Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Phone Unboxing | T-Mobile

Awesome screen, awesome camera, and T-Mobile's awesome nationwide 5G network. Hey, guys! It's Des with T-Mobile, and today, we're unboxing the all new Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. Join me as we take a look at what's inside the box and check out the A71's awesome features. Let's get inside the box! In here, we have the all new Samsung A71 5G, more on that in a sec. In the top of the box, you have the quick start guide, documentation, and a SIM pin. Now under the A71, you have your T-Mobile SIM card, the super fast charging wall charger, and the USB-C to USB-C charging cable. The Samsung A71 5G rocks T-Mobile's awesome nationwide 5G network. It has a huge 6.67-inch full HD Infinity-O display with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Now the A71 5G features an awesome quad camera system. Whether you're far away or up really close, it features a 64MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and even a new macro camera to capture those small details.

And if you're all about selfies, the A71 5G features a 32MP front-facing camera with live focus. So with this awesome camera, you'll get shots you'll want to share. The A71 5G has a 4500mAh battery, uses USB-C charging, and yes, it even has a 3.5mm headset jack The A71 5G runs Android 10 out of the box, has 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage
with an expandable micro SD card slot. These awesome features in this awesome 5G phone are now available from both T-Mobile and Sprint. Drop us a comment below, and tell us what you think of the new A71 5G, and stay tuned for another great T-Mobile unboxing video coming up next! Thanks for watching!.

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Do you have a mobile phone? (1999)

Do you have a mobile phone? No no no. Why not? Well, I don't need that. I don't get a call or anything. Do you have a mobile phone? No, I haven't. Why don't you have one? Well, I don't see the point. Then you are cycling and then you get a call. Do you think it is important to always be available? Also not. I'm not that important. I have a regular phone. What do I need a mobile for? That's handy. But if I'm beached somewhere, there's always a phone booth or a farm somewhere with a farmer with a telephone. I already have an answering machine, so I can always be reached at home.

I then have to call back when a call has been made, but to also be on the road if I am in the I don't think it's necessary to be on the train or in the car to be called or to be able to call yourself. I don't like being reachable all the time. I'm a student and I have an answering machine and that's fine. We've done it this way for years and I think it's fine that way. I have a buzzer for much-needed problems I think, but I don't need such a beep thing all the time to have a terrace and such. If people want to reach me, they can do so with a letter and it is urgent, then I can be reached by phone at home. Yes, I already know that I leave it everywhere.

I drop him. I'm happy without it too..

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The Sero: The TV that rotates | Samsung

TV that rotates horizontal and vertical Just tap to connect mobile to TV (Mobile Mirroring) Enjoy your mobile content Bigger Better With stunning colors that pop
(QLED Technology) Sound that fills your room
(4.1Ch Powerful Sound) Mobile entertainment better on TV The Sero.

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Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick

>> Babies this young are
extremely responsive to the emotions
and the reactivity and the social
interaction that they get from
the world around them. This is something that
we started studying 30, 40 years ago when people didn't
think that infants could engage in
social interaction. In the "still face"
experiment, what the mother did
was she sits down and she's playing with her baby
who is about a year of age… >> Are you my
good girl? Oh, yes… >> (Tronick, voiceover)
And she gives a
greeting to the baby, the baby gives a
greeting back to her.
>> Dah! >> (Tronick, voiceover)
This baby starts pointing at
different places in the world and the mother is trying to
engage her and play with her.

They're working to
coordinate their emotions and their intentions, what
they want to do in the world. And that's really what
the baby is used to. And then, we asked the mother
to not respond to the baby. The baby very quickly
picks up on this, and then she uses all
of her abilities to try and get the
mother back. She smiles at
the mother. She points because
she's used to the mother looking where
she points.

>> Dah! >> (Tronick, voiceover)
The baby puts both hands
up in front of her and says, "What's happening here?" (baby whining) She makes that screechy sound
at the mother, like, "Come on! "Why aren't
we doing this?" (baby screaming) Even in this
two minutes when they don't get
the normal reaction, they react with negative
emotions, they turn away, they feel
the stress of it.

They actually lose
control of their posture because of the stress that
they are experiencing. (baby crying) >> Okay… Maggie… I'm here. And what are
you doing? Oh, yes–
oh, what a big girl. >> It's a little like "the good,
the bad, and the ugly." The good is that normal
stuff that goes on, that we all do
with our kids. The bad is when
something bad happens but the infant
can overcome it. After all, when you
stop the still face, the mother and the baby
start to play again.

The ugly is when you don't
give the child any chance to get back
to the good. There's no reparation
and they're stuck in that really
ugly situation..

