Telus Dealers Want Customers to Get More from Telcos

Telus Dealers Want Customers to Get More from Telcos

Over the years, Canadians have been known to have a longstanding and continuous love-hate relationships with their respective telcos, and once they have been accustomed to receiving service that’s far from great, they eventually resign themselves to expect less from them. Not Telus, however, for they are working tirelessly to put Sherwood Park Telus customers at the top of their priorities while encouraging those customers to expect more from them.

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Motorola Moto E

moto e

Motorola Moto E available at Telus Fort Saskatchewan

Motorola’s strategy has been a peculiar one lately to say the least. In the high-end segment, its Moto X Android smartphone proved to the masses that great phones don’t need beefy specs to stand a chance in being successful. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, its Moto G ushered in a new era for the proud company with its hard-to-beat price. In following up to that success, the Moto E stands to continue

Motorola Moto E

We are proud to introduce the Motorola Moto E Smartphone on contract and prepaid! This

phone is perfect for beginners as it is very easy and clear to use. Yet it is also perfect for

Smartphone lovers. Some of the amazing features on this phone are the 4 Quad-core processor,

2390 mAh battery, 4.5 inch screen, and a very nice 5MP camera. A huge feature to this phone is

the ability to expand memory for all those photos!

Motorola has chosen to put a feature called Moto Display on the Moto E, a feature that was not

added to the Moto X. This feature works by when you get a notification the screen will

periodically pulse with the time on the clock.

Moto E benefits from having four Cortex-A53 cores a 1.2 GHz, combined with Aderno 306


The show stopper with Moto E is the addition of LTE connectivity. LTE is actually a way more

efficient standard then 3G today! With LTE the battery will last and last. They say the Moto E

will give you over 24hrs of heavy use!!

This is an amazing Smartphone for its price!

Moto E

$0 on a 2 yr term

$200 no term

$150 prepaid

moto e

Stop in at Cambridge Electronics, your local TELUS dealer to pick up your new Moto E today.

See you soon!!


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Telus Future Friendly Home Services

Telus Optik TV

Telus Future Friendly Home Services Optik TV and Internet

These bunnies will make you realize that together really is better. Save $100 on any new smartphone when you add mobile to your Optik™ service. Find out how at



If you are thinking of getting home services such as Optik or Satellite TV, home

internet, or a home phone, look no further then TELUS FFH services. Until June

29, 2015 TELUS Optik TV is giving FFH at promo pricing!

New FFH customers who sign a 3yr term will receive promo pricing for the first

12months of the service agreement. Customers who sign a 1yr term or go month-

to-month will receive the first 6 months at promo pricing.

If you are not sure if you qualify for the promo pricing, here is a guideline:

 A new FFH service is added.

 A customer has 2 or more FFH services bundled(promo prices only apply to

the new service being added)

If you are only looking for one service all you have to do is just add $5/mo to the

promo price!

Please feel free to stop in at Cambridge Electronic you local TELUS dealer for more

details. We look forward to seeing you.

Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours of Operation

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Edmonton Telus Stores Offer the Latest Galaxy S6

Edmonton Telus Stores Offer the Latest Galaxy S6

Last April saw the launch of the latest offering from the Korean android phone giant Samsung, with companies like Telus making the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge available to Canadians everywhere. After its launch, Samsung announced that sales for both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge had surpassed 10 million within a month, and it’s not hard to see why. Sporting sweet new features and a sleeker design, the latest Galaxy S6, available among Edmonton Telus stores, had even been dubbed as the “best Android phone in the world.”

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Your Choice: Tips for Fort Saskatchewan iPhone and Smartphone Buyers

Your Choice: Tips for Fort Saskatchewan iPhone and Smartphone Buyers

A smartphone is a necessary device for just about everyone nowadays. Beyond just making calls and sending text messages, having one keeps you connected to today’s wired life. Fort Saskatchewan iPhone and smartphone sellers are doing brisk business in their selling their wares. However, things are not as easy for customers; with the dazzling array of choices available, it can be confusing which one to pick. Here are a few tips on making your choice.

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Available Fort Saskatchewan Telus Providers Help You Cut the TV Cord

Available Fort Saskatchewan Telus Providers Help You Cut the TV Cord

In the past, cable used to be the king of entertainment. People were scrambling to hook themselves up to cable or satellite services so that they could have access to cutting-edge shows and content. However, the world has moved on to something better: streaming TV. With the help of services like Telus in Fort Saskatchewan, internet TV is becoming the go-to source of entertainment for many residents.

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Telus Fort Saskatchewan Top 10 apps for IOS devices

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps 2015

Telus Fort Saskatchewan Top 10 apps for IOS devices

The staff here at Telus Fort Saskatchewan got together to bring you the top Apps they found our customers used the most due to their usefulness and ease of use. I’m sure you’ll find a few of these interesting and increase your effectiveness in your busy work day! Enjoy


Google Translate


Google Translate is a free app on the app store. This app is capable of translating up to

90 different languages. It also comes with Word Lens; just point your camera at a sign or

a word and Google Translate will put it in the language you desire. No more having to

spend money on a language dictionary for that trip coming up, just download this app

and your good to go. This app is compatible with IOS 7 or later.

