Unfolding the first trifold phone

(instrumental music) – Folding phones are boring. Look we've had the first
wave of foldable devices and they're neat, but you've
seen all that already. This is about what comes next after the current generation of foldables. Sling like the tri-fold from TCL, a wild new concept, folding
tablet, phone thing. (techno-music) Unlike most foldables the
tri-fold has two hinges, which lets it fold up into thirds . You can use it as a phone, you can unfold it once
to use as a bigger screen or fold the unfolded
into a full size tablet. It's not a half way compromise
like some of the other foldables that we've seen which basically turn into just slightly
wider phone displays.

This is a full blown tablet. It's nearly as big as an iPad, but you can still fit it in your pocket. The screen folds from a 10 inch tablet down to 6.65 inch phone. You could also open it two-thirds the way and ya know prop that up it'll auto rotate so you can use in whatever
orientation you want. There's a lot of weird use cases that you could probably use this for. The screen on this one is a 3k panel, but again that's just this prototype.

We have no idea if the finished
version will have that, but the tri-fold shows just
how hard it's gonna be to turn these ideas into reality. I've gotten to play around
with the prototype for a bit and it's really rough to use right now. It is incredibly heavy for a phone. It's got those big metal hinges
and there are three separate batteries to power all those displays, it's basically three phones.

And even though it's really
thin as a tablet the phone mode is super thick and that's
before your worrying about things like the software, which is basically non-existent. Durability which is a huge question or price which who even knows. (techno music) But looking even further into the future. TCL also had a very early
mock up of a rollable phone. This is really cool idea
that's a phone that has a fully flexible display that
slides around the side and behind the phone. And it could roll back out
and become a larger display when you need more space. The way it will, in theory, work is that there's gonna be motors
on the inside of the phone and you'll press a button
and it'll expand out from a 6.75 inch display
to a 7.8 inch screen.

Now that doesn't sound like a
lot, but your actually getting almost double the screen space
it's almost twice as wide. The whole system is actually
pretty similar to the rollable Oled TV that LG's been
showing off for years. Now again this is a really early concept, it's not even a functional
device, just plastic and a screen that's literally
just a sheet of paper.

Is this a good idea? Who knows. It does avoid some of the
issues of current foldables, like those easily breakable hinges and the creased display which is cool. But it's almost guaranteed
to have issues of its own. Moving parts they're tricky. Now the tri-fold is
just a proof of concept and the plastic sliding one even more so. You won't actually be able to
buy either of these devices and it's not clear if TCL's
actually gonna make products based on these concepts in the future.

So why should you care. Well, first of all, because it's cool. I mean look at this thing
it's a phone that unfolds into a giant full size tablet. And it actually turns on and runs android, it's like a science fiction prop. But it's also important,
because TCL is planning on eventually making
foldable and rollable phones that might actually look like these. Possibly as early as next year. The company says that it's
experimenting with dozens of different form factors right now.

So it's possible that phones like these, could be real one day. Look phones have basically been the same for the last decade. Black boxes with touch screens. Devices like the tri-fold
or that sliding concept, even if they're not here yet, show off what the future phones might one day look like. And that's really exciting idea. Thanks so much for watching. If you want to see more videos
about cool phones check out our Galaxy S20 ultra review. You can actually buy that one.

Check out the review. See if you want to. And like and subscribe for
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iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown! – I’ve NEVER seen this before…

today it's time to take apart the new iphone 12 pro max apple's latest and greatest most powerful iphone and also the largest iphone that's ever been made with supposedly a new trick inside that we've never seen before i kind of broke the last iphone i took apart so cross your fingers this one survives let's get started [Music] [Applause] [Music] so the iphone 12 pro max is basically just a larger version of the iphone 12 pro with apple releasing four new iphones this year it does get a little confusing all you really need to know though is that the pro max has a larger screen larger battery and some slightly better cameras which is what we are after today if you remember last time i was trying to remove the screen i accidentally pried up underneath the glass instead of under the plastic frame and broke the display this time i'm making sure to lift the screen up high enough that i can get underneath the plastic part of the display with my pry tools since the screen is recessed this is much harder than it looks the reason we want to check out the camera units inside of the macs is because apple has engineered a new form of image stabilization that we've never seen inside of a smartphone before it's called sensor shift and can stabilize an image at over 5 000 times a second so if this is true it's actually pretty huge and a pretty big step forward in the mobile camera game as we can see my screen is still working so far thumbs up for that we're off to a good start there are four screws holding down a metal plate over the battery connector and screen ribbon once that's off i can unplug the battery like a little lego and then move to the second metal plate that covers the other ribbon connector it also has four screws once that's removed i can unplug the remaining screen ribbon and detach the display from the body not too shabby the cameras are all under this other metal plate but first let's take out the battery usually apple's pull tabs are kind of fun but not so much this time around all of the magical pull tabs keep on breaking [Music] but with a dab of isopropyl alcohol the stickiness underneath the battery dissolves and i can pry the battery out relatively easily the alcohol is non-conductive and evaporates pretty quickly so it doesn't hurt the electronics but still battery replacements could be easier now we can see what the pull tabs are supposed to be doing if we could actually grip them as they stretch theoretically they lose their stickiness and just pull right out from underneath the battery just not this time around now it's time to check out apple's latest innovation in mobile camera technology i know we don't always use apple and innovative in the same sentence but here we are and it's actually pretty impressive so inside the 12 pro max the top camera is the telephoto which does have optical image stabilization where the lens does the moving the wide angle is off the side with no ois and the main sensor is at the bottom and it looks like it does not have ois since the exterior lens is not moving but that's actually not the case the main camera has that sensor shift we talked about earlier which is actually much better and much cooler than regular ois but first let's grab the main camera lens out of the regular iphone 12 pro so we can compare them the regular size 12 pro has its main sensor at the top instead of the bottom the telephoto and main sensor locations are reversed between the two phones but that's not super important all of the cameras are very securely glued into a metal housing so they can work seamlessly with one another when the phone switches camera perspectives popping the camera module out from the housing is difficult but still possible remember we're still working with the normal iphone 12 pro at this point not the max just yet once the main camera is out i can start opening up the camera module this kills the module but if phone carnage made you queasy you probably wouldn't be subscribed like you are right now i can break open and peel away the metal housing surrounding the camera lens and the camera sensor you can see that the camera lens floats over the top of the sensor like a hoverboard from back to the future the top lens is wiggling to compensate for and stabilize the shakes that happen to the phone while you're taking a picture or video this type of ois can stabilize at about 1 000 times a second which is impressive but not quite as impressive as what's inside of the max taking a look at both camera housings we can see that the iphone 12 pro max is indeed quite a bit larger than the iphone 12 pro optical image stabilization has been a big deal for flagship smartphones for the past few years however professional real size cameras like this gh5 sometimes have a type of stabilization that is called sensor shift it's an internal stabilization method that moves the sensor itself to stabilize the image instead of moving the exterior lens it's much faster since it happens right at the pitcher collection point the sensor this technology has only been found in dslrs until now apple says they've included this sensor shift technology on the iphone 12 pro max it's on the largest sensor of the grouping and is just as difficult to get inside of as the regular iphone 12 pro but pretty much anything is possible with the razer blade i'm actually pretty excited to get inside of this one seeing brand new technology from the inside is why we're here once the back metal is off we get our first look at the bottom side of the camera sensor and it is indeed shifting moving around inside of the housing while the exterior lens stays in the same spot it looks like apple has indeed done it they've done something new i'll pop the camera lens off so we can see how it works apple says that instead of the normal 1000 adjustments per second that we see with regular ois this new sensor shift method can stabilize up to 5000 times per second which is a pretty big deal and means we get quite a bit more accuracy the camera lens portion of the housing has several large magnets and when i say large i mean the size of an ant but still proportional to the camera it's pretty big these magnets sit on top of tiny coils that can ever so slightly shift the position of that sensor the sensor shifts around inside of its housing just like we saw on the professional camera and at 5000 times a second it happens pretty fast of course the sensor of the max is a tiny bit larger than the iphone 12 pro which we can see now that they are side by side this means that the larger sensor on the max can absorb a tiny bit more light which is a good thing the pixel size themselves are also 0.3 micrometers larger on the max than they are the regular i'll let other reviewers be the judge of the actual camera image quality but if you want the best of the subtle camera improvements the iphone 12 pro max is where apple has put everything they've got i'll get the phone reassembled to make sure i don't break it this time around well break the important parts you know what i mean the phone should still work without the rear camera modules installed once the battery is plugged in and the metal plates are back in place the phone does indeed turn back on which is a good thing breaking two iphones in a row would have been kind of embarrassing with the cameras missing the camera app does still open up but just doesn't find anything to show us kind of interesting if you think it's fun to see the insights of high-tech technology but also enjoy things like water resistance warranties and your phone still working you might like my teardown skin it's an exact representation of what's inside of your smartphone while keeping all the important bits covered i'll have to update the sensor shift portion around the camera lens because it looks pretty cool but yeah i'll put a link for the teardown skin down in the video description we're covering more than 60 devices now so we probably have one for whatever phone you're using if you're curious about the large wireless charging coil or the ring of magnets you can check out my full iphone 12 pro tear down video where i explain all of that i'll leave a link for that in the description as well i think apple's done a good job this year let me know what you think of the sensor shift technology down in the comments and come hang out with me on instagram and twitter thanks done for watching i'll see you around

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2.0 – Science behind Rajnikanth ‘s Movie | Mobile Phone Radiation Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Namaskar friends! Robot 2.0 ! Few days ago, I watched the infamous Rajnikanth's and Akshay Kumar's science fiction movie in the theaters. and if you too have watched the movie, you may be wondering the same thing I was, after the movie ended. Is it true what the movie showed? How much truth is there in this movie? I'm not talking about the action scenes in the movie. Nor am I talking about the technology used to make Chitti robot. It is obviously a science fiction movie so all that is fiction.

I'm talking about the so called social message in the movie! It is shown in the movie that the radiation emitted from the cell phone towers, has an adverse effect on people as well as on birds. The movie went so far as to say that, the decline in the birds' population in India in the last many years, is because of the radiation emitted from the cell phone towers. How much truth is there in this? In today's educational video friends, I'll like to tell you about this! Come let's see! In the movie, it is repetitively said that there's radiation coming from the cell phone towers. So what is this radiation actually? It is radio frequency (RF) waves When your phone uses 3G, 4G, or makes calls, It communicates with the cell phone towers through RF waves. Radio frequency waves is a type of electromagnetic waves. To understand this, we have to refer back to our class 12's physics book. If you remember, chapter 8 was electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are produced by the vibrations of electric field and magnetic field.