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Google I/O 2010 – Keynote Day 2 Android Demo – Full Length

ladies and gentlemen please welcome vice president of engineering for Google Vic Gundotra well good morning everybody you made it even at this early hour I hope you enjoyed that party last night how yeah how how about that spider was that cool or what after a few drinks I thought that thing was going to chase me a lot of fun let me also welcome the many thousands who are watching our live stream on YouTube yesterday just for your information we had over 24,000 people watching it concurrently live so in addition to the five thousand plus folks we had here we had almost 30 thousand watched us yesterday and so welcome to everyone watching on YouTube to begin today's keynote I'd like to start with a story it's a story of my very first day on the job at Google now I'm sure you've all been at a new job you understand the apprehensiveness you might feel with a new office new people it was on that very first day that I met a man named mr.

Andy Rubin now I suspect most of you know who Andy Rubin is at the time he was responsible for what was then a secret project codenamed Android and on that first day Andy enthusiastically described to me the team's mission and purpose and as he spoke I'll level with you I was skeptical in fact I interrupted Andy and I said Andy I don't get it does the world really need another mobile operating system Google is about advertising shouldn't we be on every phone to this day I remember Andy's response and he made two points the first point Andy made was that it was critically important to provide a free mobile operating system an open-source operating system that would enable innovation at every level the stack in other words Oh AMS should be free to build all kinds of devices devices with keyboards without keyboards with front-facing cameras two inches three inches four inches that operators should be able to compete on the strength and coverage of their network 2g 3G 4G LTE CDMA and that in the end with innovation coming at every layer it would be the consumer who would be able to benefit by getting the best device out the best network for them I remember Andy's second point he argued that if Google did not act we faced a draconian future a future where one man one company one device one carrier would be our only choice that's a future we don't want so if you believe in openness if you believe in choice if you believe in innovation from everyone then welcome to Android now let's get started let's talk a little bit about the momentum that we've achieved in 18 months even a year and a half since we've been started with Android how are we doing let's do a little bit of a report card first of all let's demonstrate some momentum it's hard to believe that in only 18 months we've achieved over 60 compatible devices where your software where your applications can run and these devices are not just from you know people you haven't heard of these are from the leading consumer electronic companies in the world Sony Ericsson HTC Motorola and many others who are producing devices that meet the needs of consumers we think this is pretty fantastic progress in just 18 months of course it's not just the creation of the devices it's the 2100 EMS in 48 countries and over 59 carriers who've joined the Android revolution of course producing devices making them available across a multitude of countries and carriers does it necessarily mean that we're going to see adoption have users found Android to be something that they desire well last year we reported late last year that we had reached a sales run rate a daily activation rate of over 30,000 units a day in February just a few months later we announced that our daily run rate had achieved sixty thousand units a day I'm very proud to announce today that our run rate daily activations has now passed a hundred thousand a day go Android of course that momentum has led to some pretty significant milestones one of the ones we're most proud of is that this quarter we are now second in the United States in smartphone sales second only to rim and that's pretty amazing progress in 18 months we're second in smartphone sales but according to AdMob data we are now first this quarter in total web and app usage that's fantastic you know we set a crazy internal milestone for ourselves you know the phones are being used by consumers but what are they being used for and we set a crazy internal goal when we shipped turn-by-turn navigation for Android six months ago we thought it might be possible to have a half a billion miles navigated in the first year in hardly six months we've now crossed a billion miles navigated with turn-by-turn navigation on Android so users just love that feature thank you there are some who say that users don't use Google search on smartphones well we're a company driven by data not by opinions and you know what the data shows the data shows that we've seen a 5x growth in the past two years that's not just on Android but that's across all smartphone categories people love Google search you give them a great browser and they do Google search tremendous awesome usage of the web on these devices of course what they love is applications and today I'm happy to announce that we've crossed 50,000 applications in the Android Marketplace and really the credit there goes to you thank you for the 180,000 developers thank you 180,000 developers who joined the Android revolution really it's your hard work that's paired with the innovation that's coming from OEMs and carriers that makes the mobile ecosystem work we certainly couldn't have done this without you thank you thank you thank you for supporting Android now let's talk about the platform we finished the section on momentum let's talk about what we're doing to make the Android platform continue to evolve and get better now in this section I have over 20 demos 22 demos I believe in order to help me with that I'd like to invite up onstage Matt Waddell my partner in crime here many of you may remember Matt from last year and we're going to go through a number of demos that's going to really showcase what we're doing with Android there are five major areas of investments that we're making in the platform now we've been quick to iterate with Android in fact there's been seven releases in those 18 months and today we're announcing the next release Android 2.2 codenamed Froyo what's in Froyo let's talk about five pillars number one let's begin with speed now as you developers know the Android architecture is one that's built upon a virtual machine the dalvik virtual machine and we think it's very important it's in a critical design decision we made that future proofs your application we have big dreams for Android and part of those dreams mean that Android will go to new places with new chip architectures but by having your applications write to the virtual machine why we believe we can go carry the entire ecosystem to exciting new areas of course that only works if the virtual machine is fast and the dalvik VM has done its job being fast efficient and automatic and easy for developers but we can do even better and