Apple Watch – Us

Apple Watch – Us


After years of sitting on the sidelines, Apple finally breaks into wearables in a big way with the Apple Watch. Find out if it’s something you’d like to strap on your wrist in Pocketnow’s Apple Watch Sport review!


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25 thoughts on “Apple Watch – Us”

  1. These companies want to make new way to get more money (they have the right
    to do that)
    And we consumers are the victims.
    I stopped buying watches because I have a mobile phone and now I need a
    watch to leave my mobile phone in my pocket.


  2. WatchOS looks so un-apple.The whole Apple Watch is ugly to me and it’s so
    un-watchy too. It looks like a novelty woman’s watch, in a bad way.

  3. Apple’s target audience are people who are technically inept and willing to
    pay more for less.

  4. That design is simply ugly. Build quality doesn’t really make up for that.
    And my God that UI looks clunky as hell. The fact that the apps don’t
    actually run on the watch is simply laughable imo. Which is why it is slow
    as hell to launch apps. Probably the only way this thing gets the somewhat
    acceptable battery life. A pretty terrible design choice to be honest.
    Apple generally kind of sucks with first gen products any how but this one
    is especially poor imo.

  5. Finally, an actual honest and all-encompassing review, instead of the hate
    pool I’ve seen so far.

    Oh, and for the people who say it looks ugly, remember that aesthetics are
    relative. If you don’t like it, it’s okay! But don’t slaughter people who
    dare to say otherwise, even if they’re not dismissing your opinion.

  6. Very happy with my Watch Urbane, but want to review one of these out just
    to see what all the fuss is about.

  7. I wounder who makes the apple displays these days? Still Sharp or Samsung?
    I know that their Chips are all from Samsung 

  8. Look, I don’t like the iWatch as much as I like Android Wear. Not even
    close. Actually I don’t like the iWatch that much. But do I hate it that I
    want to burn the thing? No. I’m a tech-geek so I appreciate all things
    tech. As a product this is a decent thing. Not my type of smartwatch
    certainly and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but it’s a good start from
    Apple to smartwatch business. And by the way I’m not an Android fanboy or
    an Apple hater. I have a Macbook and an iPad. You don’t have to like every
    product Apple makes to not dislike them. And I’m not an Android fanboy no
    matter how much I love Android.

  9. The UX is a little too annoying. The one thing you have to get right about
    a smartwatch is its user experience. But it does look promising, I wonder
    what the Apple Watch 2 will bring.

  10. I’m glad that Apple is starting to realize that one size does NOT fit all.
    Also, Michael, was the battery life of your iPhone 6 affected while
    connected to the Watch?

  11. Lets be honest it looks cool and the ui and design is cool. Only 3 things
    and im sold. 1. BATTERY!!!!!! 500mah above. 2. WATERPROOF!!!!. 3. CHEAPER

  12. Seems like the best smartwatch out IMO, altho I still think all
    smartwatches are bad as it stands.

  13. 50% at the end of the day… and you were worried it would require a charge
    at lunch. 

  14. +Michael Fisher, my favorite tech reviewer, has released his review of the
    Apple Watch. All of you should check it out!

  15. At the end of the day it’s just not that attractive to me. Not a fan it at
    all. I love the look of the moto360 but the activity tracking is very
    minimal. I wanted a watch so I got the moto360. It’s just so sexy. 

  16. Over all great review. Can’t find one thing that was wrong with it. I felt
    the same way about buying one with the reviews seeming okay at best. But
    over all I love the watch and glad I made the leap. For a gen 1 product it
    has beat everyone out so far 

  17. Don’t buy into this Smartwatch thing people. Humanity, just do something
    cool for once.

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