This is a type of energy propagation. It takes energy from one place to another. It is seen occurring naturally as well as artificially in many places. The best example of electromagnetic waves is light. Light is an EM wave! If you remember the EM spectrum, it is a way to classify various EM waves based on their frequency and wavelength The waves that have the longest wavelength are radio waves, ranging from a few meters to a few kilometers. Then are the microwaves with wavelength of a few centimeters. Your microwave has microwaves in it. Microwave has Microwaves! If concentrated at a place, they produce heat. Then are the infrared waves which are used in remote controlled TVs. Then is the visible light which you can see all around you. Their wavelength ranges from 350-700 nanometer. Different colours have different wavelengths. Then comes the UV rays. The frequency starts to increase from here. X-rays and gamma rays follow UV rays.

The EM waves after the visible light are troublesome. Because their frequency is so high, and their wavelength is so small, they can break chemical bonds inside a molecule. Which is why they are called ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is very harmful for humans and animals alike as they can penetrate into our DNA and break their chemical bonds. Causing mutations in the cells and can eventually lead to cancer. As the frequency of the EM waves increases, they become more dangerous. The radio activity emitted from nuclear material, is the most dangerous. Because the frequency of that radiation and it's power is very high. So now the question arises, whether the EM waves before the visible light, known as non-ionizing radiation, Is this non-ionization radiation harmful for humans and animals? No scientific conclusion has been reached on it yet. Some research state the effects of being exposed to non-ionizing radiation at high levels for a long amount of time. Other researches state that there are no harmful effect on humans and animals. But scientists and experts agree that non-ionization radiation definitely cannot cause mutation or cancer, using the same mechanisms as ionizing radiations.

But is there any other mechanism by which non-ionizing radiations can be harmful for us? It is being researched. The scientists claim that the heat produced by the non-ionizing radiation, like in our microwave, where the heat cooks the food this heat, if concentrated in high powers on human tissues, can cause burns Basically, it has the potential to cause burns if you're exposed to the heat produced by any non-ionizing radiations for prolonged periods Which is why various Government agencies have set radiation limits for cell phones and cell phone towers They do not want the heating effects from non-ionizing radiation to get so much that people suffer burns. FCC, an US agency, has set a radiation limit of 1.6 watts per kilogram Cell phones should not exceed this limit This limit is way less than the radiation which would result in actual heat production. So, you see it is quite safe. The chances of any long term harmful effects, because of using cell phones is very low.

The simple reason for this is, if you take the population of the world as a sample size, you would see the rise in the cell phone usage in the last 20-30 years. Number of people using cell phones has risen exponentially! But there are no diseases which have seen exponential increase in those years. You can see this chart of worldwide cancer cases between 1990-2016. There is no type of cancer cases which saw an immense increase.

Same can be said for any other disease. If using cell phones had resulted in harmful effects, we would have seen it in some disease or other. The best example for this is smoking rates and cases of lung cancer. Here you can see the chart of UK, showing the fall in smoking rates in the last 50 years. And you can also see that the lung cancer cases have fallen at the same rate This tells us that smoking and lung cancer have a direct relation. You can see this relation all over the world. The countries with high rates of smoking, have high rates of lung cancer too.

In china, more than 50% of male population smoke, so the lung cancer rate is very high there. You can see the same relation in Ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer. Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer cases. Because the population there is not well adapted to live in that country. The majority of people living there are of British origins, and are exposed to the large amount of UV rays from sun. Their skin colour has not adapted to live there. The ozone hole is also quite close to Australia, because of which it has even more exposure to UV radiation. It results in Australia having most number skin cancer cases. Overall, what I mean to say is, you do not have to worry.

The chances of radiation from cell phones harming you, are very slim. However if you still want to minimize this radiation, then do not put your cell phone to your ears while talking. Because the closer it is to your body, the more radiation you will be exposed to. Even a little distance would minimize the radiation. I am not promoting cell phone usage. The addiction to smartphones, the mental issues associated with it, you may face those. You should definitely use cell phones only when needed. Nowadays people are addicted to their smartphones, so I would recommend not to over use your cell phones.

About the decline in the bird population for the last 20-30 years, what's the reason for it? Ornithologists agree that there are no conclusive scientific evidence stating that cell phone towers are the reason behind the decline. Which means there are larger forces at play here causing this decline in bird population. The biggest among them is agriculture! Experts believe growth in agriculture, has led to an increase in use of pesticides, which in turn has led to decline in insect population. Since insects are the food for birds, birds cannot feed properly, hence their population is also declining. Agriculture is said to be one of the major reasons. Not only in India, but all over the world, the bird population has started declining. In this graph, you can see the reasons behind this world wide decline of bird population.

'y' axis represents the factors affecting the different species of birds Agriculture, invasive species are the main factors. The other obvious reasons are urbanization, deforestation, climate change, pollution is another important factor here. Which, I feel, specifically in our country is very valid. You can see that nowhere among these threats, cell phone towers are specifically mentioned. So what's shown in the movie is immensely misleading. The movie shows that the main reason behind the decline in the bird population is the cell phone towers. Which is not the case at all.

I felt that the movie had a lot of potential but it missed it's opportunity. Wildlife conservation and bird conservation are very important environmental issues. Not only for our country, but also for the whole world. To put the blame on things like cell phone towers, without any scientific evidence and missing the major points, misleads the audience. The important social message that could have been given out, is wholly missed it isquite unfortunate because they could have dealt with an actual cause like the excessice use of pesticides Instead of blaming cell phone towers in the movie, had they put the blame on pesticides, it would've been scientifically correct, and the audience could have gotten the real message, loud and clear. Not to use excessive pesticides and to promote organic farming. This could have had an actual impact on the falling bird populations. In June 2018 more than 200 scientists from around the world wrote an petition that a specific family of pesticides called neonicotinoids should be banned, because this family of pesticide is adversely affecting the bio diversity and bird population. Now this has been scientifically proven as well. Many researches have shown direct evidence for it.

Such misleading information can have significant dangerous impact on people. Recently in Germany, cases of measles have started cropping up. It is a disease which was completely eradicated from the western European countries. But now the cases are cropping up once more. What is the reason behind this? Rumor mongering and Fear mongering! Rumors had been spread that vaccination is causing mental problems. Even though there is no scientific evidence backing it. It was a lie that spread among the masses. When they stopped vaccinating their kids, the disease which could have been prevented, resurfaced again. Which is why you can see that measles made a comeback.

This type of fear mongering can scam you too. If you search on Google for the impact of cell phone towers your health, or how it increases the risk of cancer, One of the link that comes up on the top searches is of this website. This website tells you how dangerous the radiation from cell phones and microwaves are. If you read the article till the end, they tell you to click at a link if you want to be protected from radiation. When you click on it, you'll see they're selling a pendant to protect one from the radiation.

It is priced at 108$ !! These people are making a fool out of people by playing at their fears. Can they ever be justified? As far as the movie is concerned, I do not feel that the movie is watchable. It is too boring and has no quality content. You do not have to watch it if you were considering to. But this is my opinion, maybe you'll like it. Finally I'll like to say friends, promote scientific thinking, share this video.

And if you like my work, then contribute to me on patreon.com/dhruvrathee by becoming a member on patreon, so that I keep making such educational videos. We shall meet in the next video friends. Thank You!.

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Redmi 10 Prime Unboxing & First Impressions ⚡ MediaTek Helio G88, 90Hz, 6000mAh & More

[Intro] Redmi 10 Prime is here! It’s the 1st phone from the Redmi 10 Series. No, I’m not talking about the Note Series, it’s a Redmi 10 Series phone. It's launched globally as the Redmi 10, but it’s launching here in India as Redmi 10 Prime. There’s a little difference, if you look at the global version, we’ll tell you all about it. I’ll also compare it with the Redmi 9 Prime to see how it’s an updated version. But before that, I’ll unbox it & give you my first impressions & will tell you all along the way! If you enjoy the unboxing, then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already! Let’s start! Unboxing – “India’s No.1 Smartphone Brand”, “Made in India”, the Redmi 10 Prime.

Friends, it has a 90Hz FHD+ Adaptive Sync display. Remember, it’s going to launch around the Rs 11K price range. First, we get the sim card tool in the box, then there’s documentation(no one reads it, I know) And you also have a nice quality case! Generally, the Redmi cases are a little flimsy. But this feels a little more sturdy! So its quality is good, we’ll put it on & show you the looks. This is the phone, alright. There’s a 22.5W charger, but the phone supports only 18W charging. And you get a Type C cable.

Let’s keep everything aside, let’s look at the interesting thing, the phone! It does feel heavy & thick in the hand. Oh my goodness, this is shiny! Yes! Alright, look at this. It’s very shiny, & it’s a plastic back. But it’s definitely a fingerprint magnet! And if you use it without a case, there’ll be scratches on it. But it’s very shiny, I’d say! Let’s put on the case. Nice! The case fits snugly. It looks nice as well! It seems huge with the case on. And we’ve to drop it! Alright! Let’s do this! [Drop Test] The case is good & comes out.

So you can use it with a case & not worry. I don’t think anything will happen even if it falls down from 8-10 ft. If it falls on a big stone right in the middle, then it might get a little damaged. But with the case, you’re safe! To talk about weight, it seems closer to 200g, for sure. It has a huge battery so- [bloopers] Oh, it showed 207 & then- It’s 194g! Wow! I thought it’d be more than 200g. Because, remember it’s got a 6000mAh battery. Wow! It’s 194g even with a 6000mAh battery. It’s probably the lightest smartphone with a 6000mAh battery. It’s interesting that it’s lighter than the Redmi 9 Prime. And it had a 5000mAh battery, while this has 6000mAh.