we're very proud to announce that in Froyo we've added a a just-in-time compiler which gives up to 2 to 5 X speed-up of your apps on the exact same hardware now this is best demonstrated and let's do that let's go to our first demo we're going to show you a game the game has been modified for purposes of this demo you guys may know replica Island here's what we've done to modify the game the game now will show the frame rate that it's rendering in the bottom right hand corner if the framerate drops beneath 30 frames a second the screen will flash red exact same Hardware exact same game top is running Froyo with JIT compilation the bottom is running Eclair we're going to introduce a crazy number of monsters into this game so you see the monsters keep getting added increasing the complexity of the game you see the framerate at the top and as we add complexity it starts to slow down you'll note there at the bottom there are times and we're dropping beneath 30 frames a second and it's flashing red you'll note at the top with Froyo exactly the same game runs much better never dropping beneath 30 frames a second all because of the JIT compiler alright let's go back to slides now as Android adoption is skyrocketed people have been taking these devices to work and we've heard loud and clear from the enterprise that they need very specific features well in Froyo we introduced over 20 new features designed to meet the needs of enterprise let me touch on two of them number one we become Microsoft Exchange friendly that means yes thank you that means things like auto-discovery integration with the global address book the security policies that are available in exchange can be enforced upon the device number two we've added new api's for device management so you can build software that does critically important things like remote light of the device if necessary and there's many many other things that we've added that you'll see in the documentation let's talk about new services available for developers in the SDK now one of the first services I want to talk about is the application data backup API now if you use Android and you've gone to another device you know that Android will automatically backup your applications in other words you get a new device you log in and your applications come along with that however what Android has not done is backed up the data associated with those applications so for example I have a particularly favorite application that helps me monitor my exercise and my weight but when I moved to a new Android device the application moves but all my personal data in history does it starting with Froyo will provide an application data backup API that is BS can take advantage of and move the data along with the application we think that's a great feature in addition to that if we have a brand new API a cloud-to-device messaging API now let me be clear this is not a push notification API designed to compensate for the lack of basic functionality like multitasking in the operating system okay we've done something very clever I think you're going to love as a developer you can send a message to our servers which will do very smart things like collapse similar messages our servers which will optimize for the latency of mobile networks and make sure that that message gets down to the device but that's only the first step we've done deep integration with Android such that when you send a message that message can trigger an Android intent let me show you how powerful this is let's go to a demo now what Matt has on the screen here on his laptop is Google Maps he's in Google Maps and he's using the Chrome browser and he's added a Chrome extension the Chrome extension is in the upper right hand corner and that sends it to his phone so in the map he's got directions he's got directions from the Moscone Center to Google headquarters and he wants to send that to the phone what do you think happens do you think we send a text message that says this is the address do you think we send an email no we send an Android intent in other words when he says send a phone the message gets sent to our server gets pushed down to the device the device kicks into navigation mode automatically keep your eye when he clicks on send a phone keep your eye on the Android device so send it to phone and on the Android device boom right into navigation how hot is that that's how you do a device cloud-to-device API let me show you another example you're reading an article on the desktop you think it's awesome but you're out of time and you need to run you want to keep reading that on the Android phone why don't you send that to the device map to the device opens up the browser takes you right to that article not ever having to press any other Keys not great we can't wait to see what you're going to go do with this API alright let's go back to slides you're going to love this I mean come on if you're like me you have a plethora of devices you carry around with you and that all those devices shouldn't mean added complexity in yet another bill right you should be able to at the platform level enable tethering and so now your Android device can in fact become a portable hotspot and really serve the needs of these other devices that you might have with you in fact let's show you a demo of this working matt has a nexus one running Froyo he'll go right into tethering and portable hotspot he'll enable the hotspot you'll give it a name and in fact I think he's already named this as Android AP and that hotspot will turn on we'll give it a second there there we go tethering hotspot is now active now you'll go to another device that doesn't have connectivity how about the app that iPad and there you go one bill isn't that beautiful all right let's go back to slides now it turns out do you know what the most popular thing people do with these smartphones what do you think it is fairly obvious it's they actually use the phone the number two thing they do is they do text messaging and the third most used application is the browser and so it's critically important for us to make the Android browser Rock and we're going to constantly improve that browser in Froyo is a major step in that direction what have we done in Froyo well I think you're going to love this we have a two to 3x performance in the browser how well we take this we took the same javascript interpreter that we had in chrome that make chrome so fast v8 and we brought that into Froyo now the best way to show you how much of an advance we've made is to do a demo so let's go and show you this fantastic performance boost now we're going to do this demo with a number of devices we're going to do it we're going to do this demo three devices we're going to do this demo with Froyo Eclair and an iPad now here's the demo we're going to do there's an industry standard test in fact there's two is a suite of 26 tests the SunSpider tests that really exercise JavaScript performance of all kinds and when Matt presses start across these three devices we're going to exercise each one of these 26 tests as we complete one test that little Android robot will take one breast stroke forward and as all 26 tests are complete we're