New Smartphone Blackview MAX 1 Projector Mobile Phone 6.01inch Review and Price

[Music] black whew max one still makes the list of phones drop before 2018 runs out the smartphone was released towards the end of the month of December 2018 it comes with a mold screen big battery in large Ram there is nothing spectacular at the camera except for the fact that the front lens composition is dual apart from that on the face level the user would love this black whew max one phone for its resolution is high enough to give anyone a pleasurable view of videos played on the screen no wonder it has often been referred to as the projector phone black view max one comes in metal body design with built-in projector dimensions are 165 X 80 1.8 X 18 point 7 and it comes in just two colors black and blue moreover this phone is a water-resistant device black whew max one has finger prints and swore and it has face recognition technology that is inbuilt [Music].

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Top 5 Phone Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season | T-Mobile

Hey guys, Des and Susana with
T-Mobile! The holidays are here and while you're shopping for gifts and stocking
stuffers we're here to share our T-Mobile top 5 holiday accessories. Are you
ready to count them down? Susana: For sure! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel below
and ring that bell for notifications. We wouldn't want to end up on that naughty
list! Des: Kicking things off at number five we're gonna get the holidays rockin' with
Bluetooth speakers. The one we really like is the new Onyx Studio 6.
Susana: The Studio Six is a great choice if you like cool design and great sound.
Des: It features long battery life and one of the things we really love about it is you can pair two
of them together for awesome stereo sound. And look at this integrated handle
built into the design. Grab the Studio 6 for your next holiday party.
Susana: Coming in at number four, let's talk wireless headphones.

Des: Which one did you like? Susana: I like the JBL 2 and 120s they are true wireless headphones that deliver a great sound
and intuitive controls for stereo and hands-free calling and they come in
black and white. Des: Nice! At number 3 we're talking wireless and portable charging.
I've got a couple options I think are really excellent choices. For example, if
you're a power user that has both a smartphone and a SmartWatch you'll want to check out the Ubio Labs duo charger that can charge two things at once. Susana: For
me it's the Mophie Power station PD I always carry my power station in my bag
and it's fast-charge capable.

The great thing about the power station is that I
have lots of things that need charging and the power station can charge those things
too. From tablets to gaming controllers and even my switch. Des: Now let's get serious
about our number two category: Protection cases and screen protectors. If you or
your loved one isn't using device protection you're playing with fire.
Susana: Absolutely. We've shown you how to install a screen protector in our
previous how-to videos.

Des: Ah yes. link in the description below
hashtag… Susana: Scotch tape!
Des: Yes!
Susana: And making sure your investment is well protected. It's
super important. Des: So if you're needing heavy-duty protection a case like the
OtterBox Otter Pop defender series is a great
choice. Susana: Or something more slim and fit like this tech21 Studio Color; you'll add that extra layer of drop protection so many of us need.
And the tech21 case is also antimicrobial as well. Des: Speaking of which,
the invisible shield vision guard plus screen protector has antimicrobial
protection too – I understand it's cold and flu time so you want to make sure your
phone is germ-free, right? Susana: Well, maybe not "germ free" but every little bit helps.
Des: And what's on the top of everyone's holiday wish list? Pop Sockets, Air Pod
cases and car charms. Yep, accessories for your accessories are the holiday items
everyone is asking for it this year from Pop Sockets to Pop Grips and charms to
put on your phone case.

Susana: To wallets to vent mounts and car mounts. Des: To air pod
cases and much more. There's something for everyone in our top holiday
accessory category, both gifts and great stocking stuffers. Susana: Aw, I love this!
Des: Well that about wraps it up for our T-Mobile top five holiday accessories
countdown. I think it's time to grab a couple of our favorite accessories and
head out to the T-Mobile white elephant party. What do you say? Susana: Sounds great, Des.
remember you can shop for these items at and of course your
favorite T-Mobile store. Des: We hope you all have a great holiday season and stay
tuned for another great T-Mobile video coming up next.
Susana: Happy holidays! Des: Thanks so much guys.