So well done! The in-hand feel is ok, it seems big but it fits well in the hand. Ports & Buttons – Below, there’s a microphone, USB Type C port & a speaker grill. On the right, there’s a power on/off button that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor. And there's a volume rocker above it. Above, you get an IR blaster, a microphone & a speaker grill. Yes, it has stereo speakers & a 3.5mm jack. On the left, you get a sim card tray above, which I hope has a dedicated SD card slot. Yes, there’s a triple card slot. You get a dedicated SD card slot for expansion. Time to start the phone. And look at it’s inside. If you’re enjoying our unboxing, then do hit LIKE! Display – It’s a 6.5” FHD+ display, there are very few phones in the price range with an FHD+ display. And it also has a 90Hz adaptive refresh rate! It adapts according to what you’re doing. With movies, it’ll be on 45Hz, with gaming it’ll be on 90Hz. So it does have a fast refresh rate with a 180Hz touch sampling rate.

The screen-to-body ratio is good as the side & upper bezels are of average size. The chin is slightly thick, but it looks modern. Specifications – It comes on Helio G88 SoC. It’s the 1st phone with this processor which is an upgrade to the G85. You get about a 10-15% boost in its performance. The AnTuTu scores of G85 are around 2.10-2.15L This one has a score of about 2.45L. So there’s a jump. Remember, it has an eMMC storage type. There are 2 variants in this 4GB+64GB & 6GB+128GB with LPDDR4X RAM type. It has a massive 6000mAh battery with 18W charging. I won’t say 18W is fast charging but you can say it if you want. But it’ll take about 2-2.5 hours to fully charge the battery. But the 6000mAh battery, under normal usage, will go on for 1.5-2 days! So thumbs up there! Performance – To talk about gaming performance, we played the games on HD-High settings, you can play games very well! Remember you’ll get the phone at Rs 11-11.5K. And according to that price, the performance is quite good! The swipes & touches are really nice.

OS UI – You get MIUI 12.5 out-of-the-box, which is based on Android 11. You also get July’s security patch. Interestingly, while setting up the phone, we didn’t see many ads so that was a welcome surprise! They’ve limited the ads but not completely removed them. There might be some ads but we didn’t see many. There are some pre-installed apps that you can uninstall & some Xiaomi apps as well on this phone. Overall, it’s ok & you know they're still are some issues with MIUI 12.5. This phone also has virtual memory(extended RAM). If you buy the 4GB variant, you’ll get an additional 1GB RAM. And with the 6GB variant, you’ll get 2GB of additional RAM(total 8GB). I really don’t know how useful it is. But it’s there. You get Google dialer & Google messaging app in the OS. Camera – It has a quad-camera setup & it’s a big upgrade if you compare it with Redmi 9 Prime. The Redmi 9 Prime had a 13MP primary sensor. While the Redmi 10 Prime has a 50MP primary sensor.

Xiaomi didn’t mention the camera sensor’s brand(Omnivision/Samsung/Sony) But they’ve given more attention to post-processing of pictures & that they’ve concentrated more on the outputs. The quad camera setup – 50MP(primary) + 8MP(ultrawide) + 2MP(depth) + 2MP(macro) I’m not going to talk about the 2MP+2MP. The 8MP(ultrawide) is ok. But if you compare it with the 50MP primary sensor, they aren’t all that great.

They look a little soft. I’m showing you some samples on the screen, do check them out & let us know how they are. The selfie sensor is only 8MP. So, it could’ve been better. It’s a center punch hole. But yes, the 8MP should’ve been better with 12MP/13MP. Sensors – It has all the sensors. There’s a side-mounted fingerprint sensor & face unlock and both work quite well. Connectivity – It’s not a 5G phone, the G88 SoC isn’t a 5G chipset. You get dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling support, Bluetooth 5.1 & dual-band WiFi support. Features – You get Camera2api support as well to use the Gcam port.

There’s Widevine L1 support so streaming would be fun. The display is good, so you won’t have any problems there. You get FM Radio but there’s no notification light. The SAR value is within limits & it’s a splash-proof design! There’s no certification, but a little water or dust won’t harm the phone. Multimedia – It’s an FHD+ display with a 90Hz fast refresh rate. So the display is good with great viewing angles. Yes, it’s not as good as AMOLED but, it’s quite good. You’ll have fun watching videos. And with the stereo speakers along, it’s even better! So multimedia experience gets a big thumbs up! So friends that’s what the Redmi 10 Prime is! And 2-3 things are highlighted according to me.

Firstly, the battery is 6000mAh even after reducing the weight. And the display, if it comes at Rs 11-11.5K, I’d say it’s one of the best displays in this price range. The G88 SoC gives a good performance. So overall performance, display & the 50MP camera is really good! Apart from that, I won’t be able to say much, the 50MP sensor clicks good photos. Overall, I really like this phone! Let’s see at what price it gets launched! If it’s more than Rs 12K, then I’ll say it’s slightly overpriced. But at Rs 11-11.5K, it’ll be a very nice offering in that price range! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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The coolest phone I’ve ever broken – Legion Duel Phone 2

well here we are again with another gaming phone gaming phones are usually the coolest phones and some of my favorites because they push the limits with both design and specs both of which can obviously be utilized by everyone even if gaming isn't your main thing i didn't really know lenovo made smartphones until now i did use one of their laptops all through college though so they have been around for a long time opening up the box we get our first glimpse of the phone lenovo sent me their legion phone dual 2 to check out with a box that's surprisingly optically stabilized already innovative i like it inside the box to get dual usb c cables and a charging brick that has dual usb usb-c ports i'm beginning to see why they call us the dual 2. when both ports are plugged in and used at the same time we can apparently juice up the phone with 90 watts of power i'll get to that more in a second the phone is resting on one more box i'll pull them both out and in here we get a little headphone jack adapter as well as a thin clear plastic case and finally the phone itself this is one of the most unique looking phones we've seen in a while it's got curves in the weirdest places i'm looking forward to this one let's get started [Music] right off the bat this phone feels like a solid chunk of brick it's heavy thick and long with a very strange abnormal growth in the center apparently this center hump is for the brains of the whole operation while the dual batteries are off in the wings in the hump we've got the center mounted cameras as well as the rgb leds and most importantly the dual fans we've seen one fan before in a cell phone and the red magic gaming phones but not two taking apart this dual 2 should be pretty interesting but first things first the scratch test i have a set of mohs mineral picks that help differentiate between different minerals and materials and every now and then we have a phone slip into the system that's hiding under a plastic screen protector doesn't take too long to figure out that this dual two's incredibly unique anatomy might come with some issues normally the camera bump is up top so the phone rocks left and right but this time around with the camel hump in the middle the phone is rocking top to bottom like a giant seesaw not necessarily a bad thing but i could see it getting a little annoying trying to one hand type a message while the phone is laying on a flat surface it'll bounce around like a bobble head finishing up the scratch test we see that the screen is made from tempered glass by its scratches at level six with deeper grooves at a level seven this is the part where we normally go find the front facing camera but as you can clearly see this phone does not have one at least not where we would normally expect it it's got a side mounted motorized pop-up camera hidden underneath the power button i didn't see that one coming it's a loud little guy apparently it's here on the side so that gamers can livestream themselves playing games while the phone is being held horizontally and it makes quite a bit of sense and since the camera is motorized it's not taking up any pixel real estate inside that display pressing the power button which is now extended up into the air still turns off the screen and retracts the camera it's kind of weird if you want to take normal vertical selfies of course but definitely not a deal breaker the lens on the front of the camera is made from glass and is scratch resistant and impressively has 44 megapixels the camera also has fall protection which we've seen on other pop-up camera smartphones where it tries to retract before hitting the ground if it's ever dropped the large earpiece speaker grille is made from plastic and won't be falling out on its own it's also one of a pair dual loudspeakers on a phone where everything is dual the bottom stereo speaker grille is also made from plastic the right side of the phone is made from metal and there's a whole lot going on no mechanical pop-up buttons like we saw on the black shark 3 gaming phone but there are a total of four ultrasonic programmable gaming buttons on this side alone two on the right side then we have the textured metal power button sitting on top of the motorized camera and then of course the output vent for the internal dual fans which we'll get to in a second and then the other pair of programmable buttons on the top side the top of the phone is pretty empty then over here on the left side of the phone we have the metal volume rocker and one of the two usb-c ports the second usb-c port of course is down at the bottom where it normally is next to the dual sim card tray which has a slot on either side for sim cards we'll talk more about the usb-c ports in a second the back of the phone is interesting of course like a turtle we've never seen anything quite like it there are an additional two programmable capacitive buttons under that slope of the rear glass leading up to the center camera mountain all of these rear surfaces of course are made from glass and as we know a gaming phone can't be a gaming phone without some sweet led action there are two cameras included on everest here one is a 64 megapixel main sensor and the other is a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens both protected under that same piece of glass and of course the fans which are both back here as well now supposedly this fan contraption is specially oriented over the vapor chamber which helps with heat dissipation and supposedly both fans are ip58 meaning that it's protected against water but we'll have to see how that's even possible from the inside during the tear down video the fans are pretty quiet and i can get them going full blast with rampage mode they are tiny little guys though with 29 blades each the intake fan is spinning at 12 500 rpm and the exhaust fan is spinning at 15 000 rpm lenovo says the fans are capable of lowering the internal temperature of the qualcomm 888 processor by over 30 percent compared to other smartphones that have the same chip which is pretty impressive and definitely a worthwhile addition to the phone if i get little pieces of paper sprinkled on my desk we can see the exhaust fan moving them a little bit but it's still a pretty small blower i ripped a thread out of my shirt so we can see it a little clearer a little wisp blowing in the gentle breeze a gentle breeze that of course helps you kill your enemies more efficiently speaking of vanquishing enemies efficiently it does take a lot of energy and the legion phone dual 2 has plenty of that as you've guessed there are dual batteries one on either side of the phone which is a little worrisome since the dual battery situation didn't work out too well for the rog phone 5 but let's keep our fingers crossed that lenovo's done it better both of these ports can be used to charge up the batteries when i plug in one of the cables it turns on turbo charging and when both of them get plugged in it turns on dual turbo charging which pumps 90 watts of power into the phone to charge the massive 5 500 milliamp hour battery to 100 in just 30 minutes which has also got to be some kind of record finally the burn test we'll make things a little more interesting this time around with a little help from the fans it's easy to tell that this is the intake by the way it's ingesting the flame internally digesting fire is generally frowned upon but you gotta admit it looks pretty cool the exhaust vent is also strong enough to blow out my lighter which is pretty impressive and at least now we know the fans are good at working in extremely hot environments the screen of the dual 2 is a 6.9 inch 1080p display with a 144hz refresh rate and most impressively a 720hz touch sampling rate which i'm pretty sure is another record the touch sampling rate is almost more important than the refresh rate while gaming since it's how fast the screen can sense what your fingers are doing and then of course the amoled display does last for about 33 seconds under the heat from my lighter and does not fully recover now again fingerprint scanners are not my favorite but i do have a theory about scanners that don't work very well usually it's the flat optical scanners with a wide sensor and no lens that can't read my fingerprint and since this phone is struggling to even set my fingerprint it'll be interesting to see if my hypothesis is correct when we open it up from the inside i'm guessing the optical scanner doesn't have a lens now when i first picked up this phone i noticed that it's extremely heavy to the point where i'm not even remotely concerned about it breaking but you know there are some weird shapes and structural designs going on and well turns out there is a weaker gaming phone than the rog phone 5.