going to complete an entire lap okay so how are we going to go do here let's go ahead and start this test let's see what happens oh you started the iPad first trying to give it a little bit of a lead here huh you guys here it's great I really wonder if we'll be able to get that in the app store oh it's a web app how great is that all right let's go back to slides we think with the performance improvements that we just showed you that we can claim that Froyo has the world's fastest mobile browser and that's a pretty great accomplishment one we're extremely proud of okay we're not done I showed you what's in Froyo but make no mistake about our commitment to maintain leadership in the browser on on Android one of the ways that we're doing that is we're working with standards bodies to enable web developers to get capabilities that were formerly only limited to native access to the platform what kind of capabilities well think about the things that you can access on a device things like the magnetometer the accelerometer think about things like the camera or being able to access speech wouldn't it be great if you could access this from from the from the browser we're going to show you a sneak peek at something beyond Froyo an early development build that will give you a flavor of where we're going next let's go back to demos now remember we already got some of this work underway last year we worked with the standards committees to introduce geolocation into the browser and today almost an all major modern platforms why you can make an API call from the browser get location with the users permission and then do a feature like my location right within the browser but we want to do more how about the accelerometer what about the Magda the the the access to the tilt and the direction of the device watch this isn't that great right within the browser all right now another key feature that we've heard from developers that they want access to in the browser is the camera here for example is the buzz web application we'd love to not only post a buzz but we'd love to be able to include a picture well how do you access the camera from the web browser well in this development build we've built those api's right into the browser such that Matt now can simply select if he wants to it looks like in this case this demo is not going to work we'll give it one shot and we'll move on if this doesn't work but you can access that camera capability right from within the browser and we'll show you that in the sandbox later it's great let's talk about another capability that's available but before we talk about that capability let me remind you of what's possible in Android Google starting about several years ago really made a deep investment in voice recognition you know we recognized that the mobile device because of its limited input capability would be the platform in which people used voice input more than any other platform in fact we see a stunning number of queries being done on mobile devices where the input is a human voice now just as a reminder of how fantastic our capability has become over the past two years let me do a few demos or more accurately Matt why don't you highlight a few cases pictures of Barack Obama with the French president at the g8 summit that's a tough one boom look at that because this is so fun let's do a few more pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset these are queries you're likely not to type in let alone get a response back you know a few seconds is that great and one more del dotto vineyards Napa my favorite vineyard Napa boom now what that when not just showed you was phenomenal voice recognition that we're now shipping in Mandarin Japanese English a number of languages and that's constantly increasing but what's coming next is also the ability to understand human intentions we'll give you a very simple sneak peek at the kinds of things that we're going to enable call fifth floor restaurant so in this case because he said call it got it trigger and there's many many more intentions we're going to go build in and make it very very simple for you to use voice input as a first-class way to interact with your Android device hey Vic let's give this one a try oh you got okay let's let's go back to the camera let's see if this thing works eh this is a web app it's a buzz web app there's the camera from the browser boom right into the camera isn't that great and now you can post a picture and give web developers the same type of capabilities that you'd expect in a native application glad that worked no need for you guys to visit the sandbox alright now fetch getting back to the speech demonstration what we showed you was capability that we make available to developers but what about accessing that capability from the browser here's a web app it is a Translate app from Google with one new feature you'll note the microphone right there at the top Matt if you could just point to the microphone and watch what Matt does can you help me find the nearest hospital Judy you media Judah you people you people awesome awesome alright let's go back to slides now we're not only committed to making sure that Android you can clap I'll let you clap you know I love it when I don't even have to speak to a slide and we just get applause I'm so tensed oh go on but let me let me just make a point here you know we're not only committed to having the world's fastest browser we're committed to having the world's most comprehensive browser it turns out that on the internet people use flash and part of being open means you're inclusive rather than exclusive and you're open to innovation you know this was driven home to me very powerfully when my daughter picked up my iPad and went to her favorite website a website Nickelodeon and this is what she saw on the iPad can we switch to the iPad a sea of orange she said daddy can i play with your android device and this is what she saw the full Nickelodeon site isn't that great that's what openness means and by the way a special thanks to Adobe for their incredible willingness to work with us engage with us on Android and in chrome in many other areas it's really fun to work with other folks in the ecosystem to meet the needs of users much nicer than just saying no alright let's go back to slides now we've also made significant improvements in the Android Marketplace we listened carefully to the feedback that we've gotten from developers and from users and I think you're going to like the enhancements let's talk about what we've done on average our data shows that users are installing more than 40 apps on their Android device and so finding those apps is a challenge also they want to search within the data of those apps they want to move those apps to the SD card and they want to update all without having to update each individual app by themselves let me show you through a series of demos what we've done here let's go to demos the first demonstration we're going to show you is just searching the apps and now with the quick search box we've made it trivially easy to scope it to apps so as soon as you start typing a letter Y the app you're looking for just comes up it's a simple and easy way