you see Yeah I'll see Take your scooty across his dead body You have poison bro Yeah Now he will die you see That's what I'm standing for! Die! (Farts) So friends, today's video is going to be very entertaining I'm gonna unbox a very shitty phone I'm gonna tell the you about the contents of the box and phone's specifications Greetings guys! I am Gauri and you are watching Technical Girl Ji Let's begin..

So the best quality of this shitty phone is it's 20 mega pixel camera With which you can click amazing pictures Today you click pictures with the same phone and send them I'll feature the best picture on my Instagram handle So friends the sim card is inserted Contest has begun On your screen is the number of our channel So you send your pictures and I'll wait You people are very fast, I'm receiving a lot of picture There's a lot of excitement in people I request the viewers that I asked for pictures.. and not harassment But as you can see that the pictures of this shitty phone are so clear And as we zoom we can see everything very clearly So with this we bring today's content to an end Viewers I had fun talking to you guys, hope you'll like this video Like, share and subscribe to my channel Technical Girl JI Thank you! Jai hind! Vande mataram! Sir, sir, sir, sir, sir Guptaji has lost his buttocks, how are you feeling? Due to keeping the phone I'm liking it Right now..

Right now he has just lost his buttocks It's good that he didn't put it in his front pocket or he would have lost his P*@ !$ He may get another phone but… Yeah, right He may get another phone but how would he get another.. [email protected]#!$ Yeah You follow? Just like that we have this gentleman here Meet him Hi! He sticks to the phone for 20 hours while talking to his girlfriend Uses phone for the entire day They will stick it here, right here, right here One shouldn't keep the phone near the ear for 3 seconds The tower gets inserted in the head You practice this, see I'm giving you a golden advice You have to talk like this Hello! Yes! Hello Yes, everything is fine! Hello! Yes! I think they left So buddy the thing is.. Now you think that you say private things on phone But the government is listening everything Every minute detail of yours is reaching them till the Parliament You get it? This is not a phone, it's a bomb! You don't know it? Watch it I'll show you See bom..

It's a phone (Explosion) Hey Riya! Where have you been? Let's catch up! Yes bro! Let's meet today then? It's going to be fun, ya! True ya! Okay, see you! Cheers! Cheers! This rose is looking so cute! It is! Okay, bye then! Okay, bye! Hey, listen! Don't forget to tag me, huh? I'll do that! B-Bye!.

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How to set up and use Dual SIM on your iPhone — Apple Support

With iPhone XS,
XS Max, and XR, you can add a second phone line and use both numbers
on a single iPhone. This is handy if you need
a separate business number, or if you're traveling
out of the country and want to use
a local plan while you're away. Here's how it works. To activate dual SIM, you have
to buy a plan from a carrier in the form an eSIM. Setup may vary
depending on your carrier. Some may require you
to download their app to purchase and activate
the plan, while others will provide
a QR code. if you're adding an eSIM
using a QR code, open Settings, tap Cellular, then tap Add Cellular Plan. ♪ Music playing ♪ From here, use your iPhone
camera to scan the QR code.

When your iPhone
detects the QR code, you'll see this screen appear. Tap Add Cellular Plan, and then label
your phone numbers so you know which is which. Tap Primary to label
your original phone number. You can pick
a suggested label like Personal, Business,
or Travel, or create your own
custom label. We'll change this one
to Personal. Now tap Secondary to label
the new number you just added. We'll use this one for travel. ♪ When you're done,
tap Continue. Next, select a default number. This is the number
you'll use for iMessage and to call or send messages to contacts that are not
in your address book. Your other number will still be
available for calls and SMS.

Then tap Done. On the Home screen,
you'll see two cell signal bars that pair with
each of your numbers. Swipe down from the top right
to open Control Center, where you can get a better look
at the cell signal strength for each number. Need to make a phone call? Open the Phone app as usual
and select a contact. If you haven't assigned
a preferred number to the person you're calling,
you'll use the number from your last communication
with this person to start new phone calls
and messages. To assign a preferred number, tap Last Used
under the contact's name, then select a number
to always use. ♪ If you dial an unsaved number
like a new pizza place, your iPhone will select your
default number for the call. You can change
the number you're using by tapping this gray bar
with your default number right above the number pad and then selecting
the line you'd like to use.