The legion phone dual 2 with its two speakers two fans and two batteries is now most definitely in two pieces the display is shattered and destroyed underneath that gorilla glass 5 which surprisingly is still intact at first close-up glance at the breaking point it looks like pitted porous metal was the culprit of the break but it turns out it's a clean snap right along that antenna line which match up on either side of the glass hump the antenna lines are usually plastic to allow the phone to get its signal since antennas don't work well through metal unfortunately though these same antenna lines are also symmetrically mirrored at the other end of the camera mountain which means the legion phone 2 is now the legion phone 3 as in it's in 3 pieces if those antenna lines were positioned differently or reinforced internally this might have gone differently the front glass is still intact though nice work corning a bad year for gaming phones really shows how well gorilla glass holds up the legion phone dual 2 does not pass my durability test now remember durability is just one aspect of choosing your next phone a simple case will solve the majority of structural issues and just because i broke it does not make it a bad phone it just gives us an idea of what to look out for and what situations to avoid while owning it it's a super cool phone literally and figuratively internally and externally just don't sit on it the tear down will still be pretty interesting we'll check out those fans from the inside as well as the supposedly massive vapor chamber so hit that subscribe button if you haven't already come hang out with me on instagram and twitter and thanks a ton for watching i'll see you around

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Can a Folding Phone Bend Both Ways?! – Bend Test!

Have you ever thought to yourself 'I totally
wish my phone could fold in half'? If so, join the club. And if not, now all the wildest dreams you've
never had are coming true with the world's first foldable phone you can actually buy. It's called the FlexPai from a company called
Royole. It's literally the first phone with a foldable
screen that's commercially available. Yeah, Samsung did have one once upon a time,
but they still haven't gotten around to actually releasing the Galaxy Fold yet. So I'll believe it when I see it and can actually
buy one. Inside the box is whatever this is. And here is the FlexPai with some instructions
on how to fold and unfold the phone written on the outer covering. Honestly, I think it looks pretty cool. It feels solid and heavy. I held one of these for the first time at
CES this year. But obviously, since that was a demo unit
and not my own personal device, I wasn't going to try to see what happens when it's bent
both directions.

Today though, this one here is all mine, and
there's no one here to stop us. Let's get started. [Intro] Right out of the box there are some confidence
diminishing instructions that flash across the screen, like 'only charge the phone with
the device unfolded.' And then look here at this massive list of
instructions: don't drop it, keep the surface dry and clean, please avoid sharp or pointed
objects….uh huh, got it, sure thing. And right below that, it keeps going on to
say no screen protectors are allowed, and the phone can't be opened if the temperature
is below freezing. It also looks like the side of the phone is
super magnetic. This is going to be fun. Opening and closing the phone automatically
changes how the apps are displayed on the screen. Magnets are the thing that holds the phone
shut in the closed position with a very satisfyingly hard click. The magnets will definitely keep the phone
from flopping open on its own.

The hinge of the phone here in the center
is covered with a very dark blue rubberish material and held in place by a series of
hex screws. It takes up a good portion of the back panel
real estate. It looks like one of those wrinkly dogs, or
even a slinky that can be bent back and forth. Good luck slapping a dbrand skin on this one. When it does snap closed, it leaves just enough
room inside for a pencil to clip into the gap between the back halves. Might be a perfect spot for a future stylus…just
saying. The two back panels have a subtle shimmer
that we see on most smartphones these days – low key, and it doesn't really draw attention
to itself…well, besides the fact that it folds in half.

That's a minor detail of course. You can see how reflective and shiny the screen
is as well. The scratch test is going to be super interesting. The weird thing to me though is that the screen
is always going to be exposed on the outside of the phone – always. The whole thing is just there…vulnerable. The whole system functions like an Android
tablet, but then has the ability to fold closed to be the size of a phone. It also has memory enough to remember which
app was open on which side of the phone each time you flip it around. It also has a little center options bar in
the fold of the phone.

Honestly, it looks pretty slick. Yeah, the thing is a bit thick, but if it's
durable, I could totally see myself using one of these. Trying to think of logical reasons of why
I would actually ever need a foldable phone though. It would probably mostly be just watching
movies and YouTube since, you know, I spend a lot of time on YouTube. This Flexi-boy can watch videos in full screen
mode while the phone is folded. And it can also watch full screen videos in
the unfolded mode. Honestly, pretty darn cool. A company called Asurion did a study one time
and found that people check their phones on average about 80 times a day. And judging by the amount of people I see
texting and driving, I believe that number. Royole says on their website that this phone
is good for over 200,000 folds. So if we're unfolding this FlexPai 80 times
a day, under perfect conditions of course, this phone would last almost 7 whole years. That's pretty fantastic considering that the
Galaxy fold lasted about 7 whole days.

Remember this thing is available to buy right
now for a cool $1,300 dollars. Let's see what we get for that. Inside the box we get a SIM card removal tool
and a microfiber cloth, some USB-C braided headphones, and a USB-C power cable, and a
branded power brick. There's no case or screen protectors inside
the box. That's interesting. Now that we know everything is working properly,
let's start with the scratch test. Knowing what we know about the laws of physics,
it's pretty safe to say that the screen is not going to be made from glass, since glass
is glass and glass does not bend.

The surface of the FlexPai has to be made
from a flexible optically clear plastic. The hardness level of that plastic though
is up for debate. In this particular case we see that the level
2 pick leaves no marks on the screen. But the level 3 pick, as it's applied to the
surface of the flattened phone, starts leaving indented grooves all along the whole surface
of the display. This is why there were warnings when I first
turned on the phone.

The FlexPai gets permanently damaged at a
very soft Mohs level 3. This is the main reason having a screen on
the outside of the fold is a bad idea. When it's in your pocket, both sides of the
screen are rubbing up against the sides of your pocket. And again, when it's folded on a table, one
screen side will always be touching something hard. There is no safe zone. Watch as my fingernail can also damage the
screen permanently.

This thing is going to get pretty wrecked
with every day use – especially since screen protectors are not allowed. Samsung's implementation of having the screen
fold up inside the phone is hypothetically the better of the two methods since the closed
fold protects the plastic screen. But, you know, their phone also only lasted
a week. So you win some, and you lose some. Checking out the top of the FlexPai, moving
from the plastic layer up to the top panel, there's a definite ridge.

And that panel is made from glass. My razor is doing no damage to the surface
of that at least. The internal magnet is also pulling my razor
all over the place. Even holding up my pry tool with its own magical
magnetic strength. It's super strong. Probably because that hinge won't let the
phone stay closed without it. A little trick I learned from Marquez with
this magnet paper. We can see the large rectangular magnet right
dead center inside the glass panel. We can also see the two bottom loud speakers
in the center of each half. And over there in the bottom corner is the
vibration motor, also made from magnets.

There's another large rectangular magnet on
the other side of the phone that will keep things shut. Pretty darn cool. We'll take a look at the insides of the FlexPai
during the teardown…you know, if it survives the rest of this durability test. There is a dual tone LED flash alongside the
dual camera lenses. A 16 megapixel normal camera is paired up
with a 20 megapixel telephoto camera. No complaints here. Having multiple cameras that offer different
perspectives is really the way to go. That's one of the things I'm looking forward
to when I finally upgrade my personal Galaxy S8 Plus. With so many sides to analyze, this might
take a minute. The bottom right quadrant has a loudspeaker
grill. The bottom has the power button, volume up
button, fingerprint scanner, and the volume down button, in that exact order. The fingerprint scanner chilling here in the
middle is in a weird spot, but I'm not judging.

Even after scratching up the surface of the
scanner, it was still able to read and recognize my fingerprint nearly every single time. The bottom left quadrant has a whole lot of
nothing…except more metal. The hinge portion is where things start to
get interesting, and we'll talk more about this in a second. But Royole has literally trademarked the name
Cicada Wing as the name for this thing. True story: a cicada is a super gross bug,
and I have no idea why in the world they would choose that to brand their phone with. I give Apple a hard time about a lot of things,
but at least they don't name their phone parts after bugs. The rubber portion has little air pockets
in it to allow the flexing between the hinge segments.

The rubber wrinkles sit over the little voids
in the hinge…kind of like when Grandma pulls your cheek. It's all kinds of squishy. The top left quadrant has more metal, along
with a USB-C charging port and a SIM card tray. It's really nice of Royole to include an SD
card slot. Adding movies and media to the large screen
will be super easy. The top of the phone has more metal and a
few plastic antenna lines. Honestly, the more I see, the more I like. It's a really super fun phone. Checking the back panels where we would normally
see glass, this Flexi-boy has large plastic rectangles. The phone is heavy enough that initially I
thought the panels were made of glass, but it is not.

My razor blade's making short work of the
surface which is actually really good news for us because now I get to tell you more
about this vial little cicada bug that Royole is so proudly naming their phone after. No, I don't care about most bugs…they don't
bother me, I don't bother them. But cicadas are in a realm all of their own.

These cousins of crickets swarm out of ground
every 13 years. Then they shed their crunchy potato chip skin
like a snake, grow wings on either side of their body, and then cicadas make an incredibly
loud incessant noise by vibrating membranes on their abdomen. [Cicada sounds] That's more annoying than
any sound I've ever made. Then the cicadas go lay their eggs in tree
branches, which kills the branch, making it fall to the ground where the baby bugs can
crawl out into the ground and wait for another 13 years before they can pop out and start
the whole process all over again. This is a true story. The cicada wings are slightly separated from
one another like the folds of this phone, so I can kind of see why they're named after
each other. But still…gross. The bug should be burned. Nailed that transition. The 7.8 inch 1920 x 1440 flexible display
lasted about 5 seconds under the heat from my flame. The screen is so thin there's no insulating
layer over the pixels to absorb the heat like we see on glass phones.

