For a limited time, customers are eligible to receive 1GB bonus data when adding a line to any TELUS Your Choice or Share plan.

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For a limited time, customers are

eligible to receive 1GB bonus data when adding a

line to any TELUS Your Choice or Share plan.


TELUS is providing Your Choice, TELUS SharePlus and TELUS Share Plan customers up to $100 off the device price for each additional line they activate on a 2 year term on a Your Choice or TELUS Share Plan.
TELUS Your Choice, TELUS SharePlus and TELUS Share Plan customers can get up to $100 off the device price of any new smartphone when they activate an additional subscriber on a Your Choice or TELUS Share Plan on a 2 year term.  And for a limited time only, the GS7 and GS7 Edge are eligible for an additional $100 off overtop the existing $100 discount, for a total discount of up to $200. This offer is only available on these devices and ends on June 30,2016.  This includes new Your Choice or Share Plan customers who are activating at least two lines at once, in which case, the discount applies to each subsequent line activated.  The 1GB bonus data for $1/month must be selected as a feature add-on.  Please note that the feature expires after 24 months.
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Product launch: Moto G Plus

Product launch:  Moto G Plus

Moto G Plus is an entertainment-focused smartphone for social media lovers.  With its strong battery life and 16MP camera, customers can shoot and share crisp photos and video all through the day, then back them up with 2 years of free Google Photos storage.
Reasons to buy:
  • Vivid photos: Moto G Plus has the most advanced 16 MP camera in its tier.  With 2 auto-focus technologies that work fast to capture sharp photos, customers can shoot and share in no time.
  • All-day battery: Moto G Plus is designed to last a full day and then some thanks to its 3000 mAh battery.  It’s the performance entertainment and mobile photography enthusiasts are looking for.
  • High performance: With an octa-core processor,

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One in 7 Has a Hackable Password

One in 7 Has a Hackable Password

Are you one of them?  Read this important tip on how to keep your information safe below from Telus:


Experts say the average person has 19 passwords to remember, and more than a third of us don’t make them strong enough. Unfortunately, using weak passwords leaves the door wide open for the bad guys to access your accounts and to capture TELUS’ customer information. Don’t believe us? 63 per cent of all data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords.
So how do we create a better password?
Make sure your passwords include a combination of letters, numbers and special characters to make it harder on criminals looking to crack them. Make them even stronger by using both upper and lower case letters and replacing letters with numbers or symbols, e.g. swap the letter ‘a’ for the ‘@’ symbol or the letter ‘o’ with the number zero.
These tips apply just as much at home as they do at work. To protect yourself, customers and TELUS systems, reset your Partners password to a new, strong password today.
Here’s a video with additional tips below:

How To Make Your Passwords Less Hackable

Don't get Hacked!
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Going to the States – Don’t forget Your Telus Roaming Package

Telus Roaming Packages

Going to the States – Don’t forget Your Telus Roaming Package

If you planning a trip to the US be aware of the extra charges for roaming that will occur if you don’t have a plan setup before hand.  See the information below right from the Telus Website:

Worry-free roaming in the U.S. that’s ready when you are

Add TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S. to your account just once. The next time you travel to the U.S., you’re ready to roam.

With no monthly access fee, you enjoy an “always-on”, all-in-one roaming solution that includes great rates on voice and data plus unlimited text messages in the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What you get:

  • Ability to roam anytime within the U.S. without paying a monthly access fee
  • Free unlimited text messages within the U.S
  • Freedom from calling for a TELUS Passport every time you travel to the U.S.
  • A flexible solution to meet varying usage needs in the U.S.
  • Data usage notifications to help you manage your data usage
  • Telus Roaming Packages
  • U.S. Roam Ready package:

    U.S. Calls (to/from the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands)

    • When you make or receive a call from within the U.S., a $20 fee is triggered for unlimited calling while you’re there. (Only charged if minutes are used in the U.S.)

    Data Usage

    • You pay $30 for 500MB
    • You pay $30 for each additional 500MB of data
    • (e.g. $30 for up to 500MB, $60 for up to 1GB, $90 for up to 1.5GB and so on)

    Text message

    • Unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages are included in your U.S. Roam Ready package

    Pay-Per-Use Rates:

    If you have not purchased a U.S. Roam Ready package, these standard rates apply:

    • Voice rates – $1.50/minute
    • SMS rate – 60¢/sent text; free received text
    • Data rate – $5/MB

    Telus Roaming Packages

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