– The Yeti 1500X. Now with even more more
power than its predecessor, this Power Station will
allow you to tackle any project indoors or out. The new beefed-up 2,000 watt AC inverter allows you to confidently run anything you could from a
traditional wall outlet, while enjoying clean,
quiet and fume free power. Keep your off-grid events,
work sites, studio space camps, and essential circuits in your
home running without worry. With a 1,500 watt lithium
ion battery at its core, the Goal Zero Yeti 1500X
Power Station equips you with reliable, portable power for camping, tailgating, off-grid events, workshops, and emergency backup.

The Yeti comes ready to power a wide range of devices with an array of court options including a fast-charging, 60 watt USB-C Power Delivery port, two AC ports with a powerful 2,000 watt AC inverter allows you to run power-hungry devices and appliances with confidence. Our new inverter size can handle up to 3,500 watt surges from power tools, refrigerators, and air conditioners, making it possible to
power anything, anywhere. Two 2.4 amp USB-A ports, an 18 watt USB-C output, two six-millimeter, 12 volt output ports which pair well with some
of our lighting options, a 12 volt car charging port with up to 13 amps of regulated output, and a 30 amp 12 volt regulated APP output. This allows you to power
a large 12 volt system from a single port. Another addition to this Yeti is an MPPT Charge Controller.

Users will see a 30% more efficient charge from our line of solar panels. Check our website for
recommended solar panel pairings based on your intended use. To charge the Yeti from the face plate, there are two options, an eight millimeter charging
port that can accept up to 120 watts of input, or an Anderson PowerPole
port capable of accepting 600 Watts of input. The maximum input a Yeti
1500X can accept is 660 Watts. The included 120 watt wall
charger will recharge the Yeti in 13 hours, but the Yeti can be charged in as little as 2.5 hours from solar or other fast
charging power supplies. Our intuitive LCD display allows you to view your input, output,
time to empty and full, and current battery level.

For more display features,
see your Yeti user guide. Under the lid there are additional
input and output options, including a 30 amp APP output, an eight millimeter 120 watt input port. These options allow for a more seamless cord management experience. There's also a Module Bay
designed for our Yeti Link System which optimizes your Yeti for vehicle, home, or battery system integration. In addition, we've
expanded the capabilities of the latest Yeti app to include
historical power tracking, charging profile options, and more, Easily pair your Yeti by
pressing the wireless button and following the in-app instructions.

This allows you to check
battery level, power in and out, and turn ports on and off, all
from the palm of your hand. With our historical
power tracking feature, you are able to view your usage history in an easy to read data chart. Within the app, you can also
select charging profiles based on your use to optimize your battery life. Whether you need it on
the job site, on the road, or as a home backup when the
grid goes down, you can count on the Yeti 1500X to
power your electronics, appliances, C-PAPs, and more. For more information, visit goalzero.com or
one of our retailers..

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How to add 2 clocks of Different Timezone to your Android Homescreen and Lockscreen #secondclock

Friends , in this video we will know Instead of showing 1 timezone in our phone clock how can we set 2 clocks of different timezone of different country on our phone home screen & lock screen When we come to abroad we need time of that country as well as our country . so by using this technique you can add the time zone of that country and own country at some place for this you don't have to carry a costly watch or two phones . you can do it in a single phone and interesting part is this setting is already available in your android phone . you have to enable it only . then 2 clocks will be added to your home screen and lock screen in this video i will tell about this trick my name is babilan pradhan you are watching break time tech , let's break the technology Now you can see there is no clock screen in our homescreen First we have to add a clock here Tap the home screen for some time here in the widget option choose any clock After that you can see there is a clock is added to our screen click on DONE Now here we have to add 2 clock of different different country this clock is showing the Indian standard Time .

And we will add for another country First go to setting click on additional setting click date and time then scrool the screen down there is a option named Dual clock now we will enable it Then we will choose the region or country that we needed we can also choose the world cup country time zone so here we choose Bangladesh Next here we can see 2 clocks are added to our screen one is of Odisha , India and anouther is of Dhaka , Bangladesh 5:08 in India 8:38 in Dhaka In this way you can add 2 clocks in your home screen and lock screen in your android device .

please comment me how is this tricks for you and subscribe my channel Instagram and Twitter's link in the Description Visit my website for more tricks and tips That is it for this video . see you again in next video till then watch Youtube and my Channel BreakTimeTech . Thank You ..

