Telus Fort Sask Early Black Friday Deal!!

Telus Fort Sask Early Black Friday Deal!! Black Friday will soon be upon us with all those great deals and Retail madness. We have an advance Deal which we thing will be better than than what will be offered on Black Friday. If your a Samsung fan than this is for you. From November 14th all the way through to November 18th when your activate or renew your Plan with Telus you will receive a Samsung A50 for free!! No payments at all. Its called the “Buy one Get One Free Sale” Stop in the store for all the details!!!

Celebrate Small Business Month | With Big Deals from TELUS®‎ in Fort Saskatchewan

Celebrate Small Business Month

October is Small Business Month at TELUS in Fort Saskatchewan! Effective October 14, 2019, TELUS Fort Saskatchewan is excited to announce that we will offer 50% off the Peace of Mind $30 Tablet rate plan. The Peace of Mind $30 | 5 GB rate plan will be available for $15 per month (For 24 months) with any Tablet on TELUS Easy Payment. IMPORTANT: This data included is not shareable. 50% off the Peace of Mind $30 Tablet rate plan. Peace of Mind $30 | 5 GB rate plan for $15 per month (For 24 months) with any Tablet on TELUS Easy Payment. All small businesses should stop by and have our staff go over your account to ensure you have the best options available for YOU! We are located in Fort Saskatchewan in the Cornerstone Mall! Call now to book your time with us! Call Now Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated 780-998-9551 Telus Fort Saskatchewan | Authorized Telus Mobility Dealer Fort Saskatchewan

Telus Officially Launches Telus Security in Edmonton

Telus Officially Launches Telus Security in Edmonton I was at the unveiling of Telus’s Smarthome Security Launch yesterday.  I’s exciting to see them enter into the Home Security Market.  I believe it has been under served to date.  Their offering is second to none with additional features coming out soon.  The quality of the service and products will match the level you have come to expect from Telus.  See the original article of the announcement below: Telus enters home security market with $66.5M deal to buy Bell’s AlarmForce customers in the west Since Bell’s residential and small business subscribers are east of Manitoba, the deal with Telus made sense AlarmForce Industries Inc. is being bought by BCE Inc in a deal worth about $166 million.Getty Images Emily Jackson January 5, 20185:51 PM EST Filed under Recommended For You Telus Corp. will break into the home security market as part of BCE Inc.’s deal to buy AlarmForce Industries Inc. after a transaction between the telecoms that splits customers between the east and the west. Bell announced Friday it closed the $182-million purchase of AlarmForce, which has 100,000 customers across Canada. It simultaneously announced it sold 39,000 of these customers in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan to Telus for $66.5 million. The deal, first announced in November, is relatively small for the communications giants – Bell alone has nearly 4 million internet customers east of Manitoba – but it’s a big strategic play as telecoms push for new product lines in increasingly connected homes. The telecoms are building expensive and high-capacity fibre networks, so they hope to pull in revenue from additional services such as security, connected devices like stoves and energy monitoring. The sale to Telus also highlights the relationship between the telephone companies, which tend to operate on east-west lines similar to cable giants Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. Bell and Telus share much of their wireless network. When Bell bought Manitoba Telecom Services last year, it immediately sold 100,000 customers to Telus for about $300 million. Rizwan Jamal, president of Bell’s residential and small business services, said that after Bell announced the acquisition, Telus expressed interest in getting their hands on customers in the west. Telus also stated discussions only began after Bell announced the deal. “They showed a keen interest in the western operations and the western assets for similar reasons as to why the eastern operations and the eastern assets were very enticing for us,” Jamal said in an interview. Since Bell’s residential and small business subscribers are east of Manitoba, the deal with Telus made sense. “This is all about how do we further penetrate the Bell base and sell these services alongside our internet services,” he said. “We’re very excited about the connected home, and the coupling of that with our next generation broadband networks and all the fibre investments we’re making. The goal is to sell them to customers together.” The traditional home monitoring business is roughly at 15 to 20 per cent …

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‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ case manufacturing dummies pop up on Chinese social media

‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ case manufacturing dummies pop up on Chinese social media ‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ case manufacturing dummies pop up on Chinese social media By Mike Wuerthele Saturday, April 20, 2019, 12:03 pm PT (03:03 pm ET) A pair of images of an “iPhone XI” dummy for manufacturing purposes purports to show accurate dimensions of the 2019 iPhone lineup, including a square camera extrusion. The images appear to be 3d prints or milled units from a CAD file. Discussion of the dummies suspects them to be iPhone “blanks” matching the dimensions of a future iPhone, used to engineer protective third-party cases. Little can be gleaned from the blanks that hasn’t already been rumored. The camera penetration is square, with three areas where a camera lens would be located. A fourth smaller cutout in the camera extrusion suggests where the flash may end up on the final unit. The second image shows that Apple may be planning to retain the notch. The notch shows four sensor penetrations, and a speaker hole. The provenance of the images isn’t clear. They may in fact be dummies generated from leaked specifications, in much the same way that accurate enclosure dummies were available for the iPhone X and iPhone XS families in late April of 2017 and 2018, respectively. Notably, at the corresponding times, the names for the products were not accurate. However, they may also be pure speculation based on previous rumors. Previous predictions about the 2019 iPhone lineup speculate that the rear cameras of the expected 6.5-inch OLED, 5.8-inch OLED, and 6.1- inch LCD 2019 iPhone models will likely upgrade to triple-camera and dual-camera, respectively. More specifically, a Sony-provided super-wide camera will be added to the model. A new black coating will be used to make the camera “inconspicuous,” but what precisely that entails is not presently known. Ming-Chi Kuo has also speculated that the 2019 iPhone lineup will retain a Lightning connector rather than adopt USB-C, as the iPad Pro range has. iPhones are also expected to keep Apple’s TrueDepth camera and an associated display notch. All or part of the lineup is slated to get UWB (ultra-wide band) for indoor positioning and navigation, a frosted glass casing, and larger batteries. One interesting addition is so-called “bilateral” wireless charging, which would allow the phone to charge other devices wirelessly, acting as a charging pad of sorts. TrueDepth may see an update with a higher-power flood illuminator for better Face ID recognition, Kuo said, while a new 6.1-inch LCD model might be upgraded to incorporate 4GB of RAM, up from the current 3GB in the iPhone XR. The Slashleaks post on Saturday was sourced from social media venue Weibo

Telus Easter Sale Starts Today – How Egg-citing!

Telus Easter Sale Starts Today – How Egg-citing! Smartphones New smartphones deserve to be on Canada’s largest and fastest network. Take a look at the latest cell phones and iPhones below, and get ready to experience the very best cellular service. Samsung Bring-It-Back Samsung Galaxy S10+ from: $90 On a 2-year Platinum plan with Bring-It-Back.3 4 5 Bring-It-Back Samsung Galaxy S10 from: $0 On a 2-year Platinum plan with Bring-It-Back.3 4 5 Samsung Galaxy S10e from: $0 On a 2-year Premium+ plan.3 4 6 Offer Samsung Galaxy S9 from: $0 On a 2-year Premium+ plan.3 4 6 Offer Samsung Galaxy Note9 from: $0 On a 2-year Platinum plan.3 4 6 Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE (46mm) from: $0 On a 24-month TELUS Easy Payment Plan Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE (42mm) from: $0 On a 24-month TELUS Easy Payment Plan Offer Samsung Galaxy S8 from: $0 On a 2-year Premium plan.3 4 6 Offer Samsung Galaxy A8 from: $0 On a 2-year Standard plan.3 6 Samsung Galaxy A5 from: $0 On a 2-year Standard plan.3 6 Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 from: $0 On a 2-year Standard plan.3 6 Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) from: $0 On a 2-year term3 7 Apple Bring-It-Back Apple iPhone Xs Max from: $320 On a 2-year Platinum plan with Bring-It-Back.3 4 5 Bring-It-Back Apple iPhone Xs from: $250 On a 2-year Platinum plan with Bring-It-Back.3 4 5 Bring-It-Back Apple iPhone XR from: $0 On a 2-year Platinum plan with Bring-It-Back.3 4 5 Apple Watch Series 4 – Aluminium from: $0 On a 24-month TELUS Easy Payment Plan 8 9 Apple Watch Series 4 – Stainless Steel from: $0 On a 24-month TELUS Easy Payment Plan 8 9 Offer Apple iPhone 8 Plus from: $0 On a 2-year Platinum plan.3 4 6 Offer Apple iPhone 8 from: $0 On a 2-year Platinum plan.3 4 6 Apple Watch Series 3 from: $0 On a 24-month TELUS Easy Payment Plan 8 9 Offer Apple iPhone 7 from: $0 On a 2-year Premium+ plan.3 4 6 Offer Apple iPhone 6s Plus from: $0 On a 2-year Standard plan.3 6 Offer Apple iPhone 6s from: $0 On a 2-year Standard plan.3 6 Google Offer Google Pixel 3 from: $100 On a 2-year Platinum plan.3 4 6 Offer Google Pixel 3 XL from: $230 On a 2-year Platinum plan.3 4 6 Google Pixel 2 XL from: $0 On a 2-year Standard plan.3 6 Photo By John Biehler