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Miniso 2 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Unboxing | Product Review (Q&A) | My Rating System | English Sub

Hello folks welcome to this channel and today I'm so excited because this is my first video of product review the first products comes from Miniso and the product is 2in1 Mobile phone lens and the reason why i bought this product, because i need this product to improve my video's quality and i really love to see picture from wider lens so yeah, I'm really excited to see how this product works, so without further ado Let's open this product Just how it looks so .oh yeahbefore that i want to show you guys the price So Miniso just open in Central park Mall and in Taman Anggrek Mall and some others malls in Jakarta two point five two and half dollars us dollars (~$2.5) So back again to to the lens oops, sorry :p Actually, it's very easy to be setup done The 2in1 mobile phone lens actually is not what i expected i think i will got 2 lens,just like my previous lens but actually, one of the lens already attached to the handled, and the result is quite surpsiring, because, you can see the results by yourself this is the results i Don't really know what the functions of this lens, so for everyone that know how to use or operate this lens please comment on the the comment section below and yeah, share your knowledge to everyone 🙂 So we just review the one and only lens that I can use, so this one this one So you can see the results done So actually i use this as a model but i don't know if this will works or no 😀 i using flashlight So the minus point is, the lens frams is quite big, and it's block some of the flashlight area right here then ya the picture is quite good, but the weakness is around around the frame the picture is quite blur so compare to my previous lens It's much better right am i , right? you can see there is less shadow in the frame's area and the miniso's bag is not as blur as the 2in1 lens back again to Miniso 2in1 lens You can see the miniso words is blurred It's not really clear as clear as my lens.

Yeah So, i just reviewed from what happen here, and i'm try not to be biased 🙂 so that's how the Lens work and I'll show you the pictures of Both my lens so you can see the differences between my lens and Miniso lens So back again, I will continue to the other products feature So the first feature is the the lens cover itself to prevent the dirt and it's easy to attached Then the other feature is the little pouch it's for to keep the lens and it's easy to bring It's simple its basic So yeah, that's the review of the products Don't know if you like it or no [hope you like it :)] First I will explain how i rate my review of a products, and i will start from really bad, bad it's a Normal it's like a three-point and four is great or good and the fifth one is really good, so there are five points one two three four five and one is real bad and five is the best one so My rating for this product is so-so.

Because yeah some of the feature is not really work, and yeah one other feature is the Handle of this lens, so it's not really comfortable Because compare to my previous lens, it's just like clamp It's so easy and this one need more effort to be attach to your phone and if your phone is thicker than it will be harder to attach Yeah It's also Kind of a minus point for this lens, but I already bought it, and i think i will still use it and lastly, for anyone that want to Know more about this products how to buy this products or more advice or more questions just ask me and the comment sections, or ask me from my social Media more important thing you can comment or give suggestions About my product about my videos so I can improve my video for the next Product review or other video.

So thank you so much for watching and I will see you at the next video. Bye!!!.

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Nokia XpressMusic 5610 Mobile Phone Review

[Music] hi I'm Erin McNamara with Digital Trends calm although the iPhone has earned the reputation as being the go-to device for music fans who want a media player and phone in one all the other extras packed in there can make it a bit of a beast to carry around for such simple functions nokia has stuck to just the basics and the xpressmusic 56:10 packing a competent music player and phone into a much smaller package we love the Nokia's slim form factor crisp lighting action and usable front buttons although it's not one of the flashiest phones we've seen the materials used feel solid in the hand and don't gather fingerprints easily making them very practical this red aluminum trim adds a touch of class to one of the most unique themes you'll notice about the 56:10 is the slider which glides left to right to switch between the phone FM radio and music player we liked how easy it made it to switch up our music from any other menu in the phone but hated how it wouldn't allow us to return to the same place we left afterwards like browsing a web page this 2.5 millimeter stereo Jack annoyed us because you'll need this short cable to convert it to a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone plug and inconvenience you shouldn't have to deal with on a phone catering to music the 3.2 megapixel camera boasts high resolution but only mediocre image quality we had major problems with bright parts of an image bleeding into dark parts which ruins some otherwise solid shots the form factor does make it easy to use as a camera though and the LED flash is surprisingly bright while iPhone fans may shine it's slightly clunkier music controls we thought the 56:10 made a practical and portable media player if the phone's maximum capacity of only 4 gigs with a microSD expansion card and the annoying non-standard headphone jack don't bother you the comfortable size and the practical controls may make it ideal I'm Erin McNamara and thank you for watching you [Music]

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নতুন আসছে Asus Gaming Smartphone & i phone price In BD Bashundhara | Shapon Khan vlogs