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How To Use A Lavalier Mic | How-To Guide

hey everyone in here we've had a lot of questions from people asking how to use a lavalier or lapel mic to get great sound for your videos live streams and conference calls so let's get into it a lavalier mic is a small microphone that you can clip onto clothing you will have seen many TV presenters vloggers and filmmakers using them they deliver great clear sound due to the fact that they can be positioned quite close to the mouth they're also unobtrusive and allow complete freedom with your hands there are two things to consider when using a lavalier mic the first is how to position it and the second is how to connect it to your camera phone or laptop there are a few different Road lavalier mics to choose from each one is designed to work with different devices but regardless of what mic you are using they are all clipped and positioned the same way as a general rule you want to position a lab earlier mic on the chest about a handspan distance from the mouth this will give you a clear natural sound first put the microphone into the clip we get a lot of questions about how to attach the mic to the clip and while it may seem complicated it's actually very simple just slip the windshield off your mic like so then pinch the spiral clasp and insert your mic into the loop to secure the mic in place if you're wearing a jacket tie or shirt it's then super easy to position the mic just clip it to the edge of a suitable piece of clothing like so remember to avoid a position where other clothing might rub against the mic when you move as this will create a distracting sound in your video to keep your video looking clean and professional you may want to consider concealing the cable you can simply tuck it out of sight under your jacket or run it inside your shirt Pro sound engineers will use draper's tape to secure the cable against the inside of clothing but another popular choice is gaff tape anything to keep it out of sight here's another pro tip the so called broadcast loop this will give you that professional look you'd have seen on TV to do this run the cable from the mic through the handle of the clip then complete the circle over the top and into the slot on the edge of the clip now when you clip this on to your jacket or your shirt you will get that neat clean profile if you're wearing something smooth like a t-shirt you can mount it on the neckline like so if you're wearing a singlet the shoulder straps are a great place to mount a mic this is often the best solution if you're wearing exercise clothing or if you want to get creative try mounting the mic underneath a headband or a hat regardless of where you position it provided the mic is a foot or less from your mouth and does not have clothing rubbing against it you should get a nice clear sound so that's how you position your mic but what about connecting it to your device well there are a few different things to consider here the first is what type of device you are going to plug it into the second is whether you are going to plug the microphone in directly or whether a wireless solution is more appropriate let's look at the device first if you are using a phone or laptop to make your video you would need the rode smartlav+ this has the right kind of connector to plug directly into your device without the need for an adapter if you're using a computer you will need to select external microphone as the audio input device in your audio settings if the smart lab class is not long enough to reach your phone or computer you can extend it with the road sc1 cable this will give you plenty of room to move back from your camera and still get great sound if you're using a camera like a DSLR you'll need a lavalier mic with a standard audio connector the lavalier go is a great choice as it's affordable and really easy to use if you need more freedom to move around using a wireless system is the best option we recommend the wireless go as it's compact affordable sounds amazing and is really easy to use setting this up is very simple select the receiver that's this one on to your camera and plug it into the audio input then clip the transmitter that's this one which has an inbuilt lavalier mic to your chest if you'd refer to use an external level you mic to plug into the wireless co transmitter use the level ego rather than a smart lab plus as this has the correct connector the two different connectors do look very similar but an easy hint with Road products is just to look at the color of the connector gray connectors are for mobile devices and black is for regular audio and camera equipment if you want to use the wireless go with a laptop or mobile device this is very easy but you'll need a different cable we've made another video about how to do this check it out in the link below I always want to do this a final tip when using a lavalier outdoors or close to your mouth it's important to use the supplied windshield to reduce wind noise or percepts all rode lavalier mics include a form of limb protection so we've got your cupboard thanks for watching guys if you need any more information click on the links below don't forget to Like and subscribe hit the notification bell and we'll see you next time happy recording [Laughter] [Music]

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TECNO Spark 5 Unboxing and Review