Netflix says it’s testing a shuffle feature for when you don’t know what to watch

Netflix says it’s testing a shuffle feature for when you don’t know what to watch

Netflix says it’s testing a shuffle feature for when you don’t know what to watch Netflix is testing a new feature that can help you start streaming when you don’t know what to watch. The company confirmed it’s testing a shuffle mode of sorts, which will allow you to easily click on a popular show to start playing a random episode. The idea with the feature is to offer an experience that’s more like traditional TV — where you could just turn the set on, and there would be something to watch. With today’s streaming services, that sort of seamless experience is more difficult to achieve. Instead, viewers now have to first select a streaming app, then scroll through endless menus and recommendations before they can settle on their next title. The new shuffle feature, instead, offers something closer to the experience of turning on cable TV, when there was always some classic favorite show playing in syndication. The shows being tested with the new feature appear to be those that people choose when they don’t know what else to watch, like “The Office,” “New Girl,” “Our Planet,” “Arrested Development” and others. “The Office,” in particular, has a reputation for being a go-to pick for when you’re not in the middle of some other binge fest. The TV shows appear in a new row, titled “Play a Random Episode.” To get started, you’d click any TV show’s thumbnail, and a random episode from the series then starts playing. The thumbnails themselves are also adorned with a red “shuffle” icon to indicate they’ll play a random episode. CHEMICAL [email protected] Can Netflix and Hulu just add a shuffle button to tv series ? I know I want to watch the Office, but narrowing down the episode is just way to hard. 14 9:25 PM – Apr 18, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy See CHEMICAL aleX’s other Tweets (Above: Seems someone had the right idea) The new feature was first spotted by the folks at Android Police, who saw the option appear in the Android version of Netflix’s app. Netflix confirmed to TechCrunch the shuffle feature is something it’s considering, but hasn’t yet committed to rolling out. “We are testing the ability for members to play a random episode from different TV series on the Android mobile app. These tests typically vary in length of time and by region, and may not become permanent,” a Netflix spokesperson said. Netflix for some time has been focused on ways to get users streaming its content faster, after they log in. That’s where its decision to run autoplaying trailers comes in, for example, or why it now features those Stories-inspired previews, or why it tested promoting its shows right on the login screen. Image credit: Android Police

