Telus Wireless Fort Saskatchewan Coverage

Telus Wireless Fort Saskatchewan Coverage


Are you looking to jump on board with the Telus wireless Fort Saskatchewan residents have been raving about? It can sometimes be difficult to choose the right internet provider, but in Fort Saskatchewan, the clear winner is Telus. With products ranging from mobility, television, internet, and home phones, as well as various packages and price ranges to chose from, Telus is a remarkably customer service oriented company that is always working to ensure that they offer an attractive alternative to other communications providers.

The market for the likes of wireless internet services is becoming much more competitive. As more and more people take on wireless internet in their homes, as well as on their phones and other portable devices (even handheld gaming consoles have wireless internet these days,) there is more demand, and with that, there are more communications companies stepping up to offer their own version of those services in order to capitalize. When first searching around for potential services, many will be taken aback by just how expensive the current internet packages can be, especially those that cover wireless functionality. Telus’ wide variety of packages and attention to customer service means just about anyone can find something that works for them.

The basic Telus wireless Fort Saskatchewan coverage is a great balance of high quality service and getting a reasonable deal. Usually when you opt for a lower price option the quality is considerably worse, and palpably so. The Telus internet service is very stable even with its lowest priced bundles. This is a great sigh of relief for those that don’t have the fattest of bank accounts. Of course, if you are in a better financial state, there will be higher performing premium packages with more bandwidth and data, but they are not necessary to receive a good experience, especially when it comes to simple wireless browsing.

Quality internet is not the only service Telus Wireless Fort Saskatchewan residents can enjoy. They can also help you get started with a great new mobile phone plan, as well as the physical phone itself. Just as with the internet, here are options here that fit just about all budgets, and the phones are very reliable. The service area is broad, with very few reports of dropped calls. Reception is generally clear, and all of the basic functions that everyone loves these days such as app support, mp3 playback, videos, browsing, camera, and so on are all supported.

If budget is a major concern for you, you obviously need to do what you can to find some sort of mobile phone service. It is essential should you ever find yourself stranded or in need of help for any other reason under the sun. Telus offers pre paid plans that work akin to the basic old phone cards from a decade or so ago. You can put however many minutes you’d like on a phone and only save it for absolute emergencies if you need to do so.

Television and home phone services are also offered by Telus. Naturally, all of these packages can be bundled together, or you can pick and choose which you would like. If you only need one, the most popular of which is the wireless service, that is perfectly fine. As with everything else, there are options available that will cater to your individual needs and lifestyle. If you are a big sports fan, sports packages that offer access to many more games can be granted with the television service, and if you have relatives from far away that you need to stay in touch with the home phone plan can easily accommodate your long dist ance calling needs.

In short, Telus is a company that knows everyone is different. You likely have a completely different lifestyle and different financial needs from every single one of your neighbors, so why should you be expected to give in to some shoddy “one size fits all” approach? There is no need to compromise, and there is no need to pay more than you would like. Telus’ services are widely varied and always top of the line. Customer satisfaction is their key focus. If you need a new wireless service (or any other that they offer) do not hesitate to contact Telus!

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Why You Should Choose Telus Fort Saskatchewan For All Your Wireless Needs

Why You Should Choose Telus Fort Saskatchewan For All Your Wireless Needs


These days people in all walks of life can benefit from the best and fastest communications technology. It is extremely important to have communication tools that are not only sturdy and reliable, but also instant. At Telus Fort Saskatchewan we offer a wealth of options in wireless, mobile Internet plans, long-distance plans, VoIP phones and a variety of mobile services to meet the needs of modern businesses and consumers. It’s easy to a establish fast, reliable, affordable communication system with us. If you are in or around fort Saskatchewan, you owe it to yourself to see what we can do to improve your communication options. We are authorized vendors of Telus services and products,and we are well-known for our top quality customer service.

Naturally, consumers always want to get the best value for their hard earned dollars. People want affordable, reliable, high quality communications services, and that’s just what we offer at Telus Fort Saskatchewan. We offer a wide range of services and equipment so that you can make just the right selections to suit both your pocketbook and your preferences. Whether you want a simple cell phone that’s easy to use or an elaborate communications system, we can help you out. From low month-to-month payment plans to value packed long-term contracts, we’ve got it all.