hey guys it's Eric here and this is the techno spark 5 unboxing and review first off let's see what we have in the box when you open it up you're greeted with a smartphone in a plastic wrap I'm just going to peel this off this is the ICG light color it also comes in spark orange vacation blue and misty gray we have a screen protector already applied it has a cutout for the camera you should probably take this off and replace with the tempered glass let's pour it on while you see what else is in the Box on the bottom compartment we have a warranty leaflet Eclair TPU case let's see how well it fits a sim ejection to a standard 10 watts charger a micro USB cable and a pair of earphones on the front you have a 6.6 inch HD plus IPS LCD display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the top-left corner we have a punch hole that houses an 8 megapixel sailfish shooter we also have a dual front-facing flash on the back you have a 13 megapixel quad camera setup with quad flash you also have a fingerprint sensor and some techno branding on the left you have a three in one tray that houses two 4G LTE nano Sims and an SD card on the right you have a volume rocker and power button with an orange accent and nice little paint job on the top you have nothing on the bottom you have a speaker a microUSB port a microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack the techno spark 5 spot is their typical 2020 design with its wider camera lay out the camera bump is tiny though the back and frame are made from plastic the gradient color looks nice and it has visible patterns to it it's no lightweight but it's not too heavy in comparison to its size on the front we have that dot in display with slightly thicker bezels than we've seen in recent times but at least it houses a dwarf flash which doubles up as a charging indicator it's also very bright outdoors with great viewing angles it's a 720p display and YouTube videos will be capped at 720p which is to be expected at this price point no complaints there looking at it side by side this park for we can see some design changes some people still don't here for the white camera bomb but most people are moving with the trends on the front we get similar tall from fact or some people now consider the spark falls drop not as old school but I think the space it takes up is almost the same the punch hole on the spark 5 however looks more premium what we have here is a 32 gig storage variant with 2 gigs of ram we get 24 gigs of available storage we're running on android 10 with Hitchhiker's version 6.1 point 0 slapped on top of it with its cam night mode I have pretty much gone through all there is to know about this hitch iOS version in my common 15 premiere review a blinking dot up above and solar in the description but what's not on there is this lockscreen animation that takes you right to the front-facing camera you also get the regular one for the back camera to the techno spark 5 uses the mediatek helio a 22 quad-core CPU clocked at 2.0 gigahertz and it's the same one on the spark for in terms of performance it will run the average users daily calls texts social media apps but it will take its sweet sweet time launching those apps as can be expected from every low-end device what you need to know is that just cause it can do things doesn't mean it's made for them take split screen for instance not only are you slowing things down using both at the same time but this isn't something you can do while expecting your other apps to stay running in the background how dare you the fingerprint sensor is neither fast nor accurate all the time and I think the best way to get it to be more consistent is to store or set up one finger twice which is what I did to achieve this level of consistency as for face unlock the speed is fair but it's only unlocks and good lighting and as you know this isn't the most secure method of unlocking your phone here's how the speaker compares side-by-side the spark force [Music] [Music] when it comes to gaming as usual I play pop G on balance graphics and medium frame rates the highest pop G setting for this phone it runs fairly well but then again this isn't some graphics intensive setting or anything like that and the SPARC 5 is not a gaming phone also you cannot leave your game and go do something else and then expect to continue where you left off the techno SPARC 5 is powered by a huge five thousand milliamp hour battery and I put it through my usual battery test seven warping hours of POC G four hours of watching Facebook videos and two hours plus of Instagram all on Wi-Fi this gave me approximately fifteen hours of screen on time which is crazy good easily a two day battery life for most people I'll definitely file this under the battery beast plus category and it's a good thing it lasts a long time because it took me four long hours to charge from zero to 100% it does not support fast charging the techno spark 5s camera interface is pretty simple not a lot of features here no night mode pro mode or slow mode using it outdoors we get excellent dynamic range and it looks just as good with two times zoom the primary camera is definitely better than your average entry-level phone and even if the quality isn't anything exciting the skin tone is nice and colors don't look washed out with outdoor lighting using portrait mode the depth sensing is actually better than I expected no crops years and my head is completely in focus the selfie camera handles exposure levels quite well and even though we don't get the mid-range crispiness here it would look just as good on social media as for the portrait mode it's not all the way 100 but we get a pretty good sense of depth considering macro mode definitely does what it says it's something I haven't found myself using outside making a video for you guys but let me know if you use it in the comments indoors is where you see that low end camera quality for what it actually is but hey cannot have it all on this budget the sofa camera seems to be a little bit better here the SPARC 5 requires a good amount of light to produce photos that can pass for mid-range quality on social media the dual front-facing flash makes all the difference in pitch darkness is it just me or does it look just as bright as what I took with the lights on it records videos in 1080p for the front and back camera so I'm currently filming with the front-facing camera of the techno SPARC 5 and here's what the audio sounds like the techno SPARC 5 may have gotten a full 20/20 makeover but it is only an incremental upgrade from this part 4 because they share the same process of storage and run the SPARC 5 spots a new beastly battery that appeals to the young working class folks who stay out all day without a charger although if you love gaming or multitasking – this isn't the phone for you entry-level phones in general should be your foray into the Android platform as in your first Android device or your secondary phone I definitely will recommend it for other people who mostly do whatsapp or other Mark Zuckerburg apps the Technos part 5 is priced at 49 thousand IRA which converts to 110 u.s.