Tech Talk with Luke England & Dan LHeureux on Mix 107.9 April 19th, 2019

Hey!  Check out what we talked about on Tech talk this week!   We are Closed Sunday Easter Sunday! How to use Apple Maps to find retailers that take Apple Pay Apple Pay support continues to spread, both to more U.S. retailers and to more countries. But still, it’s not yet so commonplace that you can just assume you’re going to be able to pay with your iPhone anywhere you go. With the upcoming Apple Card, the 2 percent cash back rate is predicated on paying with Apple Pay, so finding retailers that accept it is going to be more important than ever. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to see if you can pay with your iPhone at that store, restaurant, or other retailer: just check Apple Maps. To read this article in full, please click here   2020 iPhones to feature Qualcomm 5G modems: report Following the abrupt end of their two-year-long legal spat and Intel’s sudden exitfrom the smartphone modem business, Japan’s Nikkei reports Apple will start integrating Qualcomm 5G modems into the iPhone starting in 2020. “It is too late for Apple to use Qualcomm’s chip this year, but for 2020 it will purchase modem chips, including 5G modem chips, from the chipmaker for iPhone after finalizing the deal,” says Nikkei, quoting a “source with direct knowledge of the settlement plan.” Echoing a variety of other past reports, the publication adds Apple had started to lose confidence as to whether Intel could deliver a working 5G modem in time for the launch of the 2020 iPhones. Quoting a “person familiar with the matter,” Nikkei writes: “Apple had been a little concerned whether a sole supplier for modems could affect the company’s plans to introduce its first 5G smartphone new year.” As part of its settlement with Qualcomm, Apple agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to the chipmaker. It also signed a six-year licensing agreement, with the option to extend the deal a further two years, with Qualcomm. In the short-term, even if Canadian carriers don’t launch their 5G networks in 2020, the fact the new iPhones will feature Qualcomm modems again is a positive for Canadian consumers. In test after test, Qualcomm’s LTE modems lapped whatever Intel could muster. At the moment, the Qualcomm modem Apple is most likely to integrate into the 2020 iPhone is the X55. The X55 is multi-mode modem that is capable of both LTE and 5G connectivity simultaneously. In the long-term, it’s unlikely this the last we’ll hear of any animosity between Apple and Qualcomm. The potential eight-year time frame of the licensing agreement Apple signed on Tuesday gives the company more than enough time to develop its own modems, which it was already doing ahead of Tuesday’s announcement. Source: Nikkei The post 2020 iPhones to feature Qualcomm 5G modems: report appeared first on MobileSyrup.   Netflix Not Concerned With New Streaming Services Coming From Apple and Disney   Netflix isn’t worried about the upcoming Disney+ and Apple TV+ streamingservices from Disney and Apple, respectively, the company said today in its Q1 2019 earnings report. [PDF] In the document, Netflix says that it’s “excited” to compete with Apple and Disney, and that it does not feel that the new services will affect Netflix’s growth because of the “differing nature” of …

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Alberta Company Announces New Bonus Telus Security & Internet Offer

Alberta Company Announces New Bonus Telus Security & Internet Offer Telus and Cambridge Electronics Incorporated has announced a new offer for customers. The Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta company recently announced that new customers can now take advantage of their Telus SHS and internet with a new $200 credit offer. Cambridge Electronics Incorporated states that they are pleased to announce this new offer for new customers who are planning on signing up for Telus Security and internet at the same time. When the new customers signs up, they can receive $200 in bill credits when signing up for SmartHome Security on a 3-year term. The customer must also sign up for internet on a 2-year term. Dan LHeureux, a representative for the company says, “This is a special limited time offer and customers will need to act fast. To be eligible for the offer, customers who need to sign up for SHS and new internet on the same order.” The company states that this offer is only in effect for new customers who have never had internet or SHS through the company. LHeureux states that those who are interested can visit the company on their website to read through all of the requirements to be eligible for the offer. “The offer is stackable with mobile and home,” LHeureux adds. “It is stackable with FFH promo pricing but not stackable with gift with purchase. We highly recommend that anyone who wants to receive this limited time $200 activation credit visit our website to read through the list of qualifications and then contact us to start their service.” Cambridge Electronics is an authorized dealer of Telus products and includes a team of specialists that can assist customers with any of their internet or other technological needs. LHeureux states that customers who are new to the area can contact them to speak with a specialist who will help them to determine what specific services will best suit their needs. The company provides Telus products for business and personal use, and helps customers to select the right wireless device for their needs and match that device to the right accessories, whether integrating with products or web services that they already have or signing them up for new services to help meet those needs. “We always encourage new customers to speak with a representative to ensure that they are getting everything that they need,” says LHeureux. “We want our customers to consider us as their own personal communications hub. Whether they need Telus internet or any other service, we can help them to figure it out.” The company states that new customers can learn all of the details of their new offer by visiting them on their official company website. The website offers detailed information about all of their services, as well as eligibility information for the new bundling deal. Those who are interested can also connect with the company via any of their social media accounts. Cambridge Electronics provides those in the area with television, internet, mobile services, tablets, accessories and other …

