Bruderheim is a town in the Edmonton Capital Region of Alberta, Canada. It is located just north of the junction of Highway 15 and Highway 45, approximately 47 km northeast of Edmonton.


Latest News Announcement for Bruderheim can be seen in this article in the Edmonton Journal written by David Howell read it below:


Its stucco exterior won’t betray its unconventional origins, but a coming addition to Bruderheim’s skyline is being built from 80 steel shipping containers inside a Calgary modular construction facility.

When it opens next year, the four-storey, 63-room Suite 6 Extended Stay hotel will provide much-needed accommodation for workers in the Industrial Heartland region and an economic boost for the town 55 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

The hotel will be erected on vacant land next to a Shell station, just off Highway 45.

Boris Javorski, the Edmonton entrepreneur behind the $6-million project, said the hotel is the first in North America to be built almost entirely from shipping containers.

“I wanted to do something different,” Javorski, president of Kastel Holdings Inc., said Wednesday before a sod-turning ceremony. “To take a shipping container out of a yard and put it to (new) use, I think that’s awesome.”

The hotel is being constructed by Ladacor, a Calgary-based manufacturer of advanced modular structures. Ladacor specializes in hotels, seniors’ residences, condominiums and rental apartments.

“We make an engineered system, of which a shipping container is one component,” said Ladacor president Joseph Kiss.

“If you came to our facility, it wouldn’t look like a bunch of shipping containers. It would look like shipping containers incorporated into a highly engineered steel structure.”

Artist's rendering of a new hotel for Bruderheim that is being built in Calgary using shipping containers as a basis for steel modular construction.

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This is a great little Town where my son and I spent many a night with Hockey in their classic little Town Barn!
Many Telus Customers come from Bruderheim and we greatly appreciate them.
Telus Fort Sask