The flame directly burns the pixels, literally
destroying them to the point of no return in 5 seconds. Makes me wonder if impacts or pressure points
might do the same to individual pixels, especially since if the folded phone accidentally drops,
no matter how it falls, it's going to hit the screen area. It'll be interesting to see how this phone
progresses into the wild as more people own it. Now it's time for the bend test. When bending from the front, we get a nice
uniform fold along the center of the device, with a satisfying click at the end as the
magnets latch together. The screen still rotates to face whatever
side is active at the moment. Opening the phone up, we see no permanent
kinks or cracks in the frame, thankfully, or this would be pretty awkward since that's
the way the phone's supposed to bend. Alright, here's a few more times now, and
you know, just from the front because I'm kind of legit nervous and I feel pretty bad
about what might happen next.

I've been curious if a tight pants pocket
might be able to collapse or crush the folded phone since it has the large gap in the frame. It's kind of just asking for trouble. With a full palm grip and 100% effort trying
to crush the phone single handedly – nothing happens. The hinge is intact and the phone is still
totally operational. The hardware is going to be uncrushable by
the pocket of your skinny jeans. My fingers do not hurt the pixels either,
so I'm glad for that. But what happens if the phone is laid flat
and grandma sits on it? Well, to be honest, it actually flexes quite
a bit in the wrong direction with no damage. Going from the flat 180 degrees all the way
to a 270 degree three-quarter circle before the hinge finally snapped in half, breaking
at two points. But the phone itself is still turned on and
functional, even after bending in the complete opposite and wrong direction. The FlexPai swings both ways. Even with that crack in the hinge, it still
folds shut normally. And then when bending back out the wrong direction
again, we can see how paper thin the display really is.

Royole is currently putting the same display
technology on t-shirts and hats for about $900 each. I do think we gotta be honest here for a second. This thing is lasting a lot longer than we
all thought it would. Look how tight this fold gets. Flexible screen technology is pretty amazing. I can literally bend this FlexPai any way
I want and it's still functioning. My mind is blown. I don't even really know what to do with myself
right now. This thing survived longer than the iPad Pro. Thumbs up for that.

Royole might have just single-handedly made
my bend test irrelevant with this invincible foldable display…well, until this happened
anyway. One wrong fold at an angle pinched the screen
in a way that finally cracked it right down the center. Apparently the display can only be folded
along one plane, which makes sense. The structure of the phone hinge got demolished
in the first bend, so there wasn't anything there to support the screen from behind. The large gentle curve of that hinge made
each folding movement easier on the screen. Even though we've seen the display can handle
much tighter creases, having that gentle fold I'm sure preserves longevity.

That one long crack along the center finally
did kill the touch sensitivity of the phone as well. But either way, the Royole FlexPai put up
a really good fight and I'm downright impressed. I'm a huge fan of this new flexible innovation. Even now in the beginning stages, where it's
not totally useful, I think that with normal use, the FlexPai will probably last for quite
a while. It almost even won this round. And even though the phone ended up dead, I
think we should have a moment of silence for the world's first foldable phone. [Cicada sounds] Do you see yourself using a foldable phone
in the future? Also, should we perform an autopsy on the
FlexPai to see the insides? Let me know down in the comments. Hit that subscribe button if you haven't already. Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching. I'll see you around..

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FAMILY HOUSIE | Family Comedy Challenge | Giant Tambola | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends. Today, we are going to do. Bowl Challenge. No, Bingo. Yes, All of you must have played housie. Today's housie is a little special. As you can see, such a big ticket. And. Such big numbers. Let's start the game. There are eight players. These are gifts. Shall I show you? There are eight cards and six prizes. Game is a simple.

This has number from 1 to 90. I'll say number one by one. Everyone will cross the numbers in their respective cards. If you cross numbers accordingly you can win. How will winners be decided? First prize is for early five. The one who gets five numbers the earliest. Amongst you. They will get chocolate box. Second prize is for corners. Four corners. OK. The corners could vary. The winner of four corners will get a wrist watch. And first line, middle line and bottom line. The prizes involve for that are. Spa basket, Edible Basket, and Stationery basket. The last prize is. Five Thousands for Full House. Wow! Let's start the game. This is our fish bowl. I'll start. Yes. Number bowl. Number bowl. We'll start the game of Great Bingo. Alright! I'm taking out the first number. Who will win the most prizes? Me! (Everyone) I can win too, as Ruchi is playing on my behalf. Yes. I have a card too. But I won't look at that side. OK. First number is… Oh! Blank! Wow! What a start! You're teasing us.

I am not teasing. That's what it came. First number is… Five eight, Fifty-Eight. Fifty Who has it? Me! Wow! Piyush, you have it too. Wow. Second number is… Yes! Wow! One four, Fourteen. Oh fourteen! I have it. Wow! I don't have it. I am not getting anything. You will. It has just begun. Pihu will get it too. Everyone will get there number. Next number is… Buy 2 get 1 free, number three. I have it! Makeshift a number for me too. Aayu got it. Single number three.(Everyone) I don't have it. You don't? No. Now the number is sixty five.

Six five, sixty five! (everyone). I have it. I am not getting it. Wow Aayu and Yaana! The next number is… Well, six four, sixty-four. Six four. I have this too. I don't have anything! like number three. Dad is not drawing good numbers. No. I got one. Who will win early five? I crossed three numbers, so I'm ahead. Yes! Aayu is ahead. He's got a better chance. Because I know the first prize is chocolates. Aayu wants early five. Chocolates and Aayu can't stay away from each other. Next number is… Which is good. Yes! Draw my number. What a number! Seven six, seventy-six. I got it! Oh! Very good! I don't have seven-six. Only I'm left. I got some advantage. I'm left too. We've started Pihu. Draw seven-four, seven-five. Tendulkars' number, number ten! Oh I got it, I got it! What enmity do you have with me? You're not giving me anything.

What enmity? Like you don't know. Next number is… One two, Twelve, one-dozen. Oh Man! I am not getting it. Oh! I got it. In which world are you lost? He's not crossing. Pihu you cross twenty one too. If you don't want it, give it to someone else. Yes! Give it to me instead. He'll win. Wow! Sweet sixteen. Sweet sixteen, I want seventeen. Yay! I got it. I got it too. Yay! Mom and Yaana got it together. Who will this chocolate prize for early five? Me! I'll win too. I got three too. Next number is five one, fifty one. I got it, I got it! Won't you say a number before it? Yes! I'm the only one who didn't got any! You keep your card. We all know about your luck. Check it the card says Ruchi right? Next number is three one, thirty-one. Three two, thirty two. 2, 1, 21. Give me one before it. I wanted 32 too. It won't work like that. I have it. OK. Next number is… This is… Golden Jubilee number fifty. Fifty (Everyone) Who has fifty? I have it. I don't! Did someone got four numbers? Mine two.

Mine three, me too. Stuck at three. Mom's got zero. Mine two. No one has more than three. Three nine, thirty nine. Three nine, I got it! You got three? Yes. We are at the same. Hi-five. No one has four. No one got four? No! Another blank! All blanks are done. Draw my number. Which number do you want? If I tell you, you won't draw it out. 41! Single number six. Yay!! Yay, I got nothing. Yay! Ronak got three numbers too. I don't got anything. I got three. Me too. I got three too. Everyone has three. None is getting four. It's on you. Last number. Ninety! Ninety! Yes, I have it. I don't. Mom's got three too. Kanchan got three too. Everyone has three. Yes! Mom's got one. Mine two. Age to vote. Eighteen (Everyone). Seventeen. It's eighteen. I want 17. Can't I cross it's opposite.

I'm playing on behalf of Piyush, so I'll take his prizes. Won't its opposite work? No. A number next to eighteen. One nine, Nineteen! Nineteen! Dad's cheating. He's drawing out his own numbers. Draw out twenty. How can I draw? I'm not even looking. Don't call me a cheater. Similar down and upside, sixty-nine! I got it, early five! Dad got it! Oh wow! I am playing for him. Dad, I am your son. Dad share it. This gift, first let me cross it. I'll give this chocolate box to myself. Give it to me, me! Half is mine. Please. Because I did the work. Remuneration. She asking for her remuneration. I'll give her the basket. Yes, the basket, wrappers. And the gift wrapper. Good, it's half-half. Draw fast. I'll get it from my ticket. Corners! First prize has been given. I am happy. They are sad. Congratulations! Thank you. Congratulations! Now, prizes are left for corners, first line.

Second line, third line and full house. Four two, forty-two. Four two, forty-two. Four, one. four, seven, forty-nine, anything. Won't you draw one before it? I gave away the prize, we didn't check it. Yes! 18,OK. 19,OK. 51,OK. 58,OK. 69. Very good. Alright! Now, the next number is… One-dozen is twelve. So, cross the score. Twelve. No. Ten. One-dozen is twelve, so score is? I don't know. Twenty-four. Twenty! Twenty! Yes! I have twenty. Yay! Yaana got twenty! Yay! Yaana! I got twenty too. I got three now. You got three or four. Seven one, seventy-one. Seven, one. I got it. Seven, one, seven, one. I just want to complete one line I have to complete one line too. Friends, Aren't you enjoying? Please like the video. And subscribe if you haven't. OK. Let's play and see who'll win? You can win corners too. I want to win the middle line prize.

Alright. Number four, single number four. I don't have it. It's cheating. It's four only, how is it cheating. I am barely getting numbers. That's cheating. I keep my pen down only. Single number again, eight. Wow! Single number again. Give us numbers of eight series. Yes, I will give, 81. Yes. 108. No that. Four three, Forty-three. Four three, Forty-three. I don't want that. I've kept my pen down. Me too. Me too. I can still win. What a number! sixty. Six zero, sixty. It's mine. No! Wow, Pihu is about to win the middle line.. She just need two numbers more. India's independence year. Forty-seven. Four seven, forty-seven. I got it. Sixty-seven. I got forty-seven. I want fifty-seven. How many teeth in Mom's mouth? Thirty-two. Three two, thirty-two. I am not getting any numbers. Yes! I got it after so long. You're drawing such bad numbers. Swirl it around. I think the numbers are less. Yes, Can't see it only. You can check it all. Why am I not getting any numbers? Me too.