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Android N Tip – How to enable split-screen multitasking

hey guys come here from 9:00 to 5:00 Google and Android n has been available in the form of a Developer Preview now for a few weeks and it's already into its second preview and part of this upcoming major software update is the baked in ability to have two apps side by side on the same screen this is otherwise known as split-screen multitasking here's how you use it now right now there are a couple of methods for activating the split screen a method one is what I call drag-and-drop within Android n when using any app or even on the home screen you can tap the app switcher icon that's the square one on the bottom right of the screen and most phones this launches the familiar card based multitasking window now we tap and hold one of these apps that you'd like to have on screen then drag it up to the top half of the screen or to the side and once you've done that the app will take up the top half of your display assuming you're holding it in portrait and not in landscape mode the bottom half will show the app switching screen then you tap on the second app you'd like to have on screen and then you have two apps running side by side on the same screen now the second method requires a little bit more in terms of digging into the software but once it's been activated it's actually a lot easier now first what you have to do is enable system UI tuner within the settings menu this means you need to swipe down from the top of your screen until the full notification shade and quick settings tiles are on display now you'll notice a settings cog in the top right hand corner you press and hold this icon for a few seconds until it starts spinning once you let go you'll see a pop-up alert on screen for a short while telling you system UI tuner has been added to your settings options one system UI tuner is active you go to settings system UI tuner then hit other and then tap the toggle to enable split screen swipe up gesture once this is active you can simply swipe up from the app switching button that's the square one again and it'll launch the split screen mode now once activated apps take up an equal portion of the screen as default with the split right in the middle you can adjust where the split goes just by touching and holding the middle split and moving it wherever you want up and down the screen what's more as hinted at previously this split-screen mode works in portrait or landscape so if it's active you rotate your phone so that it's horizontal and the split screen apps arrange themselves side by side instead of above and below each other when the split screen is activated you'll notice that the app switching single square icon that we've been talking about has turned into two parallel rectangles now if you want to while it's active you can actually hide the apps by pressing the home button what this allows you to do is it allows you to select the secondary app that you want to run in split screen mode just in case the one that you want didn't show up in the initial options now like with launching split screen mode there are a couple of methods for canceling it too first off you can press and hold the split screen app switching icon second you can just drag the app splitter until it's right at the top or the bottom of the screen filling your display with a single app now of course split screen mode has been designed predominantly for tablets but it means that you can drag and drop content or copy and paste text from one app into another without having to keep on switching between two different apps it certainly can make you more productive especially on a tablet now it's important to note that because this is beta software for now the methods and exact UI may change over time but we'll be sure to update the post linked in the description box if anything changes majorly to impact you by the time the software is available as a public release it's also worth noting that apps need to have split-screen compatibility so some apps will support it and some won't at least initially I've been camera mat cam Bunton on Twitter and I'll see you again soon you

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Talking About Smartphones in English – Spoken English Lesson

Hi, I’m Lori. Welcome to Oxford Online English! In this lesson, you can learn how to talk
about smartphones in English. You’ll see the process of buying a new smartphone. You’ll also learn how to describe the features
of a smartphone, say what’s most important to you, and ask questions about what a smartphone
can do. Before we start, don’t forget to check out
our website: Oxford Online English dot com. We have many other free English lessons to
help you improve your spoken English. If you need more help than our free lessons
can give you, we also have many professional teachers who offer online classes through
Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or whatever you use! But now, let’s see some useful language
for buying a new smartphone.

Hello, can I help you with anything? Hi, yes, I’m looking for a new phone. I have some ideas, but maybe you can make
some recommendations? Of course! What are you looking for in your new phone? Well, for me, the number one priority is good
battery life. I travel a lot for work, and I need a phone
which can last at least a full day without problems. I see. Is anything else important? I take a lot of pictures, so I want something
with a decent camera. It doesn’t have to be amazing, but I’d
like a phone which can take good-quality pictures. It’d be a bonus if it could take good photos
in low light, because a lot of phone cameras don’t do well in darker conditions, I’ve
found. That’s true, but camera technology is getting
better all the time. Even mid-range modern phones can take excellent
photos in a wide range of conditions.