Google Maps

Google maps are a free app on the app store. With this app you get turn by turn

navigation. It will also let you know the distance and time to travel in walking speed,

transit, car, or biking. You can also explore a neighborhood at street level. It also has the

ability to find a place you are looking for. You wanted to try out that new restaurant

then just put the name into the search and you’re on your way. The best thing about

this app is that you do not need to be on LTE or 4G! You don’t even need wi-fi! This app

is compatible with any IOS.


Wikitude is a free app on the app store. This is a very cool app. With this app you can

find out what the city or town is like around you. All you do is hold your phone up in

front of you and what you see through the camera will be annotated with information

about your surroundings. This is great if you are on a trip and not to sure of where to go

or the best things to see. This app is also integrated with Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook,

and Twitter. With these sites added it allows you to find great deals on hotels, also helps

you find restaurants (with great ratings) and can also help find great attractions that are

near you. It allows users to visualize the world and actively engage with it. It’s like

having your very own pocket tour guide! This app is compatible with any IOS.


Zedge is a free app from the app store. It has been the most trusted and used app for

wallpapers and ringtones for years. Zedge has now made it easy for iPhone users to get

ringtones. ToneSync makes it easy to download the ringtone right to your iTunes library.

For ringtone options you can customize a specific ringtone for all your contacts. You can

also choose different notification tones, and alarm tones. For backgrounds there is a ton

of HD ones to choose from. If you are looking for a specific picture you can search for it

in the search bar as well. The backgrounds are also made to fit your phones screen size

and resolution. With this app you will never have to wonder whose calling again since

they will have their very own ringtone! This app is compatible with any IOS.


Messenger is a free app on the app store. It is connected to your Facebook account. This

is a very nice app with a lot of capabilities. With this app you can easily have private

conversations with your friends. Also if you are scrolling through Facebook and find

something you would like to share with a friend you can just share it in Messenger. It’s

very user friendly as well. From this app you can also make groups like on Facebook.

You can also facetime and call from the app. Sharing a photo or a voice is as easy as a

click away with this app. You can also add different stickers and get apps that are made

for Messenger right in the app. It’s a great way to stay connected without the hassle of

going into Facebook! This app is compatible with any IOS.

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is a free app on the app store. With this app you can now make notes

and see your daily tasks from one touch away. Awesome Note will give you unlimited

note taking capabilities. This app is almost a completely customizable organization and

notebook tool. Some of the customizable abilities are that you can add, remove, and

delete folders as you wish. You can also change the color of folders to your personal

taste. You can also change the font size, style, and color. If you are in a hurry there is a

quick note link on the apps home page. This allows you to start simply typing and go

back to the note at a more convenient time for you. You can also email your note right

from the home page on the app. There is also a newly added feature which is Google

Documents. This app is compatible with IOS3 and later.

AVG Family Safety

AVG is a free app on the app store. The iPhone itself comes with two parental settings.

Monitoring and filtering. These options however do not allow you to block certain

content from the internet browser. If you are a parent who wants to have control over

what their children watch on their phones I would suggest this app. This app helps

protect your children from inappropriate websites, while also protecting your whole

family from scam, fraud, and potentially malicious online content. AVG does not replace

Safari but you can set it to be your primary browser so your phone will automatically

open with AVG. The nice thing about this app is that you do not require an AVG PC

account to use it. This app is compatible with IOS 4.3 or later.


Spotify is a free app on the app store. Spotify iPhone app gives you a crisp audio

experience. Also you have millions of songs to search through and listen too. You can

also build playlists and also Spotify will recommend songs and albums for you. You can

also play your songs offline; meaning you will not need 4G, LTE, or wi-fi to use this app.

It also allows you to customize radio stations based on the music you listen to. There is

also the Spotify Premium which is $9.99 a month. With the upgraded version you can

play songs of your choice on demand. You also get commercial- free listening and

unlimited skips with the premium. It uses your Facebook network to also see your

friends playlists and allows you to listen to theirs as well. This is a great app for

streaming music, podcasts, and many others. This app is compatible with IOS 7 or later.


Hola is a free app on the app store. With Hola you can browse any website, app, media

or video from anywhere, while keeping you mobile activities safe and private. It is a VPN

browser that allows you to browse any worldwide website by easily switching countries.

To do this you just mask your IP address to browse the web privately and anonymously.

With this app you can switch from Canadian Netflix to American Netflix for example. Its

super easy to use. All you do is open the app and go to the flag and choose where you

would like to watch videos from. It will then give you the IP address that is required. You

will also not have to worry about a lot of buffering as this App will minimize it

substantially. This app is compatible with IOS 5 and later.

Auira Mobile Security

Auira Mobile Security is a free app on the app store. This app will scan your iPhone for

any malicious processes. It also gives you tips on how to manage your storage and

prolong your battery life. The scans will also make sure that your software is up to date.

This app also has some nice built in features. It can keep tabs on where your phone is at

all times. If the phone is lost or misplaced this app has the capability to call or “scream”

from any web browser. This app also has the Auira back up setting. This gives you 5GB

free cloud storage, which you can use for pictures, notes, contacts, ect. It will also work

with jail broken phones. This app is compatible with IOS 6.0 and later.




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