Seven five, seventy-five. Seven five. No, No one got it? I got it! I dropped my pen. Yay! People drop the mic. I dropped my pen. Seven five, Seven five. Alright, someone was asking for this? A number for the pen drop. One seven, seventeen. Wow! At least, we got something Ronak. Number is four six, forty-six. Four six. Oh! I got it! No, I want 49. Next time. I want it too. I want fifty-seven.

Seventy-two. Five three, fifty-three. Five three. Sixty-three. No! What no? Shouldn't I get some numbers. Seventy-three. I am barely getting numbers. I am stuck too. One five, fifteen Oh! Dad draw out some good numbers. I am about to get middle line. I am stuck. I want middle line too. Pihu, Your middle line is in risk. Why? Let's see who gets it? Number is two seven, twenty-seven. Aayu's Birthday date! Aayu has it too. Seven eight, seventy-eight. Seven eight, seventy-eight. Dad, draw out some good numbers. Only your numbers are getting. Three seven, thirty-seven. Three six, thirty-six. Next number, 57, 21. Don't say other numbers.

Why, I want that. OK. Unlucky number. Thirteen (Everyone) Has someone got it? Me! That's unlucky number. It's unlucky, you won't get anything. At least, I got the number. Double dozen. Twenty-four (Everyone). Twenty-four. Mom has a cross formation. Wow, Game's starting number. One (Everyone). I got it. Wow! Dad's got it too. Uncle please give us series of eight. Everyone wants it. Pihu, me. Me too. Kanchan too.

Everyone want series of eight! I got four. I want it too. Pick up sticks, fifty-six! Fifty-six. I just need eighty for middle line. Wow! My middle line, mine! Dad won't draw eight's series, forget it. I want eighty! No, eighty-one. Eighty-two, eighty-three, eighty-seven. Give her everything. She wants everything. Four dozen. Forty-eight (Everyone). Yes! Mine. I got it too. Draw opposite. Forty-nine. Nobody is winning anything. We want all opposite. Corner, line anything. No, nothing! (Everyone) It's because of you. Next is eight four, eighty-four. Wow! Dad eighty! Eighty-one. Eighty. Mine is eight four. Eighty-seven. Eighty. If I say, he won't give me. Eighty-eight. Eighty-five. Single number. We are five. I don't have five. We want eight. You're fast. We want two. So, shouldn’t I? Aren't you? Four zero, forty. Four zero, forty. Forty-one, forty nine. Fifty-seven. Better luck next time. Double the forty. OK. Is one done? I just need five more for full house. OK. Full house? First complete the line, then full house.

Yes He has very few numbers left. I got four. Very good. Three five, thirty-five. Dad draw good numbers. I want middle line. Yes sweet-pea. It's coming. Look these two. He needs one. He'll get it first. No, me. The number that Pihu wanted. Pihu's luck. Fifty-seven. Aayu, we are same. Yes! I want fifty-one now. He wants eighty. Only your numbers are coming. Eighty! Look at your husband's card too. He won't draw eighty. Look his card is all red. Eighty, thirty. Don't look here, look there too. Eight's Series. What? Eighty-eight. Eighty-three. Eighty-three. Wow! Oh! I want eighty. Eighty-three. Eighty-eight. I also have one number left for middle line. Eighty! Eighty-five. Eighty-one. Wow! One and one. Eleven (Everyone.) Eleven. Two. I got first number of middle line. Eleven! One and one should be two. Yaana eleven! Oh! Yaana got it too.

Wow, four one, forty one. Yay! Yaana got it again. Yaana got two. I got too. Someone was complaining before. Yes! We requested that's why you're listening. Pihu sister and Aayu got it. You want it both ways. Three zero, thirty. Yay! You got again! Yaana is getting numbers continuously. She's waiting for long that's why. Who's going to get lucky now? Sorry, I got two. Dad draw eighty-one. Six two, sixty-two. Sixty-two. You could have gotten sixty-three. One before that. Seventy-two. No! You got it right. No! Do it like that only.

Single number. Two? Seven. Oh! It's mine. Thank you. Welcome. Most welcome. Seven and three. What's it? Ten! Seventy-three. That's done. Oh! I got middle line. Wow! Aayu was so close. And you were the complaining. And you won. Get your numbers checked. 17. OK. 31. OK. 53. OK. 73, 83. Very good, What gift do you want? Come collect your gifts. Mom, take the spa basket.

I'll take it. Spa Basket, Edible basket, Stationery basket? Spa basket. Share it mom. Both the prizes came to our house. Now, don't call me cheater. I'm playing fair. Just draw eighty-five and nine. Then, I'll get second line. OK, I'll find it for you. You can't claim middle line now. Yes, you can't claim middle line now. Otherwise you would be flunked. Corner, top line, bottom line and full house are left. Seventy-four. Seventy-four. Yes! Say seventy-nine. Who got seventy-four? Yaana! Seven nine, seventy-nine. Oh! OK, OK, Corner! Aayu got corners! You're taking all the gifts. Cheating! I won! We can't help. Come, come! This is Bingo! Prize for corners is wrist watch. I wanted it. This is wrist watch. Go ahead and enjoy! I want that.

Go there! I got it. You've to win to get it. I am not getting numbers. Don't play with watch. Focus on next round. Number four five, forty-five. Dad, draw my numbers. Get the opposite of it. You watch, I'll win last round too. No, me! Now the opposite fifty-four. OK, OK, I got one more. Top Line. What! Aayu got Top line. Yay! Aayu take the edible basket. I want edible basket. Aayu share it with me. OK. One thing. No two. Listen! The value full house is more than that of other prizes. You'll take that too, because Aayu's close to full house. I can't do anything. I will win. This is Bingo! Nothing can happen. Eight zero, eighty. Who wanted it. No one asked for it. Me, I won't say middle line. Don't say it Aayu. Aayu wants only one number for full house. Four nine, forty-nine. Four nine. I got it.

Me too. Thank you. Last number is left. My luck is not working. Only last? Her luck is not working. Two nine, twenty-nine. Two nine. Did you put wheels under your luck? No, then how will it work. Like this, like this. The next number is… Five two, fifty-two. Yes! I got it. I don't have it, me neither. Very good. My luck is working a little. Three-eight, thirty eight. Three-eight, thirty eight. I have it. No, I want twenty-eight. Six seven, sixty-seven. Yay, I have it. I have it too. One before that. Bottom line is still left. Uncle, make me lucky. Yes! Corners done, bottom line and full house is left. Number is three four, thirty-four. Seven zero, seventy. Mine! I need one. I need two for first line. But top line is done already. Sister what number do you want? Eight two, eighty-two. Many numbers. Seven two. Seventy-two. Eighty-one. You want double, I want it too. I want eighty-one too. Next number is… Triple dozen Thirty-six (Everyone) Wow! Bottom Line! Ronak won too! At least, we won something. Come! We don't want line. We want full house.

Ronak gets stationery basket. Ronak share it. Yaana will take half of it. OK, Enjoy! Half mine too. No. Full house is left. Five thousands. Win this. Five thousands. Draw number fast. Only full house is left. Five thousands. Only one number is left. Eight seven, eighty-seven. Who wanted. Mom. No one. Mom wanted it. I don't say it only. Help your friend. When will this friendship be fruitful? I want eighty-eight. When will this marriage be fruitful? Friend came before wife. So what, you'll make your friend win. Make your wife win. Eight six, eighty-six. Oh! Betrayal. I asked one after, you gave one before. One for wife, one for himself. Eight one, eighty-one. Yay! Mine! I got it too. Only full house is left. How many numbers do you want fro full house? 5, 5, 5, We all are the same. Yaana's? 5. Number is two three, twenty-three. Two one! Two two! I am asking since the beginning. Six three, sixty-three. Oh! Yes. Aayu can't hold his pen.

He won that's why. My hands got red. Double number, forty-four. No. Don't have it. Double it Thirty-three please. Eighty-eight. We are asking since long. We don't want that. Single number nine. Yay! You're crossing continuously. I want two. What's your problem? Stop it. You're looking at my card. Oh I have too. Double number. I want four. Double three Thirty-three. Thirty-three! Draw double seven. Or double two. Draw everything double. We want all. Mine also one is left. Which one? Sixty-eight. Six one, sixty-one. Yes! What does Mom want? Sixty-eight. Don't tell. Dad, sixty-eight.

Should I throw it out? Yes! You already won a lot. Two one, twenty-one. Mine. I need one more. I need two more and twenty-eight. You have your eyes set on mine. Only these many are left. I have too. I need five numbers. Five! I need three.There are total 10 numbers in it. Game is getting interesting. Yes! Aayu needs one too. Six on six? Sixty-eight. Sixty-six She forgot everything in her excitement. I am just waiting for sixty-eight. So I Win. Piyush if you drew sixty-eight. I won't play. Seven two, seventy-two. Yes, I got it. Dad, I just need one number. Draw that. I can't help son. Yaana want two. Double number. Who wanted it? Me! (Everyone) Seventy-seven. Yes! No! That we didn't want. Double eight or five. Dad got it. How much he needs? Oh! Piyush you also need one.

Which one? Twenty-six? One more double number. What? Say it. Fifty-five. Yay! Finally, he got fifty-five. One more double number. Yes! Double once again! Eight eight, eighty-eight. Yay! He's now getting all the numbers. Of course, if the prize is money. Manish will win. I just need one number. I came from five to one. Give me my number too. Yes son. I want it too. Me too. And one more. Everyone is stuck at one. Single number. Two! That was only left and Pihu knew. Aayu and are similar. Ronak's birth date. Pihu's too. Eight five, eighty-five. Yes I got it. Twenty-eight. Thank you God. Mom you also need 72 and 79. Next number is eight nine, eighty-nine. Kanchan, I just need sixty-one. One number. It came already. What? Cross it fast. Yay! I got full house! Yes! we won! Were you sleeping? He woke up after long. No one called it either. He didn't know! You were focused on us. No one called it either.

No one. We won! Oh yes! We could have called it. Friends, I hope you enjoyed today. I won chocolates. I won edible basket and wrist watch I won spa basket. I won stationery basket. I want the smallest thing. But the biggest! Like and share the video. We'll see you in next video. Bye!.