When you receive a phone call, you 'll see an icon under
the contact's name or number that tells you
which number the call is for. Looks like Uncle Dave
is calling my personal number. I'll call him back later. Sorry, Uncle Dave. Let's send him
a follow-up message. In Messages, your default number
will be used automatically when you start a new message. To change this,
tap the green or blue bar with your default number and select which number
you'd like to use. You can only change the number
when starting a new message. It can't be changed
in an existing message. Then type out your message and tap Send. You can tweak the settings
for each number at any time. Just open Settings
and tap Cellular. And that's how you use two phone
numbers on just one iPhone. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click another video
to keep watching. ♪.

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Jitterbug Touch 2 SmartPhone For Seniors, Full Hands-On Review

Oh welcome to dad does and today we are looking at the jitterbug touch to smart phone from great call now here's the phone it is not the most high-tech of smart phones in an age where the Apple 5s has just come out and Samsung and Apple are battling it out for the most high-tech smartphone you might be wondering why are we looking at this jitterbug touch too well we want to go over some of the features and what we think is really neat about it and the specific audience they're going after all right to give some comparison so you understand who the jitterbug touch to is for here is iPhone 5 a very high tech phone as we know Apple Samsung battling it out for the best smartphone right next to it we have the jitterbug touch too doesn't look bad next to it but as you see a big difference on the home screen in terms of the apps on iPhone you've got all these apps tons of different features all types of cool stuff that's great for a younger people who like all that now we're going to take this out of here I'm going to bring the jitterbug into the middle of the screen but look at the difference here this is very simple if you want to access your phone it's right here text messages right here everything is a simple click away and that's really who this jitterbug touched to is geared for this would be for grandparents maybe people who are getting their first smartphone and are looking for something which is a little bit easier to use but still has it functionality so they can visit websites and do the cool stuff you do with smart phones alright in this review we're not going to go for all the features of the phone just not time for that but we want to do is highlight what makes this phone special why someone who is maybe not as inclined to use a smart phone or is a little harder time scene would like this phones we're going to go to phone right now I want to show you here is the keypad as you see it's large look at the large call button now I know for our younger audience you might say well that's silly I have no problem in the call button but as your eyes get a little bit older and it's a little harder to see simple things like this having a large keypad very easy to dial and a huge call button makes a difference so we think that is great for seniors we're going to go back to the menu here and look at some other features here which we think are nice it's got a camera in it and of all the specs over on dad does in terms of the camera nothing that special but is a 5 megapixel camera but let's go over the big thing here because this is from great call their apps here the 5 star urgent care and med coach let's go into the 5 star app right here and that's where you start to see the real difference of this phone as to other smartphones the idea here is is that someone who is a senior has some problems needs immediate help look at this giant red button you tap that button it calls five start game up all the information over on the website but they can get immediate help – you got GPS location obviously on the phone and the other neat thing about it I'm going to go to the main menu here is you input a full profile so you can have your meds in there your doctor emergency contact how to access your apartment if you have a key hidden under met all that information right here under my profile and then when you hit that big red button you call them if you have a problem if you're unable to talk have some serious medical condition they can access all that from your profile so this is where the phone really comes out strong is this five star response and again we'll have more over on the site all right the next one which I think seniors are really going to like is this urgent care this is great for parents for anyone and what it has here another great call a pin it is if you need to speak to a nurse or a doctor click a button but what's cool is let's say you want to look up symptoms you have something going on you want to know I wonder if it's serious or not you have a pain in your head you can search by keyword search by body area so you can say okay let's click on the head here and now it's going to come up with some different things and basically question and answers to take you through what might be wrong and then you can decide is this something which you can figure out on your own is not a medical emergency but if you ever need help you can just hit call urgent and speak to registered nurses and they can escalate it to a doctor alright we want to take you to another one of the great call apps and that is med coach and this again is pretty neat what allows you to do is keep track keep a log of your medications you should take and whether you have taken it or not so I'm just going to go to a reminder here so that I can show you how this works let me just go back here so let's say you're supposed to take aspirin a low dose tells you one tablet delayed the time you're supposed to take it 356 now at the bottom of the screen we're going to click here so I can show you some more here okay we're going to go into the aspirin and when you have a state taken time and at the bottom here you see just taken taken as shown or skipped so it's pretty neat you can keep track let's say I skipped it I'm going to go ahead and hit skip here and what you have here is the reason why I didn't have any side-effects and other reasons so this is a good way to keep track when you go back to your doctor and you want to explain what you've taken when you've taken it all of that is available here in the log and of course reminders so you put in your information what you're supposed to take and the phone will give you a reminder so again for older people who are looking to keep track of their medications this is going to be fantastic all right and back at the home menu here and we just want to be clear you obviously have all the other features voicemail you've got the camera you've got the internet maps you've got everything it is an Android phone and we'll just go to all apps here to show there are a lot of other apps so again the uses Android app so we don't want to tell you it's too limiting but what we really think this is going to be useful for is people who are new to smartphones and they don't want all those features so you just want a couple of things on your home screen of course the 5-star stuff is going to be great and again very cool that you can enter in all your information in a profile using the GPS and information you entered in if you need urgent care if there's an emergency they're going to have all that even if you can't communicate as long as you can press that big red button to call them so that's a quick look at the Jitterbug touch to come on over to dad does comm we're going to have a full review and a lot more specs on the phone over on the site