to go find apps not only can you find apps but we've improved the quick search box so that developers can plug into the search framework in this case that icon is for mint mint is a financial application and now you're searching within the data of that application bringing up your financial records we think developers are going to extend this in all sorts of exciting ways making not only Android more usable but their own applications be surfaced discoverable and more fun and engaging for the user another issue we've heard is people want to take advantage of the openness of Android the ability for you to plug in an SD card with arbitrary amounts of memory and they want to move apps not just in the internal memory but off to the SD card two points we've enabled that capability in a secure way with Froyo but we've also made it so that the user never has to worry about it when they install an application will intelligently look at the space and if appropriate move it to the SD card if the user wants to get involved and manually move things around that's what this demonstration shows in this case Matt is going to take a brand new game Need for Speed and he's going to shift that game from the internal memory onto the SD card and there you go there the whole app 50 megabytes is being moved over why don't we just start the game just so we can see you can see it's on the SD card once you launch that game isn't that awesome great new game need for speed that's coming and it can live on your SD card okay let's move on not Matt we got to go I know the games fun all right let's go into the marketplace and talk about all right let's let's talk about update all functionality Matt that's you he's easily distracted all right today you have to update each application individually in Froyo we've made it simple at the bottom of the Android Marketplace you see the update all button I'm kind of embarrassed you have to clap on that we're glad it's there we've gone one step further with Froyo why should the user have to take any action starting with Froyo with the users permission you can allow automatic updating and all your apps are updated all the time is that great and the user doesn't have to worry about this at all let's go back to slides another key feature we're adding in Froyo is designed to meet the needs of developers we want the best apps on Android the highest quality apps and that means we need to close the loop when there's a problem let's go back to a demonstration here and I'm going to show you an app called crash e it does exactly that really well it crashes and so Matt why don't you start the app and it crashed now note that there's a button there now called report and the user can press report can provide a description of what happened they can look at all the data that were that they're going to go send make sure they're comfortable with that data and then they can hit Send and that is sent back to the developer note on this screen the Android Marketplace note a brand new tab bugs and when you click on bugs we will show you those reports for your application and we will show you the entire stack trace of what happened we thought you might like that and closing the loop allowing apps to get better and better all right let's go back to slides I want to go a little bit beyond Froyo and show you a sneak peek at other exciting things that we're doing in the android marketplace I think you're going to like some of these things let's go back to demo mat is now showing you the Android Marketplace except this is unlike anything you've ever seen before it's the Android Marketplace accessible from a browser on a PC and that's great now mat can browse apps he can look at reviews but you'll note in the upper right hand corner Matt is signed in and because he signed in we know every device Android device that he has yeah he's a little weird in this case the device that he has on the stage he has selected as Nutter Butter nutty-buddy something whatever he like I said he's weird he's got his phone selected and so now he can go browse a particular app he's going to find an app that he likes like open table and a hold on Matt hold on hold on he's gonna hit free and he's going to go and download the app what do you think happens well let's see what happens today on on some other systems you find the app you download it to your PC or Mac you then have to tether your device you have to then once it's down on your PC you have to then convert it over that tethering to your device and then make that sync happen well guess what we discovered something really cool it's called the Internet and when Matt presses download keep your eye on the Android device over-the-air isn't that totally great over-the-air installed on your device now it turns out it's called the Android or the marketplace because it's more than apps fact what we're about to show you is a new category how about some music Matt why don't you find an album or song you like and why don't you just send it to the device using the internet over the air and boom keep your eye on the Android device there you go there's the music coming right on down now we're not done yet some of you may be thinking this is really cool this is so hot but I have all my music already on my device at home my windows media or iTunes library I've got thousands of songs there what what do I do with those well we recently acquired a company called simplified media and it is our intention to incorporate that technology into the marketplace as well and that allows you at home to run a simple piece of software that makes all of your non DRM music available to your Android device would you like to see this lets go to your Android device Android device has two songs on it that's nice but I want more than two songs I want all of my music I have so Matt will go down and select I guess he has to plug in the device you can hear it adoptions touch 9 ok thank you for calling the 5th floor restaurant book my god let me offer a public apology now what's really odd is that they didn't pick up all that time Wow okay getting back to music to songs I want all my music he's going to select that button that says all and magically all the music is now available and you might be wondering what just happened we are making your home music library available to your Android device as as a stream so for example if Matt was to select a particular song I guess Matt's an Earth Wind and Fire fan hit play this work yeah because usually we're going to love this feature alright let's go back to slides let's talk a little bit about advertising it turns out that we know a little bit about advertising today happens or this year happens to be Google's 10th anniversary of providing advertising solutions and we've learned a few things in that decade one of the foremost things we've learned is that if you want to have a healthy ecosystem of advertising you need advertisers and we have hundreds of thousands of them that means if you have an ad spot why we have a relevant ad that can fill it it's called inventory we're not new at this game we're not working with a handful of partners and charging them a million dollars each to be part of our program okay so we