Mobile phone purchase consultation: purchase criteria with a mobile phone

Mobile phone purchase consultation: purchase criteria with a mobile phone
If one purchases a new mobile phone (which often passes every two years in the context of a prolongation of a contract, thus regularly), then itself the buyer should and/or. the buyer first consider themselves, how that is to be used mobile phone.

If one has the mobile telephone always with itself, then it is usually very practical, if one has a possible light and small mobile telephone, whatever fits into really each still so small bag. In this connection often the small Klapphandys proved as very practical.

If one is much with the automobile on the way and wants to lead also regularly long telephone calls during long travels, then one should buy a mobile phone, for which also qualitatively high-quality Handyzubehör at the market is available. In the car one should not telephone particularly from safety considerations without free intercom. Otherwise threaten besides sensitive punishments.

Perhaps for humans at the senior age is the acquisition of a Seniorenhandys of advantage. Senior telephones have particularly large key fields and also comparatively large displays, so that also motor any longer completely so fitte users without problems cannot enter a telephone number or type a SMS. Die großen LED-Displays sind auch mit weit- oder kurzsichtigen Augen leicht abzulesen. Zudem ist die eingebaute Technik derart optimiert, dass diese auch bei einem vorhandenen Hörgerät ohne Störungen funktioniert.

Who as a craftsman often on building sites and also e.g. when forest worker much outside on the way is, it should always make certain that new mobile phone is secured also a waterproof against impacts and or at least water rejecting housing has. Then the user of the mobile phone needs to think neither on the building site nor in rainy weather in the forest whether the mobile telephone meets the requirements of the new owner also under rauen conditions.

With the lady world completely different final divorce criteria by the way play a role during the purchase decision. There it is already once important whether that to mobile phone also send looks and in an unorthodox color like pink is available. Furthermore it is important whether also Handyschmuck with Svarowski Steinchen for the appropriate terminal exists.

Under any circumstances one should not make oneself the purchase decision for a new mobile phone too easy. This applies in particular to hochpreisige devices and mobile phones with contract. The latters should function in any case two years.

