Google’s New Operating System is Officially Android Oreo

Google’s New Operating System is Officially Android Oreo

Every year, Google announces the release of a new update to their Android operating system and on August 21st they officially announced that the next iteration would be name Android Oreo. While the operating system has been available in beta for a number of months now, some of Android O’s marquee features include Android Instant Apps, a system that allows users to access apps without needing to download them, as well as picture-in-picture, which lets users multitask and text, browse the web or send emails while watching a YouTube video.


Google also says that Android O features faster boot speeds when powering up devices and that the OS now limits the background activity of less frequently used apps. Finally, Google says that the final version of Android O feature a full redesigned emoji set, complete with over 60 new emoji.


Customers should start seeing this update roll out to their Android phones within the next few months depending on the device.

Tech Talk New Google News Telus Fort Sask

Tech Talk New Google News Telus Fort Sask

Tech Talk May19th,2017 Edition New Google News Telus Fort Sask


More news about Google Assistant here:

Why it matters to you

Allo for web makes sending stickers, chatting with the Google Assistant, and texting a cinch.

Google’s AI-powered Allo messaging app isn’t just on smartphones anymore. On Tuesday, the search giant launched Allo for web, a companion web app that puts the messaging service’s core features in your favorite web browser.

Allo for web requires an Android phone for now, and you need a registered Allo account to use it. If you meet those prerequisites, signing up is as simple as heading to the Allo website, tap the three line menu on the top left of the Allo app, and click on Allo for web. Tap Scan QR code to open the camera, and point it at the QR code on the Allo web interface, and you’re ready to go.

Allo for web keeps things as simple. On the left-hand side is your profile picture, message history, and quick links to contacts you’ve synced with your Google account. Messaging works just like it does on your phone: When you start a chat with another Allo user (either public or Incognito), you get a menu of stickers and emojis, and any personal stickers you’ve created with Allo’s selfies feature. Allo for web, just like the Allo app, suggests short phrases — Smart Replies — that let you reply with a single tap.

You aren’t restricted to chatting with contacts who have signed up for Allo. Allo for web, just like Allo on Android and iOS, supports text messaging (SMS). But you can’t send stickers to SMS recipients, and they don’t see Allo’s animations and interactive elements.

There isn’t much in Allo for web you can tweak. Clicking on your profile picture brings up the settings menu, which lets you disable the noises and pop-up alerts that indicate the arrival of a new message. You can change the theme of each conversation thread by clicking on your chat partner’s profile picture in the upper right-hand corner, which pulls up a theme selector. That’s about it.

What’s more interesting about Allo for web is how Google Assistant, a core part of the Allo app on smartphones, is finally available on a web interface. The artificially intelligent Assistant responds inline when you invoke it by typing “@google” or click the Assistant button. Via a dedicated Assistant channel on the left-hand corner of the Allo for web menu, you get reminders or news sources you’ve subscribed to (try typing “send daily”), and reminders from your phone and other devices (“remind me”). You can ask the Assistant about movies (“good movies nearby”), restaurants (“Indian restaurants in Midtown Manhattan”), airline reservations (“my flights”), or diversions (“let’s play a game), and it’ll answer to the best of its abilities.

Allo for web is available now. Sadly, there’s one snag — you need Google Chrome to use it at the moment. If you try to access on any other browser, you’ll get this:”

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Retail Sales Representatives Wanted

Telus / Cambridge Electronics Incorporated Cornerstone Mall Fort Saskatchewan

Retail Sales Professionals Wanted!

We are looking for talented sales professionals who are self motivated, dynamic, goal oriented and a team player who have worked in the wireless industry. We have been in business for over 20 years and have a proven track record for success. We have full time and part time positions.

Goals and Objectives of Sales Associate:

1. Excellent Communication Skills- by approaching every customer with a goal of understanding their needs by asking good questions and listening.

2. Continually Increase Store Sales – only once you understand the customer’s needs clearly explain and demonstrate our products, services and features

3. Team Player – able to work in a group environment, be open-minded to learning new things and always treat customers/co-workers with professionalism.

4. Professionalism – be confident of what you’re selling by utilizing all the tools that management provides to continually improve your knowledge of the products we offer and our phones features

5. Problem solving abilities

6. Integrity – be dependable and show up on-time everyday; trust worthy. Help to maintain a clean, organized and enjoyable work environment.

7. Ability to work independently/Ability to work retail hours incl. weekends and holidays

Essential Abilities and Motivators:

* Multi tasking abilities

* Enjoy helping others

* Intelligence, good decision making skills

* Optimism

* Be coachable to follow store processes and procedures

We would love to hear from you! Competitive wages based on experience. Email resume to address listed.

Stop in to the store as well and talk to the staff for more information. We are located in the Cornerstone Mall across from Safeway.

We are open 7 days a week. Sunday 11 to 5, Monday to Friday 9:00 to 8:00 and Saturdays 9:30 to 6:00.