can be your advertising partner we've also learned something else in that decade that advertisers and publishers have different kinds of needs they're local advertisers there's direct response advertisers there are brand advertisers and if you want to play you need formats that meet the needs of those kinds of advertisers and we have those formats a third thing that we've learned advertising needs to be measured and that means it needs to have great tools why does it need to be measured well you need to know if the money you're spending is giving you a return on the investment you need to know which campaigns are working so you can invest more in them or tweak them as necessary and it turns out that we have some tools you might have heard of called double-click analytics Adsense AdWords the tools that in the industry uses knows and loves are being extended seamlessly to work in the mobile environment and finally we've learned that it's important to be open to innovation now I don't even know what the ponies have to do with this slide but but part of being open is that when you get a designer who gives you a slide you go with it let's show you each one of these four points in and go to demos now these are real advertisers and real applications let me make that point clear you're looking at backgrounds one of the most popular applications available in the android marketplace at the top you're looking at a Google Ad our ad program which has been available only to a limited number of a beta participants is called Adsense for mobile apps athma and you're looking at one of those atma ads you're looking at our large inventory of text ads being optimized and served on that device we're taking advantage of the small space that we have and you're seeing the nice rotation but that's just one ad format what happens if Matt selects something like beaches well then we can serve a contextually relevant ad in this case kayak is an a popular website and application for travel but in this case when you click on the ad we take you to deep within the Android Marketplace so that the user can download the app okay that's another important ad format let's show you another format this is a third format for brand advertising in other words a banner ad where an advertiser has displayed as decided to convey their message through an image we support that how about another category and this is something that we're announcing available today and that's an expandable ad format one of the things that we've seen through our research is that users if at all possible would like to stay within the context of the application they're using so in this case when Matt selects that Volkswagen ad it expands right out you can look at that at and when he's done with it he can simply make it slide right back in and we think that's great for advertisers and we think that's great for users that expandable format is available today let me show you another brand new one we're making available today this is an expandable ad format this is a Flixter application and why don't you expand that ad out in this case it's not just display it's rich media he's linking directly to a trailer he clicked on it and the trailer can be okay and the movie will go ahead and start Matt don't watch the movie let's come back okay let me show you another ad format this is also an expandable ad format but in this case this expandable ad format has I'm sorry in this case I jumped ahead of you let's go back to the other one in this case I'm going to show you a very popular ad format that has been testing incredibly well this is a click-to-call ad in this case we're leveraging the fact that the user has given us permission to use their location we know that they're in San Francisco and DirecTV would like to make a special offer to customers in San Francisco and they have a new click-to-call option so simply clicking on that button on that ad allows the customer to make that phone call to DIRECTV and that's incredibly valuable let me talk about another ad format this is an expandable format with a very clever twist Matt why don't you expand this one out it includes a map and directions and click-to-call isn't that great that's a new format that will become shortly available as well okay finally let me show you what I meant when I said open to innovation this is the weather comm application and they're using the industry standard double-click software to serve this ad from Google the ad is at the bottom now when Matt clicks on that ad you get a full-screen immersive ad and it's a pretty amazing ad it's got trailers and TV spots and galleries not only does it have a bunch of media that you can interact with look at the bottom there the bottom has the ability for you to tap directly into Fandango to purchase movie tickets but you know what the kicker is of what you're seeing it's not a Google ad you're seeing an immersive ad format delivered by a great advertising company called media let's but because the publish because the advertiser excuse me the ISB the developer use double-click to serve the ads double-click is open to have any ads show up and that's what it means to be open that Weser the most relevant ad to the user sometimes from Google sometimes not but you the developer and the publisher have the choice that's openness all right let's go back to slides if you'd like to learn more about our advertising solutions we encourage you to go to mobile ads and to you know entice your interest a little bit we're doing two things today number one we're opening up Astra Adsense for mobile apps to everybody at the conference all 5,000 of you and we're going to sweeten the deal a little bit if you go sign up we will give you $100 free advertising credit to start learning the system and advertise your apps in the Android Marketplace so please go try that one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate what I talked about at the beginning that innovation comes from all levels of the stack is to highlight one of my favorite devices this is the device by HTC it's the evo device now there's several things I love about this device one thing I love about the device is it's absolutely gorgeous 4.3 inch screen I also love how fast it is I love the great work HTC has done to add value I love the Sprint network it's a 4G network you know what a 4G network can do it can give you a peak of up to 10 megabits per second imagine which you can watch on this device at 10 megabits per second I love the fact that this device has a great little stand so you can just set it on the desk or if you're on an airplane just set it right there and watch your content it's got a great battery it's got HDMI output it's got a camera that's 8 megapixels and that will do 720p HD video recording and you know what I love most about this device is that in partnership with Sprint and HTC Google is going to make this device available to every one of you today Oh but those of you who are watching on YouTube I'm sorry remember to register next year quickly I think you're going to love that device we ask you to do two things number one don't run out right now after the keynotes are over we're going to make it available all day until 6 p.m.