BlackBerry Z10 Learning Centre article

Hi, everybody I am part of the product marketing team jerry

dallas and you’re welcome kevin and paulin all of you too

are prestatyn dates the first-evervirtual learning center session but were

hosting your today at our innovationcentre twenty five door

op i’d say we’re talking about and evenmore exciting which is the blackberry

said ten and the blackberries attend isas many of your purdham redesigned

rematch in blackberry so it’s a look atnew and experience is different for all

the pastors they’re going to try it andyour telus part of way has been the key

laser focus of our i’ve got a market forthe blackberry ten has been that might

experience wanting to make sure that ourcustomers all have the best experience

the cat and really important part ofthat is our learning centers learning

center specialists that person so islearning centers are about over two

hundred locations across the country andthat’s where customers can come in and

have a free one-hour session that’seither one-on-one or in a group a bit

whatever they want so any new customerdevice walker attention cannon

have one of these free learning sessionsfor an hour you can but the one liner in

any store so blackberry tennis excitingthing there’s lots of exciting things

for learning session take us throughsorry handed over to kevin will take it

from there

everybody mind kevin calmly specialistfor the past nine times paul one online

colors backed their as also linkspecials with thousands and has a

non-candidate you walking us through


briley quite often in my opinion newblackberries etc at

so the first thing i’d like to show youguys uh… is

just overall design before is verydifferent

than anything else by preserver

you notice that there’s no buttons onanywhere outside of the

the sideline rockers and the carbon thetalk is no back now

call now and but never used to run by acraze that’s a very different experience

out from there what does it really istherefore for exit

social networking

uh… twitter face book was that thethings business mail stops fulfill all

those kind of things then thats charyhasn’t been the futures of the new


so i guess if you can it strata call onwith what we’re doing signal cannot do

it together and learn as we go

uh… and now you guys it’s practicedhands-on

use with the device

so for stuff to turn on the device youmost of the top there’s like a silver

button there

and that’s what you press the wholeinformal book for you

is a nice little blackberry olympiad

square that goes through the progress wepress and hold on it

has the person is your asi dot justwaiting for every conceivable

fight representative ever send this kindof walks you through sheer

a flat tire alaska take for it

uh… from their the coolest feature

breath about his blackberry huh

where all your notifications are archiveput in one place

so peak

is part of that and the way that worksto be tied to the bottom of your screen

with a blackberry logo is

and pol pot just slightly

you will see

that you have one notifications andbecause it’s that simple i see that a


and the media

so the text message

not too worried about for the bbm iswhat i want to take a look at so from

their fresco over to the right

i watch into my blackberry happen orshow me paul has any attacks and

a question from our twitter

so let’s go to our question for marchwe’re here

so jeannine

uh… is asking

the new black retain keyboard has acompared to the physical keyboard

that to you as a mother and a blackrecur

so that’s a really a question is i thinkit’s a question that a lot of us going

from if he were from the pack reasonablywell known for

to a country

what the differences are and how that’sgoing to affect you use it

so right after that you’ll notice isvery similar

she will rejoin like a blackberry boldthe at the same threats

organizing that

the king rose there

it uses some really interestingtechnology so as you type on the phone

is actually learning how you typed sosit back and he

after you tent

mon six to eight sentences actuallyaligns the test centers in the fall

to how you type

so if you will confiscate your foot notjust for everybody but specific to hell

louisiana learns the words your typing

source can your tax your emails retreats

and learn the words are using on aregular basis

so that would suggest words to use

life’s that say if i’m gonna type doctorpaul

can morning

i can just swipe up

and pull down on the keyboard whichbrings up my symbols and numbers

so it’s a good morning

and if you can support three languagesthat wants so i can say good morning


as i want to get rid of that all at thiswhite back on the keyboard not even the

do we keep its way back

antilles the last minute

so we’re really intuitive weighted typeon a keyboard has very quick taking two

hands as well

so great they registered whereas youfound this afternoon

i missed a couple of letters anyredesigned it off for me so i don’t i

think on the way

it gets what i’m saying without mehaving to go back and correct all the


and yesterday actually typing not evenlooking at it only miss dot one word so

it’s a pretty pretty awesome though shewas in my opinion

and israel and supports pre-oscar seasonput you know i’ve french and english on

the right now we have french spanishenglish french

dot sh any whatever neoline deserveprevalent in when you’re doing you have

a lot reprogram onto the phone for

so from their one really full-featuredin the new blackberry can operating


is blackberry messenger

do you still those himself recentlyincome ascend those messages back and


by tax but over the piper network

we can also do something calledblackberries video call

so you can actually voice and video callrate over of the viper network right on

the phone

so i’m gonna call paul

will do a demonstration

so all use tap on the little video logoon the top right hand corner of the



at bbn video

statbrain since u

less than an additional charges mightapply for non


or they’re going to have

and i want to catch the ball park unseenpapa popped the pulpit also share is st

so now as policy restrain i can seeeverything on his phone he can say hey

caddy colors from end to this highlightget past this week

or take a look at his notes or thisproject i was doing or this new game

that i hadn’t seen before until earliercallers shiny

and you can see what he’s doing on a alllive in real time

which is a pretty awesome teacher

annual christmas along fights