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Episode 1: Chinese USB data cable (smart/mobile phone data cable) introduction.

Hey, guys how’s it going? this is Shirley, i visited one of my cousin’s factory recently. his factory is specialized in Mobile phone (smart phone)data wire, USB data cable, computer cable connector. So if you have any inquiries of data cables please feel free to contact me as i can get a very good price for you You can check my full contact details in below description box..

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Jelly 2 Review: The Best Tiny Phone Got Better – But Who’s It For?

sponsored by ero the future of Wi-Fi is here you ever find yourself saying man I love everything my Android phone does but I'd just wish it could be more of a choking hazard well have I got a phone for you [Music] this is the universe jelly – and if it looks familiar well thanks for your a long time subscription this is the sequel to Yuna Hertz's first gelatinous effort which I covered back in 2017 I went back and re-watch that one to get some context for this review and you'll be happy to know one thing hasn't changed as with most novel Android phones I expected the jelly 2 to be well bad for the most part it's really not to begin with the kind of cheap build of the first generation model has given way to a much nicer looking blend of Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and a glossy polycarbonate on the back normally I'm not a fan of shiny phones but I don't know maybe it's just the fact that there's so much less area on this phone that makes it work it certainly helps reinforce the jelly bean like aesthetic that gives the phone its name also on the back is the most obvious upgrade from the original jelly there's a capacitive fingerprint sensor it's not one of the best I've used you really have to nail the positioning of fingertip on pad but still it's better to have it than not back around front the displays been upgraded to a full three inches from the last generations two and a half and the new phone doubles the resolution as well I wish the corners were curved to better blend it into the phone's design but it's a nice enough display and it gets just bright enough to remain readable even in the sun-bleached days of summer where maybe the phone makes the most sense below the screen is a trio of capacitive keys for going home going back and switching apps but if you don't like that you can indeed enable gesture navigation instead because yes the jelly 2 runs Android 10 and I got to say it runs it pretty well even though the processor in here isn't the newest it's a Helio p 60 first introduced about two years ago but unit Hertz backed it up with 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage so not only could I download my old standby in the huge world of warships blitz without a problem I could actually play it too absurd yes but enjoyable also yes by the way this is pre-release software yuna hertz told me it plans on issuing regular security updates and even in android 11 upgrade i certainly hope it's able to stick to that but many small manufacturers make the same pledge only to let it fall by the wayside so caveat emptor not to belabor the point but for everyday use almost everything is pretty speedy on the jelly two's out of box launcher for a short time I replaced it with Nova Launcher just to get a cleaner look but it actually slowed the phone down quite a bit so I revert it it's close enough to stock Android anyway with the notable exception of a menu setting to control this red key here on the side I got to say I'm a sucker for variable function physical buttons this one can be programmed to open literally any app on the phone I settled on the one that I find most useful most often Google Assistant remind me to find a barber who's actually open you can actually do a lot more with it you can assign different functions to a short press a long press or a double click I prefer to press and hold for the flashlight and double click to record a voice memo yes just like the button on those 15 year old Nokia's have just covered on when phones were fun my only complaint is that the size and texture of this key is identical to the power standby button right next to it so you can't feel out a difference without looking and that means you record a lot of accidental voice memos before you train yourself to remember which is which I tested the jelly 2 here in Brooklyn over the course of three days on t-mobile and Verizon during a half-hour test call over LTE my caller had no complaints but he did mention that he could clearly