so you'll have plenty of time to get this device and really get to see the latest in Android innovation number 2 thing we're going to ask thank you for supporting Android thank you for voting on the side of openness and choice please keep building those great apps now we're at the halfway point this morning we're not done yet if you'd like to see the next step in the evolution of Android and where we're about to go next hang tight.

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New Smartphone Blackview MAX 1 Projector Mobile Phone 6.01inch Review and Price

[Music] black whew max one still makes the list of phones drop before 2018 runs out the smartphone was released towards the end of the month of December 2018 it comes with a mold screen big battery in large Ram there is nothing spectacular at the camera except for the fact that the front lens composition is dual apart from that on the face level the user would love this black whew max one phone for its resolution is high enough to give anyone a pleasurable view of videos played on the screen no wonder it has often been referred to as the projector phone black view max one comes in metal body design with built-in projector dimensions are 165 X 80 1.8 X 18 point 7 and it comes in just two colors black and blue moreover this phone is a water-resistant device black whew max one has finger prints and swore and it has face recognition technology that is inbuilt [Music].

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Top 5 Phone Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season | T-Mobile

Hey guys, Des and Susana with
T-Mobile! The holidays are here and while you're shopping for gifts and stocking
stuffers we're here to share our T-Mobile top 5 holiday accessories. Are you
ready to count them down? Susana: For sure! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel below
and ring that bell for notifications. We wouldn't want to end up on that naughty
list! Des: Kicking things off at number five we're gonna get the holidays rockin' with
Bluetooth speakers. The one we really like is the new Onyx Studio 6.
Susana: The Studio Six is a great choice if you like cool design and great sound.
Des: It features long battery life and one of the things we really love about it is you can pair two
of them together for awesome stereo sound. And look at this integrated handle
built into the design. Grab the Studio 6 for your next holiday party.
Susana: Coming in at number four, let's talk wireless headphones.

Des: Which one did you like? Susana: I like the JBL 2 and 120s they are true wireless headphones that deliver a great sound
and intuitive controls for stereo and hands-free calling and they come in
black and white. Des: Nice! At number 3 we're talking wireless and portable charging.
I've got a couple options I think are really excellent choices. For example, if
you're a power user that has both a smartphone and a SmartWatch you'll want to check out the Ubio Labs duo charger that can charge two things at once. Susana: For
me it's the Mophie Power station PD I always carry my power station in my bag
and it's fast-charge capable.

The great thing about the power station is that I
have lots of things that need charging and the power station can charge those things
too. From tablets to gaming controllers and even my switch. Des: Now let's get serious
about our number two category: Protection cases and screen protectors. If you or
your loved one isn't using device protection you're playing with fire.
Susana: Absolutely. We've shown you how to install a screen protector in our
previous how-to videos.

Des: Ah yes. link in the description below
hashtag… Susana: Scotch tape!
Des: Yes!
Susana: And making sure your investment is well protected. It's
super important. Des: So if you're needing heavy-duty protection a case like the
OtterBox Otter Pop defender series is a great
choice. Susana: Or something more slim and fit like this tech21 Studio Color; you'll add that extra layer of drop protection so many of us need.
And the tech21 case is also antimicrobial as well. Des: Speaking of which,
the invisible shield vision guard plus screen protector has antimicrobial
protection too – I understand it's cold and flu time so you want to make sure your
phone is germ-free, right? Susana: Well, maybe not "germ free" but every little bit helps.
Des: And what's on the top of everyone's holiday wish list? Pop Sockets, Air Pod
cases and car charms. Yep, accessories for your accessories are the holiday items
everyone is asking for it this year from Pop Sockets to Pop Grips and charms to
put on your phone case.

Susana: To wallets to vent mounts and car mounts. Des: To air pod
cases and much more. There's something for everyone in our top holiday
accessory category, both gifts and great stocking stuffers. Susana: Aw, I love this!
Des: Well that about wraps it up for our T-Mobile top five holiday accessories
countdown. I think it's time to grab a couple of our favorite accessories and
head out to the T-Mobile white elephant party. What do you say? Susana: Sounds great, Des.
remember you can shop for these items at and of course your
favorite T-Mobile store. Des: We hope you all have a great holiday season and stay
tuned for another great T-Mobile video coming up next.
Susana: Happy holidays! Des: Thanks so much guys.