People who are on a tight budget often find our simple and easy prepaid plans to be the best option. With our excellent prepaid services, it is easy for you to keep track of your minutes and pay as you go. Using prepaid is a very good way to manage your long-distance minutes. On the flip side of that coin, if you have a need to have unlimited long distance and/or worldwide access, we offer some excellent, value packed plans that make staying connected with the world extremely affordable. We also offer some excellent payment options that allow you to pay through a credit card or your bank account. With us, you can be absolutely certain of getting exactly the services you need in terms of calling plans and mobile application. We aim to be user friendly in every way.

We offer so many options, you may feel a little bit confused when trying to make your choice. Here are some tips that may help you. The first thing you should do is think about exactly how you plan to use your cell phone. For example, if you are doing business by phone, you need a Smartphone. If you must upload large files and share information quickly, you’ll need to have a good Internet connection with a very high upload speed. We can set you up with just the right Telus bundle to accomplish all your tasks and save you money. If you are a new customer, you may be eligible to some excellent promotional and discount rates.

We have lots of different brands to choose from including:

* Telus

* Samsung

* Sony

* Nokia

* Blackberry

* Apple

* Motorola

…and more! Once you have identified what you ne ed in a cell phone, it will be easier for you to choose. If you need help, we will be happy to consult with you and assist you in making smart choices.

You may have had bad experiences with Internet service providers in the past, but we want to assure you that Telus Fort Saskatchewan will always have your back. We believe in getting you started with good advice, great products and just the right equipment. Then we follow that through with a guarantee of excellent customer service and top notch technical support. Our customer service reps are highly trained and dedicated to providing you with the best customer service experience. Our techs come to us as qualified IT specialists whom we have hand-picked to provide only the best and smartest technical support to our valuable customers. They are skilled and knowledgeable and thoroughly familiar with every product we offer. They know just how to resolve your technical issues in the most expedient and efficient manner possible.

In fact, our entire team is dedicated to providing the best in equipment, services, customer care and value. That’s why you should choose Telus Fort Saskatchewan for all your wireless needs.

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Telus TV Fort Saskatchewan Roll Out News

Telus TV Fort Saskatchewan Roll Out News


Over the last two years there have been some significant improvements in TELUS TV Fort Saskatchewan users will have appreciated. In May 2012, it was announced that TELUS TV Fort Saskatchewan would see more than $2.1 million invested into it. This investment was intended to ensure that even more homeowners in the area would be able to take advantage of Optik TV and the TELUS 4G Wireless Network.

Yolanter Miller, the general manager in the Customer Solutions Delivery department for the TELUS TV Fort Saskatchewan community, described the investment as a move that would enhance the company’s “world class wireless network” and promised that residents and business owners would see improved Internet speeds and benefit greatly from the upgraded network. The company has a team of 50 people working in the area to support customers.

TELUS has invested around two billion dollars in making upgrades in the Alberta area. The upgrades started in 2012, and formed a part of a two year timeline, which is expected to conclude later this year. This current round of upgrades builds on a ten-year plan which has seen the company invest more than $25 billion in the province.

Supporting Fort Saskatchewan Charities

In addition to the infrastructure improvements, TELUS has also invested in helping local charities. The company’s philosophy regarding charity support is very simple. They believe that businesses have a symbiotic relationship with the communities that they serve, and have a clear and concise motto “we give where we live”. Since the year 2000 the 14,000 team members and retired team members who live in Alberta have spent 1.2 million hours volunteering for local community groups and charitable organizations, and have donated more than $92 million to good causes in the area. There are plans to donate even more in 2014.

The TELUS Upgrade Plan

The recently concluded upgrade plan included rolling out 4G LTE in the Fort Saskatchewan area. The 4G LTE network can in theory support download speeds of 75 megabits/second, and the real-world average rate is between 12 and 25 megabits/second.