If I may ask, what’s your budget? I guess I’m aiming for something in the
mid-range. I don’t need something top-of-the-line,
so maybe around two, three hundred Euros. That’s fine; I have a few ideas for you. Follow me, please. If you were shopping for a new phone, what
would you look for? What’s your top priority? Do you always buy the same brand, or do you
look for something different, like good battery life, or the lowest possible price? In the dialogue, you heard: ‘The number
one priority is good battery life.’ Of course, you can use this phrase with different
features, as in: ‘The number one priority is a good front camera for selfies.’ You could say the same thing in a different
way like this: ‘The most important thing for me is good battery life.’ You also heard: ‘I take a lot of pictures,
so I want something with a decent camera.’ ‘Decent’ means ‘quite good’.

If something is decent, it’s above average,
but not the best. If you say this, you mean that you don’t
need the best, most expensive camera there is, but you want something that’s good enough. If something is less important, you can use
the phrase ‘It’d be a bonus if…’ In the dialogue, you heard ‘It’d be a
bonus if it could take good photos in low light.’ A ‘bonus’ is something which is nice to
have, but not absolutely necessary. So, you might say: ‘It’d be a bonus if
it had a brighter screen.’ Finally, to set your budget, you could say
something like this: ‘I’m aiming for something in the mid-range.’ ‘I want to spend as little as possible.’ ‘I’d like something cheap, but without
compromising on what I need.’ If you put these phrases together, you should
be able to say two to three sentences about what you need in a smartphone, what you’d
like to have, and how much you’re willing to spend.

For example: ‘The most important thing for
me is that it’s fast and has good performance. It’d be a bonus if it had over 100 gigabytes
of storage. I’m aiming for the upper mid-range, so I’d
like to spend maybe four, five hundred maximum.’ Could you make an answer like this? Pause the video and make an answer. If you need, you can review this section to
get the language you need. Say your answer out loud. Ready? Let’s look at our next section. I think this would be a good choice, based
on what you told me.

It has a 48 megapixel dual camera, and great
camera software which makes it easy to take good pictures in low light conditions, like
you said. The battery should last two to three days
with normal usage, and currently it’s discounted to 250 Euros. That sounds good! How much memory does it have? Do you mean RAM, or internal storage? Storage, I guess. You know, for music, photos and so on. It has 64 gigabytes of internal storage, and
you can also add a micro SD card if you need more.

Mmm… Oh yeah, one more thing: does it have a headphone
jack? I listen to music on my headphones, and I
saw a lot of new phones don’t have the connector for wired headphones. Yes, it has a 3.5 millimetre jack for headphones,
or an aux cable, or whatever. Ah, good! Last thing, I probably should have mentioned
this earlier: can it take two SIM cards? Yes, it’s dual-SIM, although the second
SIM card goes in the micro SD slot, so you have to choose between two SIM cards or extra
storage; you can’t have both.

That’s a little annoying… Are there any phones which don’t have that? Yes… I have one idea. Let me show you. In the dialogue, I asked three questions about
the phone’s features. Can you remember what you heard? You heard: ‘How much storage does it have?’ Does it have a headphone jack?’ ‘Can it take two SIM cards?’ Think about these basic question forms. Can you think of three more questions you
could ask about a smartphone, using these question forms? Pause the video and think about your answers. If you want extra practice, write them down! Of course, there are many possibilities. Here are three suggestions: ‘How much RAM
does it have?’ ‘Does it have a fingerprint scanner?’ ‘Can it last all day on a single charge?’ What about you; were your questions similar,
or did you get something completely different? There are many other questions you could ask,
but next, let’s see how to describe other features of a smartphone in more detail. So, this one is a little more expensive, but I think you do get a lot more for your money.

It has dual-SIM capability, 128 gigs of storage,
which can be expanded with a memory card if you need, and a much better screen. The screen is very hi-res, so everything looks
sharp, and it also has extremely accurate colours, which might be of interest if you’re
into photography. Colour accuracy? What does that mean? Just that the colours you see on the screen
are exactly how they look in real life.

Some screens, especially on cheaper phones,
don’t have accurate colour reproduction, so everything looks too blue, or too orange,
or whatever. OK, I don’t think that’s so important… It also has an 8-core CPU and 8 gigabytes
of RAM, so everything runs fast, and you can multi-task, have several apps open at once… What’s this thing on the back? It’s the fingerprint scanner. This phone also has face recognition, so you
can unlock it just by looking into the camera.