Dollars and it's currently available on junior I believe in my affiliate link in the description if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I'm up to do subscribe for more videos like this as it will mean a lot to me and I'll see you in the next one peace you

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The Failed Disney Mobile Phone Service

Disney is no stranger to dipping their toes
into a new venture. Walt himself took the company from animated
shorts to features, to live action films, and even to theme parks. Decades later the company would explore everything
from retail stores to cruise lines to state fairs. So when the cell phone industry began to explode
in the early aughts, it was no surprise that Disney gave it a shot. Enter, Disney Mobile. Like their other ventures, Disney saw a corner
of the market to capitalize on. By 2005/2006 75% of 17 year olds in the United
States had their own cell phone. That ship had sailed. However, only 42% of 13 year olds had their
own cell phone, and that number was still on the rise. That’s where Disney decided to step in. They’d market Disney Mobile not only to
the growing market of phones for kids, but to their parents as well.

It would be a family network with a priority
on ways to monitor and limit what kids could do on their phone. But you see, it wouldn’t be their network. I mean it would, but it also wouldn’t, because
Disney Mobile would be an MVNO. MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. In short, MVNOs are mobile networks that have
almost everything a regular cell phone carrier would have. Their own branding, their own pricing model,
their own customer support team and their own deals with phone manufacturers. The one thing MVNOs don’t have, however,
is an actual cell phone network. That, they lease from the major carriers,
such as AT&T or Verizon. It’s a way for companies to get into the
industry without the infrastructure costs of building their own coverage. By the mid-aughts, MVNOs were on the rise,
with over 175 either launched or in the works. Their appeal at the time was that they could
build their mobile service around a specific niche in order to reach a certain market.

Virgin Mobile, for instance, focused on teenagers
and young adults who might not meet the credit requirements that major carriers set by specializing
on pre-paid service. The short lived Amp’d Mobile catered to
media heavy users, offering videos, music, and games. More and more companies saw this quickly growing
industry, and realized that if they found their own unique corner, they might be able
to build a business out of it. That includes Disney, who wasn’t even new
to the MVNO game.

Back at the end of 2004, ESPN had announced
their own take on the trend, with mobile ESPN. Leasing usage from the Sprint PCS network,
mobile ESPN would offer its users everything from video highlights from recent games, to
up-to-the-minute scores. It would be the mobile network for the die-hard
sports fan. Taking that idea to their overall brand, the
next step would be Disney Mobile. Announced in the summer of 2005 and estimated
to have a $100 million investment, Disney Mobile would primarily focus on parental controls
for phones aimed at kids. Boy: And I can get all kinds of themes, ringtones
and lots of cools games, like Pirates of the Caribbean. Girl: Whoa! You must have the coolest mom ever. Boy: Yeah, pretty much. Mom: And I can check his phone usage, locate
his handset, and even control when he can use his phone.

All from my computer or Disney Mobile handset. Coworker: Whoa! You must be the coolest mom ever. Mom: Yeah, pretty much. Launching in 2006 and partnering with Pantech
and LG Electronics to offer two phone options, the cell phones would have what was called
Family Center features. Parents would have the ability to limit and
monitor the number of minutes, text messages, and downloads their kids’ phones were allowed. On top of that, they’d be able to pick and
choose what days of the week and what hours of the day the children’s phones would make
calls and texts, with an obvious exception to 911. The Family Alert feature would allow the parents
to send a message to the kid’s phones that the children would have to read and acknowledge
before they could continue using it. Lastly, the Family Locator feature would use
the phone’s GPS to let parents know where their kids were. In a surprising turn, the phones themselves
were moderately priced and designed. The handsets started at $60 with a plan, and
while they did feature the Disney Mobile logo on them, they were otherwise completely normal
flip phones.

No Mickey Mouse or other cartoon branding. At launch, Disney Mobile was fairly well received. People already knew that cell phones were
no passing fad, and so there was no stopping the eventual rise in kids using them. So it was considered a good thing that Disney
was throwing their hat into the ring to try and ensure they were as safe as possible. While Disney wasn’t public with any numbers,
there were early talks to bring the service overseas to the UK and other countries. However it would only be a couple of months
before red flags started to show up. In the fall of 2006 it was announced that
mobile ESPN would be halting operation at the end of the year. It was rumored that the service, at that point,
only had tens of thousands of subscribers when the business model demanded hundreds
of thousands to make it viable. Yet at the same time, when it came to mobile
news sources that year ESPN was ranked third, just behind Yahoo and CNN. ESPN was plenty popular, but the public didn’t
feel like they needed a phone dedicated to it. The closure of mobile ESPN raised eyebrows.