The upgrade that will have been of most interest to local users, however, is the rollout of the Optik TV service. Until recently, the availability of Optik TV was quite poor, but the goal of the plan was to connect 55 remote communities to the service by the end of 2014, including Bear Canyon, Brocket, Donalda, Blue Ridge, Bruce, Holden, Keephills, Ferintosh, Hussar, Pickardvile, Mulhurst, Walsh, Seba Beach, Marlboro, Waterton Park and Wildwood as well as Fort Saskatchewan. This connection will give users access to more than 100 high definition channels (and 500 channels in total) as well as Facebook over IPTV, the remote recording feature and the ability to pause live TV as well as rewind and replay TV shows, schedule recordings, and even pause a TV show playing in one room, and then pick up watching it where you left off when you move to another room.

For people who live in big cities, access to these features may not seem like anything special. However, for those in rural communities where Internet and TV services are limited, the TELUS investment is a lifeline in terms of access to information and entertainment. The community services that they provide, and the charitable donations, are a great bonus and something that other companies could learn a lot from.

TELUS is one of Canada’s leading national telecoms companies. It boasts more than 12 million customers acro ss its wireless and wired telephony services, Internet connection offering and TV service. The full line of products offered by the company includes voice, TV, entertainment, data and video content. The TELUS rollout in Fort Saskatchewan was a difficult one for the company, and during the initial rollout phase many users did report that they experienced dropouts and connection issues, however now that the Alberta rollout is nearing completion the service has greatly improved.

If you are looking for a telecoms provider in the Fort Saskatchewan area, or want to access the full selection of IP TV channels, contact a TELUS representative today to find out if the service is available in your area and how much it will cost.

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Telus Satellite Fort Saskatchewan Overview

Telus Satellite Fort Saskatchewan Overview


Today it is very important to be able to stay on top of world’s news and events. Everything moves at a very fast pace, so people who live in remote or geographically challenged areas of the globe often have troubles in getting their daily information fix, because of the lack of modern infrastructure. This is not anymore the case of regions like Fort Saskatchewan, which benefited a lot from investments made by big corporations like Telus. Telus satellite Fort Saskatchewan is one of the most modern television services available today at international level. Optik TV, the television network run by Telus offers more than 500 TV channels, out of which, about 100 are in HD. Moreover, advanced functions such as scheduled recording, pausing or replaying live TV shows are available thanks to the modern technology brought by Telus in this far away region of Canada.

The Telus satellite Fort Saskatchewan services come at various prices, therefore each home can find a package that fits within the family budget without any problem. Regardless the plan you opt for, Telus satellite Fort Saskatchewan offers the same high quality services and connections, as the infrastructure and the people serving it are the same. Telus chooses its business partners carefully, therefore making it irrelevant which local supplier you choose. They all live up to the Telus standards when it comes to customer service and giving back to the community they are part of.

For people who don’t want to budget for longer term, there is the possibility of acquiring a pre-paid plan which enables them access to the services without biding them into a long term agreement. Pre-paid plans are ideal for those who want to monitor what they actually use or for people who use long distance communication a lot. Whatever your business or personal needs may be, Telus Ft Saskatchewan has a plan that suits them. The best way to determine what is the best option for you is to get in touch with a local representative and let them show you all options, functions, applications and benefits you can enjoy with each different communication plan.

Satellite services like this are very convenient for consumers, because they can have all their communication and entertainment needs satisfied by one single provider or services. Internet, television and telephony go hand in hand, therefore prices are much better when you purchase all three from the same provider. This is why many people prefer Telus as their provider across the whole Canada. With affordable rates and easy to use services, Telus acquired customers from all areas of life, from elderly people who don’t want to bother with learning how to use complicated devices to young people concerned about permanently staying in touch with their friends. This flexibility brought Telus a wide pool of clients, translating in a solid revenue and good profits that enabled them to invest even more in modernizing the communications infrastructure in Fort Saskatchewan and in other areas of Alberta.

Another thing that Telus does is giving back to the community. They are actively involved in the social life through supporting local charities and local communities. Their members volunteer in the benefit of the society and the company itself donates important amounts of money each year for the important projects of their local organizations.