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Telus Smarthub

Tech Talk Telus Fort Saskatchewan New Apple Patents

Tech Talk Telus Fort Saskatchewan New Apple Patents

Listen in on the latest developments form Apple and what they are working on for future iPhones. Tech Talk Telus Fort Saskatchewan New Apple Patents

Other Notable Apple Patents include:

3D Mappimg Camera Technology

Future iOS Radial Menus for the iPhone and iPad that could use Apple Pencil

Apple Granted a Patent for an Audio System that Reproduces a Stabilized ‘Phantom Center’ Audio Channel

A Secret Health Care System Designed for a Future iPhone Surfaced today at the U.S. Patent Office as a Granted Patent

Apple Granted a Patent for adding Touch Controls and Optical Bar Code Elements to an iPad Smart Cover

Apple Wins 40 Patents Today Covering Inductive Charging, CarPlay, Push-to-Talk & Uncovering Redacted Content

Head Tracking UI, Indoor Location Services and a Reminder System for Drivers

iPhone Dock Featuring Siri, Wireless Charging and Mini Display

Apple Granted a Patent for a new Laminar Battery System for Longer Battery Life and Faster Charging

Telus Fort Saskatchewan Blog

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Tech Talk Nov. 10, 2016


Tech Talk Nov. 10, 2016

Check out our latest post of our Session on Mix 107.9 of Tech talk held in November 2016.

Tips & tricks that help you get the most from your technology!

Q. How do I copy my existing monthly prepaid cellular data plan to a new iPad?

A. Your wireless carrier should have specific directions for transferring the data plan you’ve been using on your old tablet to a new model; Android and Windows tablet owners may want to start there was well. In the case of the iPad, you might be able to transfer your plan from the old tablet to the new one right in the settings, without having to fuss around with the hardware.

After you have gone through Apple’s sequence of steps for setting up a new iPad out of the box, tap open the Settings app on the home screen. On the Settings screen, choose Cellular Data on the left side and Set Up Cellular Data on the right. If your previous iPad uses a compatible SIM (subscriber identity module), you should see an option to transfer your existing plan over to the new iPad through your wireless carrier’s network. You need to know the user name and password for your account with the carrier to complete the move and activation process.

Latest Technology News for Fort Saskatchewan

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated Celebrates 23rd Anniversary!


Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated Celebrates 23rd Anniversary!

Posted: Aug 01, 2017 6:33 AM MST Updated: Aug 01, 2017 8:34 PM MST

Cambridge Electronics is a Telus Authorized Dealer that sells & supports all of Telus Products for professionals & consumers. Company was founded in 1994, and at present more than 150,000 people use Cambridge Electronics Smartphones. Its smartphones are used by many companies, and individuals alike.

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated Celebrates 23rd Anniversary!

Fort Saskatchewan, Canada – August 1, 2017 /PressCable/ —

1 August 2017, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada – Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is proud to announce its twenty third year as the leading Electronics & Smartphone Retailer serving Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding area. In an era when Electronics Retailer companies come and go, Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated has achieved over two decades of huge change and steady growth. The company will celebrate the occasion with a number of giveaways and special promotional events throughout the next twelve months.

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated began operations in 1994 when Dan & Lynne LHeureux, the company’s founders and Directors, relocated to Fort Saskatchewan, to open their first retail operation as the city’s Radio Shack Dealer in the old Fort Mall. Reopening it after it had been closed down for a number of years. They also established Edmonton Telephones which soon changed to AGT followed by Telus which was formed in Edmonton Alberta.

The early success of Cambridge Electronics Incorporated indicated a growing demand for technically oriented consumer electronics goods. Seeing the opportunity, Cambridge Electronics Incorporated introduced several complementary products: Panasonic®, Sony®, RCA®, and Sharp™. These products were then combined with Radio Shack to form Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s Consumer Electronics’s offering. During this time, the company also added Software to provide gamer’s a wide selection of entertainment for all ages. Panasonic®, Sony®, RCA®would go on to add to the incredible growth forcing us to double the size of the retail area in just a few years. Compaq and Radio Shack toys®, rounded out the product line.

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s continual upgrading of existing products reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and latest technology to an ever changing consumer electronics industry. “The Company’s success and longevity is due in part to Dan’s pure enjoyment of the latest Gadgets and excitement he gets presenting his customer’s with the newest Tech! The continuous improvement of products,” states founder Dan LHeureux. “Is what makes all the difference in a global world hungry for the latest and greatest innovations enhancing everyone’s lives in so many ways.” There has been 3 moves for the Retail Store in the Northern Alberta city of Fort Saskatchewan Alberta, Just outside of North Edmonton. More than 100,000 people currently use these products, and customer get all the support they need from long term experienced staff who have more tenure than any other other similar store in the area.”

As Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s customer base has expanded during its twenty-third year history, the company has focused on Telus and their awesome line of products as prime components going forward into the future. These services help customers learn to apply their Communications and entertainment equipment for both Business and personal applications.

To kick off its anniversary celebration, Cambridge Electronics Incorporated will host a series of free draws, dubbed the 23rd Anniversary Sweepstakes. Visit the website at or call at 780-998-9551 for more information. Hear Dan on Tech Talk with Lucas Anders on Fort Saskatchewan’s radio station Mix 107.9 every Friday around 5:30.

For more information, contact:

Dan LHeureux

Tel: 780-998-9551 Fax: 888-371-8598

Contact Info:
Name: Dan
Organization: Cambridge Electronics Incorporated
Address: 8701 94 Street 105, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 4P7, Canada
Phone: +1-780-998-9551

For more information, please visit