11 Things About The Internet You Didn’t Know

11 Things About The Internet You Didn’t Know

The internet is a crazy place, here are 11 facts you didn’t know about it.

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25 thoughts on “11 Things About The Internet You Didn’t Know”

  1. right meet online? Only if women actually talked back and not sit there and
    ignore every guy who says hello. And when a girl says that you got to say
    more than just a silly hello, they still will ignore you. Dating online is
    stupid, for men girls just like to play around, their profile says one
    thing but their really not. Such as a girl would type on their profile
    ‘just message me, I don’t bite’ You message her and she will never reply.
    Because finding a girl online to date is like trying to find your keys in a
    big hay stack, doesn’t matter how much effort you put into your profile,
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    of women, but some women want perfect men, if they see something on your
    profile they don’t like then they will move onto a different guy. Sorry to
    say this but women are picky, now before you hate on me, not all women are
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    just about to meet up and then the girl doesn’t message you no more, out of
    the blue, or they make up reasons why they can’t meet up. Women who go on
    dating sites need to know what they want before filling out their profile,
    and not knowing what they really want cause women to change their minds
    about talking a guy or meeting up with a guy.

    One more thing, you girls like to use (not all) but some like to use ”I
    didn’t see your message, I get a ton every day” Something similar to that,
    not exact but something like that, but I know that is a lie, bec unless
    your profile picture of you is showing off your cleavage, butt, wearing
    something sexy then guys will be like messaging you like no tomorrow. Girls
    like that like to sit and wait for all the guys to show up and toy with

    I know for a fact that girls on youtube that see this message will most
    likely have something rude to say back at me, or tell me otherwise but most
    guys know I am right!

    I admit that everyone isn’t perfect, and through out life changes who you
    are and that can change on who you are liked by but a simple “Hi, sorry but
    I am not interested in you.” message back to a guy is not as rude as
    ignoring them, specially if your profile summery stats that ‘your a kind
    loving down to earth person’.

  2. dude you forgot one important 1. if you use google chrome then they already
    know what sites you have been to the google chrome company knows were you
    live your personal information and your personal life. that’s why I use
    internet explorer

  3. Wait, so theres free wifi on the tip of Mount Everest?

    Well kids, pack up the bags and cancel the Verizon internet contract. We
    going to Mount Everest

  4. Sure 19% of married couples met on the internet but how many of them
    actually stayed together to raise a child and see him off out of college?

  5. Ok
    youtube is for videos not for pictures if you don’t want to talk and you
    want to put pics
    DO NOT UPLOAD ON YOUTUBE it is not that hard 

  6. Wait… I can’t believe that first one… there’s gotta be WAY more porn
    than that. %50-60 feels about right.

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