It would be the first major failure of a popularly
branded MVNO. Beyond directly putting Disney Mobile into
question, it had the public wondering about all MVNOs. If a household name like ESPN couldn’t win
over enough subscribers, how could the little guy? Disney assured the public that the folding
of mobile ESPN didn’t mean anything for Disney Mobile. They were wrong. Just a little over a year later, in September
of 2007, it was announced that Disney Mobile would shutter at the end of that December. When questioned about the decision, Disney
argued that it was a matter of the economics needed to make it work. However what they didn’t mention was that
their primary selling point, the parental controls, were quickly becoming standard features
for cell phones. It also didn’t help that their reasonably
designed phones meant that there wasn’t any novelty to the hardware of Disney Mobile.

Owning a Disney Mobile phone rapidly shifted
from having this phone designed for families… to just having a regular phone with the word
Disney on it. And while this is more speculative, something
else happened between the launch and closure of Disney Mobile. Steve Jobs: And we are calling it iPhone. Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. Now I’m not going to try and argue that
the iPhone was the first smartphone. It wasn’t. However what Apple does well through their
brand is popularize relatively new technology.

They help bridge the gap between obscurity
and ubiquity. So while I don’t believe the iPhone had
any direct responsibility in the short life of Disney Mobile, I do think it presented
writing on the wall for Disney. Smartphones were the future, and that short-lived
idea of MVNOs that focused on packaging a brand or content and carving out a market
was going to die off. With the adoption of smartphones, users were
going to be able to access the internet more or less the same way they would at home.

That meant you didn’t need a phone specially
made for sports or games or cartoons. All you needed was a phone. Today MVNOs still exist, however they’re
not that popular in the United States. The ones that remain don’t focus on specialized
content, but instead depend on more specialized plans and pricing. As for Disney Mobile, while it shuttered in
the US, it found some moderate success overseas in other markets. Disney partnered with 3 Italia for an Italian
Disney Mobile called Disney Mobile 3… which was pretty confusing since there wasn’t
a Disney Mobile 1 or 2. They worked with Globe for a Disney Mobile
in the Philippines, and perhaps most successfully they launched Disney Mobile in Japan along
with DOCOMO. The others came and went, but Disney Mobile
in Japan is still around. They had found that of the over 3.5 million
users regularly utilizing Disney mobile sites in Japan, around 75% were women over the age
of 20. So instead of focusing on families they shifted
their attention to that demographic.

And instead of offering up phone features
that were easily emulated, Disney Mobile in Japan instead focused on the one thing nobody
else could copy: their brand. They began to sell phones with Disney branded
wallpapers, icon sets, and even video content. Most importantly though, they began to sell
exclusive Disney themed phones. Disney had learned a lesson from the failure
of Disney Mobile in the US, and that lesson was apparently: Do the exact opposite of what
they already tried. Disney Mobile was a… fascinating venture. On the one hand it’s hard to blame them. They were chasing a potential gold rush like
many of the other MVNOs that would also flop as quickly as they appeared. On the other hand, many of their decisions
seemed especially odd. They intentionally chose to not leverage perhaps
their most valuable asset, their own brand, and instead focused on a bunch of phone settings
that could easily be cloned.

It was short-sighted. Perhaps it was a lesson in the value of taking
time to properly plan things out. Sure they might not get in on the bottom floor,
but they’re also that much less likely to become a footnote in the company’s history. I want to give a quick shoutout to Kevin Perjurer
of Defuntland for suggesting the topic. If you like documentaries on defunct rides
and parks and television shows, be sure to check out his channel..

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Mobile Shopping Made Easy | Google App

Hey, will it be repaired by today? ‘Pick up the phone, sweetheart… sweetheart.’ Hey sweetheart calling Get a new one man I’ve gotten used to this one, I’ll buy the same phone online So buy one then It’s not that easy. I’ll have to look everywhere first. Price, delivery, offer, a lot of time is spent researching So much research? Why don’t you just search? Be it mobile, make-up or any other product you’re looking for, just search on the Google app and make the right decision You also search for it

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ROG Phone 2 – Fastest Screen in the Game and Other Monstrous Specs