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If you’re wearing earbuds but your phone is dead, is it still distracted driving? B.C. court says yes

B.C. RCMP say 1 earbud is fine, but wearing 2 can land you a $368 fine I came across this article online which I found very interesting.  If you have your headphones on and your driving beware a fine can be just around the corner.  Read below for the full details: Bethany Lindsay · CBC News · Posted: Apr 10, 2019 11:11 AM PT | Last Updated: April 10 One earbud is OK for drivers, but two can result in a fine. (The Associated Press) A Surrey, B.C., driver who was caught wearing in-ear headphones has been found guilty of distracted driving, even though the earbuds were connected to a dead iPhone. Patrick Henry Grzelak was coming home after a long day of work on Oct. 12, 2018, when police officers spotted him in the northbound lanes of 152 Street, according to a provincial court judgment. His iPhone was in the centre cubby hole on his dashboard, with the earbuds plugged in. The battery was dead. The phone wasn’t in his hands or his lap, it wasn’t transmitting music or a video, and he wasn’t using it to talk to someone or navigate. Nonetheless, Judicial Justice Brent Adair found that Grzelak was legally “using” the phone. CBC EXPLAINS What you need to know about distracted driving following the B.C. Supreme Court ruling “In my view, by plugging the earbud wire into the iPhone, the defendant had enlarged the device, such that it included not only the iPhone (proper) but also attached speaker or earbuds,” Adair wrote in Monday’s judgment. “Since the earbuds were part of the electronic device and since the earbuds were in the defendant’s ears, it necessarily follows that the defendant was holding the device (or part of the device) in a position in which it could be used, i.e. his ears.” Hold the phone: App helps B.C. man beat distracted driving ticket Woman claims she wasn’t drinking before crash — she was texting According to the B.C. RCMP’s traffic services, it’s OK to drive with one earbud in, but wearing two can result in a $368 fine. BCRCMP [email protected] #DYK that you may only drive with ONE ear bud in? 2 buds=$368 for use electronic device + 4 points #TicketTuesday Twitter Ads info and privacy On the question of the battery, Adair said he relied on a 2015 precedent set in provincial court, which says that holding an electronic device in a position where it could be used constitutes an offence, even if it’s temporarily not working. CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices|About CBC News Report Typo or Error|Send Feedback

OtterBox Otter + Pop cases

OtterBox Otter + Pop cases

OtterBox Otter + Pop cases We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new Otter + Pop product series. The partnership with OtterBox and PopGrip by PopSockets mean you no longer have to choose between a protective case and a PopGrip. Otter + Pop series is a protective case integrated with PopSockets’ PopGrip that complements style and improves functionality.   The first two months of launch, TELUS and Koodo will be the only two retailers in Canada to sell this product. This is a rare opportunity and we’re hoping to make the most out of this exclusivity period. The Otter + Pop cases are unique in that the PopTop can be swapped out so that users have the flexibility to consistently customize and change up their look over and over. Learn more about this exciting new product line below: Built-in PopGrip: helps you text one-handed, snap better pics and watch videos hands-free. Designed to lay flush with case: integrated PopGrip allows the case to slide smoothly in and out of pockets hassle free. Swappable: swap out PopTop designs for quick style changes to match every moment. Choose from a fun variety of colours and patterns. Wireless charging compatible: Otter + Pop cases are Qi wireless charging compatible, but in some situations you may need to remove the PopTop depending on the wireless charger and the thickness of the PopTop. Easy installation: one-piece case pops on and off your phone in a flash. OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection: durable protection shields against drops, bumps and fumbles. How to remove the PopTop The PopTops allow for easy swapability. Click and twist off to change your PopTop for a whole new look, whenever you feel like shifting your style. Refer to the below image for instructions.     See store for details: