TELUS Surprises A Customer In A Big Way #ActsOfCaring

TELUS Surprises A Customer In A Big Way #ActsOfCaring

You’ll never believe how we said thanks to one of our customers who has been with us for 20 years.

From June 25 to July 1, share this video on twitter with hashtag #ActsOfCaring and you could win one of five Samsung GS5. See contest details here #actsofcaring

Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours #ActsOfCaring



25 thoughts on “TELUS Surprises A Customer In A Big Way #ActsOfCaring”

  1. I love it, nice surprise for a 20 year customer, that’s loyalty! Well done
    TELUS, well done.

  2. Way to go TELUS! THIS is how you do it! Literally brought a tear to my eye!
    It’s not about YOU! It’s about THEM! Emotional tug! #Marketing #Brand
    #Storytelling And congrats Ramona Ostrander of REMAX Real Estate Center!
    You go girl!

  3. How does telus know what this lady likes? Because they have been watching
    her and tracking her every move via her cell phone. 

  4. Having been a Telus phone customer for 25 years, Telus Mobility for 10+
    years, and Telus TV for about 5 years, all I want is a decent discount for
    being a loyal customer!

  5. BS. They never cared about me for two years. Every month I had to call them
    about the bill and fight with idiots. Finally I gave up and switched to net
    talk. No more telus bill. Bye Bye.

  6. I strongly think the idea is nice, but this kinda seems like it’s too good
    to be true…

  7. Glad you care telus 19 years a telus customer always paid my bills 9 years
    with unlimited internet air card Feb 15 2014 you changed my account and
    billed the living out of me well I called loyalties what did telus tell me
    YOU DON”T CARE that why I’m not with Telus any more I drove 4 hours to
    cancel Telus and switch providers go stick it telus you don’t care

  8. What a wonderful surprise Telus. Props to showing the world there’s a side
    to these things beyond just business.

    Lucky me and my family have been with Telus for almost a decade and never
    had to suffer from problems. We even got coverage in some remote areas of
    Canada, so well done guys. :)

  9. You picked a great person to say “thank-you” to. Ramona has done a lot of
    good in Guelph and still does. There were high fives at the Chamber of
    Commerce yesterday for our buddy.

  10. I dont care what anyone says….this is freaking awesome!!! Im with Public
    Mobile and Im so glad Telus bought Public Mobile (here in Toronto)!!! I
    guess u can say Im your long lost cousin 🙂 

  11. I would like to see ALL loyal Telus customers rewarded. Spent too much
    money on just one customer.

  12. This just makes me annoyed at Telus. Yeah, sure, pull out all the stops to
    make ONE customer of 20 years happy. Guess what MY family, who had been
    with Telus for 7 years got when we complained about not getting the quality
    of internet connection we were promised and were PAYING for… We got told
    “sure, go ahead and switch to another provider. We don’t care.” Okay, fuck
    you too. Maybe you could work on better customer service all around rather
    than one time stunts. Not that it really matters to me anymore since I
    don’t buy anything from Telus now after that.

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