Hmm… And, how much is it? It’s 750 Euros, but I could take 50 Euro
off the price, so 700. That’s too much! I think I’ll take the first phone you showed
me. Of course. Here are some things you heard in the dialogue. Could you explain what they mean in English? ‘It has dual-SIM capability.’ ‘The screen is very hi-res.’ ‘It has an 8-core CPU, so you can multi-task.’ Imagine you’re an English teacher, and you
want to explain these words to someone who doesn’t know them.

How would you do it? ‘Dual-SIM’ means that the phone can use
two SIM cards at the same time, so you can have two phone numbers on one device. ‘Hi-res’ is short for ‘high resolution’. This means that the screen has more pixels,
so text and images will look clearer. An 8-core CPU is a processor which can run
many different calculations at the same time. So, you can multi-task: you can have several
apps open, and you can use your phone to do several things at once without it slowing
down. Do you remember any other smartphone features
which were mentioned in the dialogue? You heard: ‘The screen has extremely accurate
colours.’ ‘It also has face recognition.’ ‘It has 8 gigabytes of RAM.’ What about your phone? At this point in the lesson, you should have
enough language to describe the features of your phone in detail.

Your job is to make a longer answer talking
about your phone. Remember that you can review earlier sections
if you need to! Aim to make at least five sentences. Pause the video and do it now. OK, how was that? Could you make a clear, fluent answer? Let’s look at one more point. So, will you be needing any accessories? Like what? Well, for sure you should get a screen protector. It’ll stop the glass from getting scratched
or damaged. How much is it? 10 Euros, and we can put it on for you right
now. Can’t I do it myself? You can, but it’s fiddly. OK, I’ll take one of those. Is it worth getting a case to protect it? Perhaps, although phones are a lot tougher
than they used to be.

Of course, I don’t recommend it, but you
can drop it and it’ll be fine nine times out of ten. I think I’ll take a case, too. I broke my last phone by dropping it, and
I’d be so angry if it happened again. Sure. Take a look over here; any of these cases
will fit, and they’ll keep your phone safe. Hmm… This one’s nice. It’s fifteen? That’s right. Also, one more thing: if you’re worried
about breaking your phone, you could buy an extended warranty. It covers you for three years, and it includes
insurance against accidental damage, so if you drop your phone, or it falls in water,
or anything like that, you can bring it back and we’ll repair it at no extra cost. How much is it? It costs 65 Euros, Oh, no, no thanks. No problem. Is that everything? Yes, thanks so much. Where do I pay? Come with me and I’ll show you. When you buy a new phone, you might also buy
some accessories.

‘Accessories’ mean small, extra things
which go with something larger you bought. Accessories can be cosmetic, like a case,
or functional, like a screen protector. Can you think of other examples of smartphone
accessories? You could also buy a spare charger, a Bluetooth
headset, or a mount so that you can see your phone while you’re driving. During the dialogue, the salesperson also
offered me an extended warranty. Do you know what this means? A ‘warranty’ and a ‘guarantee’ have
the same meaning here. The manufacturer, or the retailer, are responsible
if anything goes wrong with the product.

Normally, a warranty lasts one year. Some retailers and manufacturers offer extended
warranties, which are a kind of insurance. At this point, you should be able to buy a
new smartphone in English, describe exactly what you need, and buy any accessories which
you want. Here’s a question: what kind of phone do
you have? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not? Please share your ideas in the comments, and
practise your English! Try to use the language which you’ve learned
in this lesson. Thanks for watching! See you next time!.

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Glass Enterprise Edition 2: A hands-free device for smarter and faster hands-on work

[Music] every business in the world has problems to solve you don't have to look for those are there more efficiencies to be gained is there a better way to do this process and when the needs of the customers are rising in complexity you're being attacked from both sides innovation is critical to health care we have tremendous opportunity to make it better for our patients and solutions like glass help us do that throughout the process of developing glass Enterprise Edition 2 we spend a lot of time listening we worked with our partners and with our customers to figure out what they wanted glass is a hands-free device for smarter and faster hands-on work it provides the information that an employee needs in the periphery of their line of sight so it doesn't come in the way of their actual work environment glasses made Aiko a safer company because you have two hands to do your job whether they're climbing on and off units or trying to do something in the field what has become commonplace is physicians spending more time staring at the computer screen than spend time face-to-face with patients with glass what we started seeing is patients saying to us my doctor is spending more time with glasses allowed for a lot of unique ways to collaborate that haven't been possible before the biggest is immediately getting expert advice from somebody who might be around the world being able to provide what they're seeing at their perspective helps do a very very expedited triage to help bring our customer back on line sooner with newsing glass and productions since about 2016 we had about a 30% reduction in processing time and we had a 50% reduction in training time and that one was just monumental we even looking for that when we did it typical doctor spends about two hours per day writing notes about the visits that they conducted and because I have last typing that up for me in real-time I am not worrying about going back for hours later trying to remember all the details of the visits it'll help us be better doctors whether it be manufacturing or field service or healthcare they're all doing things with their hands and by looking across all these different industries we're able to find the unique things that we can provide value for glass is a tool that is as simple as it is powerful that's incredibly helpful we underestimated the impact that that would have it's a tool that doesn't replace people it allows people to be smarter faster better at what they're actually doing this job you [Music]