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Sony Xperia 1 vs Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test Comparison

– What's up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and welcome to another SuperSaf
style camera comparison, this time between the Sony Xperia 1 and the Samsung Galaxy S10+, the most requested on
the channel recently, so a thumbs up for that
will be appreciated. In the usual format, we'll be looking at front, rear facing cameras, images, video, low-light,
all of the good stuff. And right now we're starting off with the front facing cameras. We're gonna have 4K on the S10+, which is capable of. We are at 1080p on the Xperia 1. So, you can have a look. Got a lot of light coming
from the background, so this should test out the
dynamic range quite well. Before we test our stabilization, we are going to switch to 1080p to make it fair on both the devices.

Right, now at 1080p from both devices. Also, I've got to say, look
out for the audio icon. so you'll know which device
the audio is coming from. Let's go ahead and
initially start with a walk. Now let's go ahead and run. (footsteps running) Now we've switched the rear facing cameras performing at 4K. Let's go ahead and test
out the stabilization. (footsteps running) Now what we'll do is see the different angles of view. So, we'll try to zoom
into those ducks there. Both devices can do up to
two times optical zoom. Let's see if we can go into
the wide angle as well. Right so we can't actually
go on to the ultra wide with the Xperia 1. That's an option that's not
available unfortunately. We can go film with ultra wide. You can see that we are getting a lot more into our shots on the S10+. That's interesting. We've just switched to
1080p on both devices.

This is just to test
out the stabilization. Stabilization is usually better at 1080. (footsteps running) (lighter clicks) Now just testing the
autofocus on the Xperia 1. It's okay, not super fast. Same test on the S10+ and it's noticeably faster. That was the video. Now before we move on to images, let's have a quick look at
what we're working with here. For the rear-facing cameras, we have a very similar triple
rear-facing camera setup with a primary camera, a telephoto camera that's gonna give us
two times optical zoom, as well as an ultra wide.

Now the S10+ plus does have
a slightly higher resolution for the ultra wide and the primary camera also has a variable aperture,
where it's gonna switch depending on the light in your scene. And for the front-facing cameras, the S10+ does have two
front-facing cameras. The secondary camera is gonna
help with depth information for the selfie portrait mode. Now all images that you see have been taken on automatic and that is to keep things as fair as possible. They do both have pro modes, which we'll talk about a little bit later. Starting off with some images outdoors of these flowers, both
doing really good overall. Lots of detail especially if you look towards the middle of this flower. The S10+ a little bit
more vibrant, I would say, if you look at those greens, but overall both are doing a good job. Now I did have to tap
the focus on the Xperia 1 and that's because it just would not focus on the flower automatically. So, I did have to tap to do that just to mention that there
and keep things fair.

Now moving on here's an outdoor wide shot. We are shooting into direct sunlight, so looking at the dynamic
range, I do once again think that the S10+ is slightly better. You do have more details in those shadows. Once again a little bit more vibrant. You may or may not prefer that. Now testing up the ultra wide and there is a big difference
between these two images. Firstly S10+ much better dynamic range if you look towards the shadow areas. The S10+ has much better
maintained those shadows. Once again it is a lot
more vibrant compared to the Xperia 1 and the
Xperia 1 is slightly wider compared to the S10+. If you look towards the bottom, we actually got the side
of my finger in as well. So, it is very very wide
which you might like.

Now I wanted to test out the optical zoom. So, I went in front of this sign to see how close we could get to it. Here on the primary camera, once again dynamic range
easily goes to the S10+. There's a lot of blown
out clouds on the Xperia 1 and if we do use the telephoto camera, I think in terms of zoom, both are on par, but once again dynamic range, the S10+ wins here. The Xperia 1 is blowing
out those highlights in those clouds. Right now testing out the portrait mode of both devices here both
seem to be doing a decent job but the S10+ is definitely better. If you look towards my glasses, those edges have been maintained better as well as the area in between my arm and the dynamic range once again is better on the Samsung. If you look towards the background, you can still see some
of that blue in the sky, whereas that has been
blown out on the Sony. Now I was wearing a cap in this picture, which would probably make
it a little bit easier to cut around, so I
thought I'll take it off.

And here in this image you can see that the Sony is really struggling. My hair is now all a blur. It's actually now missed
out a lot of chunks in between my arms, whereas the Samsung is doing much better here. And I thought I'd do one last test for portrait mode. And again it's obvious here that dynamic range better on the S10+ and edge detection so much better. The Xperia seems to have
completely ignored the section in between my arms,
whereas the Samsung has taken care of that. And around my face and ears as well, the Sony has really struggled whereas the Samsung has
done a much better job. So, when it comes to portrait mode, the Samsung clearly winning here. Right, now I thought I'd go
into some more challenging lighting situations, so here
is a chocolate fudge cake, which was absolutely delicious.

And the S10+ maintaining a lot more detail in those shadows. It has become a very, very dark towards that chocolate
cake area on the Sony. And then I went and took
a picture of this light. Sony has blown it out. So, dynamic range it really does not seem to be on point on the Sony. The Samsung it's actually exposed it very, very well. Moving on to low-light. So, here's a shot that I
took on auto on both devices. The Samsung much brighter has maintained a lot more
detail in those darker areas and it doesn't stop there, because on the S10+, if
you've got the Exynos version anyway, the new update
does allow night mode, which lets in a lot more light, and here you can see that
it's night and day difference. The Samsung looks like it's
almost been taken in daylight which is very interesting.

When I took another shot in low-light, here once again the S10+
doing so much better. The Xperia 1 is struggling
to even keep focus on this sign, wheres the S10+
has absolutely no problem. Once again if you do use
the night mode on the S10+, we're gonna get a much brighter image. Final test in low light. S10+ again much better. The Xperia 1 has a bit
of a green tint to it, and it's not as bright as the S10+, and once again if you
do use that night mode, then it really does brighten
up the image quite a bit and it's a much much better image compared to the Xperia 1.

Now let's have a look at some selfies. So, this is a selfie taken in good light. Both actually doing a really good job. The Xperia 1 is slightly wider, compared to the S10+ but generally speaking, I like the colors on both of these. The sharpness is also on
point of both of these. So, I'll call this one a bit of a draw. Now I wanted to test that dynamic range. So, I went in front of the sunlight and here the Sony is
actually doing a better job. It's done a good job of
balancing the foreground as well as the background and
everything is well exposed, whereas the S10+ is
struggling a little bit, although the background
seems to be well exposed, I am a very very dark
here in the foreground. Now testing out some portrait selfies. The Xperia 1 is struggling a lot here. Firstly the dynamic range
that we talked about in the previous shot has completely gone out the window here. The sky is now overexposed. And the edge detection is very, very bad towards my jacket as well as my face.

I know a lot of you guys gonna say it's because of the sunglasses
that this has happened, but the S10+ has done a great job. Edge detection is on point. Yes that's gonna be partly thanks to that secondary front-facing camera, but dynamic range as well is on point. It's not blown anything
out like the Xperia 1 has. Now just to make things fair, I did take my sunglasses off, and I took these shots here. Once again the S10+
doing much better here. The Xperia 1 struggling
with dynamic range.

It looks like as soon as you put on that portrait selfie,
then HDR is just non-existent and the edge detection is also really bad. If you look towards my arm, you can see that there's lots of defects. My ears bled, and it's just nowhere near as good as what we've got in the S10+. Now some low-light selfies. The S10+ is a little bit brighter. The Xperia 1 it's got a bit of a tint to it. It's a gone a bit too warm for my liking. So, I do prefer the S10+ here. However if you do use
the front-facing flash, then I do prefer the Xperia 1. The S10+ does have more noise, and it has washed things out a little bit. and there we have it guys. I don't know what to say. You guys know that I'm completely honest and unbiased in my videos. And I have to be completely honest with the Xperia 1 and say
that I'm very disappointed with the results. You guys all have the results. I've also spoken to a lot
of my YouTuber friends, who've been using the Xperia 1 and they've had a very,
very similar experience.

I mean if you look at all
of the different tests, the S10+ just performed better, whether that was dynamic range, low-light, portrait mode, video from the front as well as the rear facing cameras. I think the only area where the Xperia 1 was better was when it
came to dynamic range from the front-facing
camera for regular shots. Not portrait mode shots. Just regular shots. Now both devices do support HDR video. I couldn't do that for this test because the rest of the
video isn't shot in HDR and you need an HDR display for it too. And the Sony does have
manual control over video using the Cinema Pro app. This is something that
you don't have available on the S10+, so if you are somebody who wants to manually
go and configure things, then the Sony might be an
interesting option for you but when it comes to
shooting the camera as it is, which most people do then the
S10+ is the clear winner here.

Now as I was saying, I
did have lots of hopes for the Xperia 1, but
it seems like Sony keep making the same mistakes
over and over again. They actually make amazing hardware. If you look at the S10+, if
you look at the iPhone 10S Max if you look at any flagship
smartphone out there, it's most likely gonna
be using a Sony sensor. Sony make the best sensors out there.

They also make amazing cameras. I use the Sony a7 III on a regular basis, but hardware is just half of the picture. You do need to have a
good software processing to go along with it. Google is the perfect example. Look at the Google Pixels. They might have just regular hardware, but when it comes to
the software processing, they do an amazing, amazing job. And this is where the Sony
Xperia 1 is definitely failing. Maybe more than what we
had in previous years.

So, the Sony Xperia team
if you're watching this, then please improve the software
processing on your devices. This is something that so
many of the manufacturers are doing really well now. Look at the S10+, look
at the iPhone XS Max. Look at the Google Pixels. Have a look at what all
these other guys are doing and try to also bring that
to your Xperia devices, but as it stands right now, I can't recommend the Xperia
1 based on its cameras. Maybe we'll see some
improvements with software. We'll have to wait and see, but right now I'm pretty
disappointed to be honest. That's what I think anyway. What do you guys think? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you want to see lots of images from lots of different devices, then do give me a follow on Instagram. I'm at @SuperSaf. I hope you enjoyed this
video, found useful. If you did, then do hit
that thumbs up button for me and if you haven't already, then be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon, so you don't miss any further coverage.

Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV. I'll see you next time. (peppy music).

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ROG Phone 3 – The World’s FASTEST Smartphone!

– What's up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV. And we've got here the latest
of what has been my favorite gaming smartphone over
the past couple of years. This is of course, the ROG Phone 3. We're going to get this
unboxed, but we'll also do a bit of a comparison versus the ROG Phone 2, to see what's different. Let's get straight to it. Now, looking at this box, it's kind of in this prism shape, and look at that. You know it's a gaming device, right? It's not the easiest box to open. I'll tell you that. Okay. There we go. Now, this just kind of slides out, and we've got the phone in here. Now inside the box as well as the phone, we've got some ROG stickers. We've got this plastic case. We've got some rubber
coverings for the ports.