The strategy adopted by Telus brought benefits to local people everywhere, therefore it’s not surprising that the corporation gained international recogn ition for its achievements in the charity field. People like to see giants of technology do care about the resources of the planet we all live on, they like to see them contributing to improving the life of the next generations, so that they can use their resources for improving themselves and for creating value for the society they are members of. People at Telus understood that a life in symbiosis with local people has only advantages to bring them as a company, therefore they didn’t spare their money and resources when it came about improving the day to day life of people who live in remote areas. Modern technology brought everybody closer together, so one can do business with another from different parts of the globe without having to move from their desks.

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Telus Internet Fort Saskatchewan Overview

Telus Internet Fort Saskatchewan Overview


Telus is Canada’s leading national telecommunications company, with its 7.4 million wireless subscribers and its whooping $10.5 billion annual revenue. They provide a wide range of services and communication products throughout the country, from television and entertainment to wireless, data transfer and Internet protocol services. Telus is known for its philosophy of giving back to the community that fosters them, thus contributing with important amounts of money to local charities wherever they are present. Fort Saskatchewan is one of these places that benefited a lot from having Telus in their region. In 2010, Telus was the first Canadian company to receive international recognition when it was named the most outstanding philanthropic company by the Association of Fundraising for its contribution to the life of all communities where it had an active presence.

Back in 2012, Telus invested more than $2 million for expanding its 4G wireless network and for increasing the number of homes that have Optik TV. This is how Telus Internet Fort Saskatchewan managed to better serve the community in the region, by investing a significant amount of money in infrastructure and technology. The $2 million invested in Fort Saskatchewan is only a small part of the total $26 billion already invested by Telus in technology and operations in Alberta over the past ten years.

Telus Internet Fort Saskatchewan is based on the excellent 4G LTE infrastructure, the most advanced internet and data transmission technology in the world today. Its download speeds can go up to an impressive 75 megabits per second (Mbps), the average being somewhere between 12 and 25 Mbps. It may not seem a lot when thinking at big cities in Europe or the US, but for regions like Fort Saskatchewan it is truly an outstanding performance.

Optik TV is another important product of
Telus, which reached 70% of all Alberta households by the end of 2012. They already had more than 500,000 subscribers in 2011 and they were adding new ones at a very good rate. Like the Telus Internet Fort Saskatchewan, Optik TV also provides features that nobody else can provide in the region. They offer more than 100 channels in HD, regular channels adding up to more than 500. Telus is an innovative company, always keeping pace with the latest technology and state of the art equipment and devices. Their Optik TV is based on IPTV, thus being able to provide apps such as Facebook, remote recording or management of PVR recordings from the smartphone for their subscribers. PVR is the central device for functions like pause, rewind and replay TV shows and programs, schedule the recording of your favorite shows and replaying them whenever desired.

Broadband internet is probably the biggest gain of Fort Saskatchewan residents and not only. Telus works on connecting far away regions such as Bear Canyon, Blue Ridge, Ferintosh, Hays, Holden, Hussar, Wildwood and many other places in Northern Canada, so that all inhabitants are permanently in touch with the rest of the world. This initiative will have a big impact on the economy of those regions, industries will be able to perform better, communications will improve and the citizens will be closer to all information they need in their life and work.

The philosophy of Telus to care about the community they are part of helped them increase their brand awareness in such a degree that Alberta inhabitants and not only associate the internet and TV with Telus. This is the dream of eac h service provider: to be in the top of the mind of people they serve. This is when you know what you do is good and you feel good be cause others recognize your merits and respect you. Telus people take pride in the great social outcomes the contribute to wherever they are present. They volunteer, they support local charities and non-profit organizations in their attempt to build a better world, step by step, so that the next generations can enjoy a better world and have a high quality of life, no matter in what far away regions of Canada they may live. This is an example worth following by all big companies that care about the society and about our planet.

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Telus Fort Sask Investments

Telus Fort Sask Investments


Telus is one of the companies that care about the communities they are part of. Their philosophy is to be actively involved in the social life and to always give back to people and strive to make their lives better. No later than in 2012, Telus Fort Sask invested over $2 million in the infrastructure and technology for enhancing the 4G wireless network within the region and bring Optik TV to the homes of more Fort Saskatchewan residents.

This was not the only investment made by Telus in the Alberta region. The company spent more than $2 billion for infrastructure upgrades across Alberta over the past few years and their intentions don’t stop here. More money and more commitment will be shown by Telus Fort Sask is order to support local communities and charitable organizations.