ROG Phone 2 – Fastest Screen in the Game and Other Monstrous Specs


Hi everyone, I’m Greg from Pandaily Now we are in Beijing, the ROG game phone 2 conference site Look at this phone in my hand This is the 2nd generation of ROG gaming phone just released It is the latest second-generation gaming phone after the first-generation The shape design this time looks very cool The phone size is much larger than the previous generation The screen size reaches 6.59 inches The weight of the mobile phone is considered to be the heavier in the mobile phone I have experienced so far The screen used is arguably the best currently available The screen refresh rate has reached 120Hz Compared with the previous generation, it is also greatly improved This is the world's first mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Plus chip This chip was just released this month Compared with the previous generation of chips, GPU performance has increased by 50%, and CPU performance has increased by 4% Mobile phone rear camera 48 million pixels Doubled compared to the previous generation This phone can be said to be a battery monster The battery capacity has reached 6000mAh The phone design is very futuristic Designed with a heat dissipation grid on the back And it’s not just cool, it really works The phone retains the headphone jack Two charging ports are also thoughtfully designed One at the bottom The other one is on the side In this way, when you hold the phone to play the game, you can charge it on the side Looks pretty cool overall Domestic version of mobile phone You can see Tencent's logo on the back The overseas version is the ROG logo This shows that the Chinese version is still a bit different Overall a great phone But I think it’s a bit difficult for me to hold the phone Because the phone size is relatively long But I think because it’s a gaming phone, most people hold it sideways Another big highlight of this phone is that it can be connected to many accessories Such as this cool radiator Can assist heat dissipation when you play games You can buy a phone case like this for your phone This cool phone case comes with a screen You can put your phone in when you use it Can greatly enhance the gaming experience Another cool gaming peripheral is This gamepad Feels great In addition to being used as a basic gamepad You can also take apart the handle Put the phone in the middle Your phone will become a game console ROG 2 cheapest version price 3500¥ about 500¥ Very cost-effective Here we found a wall Shows the entire history of R&D and design of ROG 2 mobile phones How the phone is assembled How to design it impressive Overall, this is a great phone We will do more in-depth evaluation in the follow-up Write your opinion in the comment area Give me a thumbs up if you like it, see you next time!

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A Day Without Mobile Phone || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

'Hi, guys!
This is Bumchick Babloo!' I left my phone behind. I'll be late for work even today. Shit! My friend locked
the pad and left. Now what do I do without my phone?
I can't even book a cab. Bro, coud you lend your phone
to make a call? Thank you. Bro, it is me, Babloo.
I left my phone in our pad. Come back and unlock the door.
– 'I can't. I'm already late.' Please, hear me out.
– 'I'm helpless, bro. I'm sorry. Now bye!' Bro, stop! A ride till Gachibowli, please.
– Sure! Get in. What is the time, bro?
– Bro? You rather call me Malleshanna, sir! Cool! What is the time, Malleshanna?
– It is 9:30. Why? Are you running late? No, it is all cool.
– We'll be in Gachibowli in no time, sir.

Are you married, Malleshanna?
– Yes, sir, I am. And how many kids you got?
– I've two. – Lovely! You're happy with life, aren't you? Of course! I'm very happy with my life!
How many kids do you got, sir? Do I look that old to you?
– I was just kidding. Pull over near that gate, Malleshanna. I want you to come to dinner
to my place someday. My mother is a great cook. I'd love that. How much is the fare, by the way?
– Rs. 80, sir. – Rs. 80? That's it? I charge very minimal rates.
– Are you sure the fare is only Rs. 80? Of course, sir. I don't charge a penny more.
– That is so nice of you! See you, sir.
– See you. What took you so long?
– The location you shared. I shared the right location.
– Yeah, but I was notified of it late.

Give me the OTP, please.
– 4560. Let's go now. Take a right here.
Now take a left here. Alright!
– I said take a left! Hurry up! God, you are bugging me.
– How much is the fare? Rs. 499.
– I'm short by Rs. 10. Not my problem. You've to pay me up.
– You've got PayTM? – Yeah, I do. The money has been transferred.
– Leave me a 5 star rating. – 5 star, my foot! Excuse me, Mr Babloo, may I get in?
– Alekhya! How come you're here? I had to come here as you don't answer my calls.
– Hold on! I left my phone back in my pad.

That's why I couldn't answer.
– You always cook up stories. Can I sit? Please!
You seem so upset. Yes, I am, as you don't answer my calls.
– I told you I left my phone behind. Anyways, had breakfast?
– I had nothing since morning. You had nothing since morning?
I'll finish my work. We'll then go grab a bite. So, did your cousin find a match yet?
– Not yet. I'm not very hopeful he would. I say he rather
remain a celibate. Alright! Let's go eat something. Sir, anything else you want me to get?
– You want anything else? – No, I'm full. Are you sure? – Yes, I am.
– Get me the check, please. So, what else?
– You didn't take a good look at me, did you? I did. You look good.
– Take a good look. What do you mean?
Okay! A white shirt! You don't have one, do you? I bought one the other day, for your sake.
– What do you mean? I love Pandas a lot.
You too look like a Panda.

