5 Most Mysterious Things To Ever Happen

5 Most Mysterious Things To Ever Happen

5 of the most mysterious things to ever happen.

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5 Most Mysterious Things To Ever Happen

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23 thoughts on “5 Most Mysterious Things To Ever Happen”

  1. How come we all think aliens are weird colored creatures with long ass
    fingers and big creepy bug eyes? I mean come on guys; if aliens exist then
    we would be considered aliens. There could be somebody else out there who
    is human but the chances that they don’t speak english would be incredibly
    high… Because here on the Earth we have a bunch of different languages,
    so on other planets english learning wouldn’t be a very high chance at
    all… But think about the possibility that these aliens could be human, or
    a known species. They could be incredibly more advanced than us or wayyyy
    less advanced, or maybe the same. Honestly we don’t know a thing at all
    about other life rather than Earth so I don’t think we should be calling
    aliens scary or freaks. If these aliens think that we are those scary
    freaks then what would you think? Not nice, not true. :p And there IS a
    chance that they aren’t evil, but they could think WE are evil. Hah, how
    weird would that be?

  2. The reason that stuff happened in 1908 was a chain reaction of the other
    paranormal event that happened that year… possibly the scariest and most
    indescribable event of all… the CUBS won a WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!

  3. 5: God had something against birds that day…
    4: she’s Elsa
    3: E.T fucking with people
    2: Atomic Yeti
    1: Jesus Fighting Goku

  4. I read about the Dyatlov Pass Incident. I didn’t think it was all that
    strange. People can go crazy and hurt each other when their brains lose too
    much heat.

  5. Imagine if any of those events happened at this point of technology, with
    snapchat and IG, think I would rather not know the truth

  6. why shoot at aliens -_- maby there good want to come live with us share
    technology maby give us something we want like stop world hunger and wars

  7. Oh I know the 4th story where the girl had her tongue ripped out I watched
    the story they like saw big foot but it couldn’t be the big foot because
    big foots are actually scared of people themselves then the people who
    discovering the mystery they went to a cave and they heard big foot and the
    guy went out of the tent that they were looking for big foot the guy that
    went out he saw big foot but big foot didn’t do anything

  8. he Tunguska was a meteor… I saw one pass by actually like right next to
    me and it sounded like a military explosion or a loud Kaboom. crashed in
    teh mountains tho. :c

  9. Black Biiiird fly away… May you never.. Be broken… Agaiiiiiiiinnn!

    Alterbridge anyone?

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