Thanks to Telus, people of Fort Sask are up to par with their peers from big cities across Canada, USA and Europe in what the internet speed and telecommunications services are concerned. 4G LTE is the latest fast wireless internet technology, enabling download speeds in the range of 75 Mbps, which is an impressive figure, if we think that 20 Mbps is considered a good speed by many. The 4G wireless network will link together those far away regions of Canada that were a bit isolated until recently. Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County, Gibbons and Redwater are only a few examples of communities that are going to see an important change in their lives with the introduction of the most modern, state of the art technology in communications and broadcasting.

Optik TV, the television network brought by Telus Fort Sask to inhabitants in the region, offers advanced features such as Facebook or remote recording, as well as more than 100 high definition TV channels and about 500 regular ones. Among the services and features made available by Optik TV there are: PVR recordings management from the smartphone directly, pausing and recording of TV shows and the possibility of playing them back later, whenever needed. One can even schedule recordings, so that they can leave home without the worry they are going to miss their favorite movies or shows. This is an offer that’s very hard to beat, so Telus is probably going to stay the biggest communications company in Alberta for many years to come.

Although services may suffer from interruptions in remote areas, the overall quality is good and reliable, therefore people in such geographically challenged areas are able to run their businesses just like people who are in the middle of events in Paris, London or Toronto.

High speed internet is almost indispensable today, as the entire world developed a new way of staying in touch and doing business. Face to face meetings, so popular once, are now a thing of the past, thanks to facilities offered by Skype and other services that make video communications and video conferences a breeze.

For smpartphone users, Telus and its representatives in Fort Sask or everywhere else across Canada offers guidance in choosing the best solutions. The pricing is user-friendly and all staff in their locations are knowledgeable and willing to help. Telus offers a very good experience to its subscribers, but perhaps the best thing about this company is their care for the legacy we are going to leave to our children and grand children. They get involved in various grassroots community projects in the region and they take great pride in the social outcomes they contribute to. Telus believes in a symbiosis between technology companies and simple citizens, therefore they are happy t o see they can bring an important contribution to the welfare and success of local communities and businesses. Their outstanding commitment didn’t pass unnoticed. This is how Telus received global recognition and international level, as being the most outstanding philanthropic corporation in 2010. This distinction was awarded to Telus by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. It was the first time a Canadian company received this award, therefore we can say that Telus is a pioneer in this kind of involvement in the life of the community. They are not only good at what they do, but they also take care to do it in a way that’s good for the society and for the individuals.

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Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours & Related Information

Telus Fort Saskatchewan Hours & Related Information


Searching for the world’s finest mobile experience? It can be difficult to come by without having a proven brand that is going to deliver the kind of service that clients deserve in the modern age. Many developments are coming to the forefront as time passes by and Telus is always looking to remain ahead of the curve with what it has to offer. This is essential when clients are searching for the best of the best and anything less is not going to cut it. Telus is the number one stop for all Fort Saskatchewan clients that are seeking out the finest service in town.

Quality Service

What is the number one reason for going with Telus over anyone else in town? Does it have to do with it having a brand name that is well recognized? No, it has more to do then this because current and prospective clients should be getting more than a great brand. They should be receiving quality service that is not going to go down at the first sign of trouble and that is what Telus has to offer.

This is a network that is going to stick through things when others would fall apart. This is a proven network that has been put together with care and will last for a very long time.

Professional Team

When coming to a nearby store, the service that is going to be on offer will be of the highest quality. This is essential for those who are trying to figure out which is the best option out there for their needs and wants.

This is a team that has been trained to provide quality service right from the get go and nothing less is going to be expected.

Range of Accessories

What more is there to offer with this store? Is there supplementary stock in place that could make a client’s experience that much better? Absolutely, this is a store that is willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure your experience is as good as possible.

There are a range of accessories available for those who want something that is going to last for a long time and this includes items such as chargers, phone cases, and much more. Come in and find some of the best accessories in the world that are going to go well with your new cellular device.

Additional Services

Before listing the Telus Fort Saskatchewan hours, it is pertinent to have a look at what else is on offer at this location for you.