Even this t-shirt has got a Panda on it.
That's why I bought it. You like Pandas and I look like a Panda
and that is why you bought this? So cute! You bloody..
I look like a Panda? Babloo, can you do me favor?
– Sure. – Could you stop using phone forever. Why? What is wrong?
– Even though we both talk for hours on phones we usually yell and argue with each other.
I don't remember us spending such quality together. And when we talk on phones,
we are always formal and text each other formal things
like good mornings and good nights. I don't remember any of our conversations
being as heart felt as it is now. Could you please cut down
on using phones? Why is she calling now? Hey, Babloo, good morning.
– Good morning.

– Where are you? At work.
– Cool. Had breakfast? – I did. What did you have?
– Breakfast. – What did you have for breakfast? I had Idly if that makes any difference!
– I see. You seem moody. I'll call you later. Oh, cut it!
I'm not moody. It is 2:00PM already?
I've no phone to place an order online. What do I do now?
I'll order from someone else's phone. Bro, could you lend me your phone?
– What for? – To order food online. We'll rather go to the restaurant nearby.
The food tastes great there! You guys go ahead. I'll have my lunch here.
– You seem shy to lunch with us. The restaurant nearby serves great food.
Let's go there. What would you like to have?
– Anything vegetarian, I guess? This place is known for its Non-Veg items.
– I see. One Special Dum Biryani, please!
– It tastes great! How is the Biryani?
– It's amazing! – Also have some Raita! Where are you headed?
– I'm done.

– Already? I'm full.
– The staff here won't let you go this soon. Serve my friend some more Biryani. It is 2:00PM already.
I'll order food online. It's been an hour since I placed my order.
Take a right there and then a left. I'm hardly feeling full. I guess I should order some more. I'm full. You have my Biryani.
– Cut it! I'm full too. I said I'm full.
– I said I'm full too! I'll hire this restaurant to cater food at my wedding.
– Get us the check, please. How much is the bill?
– Rs. 400. I mean, Rs. 400 in total.
So, it is Rs. 100 per head. That's it?
– Yeah! The food here is so reasonable. Hey, bro, come take a seat!
– Sure. Please, be seated! What's up?
– There is a power outage. So, we're just sitting and chatting.
– You guys were having a good laugh.

My friend here passes out
too soon after boozing. After boozing, he called up his girlfriend
and cussed at her big time. The next day, the girl broke up with him.
He is now repenting. It served him right! Did something like this ever happen to you?
– Yes, it did. About a month ago.. Why is there a power outage now?
Hell with this. How do I kill time?
By playing Candy Crush maybe. I'm glad.
– What about? You never spend time with us.
But today you spent the whole day with us. Well, that is nothing..
Why have people gathered over there? Step aside, please.
What is the matter? Oh, no!
Can you hear my? Can you see me? What are you guys even doing? I've a journalist friend. I'll send these pics to him
and he'll come to cover the news. What are you doing?
– Trying to call for an Ambulance. And what are you doing?
– I've gone live on Facebook. Maybe someone from online
would come and help. Sunny, get your bike! Hurry up!
Let's go! Where do we find a doctor?
This way? Doctor, doctor..
– Doctor..

Please check on her. Please wait outside. Sir, how is the girl doing?
– Nothing to worry. She is out of danger. Thank God she is safe. I'm happy.
But you seem upset? It is good the girl is safe.
But I'm feeling so disgusted! Why? What is the matter?
– Because I didn't have my phone on me I reacted quick and brought her here.
Had I had my phone on me even I'd have wasted time calling for ambulance
or I too would've gone live on Facebook.

I don't know whether to be happy
with mobiles improving communication or be sad with mobiles
increasing gaps in communication. Phones are toying with our lives! What we showed in this video wasn't a story.
I faced very similar situations. I'm sure many of you have aswell.
Whenever we find leisure we spend that time on our phones.
We've stopped interacting with people and this is leading
to gaps in communication.

I believe we should value people
more than things. Even I've to change myself and I hope you all would aswell.
Thank you..

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DJI Pocket 2 | How to use MIMO APP with DJI Pocket 2

The DJI MIMO APP provides rich creative functions, allowing you to take full control over shooting details and unlock more possibilities for your experience with DJI Pocket 2. Connect DJI Pocket 2 to your smartphone with the smartphone adapter, and the DJI MIMO APP will launch automatically and display the camera view of the gimbal. You can slide up and down on the right side of the interface to choose shooting mode. tap the flip icon to switch the camera between facing forward and backward. tap the re center icon to re center the gamble. Tap the shutter button to start or stop taking photo or video Frame the subject and the gimbal will enable ActiveTrack to follow the subject. You can tap the Gimbal Settings icon and select Slow Follow or Fast Follow and choose between Tilt Locked,Follow and FPV mode.