hear people near me as well so background noise rejection doesn't seem to be the best I enjoyed the sound quality on my end until I turned on the speakerphone fortunately Bluetooth works well for voice calls and for music streaming and there's also a headphone jack alongside the IR port up top both rarer and rarer these days and folks even the battery was surprisingly respectable you know part of it is because you just don't want to use this phone as often or as long as you do your larger ones but the other part is that unit Hertz managed to squeeze a 2000 milliamp hour battery in here double the size of the original jelly I know that's a lot of pros loaded onto the front half of this video so if you're wondering where all the cons are at well stay tuned after this quick word from today's answer right now staying connected is more important than ever which means Wi-Fi dead zones are more frustrating than ever well that's a problem I sponsor ero is here to solve ero blankets your whole home in fast reliable Wi-Fi get a single arrow device for a small apartment or a bundle to cover a larger home the setup takes just ten minutes and adding coverage well that's as easy as plugging in another module even if your home is a weird split-level s you're painting like mine Eros true mesh technology will keep you connected so you get a strong signal everywhere from the attic closet to the basement bathroom plus you can help protect your family with enhanced parental controls and keep your devices secure from online threats like malware and phishing attacks with Eros secure and my favorite part enhanced privacy and safety controls that only give connected devices the permissions they need after all who wants their personal data hijacked by a smart lightbulb give your connected home the heart it deserves with arrow hit the link in the description and save 20% on the smartest Wi-Fi around all right well first you knew the cameras weren't gonna be any good so hopefully you didn't have your fingers crossed colors are washed out highlights or overblown and video maxes out at full HD I'm glad the cameras are here for moments of necessity or the occasional video call but when you're being outclassed by that galaxy's Eve flip and even the Motorola RAZR yeah your camera's just not very good second while the processor is fast enough it's associated modem is on the slow side side by side with a Galaxy Note 10.1 got 21 down and 9 up while the jelly 2 chugged along at about 6 and 6 so a significant speed bump third one of the nicest things about the first-generation jelly was that for some people that could have been an impulse buy at 80 bucks well jelly 2 will start at an early bird price of 129 when it goes live on Kickstarter in early July now it is a much better phone than that first one and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the most notable competition from palm but well on to my fourth and final Conda consider folks using a phone this small is inherently uncomfort even when you max out the keyboard to full height typing is an exercise in frustration text is so small that reading it while walking is difficult it's not even comfortable to talk on for that long so while I really admire the jelly – as a technical achievement I struggle to envision the kind of person who should buy it the typical customer for a minimalist phone doesn't really need or want all the features of Android 10 those people are better served repurposing an old phone or buying a dumb phone or even getting a standalone SmartWatch and if what you want is a fully featured phone but when you don't need to worry about breaking or losing well there are cheaper options out there like Moto's g7 not as flashy but also not as frustrating I don't know maybe it's my own failure of imagination maybe there's a whole subclass of people out there who've been waiting for a tiny Android that doesn't skimp on features if that's you well leave a comment below letting me know what you're gonna use it for and for your convenience there is a link in the description if you do want to buy it this review was made possible by a jelly two-sample device provided by gadget labs a pre-production sample running pre-release software but mr.

mobile works for you not the manufacturers no compensation was provided for this coverage and neither manufacturer nor retailer was given copy approval rights or a preview of this video before release please subscribe if that's the kind of video you'd like to see more of on YouTube until next time thanks for watching stay safe at home for now if you can but in spirit as always stay mobile my friends.