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Miniso 2 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Unboxing | Product Review (Q&A) | My Rating System | English Sub

Hello folks welcome to this channel and today I'm so excited because this is my first video of product review the first products comes from Miniso and the product is 2in1 Mobile phone lens and the reason why i bought this product, because i need this product to improve my video's quality and i really love to see picture from wider lens so yeah, I'm really excited to see how this product works, so without further ado Let's open this product Just how it looks so .oh yeahbefore that i want to show you guys the price So Miniso just open in Central park Mall and in Taman Anggrek Mall and some others malls in Jakarta two point five two and half dollars us dollars (~$2.5) So back again to to the lens oops, sorry :p Actually, it's very easy to be setup done The 2in1 mobile phone lens actually is not what i expected i think i will got 2 lens,just like my previous lens but actually, one of the lens already attached to the handled, and the result is quite surpsiring, because, you can see the results by yourself this is the results i Don't really know what the functions of this lens, so for everyone that know how to use or operate this lens please comment on the the comment section below and yeah, share your knowledge to everyone 🙂 So we just review the one and only lens that I can use, so this one this one So you can see the results done So actually i use this as a model but i don't know if this will works or no 😀 i using flashlight So the minus point is, the lens frams is quite big, and it's block some of the flashlight area right here then ya the picture is quite good, but the weakness is around around the frame the picture is quite blur so compare to my previous lens It's much better right am i , right? you can see there is less shadow in the frame's area and the miniso's bag is not as blur as the 2in1 lens back again to Miniso 2in1 lens You can see the miniso words is blurred It's not really clear as clear as my lens.

Yeah So, i just reviewed from what happen here, and i'm try not to be biased 🙂 so that's how the Lens work and I'll show you the pictures of Both my lens so you can see the differences between my lens and Miniso lens So back again, I will continue to the other products feature So the first feature is the the lens cover itself to prevent the dirt and it's easy to attached Then the other feature is the little pouch it's for to keep the lens and it's easy to bring It's simple its basic So yeah, that's the review of the products Don't know if you like it or no [hope you like it :)] First I will explain how i rate my review of a products, and i will start from really bad, bad it's a Normal it's like a three-point and four is great or good and the fifth one is really good, so there are five points one two three four five and one is real bad and five is the best one so My rating for this product is so-so.

Because yeah some of the feature is not really work, and yeah one other feature is the Handle of this lens, so it's not really comfortable Because compare to my previous lens, it's just like clamp It's so easy and this one need more effort to be attach to your phone and if your phone is thicker than it will be harder to attach Yeah It's also Kind of a minus point for this lens, but I already bought it, and i think i will still use it and lastly, for anyone that want to Know more about this products how to buy this products or more advice or more questions just ask me and the comment sections, or ask me from my social Media more important thing you can comment or give suggestions About my product about my videos so I can improve my video for the next Product review or other video.

So thank you so much for watching and I will see you at the next video. Bye!!!.

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Nokia XpressMusic 5610 Mobile Phone Review

[Music] hi I'm Erin McNamara with Digital Trends calm although the iPhone has earned the reputation as being the go-to device for music fans who want a media player and phone in one all the other extras packed in there can make it a bit of a beast to carry around for such simple functions nokia has stuck to just the basics and the xpressmusic 56:10 packing a competent music player and phone into a much smaller package we love the Nokia's slim form factor crisp lighting action and usable front buttons although it's not one of the flashiest phones we've seen the materials used feel solid in the hand and don't gather fingerprints easily making them very practical this red aluminum trim adds a touch of class to one of the most unique themes you'll notice about the 56:10 is the slider which glides left to right to switch between the phone FM radio and music player we liked how easy it made it to switch up our music from any other menu in the phone but hated how it wouldn't allow us to return to the same place we left afterwards like browsing a web page this 2.5 millimeter stereo Jack annoyed us because you'll need this short cable to convert it to a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone plug and inconvenience you shouldn't have to deal with on a phone catering to music the 3.2 megapixel camera boasts high resolution but only mediocre image quality we had major problems with bright parts of an image bleeding into dark parts which ruins some otherwise solid shots the form factor does make it easy to use as a camera though and the LED flash is surprisingly bright while iPhone fans may shine it's slightly clunkier music controls we thought the 56:10 made a practical and portable media player if the phone's maximum capacity of only 4 gigs with a microSD expansion card and the annoying non-standard headphone jack don't bother you the comfortable size and the practical controls may make it ideal I'm Erin McNamara and thank you for watching you [Music]

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