There are many packages on offer for clients that want to go all out with their purchases and get everything done in one shot. This includes getting the TV package and cell phone deal in one go.

The team will guide you through the process to make sure the deal goes through as smoothly as possible without any hitches or delays. This is essential in a time where you should be getting the best right away.


Want to come in and get started on your shopping experience as soon as possible? What are the Telus Fort Saskatchewan hours for this location?

The store is open 7 days a week (barring national holidays). From Monday to Friday, it is open from 9AM to 8PM. On Saturday, it is open 9:30AM to 6PM. On Sunday, it is open from 11 PM to 5PM.

Come in now and find a deal that is going to change your life and how you use your cellular device for a long time to come. It just does not get better than this.

This is all of the related information including the Telus Fort Saskatchewan hours that one has to keep in mind when looking for quality service. It is important to go to a proven service that is going to understand your nee ds and wants better than anyone else ever could. This will ensure the final results are in accordance with your desires and match what you had come in hoping to get. Visit now and find a deal and package that is going to ensure you have a wonderful experience with your phone for a long time to come.

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How Telus Ft Sask Contributes To The Community

How Telus Ft Sask Contributes To The Community


When thinking about Telus Ft Sask, we can only mention good things that happened in the life of this community, things brought by the availability of fast wireless internet. 4G LTE is the most advanced technology possible today and residents of Fort Sask and other remote regions of Canada can enjoy it thanks to Telus.

The company invested huge amounts of money in building the infrastructure needed for the implementation of 4G, as well as for the expansion of Optik TV, the IPTV based service that brought progress in so many of the homes in Alberta and not only. IPTV based television is the most modern available, featuring lots of facilities and bringing important benefits to its subscribers at prices that are affordable for many.

There are about 37 communities, all in remote areas of Canada, that got connected thanks to massive investments done by this corporation. Telus Ft Sask only put about $2.1 million in enhancing the 4G wireless network in Fort Saskatchewan and in extending Optik TV to more homes in the same area. This is a big step for people in those homes, as Optik TV comes with a wide array of features that increase the quality of life and the comfort of the citizens. Such features include remote record, pause, rewind or replay live TV, schedule the recording of various shows and access previous recordings even from the smartphone directly, thanks to a special application.

However, Telus Ft Sask is only a drop of water in the ocean of the total $26 billion invested by the corporation in operations and technology in the province of Alberta over the last 10 years or so. This shows Telus lives up to its philosophy, which implies an active participation to the community life. Telus spent important amounts in supporting local charities, community organizations and a series of grassroots community projects meant to improve the life of the citizens. Telus is like a large family, its members being actively involved in volunteering, adding up to a total of 1.2 million hours volunteered in the benefit of the community.

Moreover, donations made by Telus team members in Alberta go up to the impressive figure of $82 million. This speaks volumes about the quality of Telus employees, it shows the company cares about people, policy illustrated also in the way they pick their employees.

Investments in infrastructure are not only good for the company that makes them, but also for all members of the community, especially if we talk about remote areas where access is very difficult, thus isolating people who live there from the rest of the world. With the fast internet, those communities will no longer have the problem of big distances and difficulties to travel, because they will be able to stay in touch over the internet, using applications like Facebook, Twitter or Skype. Online conferencing is already part of the modern society, but in order for it to work, it needs a good infrastructure and fast broadband internet networks, otherwise video transmissions can’t be done properly.

The wider the wireless coverage, the more homes would also be able to benefit from Optik TV, thus having easy access to information and news from all over the world. All these were possible thanks to the commitment, dedication and hard work of Telus representatives and associates, people who care about the future and do want to create a better world for their children, so that those children become good citizens of their communities. This is a good strategy for determining young people not to commute to more connected places across Canada or worldwide. It’s a big achievement to make young population be attracted to stay where they were born and contribute to the life there, without thinking how comfortably they’d live elsewhere. Progr ess and technology go hand in hand and Telus is one of the big companies that understood that and committed to bring the most advanced discoveries and achievements to such remote places in Alberta, as well as in other regions that are difficult to access and to modernize.

All these efforts made by Telus were rewarded, the company being the largest in Canada, with 7.4 million wireless subscribers and more than 500,000 TV customers.

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