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Camera Showdown: Asus ROG Phone II vs Samsung Galaxy S10e Review/ Specifications | Phone&Photo

Are you looking for the best camera phone with good value? For any camera aficionados that wish to pair a high-quality camera with the capabilities of a smartphone, then the ASUS R O G Phone 2 and Samsung Galaxy S10e are quality candidates for value seekers who also expect a high-quality camera. The R O G Phone 2, Asus’s latest smartphone, has a large battery pack, it is specifically designed for gamers with an eye to graphics in mind.

Asus R O G Phone II consists of a dual-camera which is sporting a Sony IMX586 sensor. The 48 Mega-pixel, f/1.79 main camera is equivalent to a 26mm focal length. It also features a thirteen Mega-pixel camera for ultra-wide-angle shots, covering a 125 degrees field of view. The Samsung Galaxy S10e is specifically designed for professional photographers that are looking for high-quality capabilities combined with smartphone technology. In this guide, we'll compare each to see which is more worth the investment as a camera. The Samsung Galaxy S10e includes a primary 12 Mega-pixel camera lens with variable aperture f 1.5 to 2.4 in addition to a sixteen Mega-pixel ultra-wide-angle module. Which of these two comes out on top in the camera department? Read on as we compare phone to phone and find who takes the photography crown. Unlike the S10e, the R O G Phone II presents some issues with slight color fringing along the edge of the image. On the other hand, the S10e has more accurate color shading leading to an outdoor image that is more pleasing to look at.

You will be presently surprised to find out that the R O G Phone II does quite well when it comes to testing bokeh mode. While getting an accurate comparison of the two, the R O G Phone II renders better than the S10e and yields better target isolation. Both have quality blur effects with a strong blur gradient but, while the R O G Phone 2's bokeh quality is strong, the trigger leads to some white balance instabilities. However, both phones perform their bokeh nicely so we are talking about small differences here between the two cameras. As you can see in both images, the Samsung S10e displays richer and bolder capability than the R O G Phone 2. It seems as if the S10e has some kind of built-in ring light but the lighting produced by the S10e allows for the capturing of greater image detail.

If you are looking to create selfies for winning more likes on Instagram, then the S10e is a more suitable choice as it provides a more vibrant interior shot that adds to a more expressive quality in the eyes, lips, and nose. These are the typical pinpoint locations where a viewer's eye will wander towards. Taking a look at the croppings below, you can see that the R O G Phone 2 renders closer to reality whereas the Samsung Galaxy S10e provides the photographer with more details.

The R O G Phone II does, however, display accurate white balancing and has good color rendering. The S10e, on the other hand, is better at canceling luminance noise and generating greater pixel performance for greater detail preservation. This leads to a more defined image that is more clear than the R O G Phone II. The setting is taken in a wide-angle camera mode. You will note that the S10e takes wider images that the R O G Phone II. Additionally, it is easy to tell S10e captures wide-angle images with better distortion correction algorithm.

Samsung S10e portrays richer target details whereas it has a more limited dynamic range against bright lighting. On the other hand, R O G Phone II manages a good balance with the exposure and preserving the details of the bunny’s tail grass in the bright background. Pros of the R O G Phone 2. First. Good target image isolation when shooting with its bokeh mode. Second. Better backlighting, good balance between exposure and detail prevention. Third. Accurate color rendering at the night mode. Cons of the R O G Phone 2. First. It had a weaker distortion correction algorithm when using the wide-angle mode. Second. It lacks details in the low light photography Pros of Samsung Galaxy S10e. First. Accurate white balance and good color rendering in daytime photography. Second. Good distortion correction algorithm for its wide-angle mode And third. Ideal for beauty vloggers that want brighter and richer color texturing at those pinpoint locations. Cons of Samsung Galaxy S10e. First. You might get a loss of sharp detail in longer-range shots. Second. Its dynamic range is limited when shooting against bright light. See more camera samples at Phone & Photo Flickr.
You can find the links from the YouTube caption.