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Life of a mobile phone… (1) Park

hello youtube this is my Freight ID and this is me Alistair and then whatever my youtube name is going to be probably not lots of Sasquatch because that's Andy's gang giggity I am on a live wire and it was climbing walls over there a second ago I can't feel the [ __ ] yeah this is probably going to be the first of many to come vlogs I'm not going to make them too long probably about two minutes or something could you stop go go climb on the wall go climb on the world is a scary no it's not I love it go climb on the wall let's show youtube you're climbing skills actually one second give me my gun pass me my gun giggity wait one second one second okay hit the ground I have a war gun Joe hang on one second alright so I have the best one second one second I got this yeah we're in the park day because it's a very nice day on the what's the date today it's the [ __ ] way hang on it's the fourth of July goon hostage in today it's probably start with the day um oh I've got nothing to hold onto now alright doesn't reach I might need to charge this up so um I know I'm going to put my gun down ah i'm going to her go oh is it were but oh my god that's so full oh my god I'm so far um I'm quite scared about this it's been a while since I've been on this thing okay oh that's terrible oh that hurts all the hospitals yeah zipper on dude come on go I'll pull you along yeah Oh interesting yeah we've just had a couple of beers in the park enjoying the Sun i did some pre blogging blogging cuz that stat works and George for next i won I'm looking incredibly weird right now pumping up my plan oh my god this probably doesn't look normal but dick um so yeah I just cried Andy cuz that's fun um I think take a pie come in that's goodbye from any it's goodbye from numbnuts I

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മൊബൈൽ ഇല്ലാത്ത ഒരു ദിവസം – A Day Without Mobile Phone || Kaemi || Tamada Media

Wirally Malayalam Kaemi
(Very smart girl) [Music playing in the background] [Mother practicing dance without interest] [Music stops]
Ah? What is this mom?
Please dance energetically. Then, what step is it?
Dance as I showed you. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. You should shake your hip well. Understood? 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. What is this?
Are you putting a 'Cross'? Mom, the step is not like this. Dear Hari, I can't dance to your tunes
at this age. I have kept 'Rice' on the stove.
Can I go? Mom, don't say like that.

Mom, You know my best friend, Nimmy, Right? She and her mom, both have danced and
has posted it in 'Insta reels'. I too want to post a video with you.
Please co-ordinate. Oops, My 'Ari' (Rice)..
What is it, Mom? Not Hari, I said Ari (Rice)..
I have kept rice on the stove. It will steam and become like a kheer. No problem.
Today Afternoon, we will drink Kheer. You please dance with me,
so you will get a clarity. OK? Ready? I will start the music. OK?
You can dance with me. [Music starts]
Ready? Mom, shake the hip well. Ah, Oops.. Hmm.. Sprain.
What? Mom.. My Hip got sprained.

[Stops the music] What happened, mom?
My Hip got sprained. Nothing..! You.. My hip got sprained.
Not yours, Right? Here on, If you call me for
such non-sense.. I will beat you and..
Mom, who else do I have to dance? I have one more child like you, Right?
Go and call him. Then, Buy food from outside and eat. Money? Ha, Do you think,
I will give you money also? Take money from your pocket, buy the food
and eat, OK? OK.! What to do with such creatures?
Oh god.. Uh Hmm.. She is making me.. Ev.! Where will I go and find my brother? Brother.! In Instagram.. I need to post a video..
Dance Video.. Can you please come? Video? Yes.!
Now? You should come. Shall I beat you with this?
No need.! Leave..!
Go..! All cool.! A Video, It seems.