Tap the Playback icon to preview photos and videos as soon as they are captured. Move the Virtual Joystick left and right to control the pan axis,and up and down to control the tilt axis. Tap the Back icon once to return to the main interface. Tap the Quality icon to set shooting parameters. Tap the Settings icon to adjust various parameters in the current shooting mode. You can also enable the PRO mode to perform more settings. .

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2 Method to Connect Mobile Internet to laptop with or Without USB Cable | Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are 2 ways to connect mobile internet to PC or Laptop 1st one is through a USB cable Which we called USB Tethering For which we will need such a USB cable Which you generally get with your mobile in the box And 2nd way is wireless Which we called WiFi hotspot or mobile hotspot So if you are familiar with both of these methods you can skip the video This video will be helpful to those who are new laptop users And those who don't know how we can use our mobile internet to PC or Laptop So this video is for those guys So if you like the video and found it informative so press the like button Subscribe to the channel Let's start this video Jai Hind Friends My name is Pushkar and you are watching tech Screw Let's Start So friends to use mobile internet in PC or Laptop through USB cable You need a USB cable Generally, you get it with your mobile in the box I have another USB cable So if you have a type C port mobile So you need a Type-C to type-A USB cable And If you have a micro USB port mobile So you will need a micro USB to Type-A USB cable What you have to do? First, be clear that your mobile data is On in your mobile As you can see here Mobile internet is ON of our mobile After that, you have to connect your mobile with the laptop through a USB cable Such Pop can appear on your screen Because it doesn't open in every mobile So this is a RealMe mobile so such Pop appears But no problem with it Any option you select No problem will come in USB tethering Any option you select Your mobile internet will run into your PC/Laptop with the help of USB tethering So I tap anywhere on the screen And the pop will close After that go to settings In settings, you will get an 'Other wireless option' Here you get the USB tethering option Okay As soon as you enable it you can use your mobile internet on the laptop Before that, you can see on the screen Currently, our laptop is not connected If we go to Google Chrome So as we refresh the page So you can see the google page is not opening As soon as we enable the USB tethering option So you can see our laptop is showing internet access And the google page has been auto-refresh And you can see the internet has run Means the laptop has been connected to the internet So friends now the next method is…

A wireless method Which we called Wifi hotspot So we don't need any USB cable for the wireless method So remove It And USB tethering is also off So you can see again our laptop doesn't have an internet connection Internet connection has been disconnected So let's minimize it and again go to our mobile So go to mobile settings you will have to go to 'other wireless connection' And here a 'Portable hotspot' option is available Setting can be different names different brands phones It takes different names So here you will get a personal hotspot option If you can't find the 'Personal Hotspot' option So just come to settings and every setting have a search option Search 'Hotspot' here So you will find it So as you will search 'hotspot' you will reach the personal hotspot here you have to enable the personal hotspot Before that, you have to do some settings in personal hotspot Like hotspot name 2 types of security are there 1st is…None
in this, your hotspot will not be protected by any password so I will recommend you to choose the 2nd password method and after that set a password Currently, the by default passport is strange So let me simplify it For now, by the way, you should put a hard password on it After that, 2 types of wifi band options are available in latest devices 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz If your laptop or PC is of an old model So you will not get 5 GHz band support in it So keep it at 2.4 GHz If your laptop is of the latest model So maybe the 5 GHz band is supported So you can select that Currently, we are keeping it at 2.4 GHz and enable the 'Visible to other devices' option Otherwise, the hotspot will not show on your laptop Currently, all the settings have been done And you can see our mobile is completely wireless Means it is not connected with any wire So now save it and let's enable the personal hotspot after enabling it We will click on the internet connection panel on our laptop So WiFi is enabled and it is showing RealMe 6 pro If it remains off This way So you have to turn it ON and it will search Realme 6 pro after that click on it, then click on connect and enters the password which we had set 12345678 And then click on next Then click on yes And now you can see the laptop has been connected to the internet As we open google chrome the page has been auto-refreshed and you can see it is connected And you can also see the internet speed on the taskbar uploading and downloading So from this, you can understand it has connected to the internet Currently, if the internet speed is not showing on your taskbar and you want that I should make a video on it That how to show the internet speed on the taskbar So you can tell me in the comment box So guys you have seen both the method That how you can use your mobile internet to your PC/Laptop with the help of the USB tethering option And how you can use your mobile internet wirelessly to your PC/Laptop with the help of a Wifi hotspot If you liked the video So press the like button If you liked more then share it with your friends and family and also subscribe to my channel except this, if you want that we should cover the video on any other topic So definitely you can tell in the comment box Because we read every comment And also reply it So guys definitely do comment Share it See you in the next video Till then use the technology to a limit And thank you for watching

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