Despite a smartphone marketplace that has become extremely competitive in the camera-quality space, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is still a smart choice for users looking for a good value smartphone camera. The Asus R O G Phone II, while being a top-notch gaming smartphone, just doesn't have the bandwidth to generate as detailed images. If you are looking for a smartphone camera that can create wildly high-quality images, hen the recommendation is to go with the Samsung Galaxy S10e..

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The coolest phone I’ve ever broken – Legion Duel Phone 2

well here we are again with another gaming phone gaming phones are usually the coolest phones and some of my favorites because they push the limits with both design and specs both of which can obviously be utilized by everyone even if gaming isn't your main thing i didn't really know lenovo made smartphones until now i did use one of their laptops all through college though so they have been around for a long time opening up the box we get our first glimpse of the phone lenovo sent me their legion phone dual 2 to check out with a box that's surprisingly optically stabilized already innovative i like it inside the box to get dual usb c cables and a charging brick that has dual usb usb-c ports i'm beginning to see why they call us the dual 2. when both ports are plugged in and used at the same time we can apparently juice up the phone with 90 watts of power i'll get to that more in a second the phone is resting on one more box i'll pull them both out and in here we get a little headphone jack adapter as well as a thin clear plastic case and finally the phone itself this is one of the most unique looking phones we've seen in a while it's got curves in the weirdest places i'm looking forward to this one let's get started [Music] right off the bat this phone feels like a solid chunk of brick it's heavy thick and long with a very strange abnormal growth in the center apparently this center hump is for the brains of the whole operation while the dual batteries are off in the wings in the hump we've got the center mounted cameras as well as the rgb leds and most importantly the dual fans we've seen one fan before in a cell phone and the red magic gaming phones but not two taking apart this dual 2 should be pretty interesting but first things first the scratch test i have a set of mohs mineral picks that help differentiate between different minerals and materials and every now and then we have a phone slip into the system that's hiding under a plastic screen protector doesn't take too long to figure out that this dual two's incredibly unique anatomy might come with some issues normally the camera bump is up top so the phone rocks left and right but this time around with the camel hump in the middle the phone is rocking top to bottom like a giant seesaw not necessarily a bad thing but i could see it getting a little annoying trying to one hand type a message while the phone is laying on a flat surface it'll bounce around like a bobble head finishing up the scratch test we see that the screen is made from tempered glass by its scratches at level six with deeper grooves at a level seven this is the part where we normally go find the front facing camera but as you can clearly see this phone does not have one at least not where we would normally expect it it's got a side mounted motorized pop-up camera hidden underneath the power button i didn't see that one coming it's a loud little guy apparently it's here on the side so that gamers can livestream themselves playing games while the phone is being held horizontally and it makes quite a bit of sense and since the camera is motorized it's not taking up any pixel real estate inside that display pressing the power button which is now extended up into the air still turns off the screen and retracts the camera it's kind of weird if you want to take normal vertical selfies of course but definitely not a deal breaker the lens on the front of the camera is made from glass and is scratch resistant and impressively has 44 megapixels the camera also has fall protection which we've seen on other pop-up camera smartphones where it tries to retract before hitting the ground if it's ever dropped the large earpiece speaker grille is made from plastic and won't be falling out on its own it's also one of a pair dual loudspeakers on a phone where everything is dual the bottom stereo speaker grille is also made from plastic the right side of the phone is made from metal and there's a whole lot going on no mechanical pop-up buttons like we saw on the black shark 3 gaming phone but there are a total of four ultrasonic programmable gaming buttons on this side alone two on the right side then we have the textured metal power button sitting on top of the motorized camera and then of course the output vent for the internal dual fans which we'll get to in a second and then the other pair of programmable buttons on the top side the top of the phone is pretty empty then over here on the left side of the phone we have the metal volume rocker and one of the two usb-c ports the second usb-c port of course is down at the bottom where it normally is next to the dual sim card tray which has a slot on either side for sim cards we'll talk more about the usb-c ports in a second the back of the phone is interesting of course like a turtle we've never seen anything quite like it there are an additional two programmable capacitive buttons under that slope of the rear glass leading up to the center