Ev, They don't like me becoming a social
media star, it seems. Am I a joke to them?
Hmm? [Mobile phone rings]
Why boss is calling? Hello mam..
Hello.! Hello Haritha, I want to tell you
something. Yes mam? I am taking leave, tomorrow.
Leave? Why madam? It's Diwali, girl.
Don't you know that? Deepavali? Then what, is it Pongal? Oh? Ah..! Happy Diwali.!
OK girl, Enjoy.

Enjoy.! Thank you. OK girl.
Enjoy.! Bye girl. OK madam, Bye.! Oh.. Tomorrow is an holiday.
I will post 10 or 20 reels on Instagram. Hmm.. A day without mobile phone. [Door opens and closes] Dude.. Brother.. See, Call me either as dude or as brother..
Why are you calling both at a time? Dude, What?
There is a problem. I also have something to say.

What day is today?
Today.. Friday.! Isn't it?
Yes.! Today, who want to water the plants?
You, Right? For plants?
Yes.! I..?
I poured the water, OK? I told you that, I will pour water, Right?
Hmm.! Then, why did you go and do it?
To show-off before mom, Right? Yes, So what? These days, You are trying to
show-off too much. It started from our childhood. While studying in school and college.. you will get more marks than me
and bring a bad name for you. Hmm.. Then, you got a bad name as I studied
well and scored marks, Isn't it? Then?
Not because, you didn't study well. Whatever, it may be. Now, I came to you to tell a problem.
Ah, Tell me. Look, My phone is broken. Whoa, Me and mom can now live peacefully. Oops, don't say like that. I need to buy a new phone. Ah, You have a job, Right?
Buy a new one. Ah, That.. My entire money.. Your Entire money?
Is over.! I can't hear?
Is over.

Ah, How? To be frank.. I don't know. I don't know, How the salary comes
and where it is spent? Ah ha, But I know? I have the details of all the expenses that
you make on online shopping daily. Don't he has any other job to do? What is it, Ha?
Nothing.. If you give me some money as credit,
I will get a new phone. I can't give you any credits or debits. Instead, I have a spare phone.
If needed, I will give you that one. Do you want it?
Who needs your spare phone? Ah Ha, What did you say? I need it.
OK, Come with me. I will give you. You have kept it carefully, Right? I won't forget this help forever. For the next 2 to 3 months.. Brother.. You need not think of watering
the plants.

I will do it.
Is it? Yes.! iPhone? See, It is the only spare phone
which I have. You should use it carefully, OK?
Yes.! Open it.! That's it.! What is this, bro?
Spare phone.! Oh ho.. I thought.. It was the 'Soap box' which you got as a
gift for 'Story telling' competition in LKG. What, don't you like it? A spare phone?
You have become my elder brother.. I can't say anything. Not able to..
Dear, you can keep that phone.. Get Lost.! Dear, Then, Watering the plants?
I won't water the plants. Ev.. His.. Damaged phone. What a pathetic life it is? I don't have the money to buy a new phone. [Haritha cries] Where did the cap go? What will it be? It weighs too much.

Oops.! These are the old things of mine and
my brother's. Are they still available here? Where are you going?
I am going to see Vinodh brother's kid. Don't disturb the kid for no reason.
He has to attend online classes. Who hears my words? Believing versus Seeking Dude..
Gosh, Oh.. Why are you shouting?
I am reading a book, Can't you see it? Am I shouting? Old game boy Video game.. Then, Here it is.. A colouring book, OK? See this..
Ev, Stop.! Why are you showing me this?
Come, Let's play. Hari, you can play.
I don't have time to play. I have to sort out some life problems.

Life problems? For you? Yes, Too much pressure. These online classes.. Staying at home for full time.. I can't handle this pressure. Hmm.. See, Can I tell you something? Hmm..
Ah.. I don't have any solutions to your
current problems. But, For a relief.. If interested, For sometime,
we can do 'colouring' in this book. You will have a bit of relief.
Are you sure? Ha, I am sure. OK, Come. Hari?
Hmm.. Don't you have any job? I have a job.
But, Tomorrow is a holiday for me. That's why, I am free.
Oh.! I said because.. Whenever I see you, you are free.
That's why. Dear, What is she doing? Let her do anything, mom.
She is not disturbing us, Right? Let her be there.
I will go and get the milk. Mom.. Brother.. I got something. Dear, Would she have repaired her phone? May be.. We will better be silent.
That's good for us. Oops, Don't get scared. You will like this. This is 'Snakes and Ladders' game, Right?
Yes.! What is this, new madness? Ha, I am not mad..

