Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge – Official Introduction

Carefully crafted from metal and glass, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge blend purposeful design with powerful features. The Galaxy S6 edge shows outstanding beauty and an immersive viewing experience with revolutionary dual edge display.

[Vivid Images with a Fast, Bright Camera]
The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are equipped with an incredibly vivid, bright and fast camera. The F1.9 lenses and high-resolution sensors on both front (5MP) and rear (16MP) cameras. In addition, Auto Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR), Smart Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and IR Detect White Balance provide advanced light sensitivities and crisp camera solutions. The camera launches quickly from any screen in 0.7 sec.

[Super Charging and Cord Free]
The devices work with any wireless pad available in the market that supports WPC and PMA standards. They also support incredibly fast wired charging, providing up to 4 hours of usage after only 10 minutes of charging.

[Cutting-edge Core Technology]
The world’s first 14nm mobile processor with 64-bit platform, new LPDDR4 memory system and UFS 2.0 flash memory provides higher performance and enhanced memory speed, lower power consumption.

[Easy and Protected Mobile Payment]
Samsung Pay is convenient and secured mobile payment that works with MST, NFC and barcode.

* Samsung pay will be available in US and Korea from 2015 2nd half. (Barcode is available only in Korea)

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  2. The most beautiful smartphone I have ever laid eyes upon! The Samsung
    Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are *FLAWLESS*!

    Now the true question is… Which of the two will I be purchasing? I’m
    leaning more towards the Edge, since it’s definitely something “different”.
    I’m also liking the gold and pearl color options. I guess I’ll make my
    final decision once +T-Mobile​​ starts selling the S6 and S6 Edge. I
    honestly cannot wait!

    #Samsung #KingofAndroid #GalaxyS6 #GalaxyS6Edge #TeamSamsung #Android

    Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge – Official Introduction:

  3. *Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge*

    It really looks like Samsung might have a winner here. The Galaxy S line is
    finally going all metal, has an absolutely gorgeous display that just so
    happens to be dual edged, comes with wireless charging, and sports pretty
    much top of the line hardware all around. So, let me ask you… how are
    they going to ruin this with TouchWiz? I can’t wait for upcoming hands-on
    videos from my Phandroid buddies +Rob Jackson and +Christopher Chavez. The
    hardware and design look perfect to me. I hope Samsung’s software stack
    isn’t their Achilles Heel once again.

    More information:
    Comparison with HTC One M9:

    Normally when Samsung and HTC go head to head, I prefer the full metal
    chassis of the HTC One line. Now with Samsung upping their premium look and
    feel game, it’s going to be a tough decision for Android fans in the near
    future. Me, I’m still extremely happy with my Nexus 6 and wouldn’t use
    Sense or TouchWiz if they were the last UI’s on Earth 😉

    Yes, I know this is hours old, I was gone for the majority of the day
    today. Let me know your thoughts on the latest from Sammy.

  4. 398 iShit fanboys disliked this video.

    FYI: Samsung doesn’t have to copy anything from the iPhone, Why copy from a
    phone with outdated specs.

  5. Let me get something straight. Samsung criticized Apple about the iPhone
    6/6+ saying welcome to 2012. The S6 is made with a front and back glass
    design with an aluminum frame, no longer has expandable storage, moved the
    speaker from the back to the bottom and is no longer water resistant. So
    it’s a larger iPhone 4/4S. Good job Samsung, welcome to 2010.

  6. I am an apple fan. Love apple. I have the desktop. I have the 5s. I bought
    my girl the 6plus. My 9 year old the 5s. Been with Apple since day one BUT
    this Samsung 6edge is FUCKING SICK!! It looks pretty fucking clean. I think
    I’m gonna give this one a try. 

  7. I love how Isheeps are criticizing this phone even though it isn’t
    officially released to retailers. They are just complaining to give their
    Icrap 6 more value, and make it less depressing that they bought a half
    cooked bending piece of shit. What a total waste of money and time.

  8. Thumbs up if you will buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge.
    Because I am buying both:
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge black sapphire for myself and Galaxy S6 white pearl
    for my girlfriend :)

  9. iphone…who ? hahaha – samsung shares shall cross $1000 – and first
    company to cross Trillion dollar mark, before iphone…hahaha

  10. Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge are going to be the best smartphones from the best
    tech company in the world!

  11. at 0:57 when The gold galaxy reflects it It kills me!

  12. Uh, no removable battery or available microSD slot? More like, yesteryear
    is here now – NO THANKS!

  13. Samsung is the first company EVER to introduce a 14 nm processor (even
    intel was second here), first company EVER to introduce DDR4 SDRAM (for
    both smartphones and computers), first company EVER to introduce UFS 2.0
    Smartphone Flash Storage, first company EVER to introduce curved displays
    (Galaxy Round – stupid name btw), first company to make phablets go
    mainstream (Galaxy Note – some might argue and claim it was the first
    phablet, still unkown), first company to introduce built-in MP3 player in a
    mobile phone (No, it never was Apple’s iPod, it was Samsung’s SPH-M2100
    1999), first company to introduce commercial LTE device and LTE mobile
    phone and LTE smartphone (SCH-r900 and the Galaxy Indulge).

    I consider this more than innovation.

  14. Everything it’s cool but Samsung pay its not new or original, apple pay has
    the idea first. That’s the only thing I can say they are copying from

  15. ‘SAMSUNG, the company of the future but will it bring success?’

    SAMSUNG, they’ve been introducing new lines and releasing products every 3
    months. It’s crazy, I wonder how they do it. Now that they released the
    Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge, will they finally beat Apple?

    By looking at their advertisement below, It is amazing how the mobile
    industry has grown so much within such a short period time. The function of
    S6 and S6 Edge looks great and I myself, an iPhone user, want to try using
    it. I do know Samsung and Apple value different principles. That is the
    main reason for the big social conversation topic: apple versus samsung.
    People who like Samsung or Apple, they tend to stick to their preferred

    The mobile phone industry keeps getting bigger and better. But is it really
    helping us? The latest smart phones, are they making us stupid rather than
    making life more convenient? I personally believe, mobile phones are meant
    for two functions: messaging and calling. I mean, thats where they started

    Now that they are releasing technology devices every second, will they win
    the latest tech game this time? What you all think?

    #YoonjinKim #teamzahirah 

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