camera mountain all of these rear surfaces of course are made from glass and as we know a gaming phone can't be a gaming phone without some sweet led action there are two cameras included on everest here one is a 64 megapixel main sensor and the other is a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens both protected under that same piece of glass and of course the fans which are both back here as well now supposedly this fan contraption is specially oriented over the vapor chamber which helps with heat dissipation and supposedly both fans are ip58 meaning that it's protected against water but we'll have to see how that's even possible from the inside during the tear down video the fans are pretty quiet and i can get them going full blast with rampage mode they are tiny little guys though with 29 blades each the intake fan is spinning at 12 500 rpm and the exhaust fan is spinning at 15 000 rpm lenovo says the fans are capable of lowering the internal temperature of the qualcomm 888 processor by over 30 percent compared to other smartphones that have the same chip which is pretty impressive and definitely a worthwhile addition to the phone if i get little pieces of paper sprinkled on my desk we can see the exhaust fan moving them a little bit but it's still a pretty small blower i ripped a thread out of my shirt so we can see it a little clearer a little wisp blowing in the gentle breeze a gentle breeze that of course helps you kill your enemies more efficiently speaking of vanquishing enemies efficiently it does take a lot of energy and the legion phone dual 2 has plenty of that as you've guessed there are dual batteries one on either side of the phone which is a little worrisome since the dual battery situation didn't work out too well for the rog phone 5 but let's keep our fingers crossed that lenovo's done it better both of these ports can be used to charge up the batteries when i plug in one of the cables it turns on turbo charging and when both of them get plugged in it turns on dual turbo charging which pumps 90 watts of power into the phone to charge the massive 5 500 milliamp hour battery to 100 in just 30 minutes which has also got to be some kind of record finally the burn test we'll make things a little more interesting this time around with a little help from the fans it's easy to tell that this is the intake by the way it's ingesting the flame internally digesting fire is generally frowned upon but you gotta admit it looks pretty cool the exhaust vent is also strong enough to blow out my lighter which is pretty impressive and at least now we know the fans are good at working in extremely hot environments the screen of the dual 2 is a 6.9 inch 1080p display with a 144hz refresh rate and most impressively a 720hz touch sampling rate which i'm pretty sure is another record the touch sampling rate is almost more important than the refresh rate while gaming since it's how fast the screen can sense what your fingers are doing and then of course the amoled display does last for about 33 seconds under the heat from my lighter and does not fully recover now again fingerprint scanners are not my favorite but i do have a theory about scanners that don't work very well usually it's the flat optical scanners with a wide sensor and no lens that can't read my fingerprint and since this phone is struggling to even set my fingerprint it'll be interesting to see if my hypothesis is correct when we open it up from the inside i'm guessing the optical scanner doesn't have a lens now when i first picked up this phone i noticed that it's extremely heavy to the point where i'm not even remotely concerned about it breaking but you know there are some weird shapes and structural designs going on and well turns out there is a weaker gaming phone than the rog phone 5.

The legion phone dual 2 with its two speakers two fans and two batteries is now most definitely in two pieces the display is shattered and destroyed underneath that gorilla glass 5 which surprisingly is still intact at first close-up glance at the breaking point it looks like pitted porous metal was the culprit of the break but it turns out it's a clean snap right along that antenna line which match up on either side of the glass hump the antenna lines are usually plastic to allow the phone to get its signal since antennas don't work well through metal unfortunately though these same antenna lines are also symmetrically mirrored at the other end of the camera mountain which means the legion phone 2 is now the legion phone 3 as in it's in 3 pieces if those antenna lines were positioned differently or reinforced internally this might have gone differently the front glass is still intact though nice work corning a bad year for gaming phones really shows how well gorilla glass holds up the legion phone dual 2 does not pass my durability test now remember durability is just one aspect of choosing your next phone a simple case will solve the majority of structural issues and just because i broke it does not make it a bad phone it just gives us an idea of what to look out for and what situations to avoid while owning it it's a super cool phone literally and figuratively internally and externally just don't sit on it the tear down will still be pretty interesting we'll check out those fans from the inside as well as the supposedly massive vapor chamber so hit that subscribe button if you haven't already come hang out with me on instagram and twitter and thanks a ton for watching i'll see you around

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