There's a braided USB
Type-C to USB Type-C cable, as well as a fast charger. This is a 30-watt fast charger. I think that's about the same
as what we had last year. We've got the Aero Active 3 Cooler, which is the accessory that we can put on to the ROG Phone 3. And we've also got a USB Type-C
to 3.5 millimeter converter. And that is because the ROG Phone 3 does not have a 3.5
millimeter jack this year. There is however, a 3.5 millimeter jack on the Aero Active 3 Cooler, which we'll get to in a second. And of course you get that converter too. So we'll get this out of the plastic. Here it is. So, you can see here that it's got that iconic ROG phone design, and looks very similar to the ROG Phone 2, which I have here. And you can see that as well
as the design being similar, the size is almost exactly the same. The ROG Phone 3 is just slightly thicker. And that is partly because it's got more of a camera bump because
of the new cameras. But I do quite like the cleaner
look of the ROG Phone 3.

There aren't as many lines as
we've got on the ROG Phone 2. And the aerodynamic cooling
section has also been updated with this more minimal design. There's of course the RGB ROG
logo, which you can customize. And it looks really, really cool. Now, taking a look at the front. We once again, have a very similar design to what we had last year. And this is around about
a 6.6 inch AMOLED display. However, there are lots of improvements. Firstly, it is a 144
hertz display compared to the 120 hertz of the ROG Phone 2.

You've also got an improved
touch sampling rates. So, we've got 270 hertz versus
240 hertz on the ROG Phone 2. And Asus have also said
that we've got as little as 18 milliseconds of touch latency. Which is the lowest on any smartphone in the world right now. Both have a Full HD+ resolution, but the ROG Phone 3 does
have support for HDR 10+. Whereas the ROG Phone 2
has support for HDR 10. And we've also got a slightly brighter display on the ROG Phone 3, up to 650 nits outdoors, versus 600 nits on the ROG Phone 2. Now, I've absolutely loved the
display on the ROG Phone 2. So smooth, one of the
first with 120 hertz. Now, the ROG Phone 3 is one
of the first with 144 hertz. How much of a difference does it make from 120 hertz to 144 hertz? Definitely a difference,
but not as noticeable as when you go from say 60 to 90 hertz, or from 90 to 100 hertz. The higher the refresh rate, the less noticeable it
is it, in my opinion. But nevertheless, with
that high refresh rate, the higher touch sampling rates, as well as that minimal latency, does make this one of the, if not the best gaming
smartphone display out there.

And we do have the top and bottom bezels. Which give you the front
firing stereo speakers. Now, these speakers are
slightly larger compared to what we had last year. And on the ROG Phone 3,
we have seven magnets for more power and less distortion, as well as game effects in partnership with Swedish company, Dirac. Now let's take a look around the device. So upfront there is that
front-facing camera. This is 24 megapixels. It's got a slightly
wider aperture compared to what we had last year. On the right-hand side, the buttons are on the same place.

So we've got the volume rocker
as well as the power button. And then we've got the air triggers. These are version three
of the air triggers. And this year, we've got twice as many gestures compared to last year. Now supporting both sliding and swiping. And you can also divide each button into two partitions for tapping. So air triggers are actually
really useful because you can map these two different
areas on different games. And you know, they're going to give you an additional advantage. At the bottom, is where
we've got that surprise. And there is no 3.5
millimeter headphone jack. So you've just got the USB Type-C input, but on the left-hand side, as well as the SIM card tray, you do have two USB Type-C
ports in the middle.

And this is something that I absolutely love about ROG phones. Just the consideration of having
these on the left-hand side means that, not only can you
attach different accessories, but you can also plug in the smartphone, use it in landscape mode, and the wire is not going to be coming in your way like it would
do on other smartphones. Really, really cool. It does come with a cover, which I usually take off and lose. Now, here you can attach
the Aero Active 3 Cooler, which we have here. Now this is not only
going to cool your device. You have another RGB
logo because the current logo is going to be covered. And then you've got a USB
Type-C port here at the bottom. So you can still have this plugged in, as well as of course,
a 3.5 millimeter jack. So yes, we don't have
a 3.5 millimeter jack on the device itself, but it is nice that we do have it on
the Aero Active Cooler. And the new thing about
the Aero Active Cooler this time is that we've
also got a kickstand.

So, if you're watching some
content and you just want somewhere to kind of place
this for your gaming, and you don't want to
be carrying the device, then this is definitely quite cool. Now, let's talk about performance. ROG phone's known for having the latest and best specs out there. And this is also the
case on the ROG Phone 3. I believe it is the first smartphone to have the Qualcomm
snapdragon 865+ chipset. The ROG Phone 2 has the 865+. It was also one of the
first to have that chipset. Now there is also the ROG
Phone 3 Strix Edition. This is going to be
priced a little bit lower, and that will have the
snapdragon 865 standard. And you can get up to 512 gigabytes of UFS3.1 storage up from 3.0 last year, as well as up to 16
gigabytes of LPDDR5 RAM compared to up to 12 gigabytes of LPDDR4X RAM that we had last year.

We've also of course got support for 5G this year, and we've got the GameCool 3 heat dissipating system. This has a six times larger
heat sink compared to last year with a redesigned 3D vapor
chamber and in larger graphite. Now I still use the ROG Phone, and it has no problems
in terms of performance, really does keep up with all
of the newer games as well. The ROG Phone 3 just takes that further, and it's going to last
you that much longer. It also has newer software. So we've got Android 10 with the ROG UI. My ROG Phone 2 still has Android 9. I've not got the Android updates as yet. We've got X mode with armory crate. So, this gives you a wider
variety of performance parameters from CPU and GPU performance
to touch sensitivity settings and display refresh rate. Now let's talk about the cameras. So the cameras have been
improved compared to last year, and there's some really
interesting things here. The primary camera is now
a 64 megapixel sensor. It is the Sony IMX686 compared to the IMX 586 with 48
megapixels last year.

We've got a 13 megapixel
ultra-wide camera. And this year, we've also got an additional five megapixel macro camera, which is going to let you focus
in closer to your subjects. It's five megapixels. So, it's not the best
macro camera out there, but it's nice to have. What's very exciting for me however, is the fact that couples with the Qualcomm snapdragon 865+ chipset. That means you can get 8K at
30 frames per second here.

That is something that you really can't do on many other devices,
as far as I'm aware. This is probably one of the
only that has that capability. The Samsung Galaxy S20
Series does have 8K, but that is at a maximum
of 24 frames a second. But in addition to that, you've got 4K at up to
120 frames per second. And I believe that makes this
one of the only smartphones that can film at that frame
rate at that resolution. Which is very, very impressive. Now for the battery. We once again have 6,000,000,000 bowers, which is one of the largest batteries on any smartphone right now.

And my experience with the ROG
Phone 2 was very, very good. One of the best in terms of
battery life on any smartphone last year and with the
ROG Phone 3 as well, that battery life, amazing. Obviously the more you game, and the more heavy you game
with he high refresh rates, that's going to take up more battery. However, Asus have put in a few features in here to get you the most
out of your battery life.

There's some battery care features. So you've got a custom charging limit, and that will allow you to say, lower your limit to around 90% or 80%. There's also a slow charging option, which will limit charging
to around 10 watts, which will be better for the battery wear, we'll keep the temperature
down by around 34%. And, there's also scheduled charging with added sleep wall options such as end time by alarm. Now, finally, let's talk about the price. So, the pricing information
I have right now is that for this flagship version, which has 512 gigabytes of storage, 16 gigabytes of RAM with the 865+, you're going to be looking
at around 1,100 euros. If you do want to go for
the 12 gigabyte version, then that's going to
at around 1,000 euros. And if you do want to
go for the Strix Edition with the 865 8 gigabytes of RAM with 256 gigabytes of storage, then that's going to be around 800 euros. Now, once I've got more
pricing information available for UK, US, et cetera, I'll be sure to drop that
down in the description below.

What do you guys think of the ROG Phone 3? Is this the gaming phone of the year? For me, it is leaning towards that way. Definitely let me know
in the comments below, I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did then do hit that
thumbs up button for me. And if you haven't already
then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon
for lots more content like this coming up here on the channel. Thanks for watching this
is Saf on SuperSaf TV, I'll see you next time.

(techy electronic music).

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

Bold new contour-cut camera design, the fastest chip ever in Galaxy and intelligent battery to outlast your day… Introducing Galaxy S21 Ultra. Precision camera elements and cutting-edge technology revolutionize how you capture video and photos. The revolution starts with 8K. 8K video goes beyond cinema. The highest video resolution possible on a smartphone. And with 8K Video Snap, you can take epic hi-res photos straight from video. Ground-breaking Director’s View reimagines movie-making. In ‘real-time’, you call the shots. Choose between Ultra-wide, wide and when you want to get up close, Tele. Or put yourself in the picture with Vlogger Mode. Its’ all covered in one take with unprecedented processor speeds splicing every angle together on the fly. So, without lag, it’s all there in a single, seamless movie file, ready to share. Super high resolution doesn’t stop at video. The epic story continues with enhanced 108MP sensor capturing rich color for true-to-life photos. You can all but taste the details as you pinch in to discover photos within photos.

Our break-through Dual-Tele lens system brings the world closer to you. With Zoom Lock, Space Zoom is now smoother, faster and sharper than any zoom in Galaxy. Night Mode delivers our biggest leap in low light photography. Multi-frame blending and enhanced AI deep learning transform low-light into bright, vivid photos. When the night calls for video, enhanced noise reduction makes adventures after dark, brighter than ever. And shooting 60fps across 4 lenses in 4K makes every move look unbelievably smooth. The first S Pen for S Series puts precision editing at your fingertips. So you can now craft edits on the go and share in an instant, on 5G. Our smoothest display ever is also the most intelligent on a smartphone. 120Hz refresh rate optimizes to what you’re watching, while Eye Comfort Shield intelligently adjusts blue light for you. With the fastest chip in Galaxy, unsurpassed speed powers an epic camera experience. Complete with dedicated ‘Samsung Knox vault’ for the highest level of hardware security. And intelligent 5000mAh battery will outlast your day. Even on 5G. S21 Ultra’s iconic contour-cut camera design revolutionizes all a smartphone camera can do. Designed to be epic in every way. Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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