10 Laws You’ve Probably Broken Without Even Knowing

10 Laws You’ve Probably Broken Without Even Knowing

Here are 10 laws you may have broken without even knowing it!

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10 Laws You’ve Probably Broken Without Even Knowing

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24 thoughts on “10 Laws You’ve Probably Broken Without Even Knowing”

  1. can you imagine the conversations in prison
    “what are you in for”
    “putting it in the wrong hole”

  2. 9/10 laws… I have broken…


  3. Those sodomy and adultery laws though, am I right?

    If anyone has ever gone down on you, or you’ve ever gone down on someone
    else, then you’re a sodomite… that’s just plain and simple – so I dare
    say a lot of Christians have a loophole for this.

    And the adultery laws… well! According to the bible, you can’t actually
    get divorced and remarried. King James didn’t like that (because his wife
    was a bitch or something), so it became ok to divorce and remarry under the

  4. thomas harrison is not my real name,

    I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

  5. Men can’t have boners? I guess women have to stop revealing their tits in
    any way shape or form, and can’t have periods.

  6. I got suspended today for telling a lesser minded student to shut the fuck
    up and they said that I can get fined and I replied you should fine 90% of
    the school.

  7. So… Technically, 1,000,000,000 People with YouTube are currently breaking
    the law…

  8. Wtf!! Arrested for a boner in public? We can’t control whether the dark
    knight rises. It’s been proven that no matter how many gross things you
    think of won’t get rid of it. That’s bullshit…. 

  9. “Using a fake name online”
    Well how come I learned at school that you should never use your name
    online ever?

  10. *Writes A Note To Girlfriend In Permanent Marker*
    *Cops Knock On Door*
    *I Open Door*
    *Cops Bust Through My Home*
    *I Ask Why?*

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