It's been a very long time since we
played a game together, Right? Can we play for sometime?
Hmm? Uh.. For sometime.. Let's play. OK.!
Ha, OK.! What are you watching like that? Mom, did you notice her? After she broke her phone, she became a
different person, Right? Yes, Today I can see a difference in her. She is quite relieved. If she behaves well, That's enough. I won't allow it. What? Mom, if she behaves well, Then,
will I have respect in this house? I will just come back. Oh god, It would be better, if I have
planted plantains instead giving birth to him.

Hey, Hari.. Hmm.!
See, I have brought you a new phone. I don't need it.
Oops, Don't say like that. See.. Dual Sim, Dual Camera, Dual.. If you don't need dual slaps,
please go away. Oh, OK then.
I have kept it here. I don't need it. I am reformed. Has he gone? It's… Hmm.! It's too good. Did he have so much money? Meditation?
I can do tomorrow, Right? I will call nimmy and tell her
that I got a new phone. Hello.. Nimmy.. Yes, I got a new phone.

I didn't buy it.
I don't have money for it. Yes, my brother brought it for me. What else? Ah? Oh. OK.! Subtitles by – M.L.Prabhakaran
Instagram – mlprabhakaran Excuse me, Sir.
Ha, Haritha, Come in. Sit.
[Door Closes] I am ordering my lunch. OK Sir. Did you eat?
No sir. I can order for you. No sir, I will eat from outside. Not a problem.
OK.! Egg biriyani on the way. Haritha, you know that we are getting
more works now, Right? For our agency.
Oh.! When we analyzed, Haritha is one of
the capable employees here. He started to plead,
will he give more work? Yes.!
More work for me. To work over time.. I thought, Haritha is an able person..

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Razer Phone 2: The Non-Gamer’s Review

– This is a different sort
of Razer Phone 2 review because for the past month I've
been using it as a standard everyday smartphone more
so than a gaming platform. I've read a few books,
made a lot of voice calls, ad I've watched decades old
television shows in glorious SD and I've played a video game
or two from about the same era. In other words, I've used the
Razer Phone 2 as a non-gamer and with one predictable
exception, it has delivered. (upbeat music) Just to get this out of the
way, yes, I have used the phone for its main purpose and yes, it is an exceptional gaming device.

I don't always notice the
smoothness of the 120 hertz display in a game, but in the
everyday swipes and taps of navigating Android, oh yes,
this glides along as silkily as its predecessor. What I notice a lot more
while gaming, is audio. I did get to try the Hammerhead
ANC earbuds with this phone but the noise canceling
isn't that great on these. Probably my favorite thing
about them is they light up but that's kind of beside the point. If you use earbuds, you're
missing out on these massive speakers and it's not just
that they're big but they're positioned properly. See when I'm playing Alto's
Odyssey on a OnePlus 6T, my palm frequently blocks the
single bottom firing speaker and that's not a problem for
these front firing blasters on the Razer Phone 2 and they're good for much more than games.

I can't overstate how great
the sound is on this thing. When I have it with me on the
road and I wanna rock out in my hotel room, I don't need
to use a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. It's pretty impressive that
Razer managed this kind of sound while also making the speakers waterproof. You don't get something
for nothing though, the cheese graders on those speakers are just as good at sucking up skin bits as on the first
Razer Phone and if you're listening to a lot of podcasts, certain voices make the
speakers rattle at full volume. As to be expected when you
pack in over a hundred decibels into a phone, I find that
keeping the volume set below 75 percent, solves for it.

I do wish calls were louder
on the speakerphone though. Other companies like Samsung
use a custom dialer that gives you a toggle for more volume
but because Razer does very little customization of the software, there's no such option here. That's a small price to pay
for having such a clean Android experience though. The only big changes beyond
Nova Launcher are the Cortex app, that lets you customize
how much power you want the phone to put into rendering
each game, and the Chroma app, which controls the surprisingly
addictive light-up Razer logo on the back. Now, if you've got battery
anxiety, watch out, you'll sacrifice about
three percent per hour if you keep the logo lit all the time. The phone's battery is brawny
buy to buy, and if you leave it in the default settings
with the screen at 90 hertz and conservative use of Chroma,
you can expect many milliamps left at the end of the day.

I never baby this thing and I
seldom worry about going dead before midnight. When I do need to top up,
the inbox wall plug does what a quick charge 4 adapter
should, it gets the phone from empty to 50% in 30 minutes exactly. Thanks to the new glass back,
wireless charging is also a thing and thanks to Chroma
on the Razer charger, that thing is a lot of fun. It has Bluetooth so you
can control the colors and brightness through the Chroma app now, it came in a recent update, it's not a reason to drop
a 100 bucks on this thing, but the way the phone is built might be. See the charging coil is located
way down low on this phone so using another charger
is a crapshoot at best. Given those compromises, it's
an open question as to whether the switch to a glass back was worth it, but if you wanna protect that glass back, lets talk about today's sponsor, dbrand. You know the drill, vinyl
skins in almost any color or texture sold for a reasonable price and it really suits the phone nicely.

I've had a dbrand skin on here
since I got my review unit. Hit the link in the description for more. Now as I said in my first
impressions video, I was happy to find that the Razer Phone 2's
screen is much brighter than its dim predecessor but
this is why extended testing is important. The moment I took is outside
for a sunny day of playing Ingress Prime, I knew I
still wanted more nits. Given how much brighter
the direct competition is, that's the Asus ROG phone next to it here, this is still an area where
Razer can and should improve. The biggest shortcoming of
the first Razer Phone though was its camera, and that well, that's the lowest point of this phone too. Now Razer does deserve credit
for upgrading the hardware with optical stabilization on
the back and a selfie camera capable of 60 frames per second video. But that front footage
is still stuck at 30 fps pending a software update
as I make this video. And speaking of software,
this still happens pretty regularly, not sure what's going on here.

In terms of the photos themselves, well, I'll put it to you this way, I was shooting side by
side with the much cheaper OnePlus 6T during my review
process and on the whole, the OnePlus has it beat. Listen, that's not to say I
always prefer OnePlus's photos. In fact, the Razer's
tendency to go darker, sometimes serves it well. Notice how the 6T blows out
the highlights on the white siding in these photos, while
the Razer preserves it better. But try shooting your
appetizer under dim lighting on Restaurant Week, you're
gonna want a camera that can pull those details from the shadows. That gulf gets wider when you factor in OnePlus's Night Mode, which Razer doesn't have and
the picture doesn't get any better when you consider
that Google's Pixel 3, priced exactly the same
as the Razer Phone 2, has the best fire and
forget camera in a phone, in my opinion. But in truth, comparing
this thing to a Pixel, really misses the point. Where the Pixel 3 is trying
to be the Android phone for everyone, Razer built its
Razer Phone 2 for Razer fans. It's almost like Razer's
where Apple was years ago, selling a curated mix of
features and aesthetic to a very loyal and
very specific fan base.

If that's you, or you're just lookin'
for something different, this phone gives you a lot for the money. If that's not you, you'll likely
find it harder to look past that mediocre camera or the
older version of Android, particularly given how fierce
the competition has gotten. The Razer Phone 2 is on sale
now, both unlocked and at AT&T. Razer fans and oblivious
others alike, I wanna hear your thoughts on this phone and
I want you to share those thoughts in the first
annual MrMobile Awards, hit up the link in the
description to vote for this phone or anything else on the ballot in the Viewers' Choice section, and you'll also be entered for
a chance to win a big prize.

Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends..

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