and only after you get back out of theyear called cuisine the top right hand

corner there sees

i do you call


tap on it

well on that and





tap on the top brands pumped

and the next airstream chair

and then just like you and the phonecall you have the red

willing here unleashing

mantra blackberry video

so that as a relief uni feature you cando tuesday at noon

on someone you can



or voice call me away

the video call features only

applicable on black greed and the riceis obviously ’cause the profits cameras

you can do the police call on all theblack criminals as long as we have a

news for somebody must be installed sousing voice call some of the vibrate he

did you call

but pretend artists

part of the whole video multimediafugitive i pretend it is the new camera

on the set

and it has some pretty nifty features onit so if everyone goes into

your camera

which i have

on my main speaker

so what i’d like to do a better for afew people here are two myrick mine

database here


became a faces are going infuriates you

one cut

so now what we’ve done is he’s youngstreet here

it happens

month yeah

ultimate plebiscite on the side

so is put a box

are and your face it

now what i can use a cap on that box

and now i can go backwards and forwardsin time

the take one that i like

uh… angelino right now let’s do this

tap out of its gonna save that new

it should be the case you know no sexbefore minnesotans affidavit pitcher

i can also go back and forth times thewhole picture

so they know i don’t like what was goingto back ground will go back

or fort

and then as soon as i get the check markit’s going to save

jess that that’s just not missing anyother ones that we picked is gonna save

just after taking a while

which is company


any get to that

time shift mobile right in the topcorner of the phone you see there’s a



with that a dollar on the day

that city tap

to enable the time shift mode

were to go back to the regular camera

or civilian ca

right in that type on it


now i’m a stain with black grades and

the ability to have all your commonlyused applications just open on the phone

cgs the camera la

well you can do is if you notice whenyou pull up from the black berry berry

has a camera

dissident don’t the closet leave it upthere increasing it back to it again

if you want to get back in to takeanother picture

if you want to get that message

key feature of black rich and works inevery application

so if i wanted to see if i had anotifications now

the bottom of the screen out of touchwears his blackberry pull-up

i can see i saw that one hundredexpenses that paul sent

as their dance by president test

you can have a picky

so when you have a pic eight uh…applications open any one time

if you go to a nine was going to do iscloser than rooms open first always keep


uh… anastasia second page to pull downcity had more for just about your second


uh… and an absence regading yetrelaxed animal closer

one really cool thing that i’d use a lotof the last few days isn’t feature

called story

and the story recognize insane come backfrom vacation with thousand pitchers

you’re able to create

cut the slide show on your phoneincorporating videos

pictures and music all right on thedevice

soul will devote a story maker and ihave some pitches on here

that i went on to talk more in earlierlast year was a petition that we can

stitched together

really interact a slideshow so

way on the phone we have creamy store

so attack that

and from there we can pick

pitchers video so we’re going topictures

and i think that which pictures you wantso i want this petsure fisher waterfall

these days here called an

this picture

this picture

in this picture

medically next

and you can pick

when we just want to go with it so wewant some sample songs


goldfish mystery that next

you can ad

a title so photos

in the city

story by and my name


and now it’s gonna stitched together

then tire



almost instantly

and start playing it

now from hugely upload it directly to

uh… not yours applets your drop box

and it does it

very quickly and very well on the flyyou can even change

some effects you know i like this

but i want to look black and white

sothat on black and white

machinery render it

using different facts from differenttransitions

and all in black and white

which is pretty

and even though even change the that theother order the pictures there

three times a year

she’s pretty me when you come back then

because the phone has an issue myportrait reason here

implanted reference your t_v_ there’s noset up for this quickly and clay

and show it to all your friends

and needing where you are arranger does

and then too

you know that you’re looking at bottomof the screen and i said in the way that

slide motion works the gestures work toget out of things if your in an

application that’s in that landscapemode notion that bottom of the phone

whatever side that might be so you don’tslip from earth is black or a friend

landscape twickenham bottom up

one relieved

the feature that black resilience beenknown for his their preparations server

supports the best book for business

one thing that so he’s coming to pay forit with having a personal phone

and the business fun having to carry twodevices or

uh… five percent on that for ten yearsand it gets crazy with a super hero with

all these different things in your headc_-one i’d rather try to consolidate

every donor network impersonal too oftenright

well black trees down here is a cruiseon the co balance and when that was it

to do is have your personal and workinformation on the phone

but not connect

so you’re actually apartment can’t seenecessary during a personal side

but you can still have a moment of us

so we have a quick will be here to showyou guys


is all about

chins there


an actual let’s turned on strip off ourrotation solution

actually see it for granted




successful it’s power while twistersubtle worked


distal tastes despite person work whilepersonal contact


secure worked personal privacy



all spot chores side or all work wife operson


i’m only fears


so that that’s at the featured tumi ispretty awesome

ankle all laid out the hard reliablephone so your pictures your contacts

your videos applications or all separate

and your only ninety policy that mightapply if you have that they’re

is your data capture work for companymissy no knees to these about a month

that will apply to both

but everything else is completelyseparate so it really eliminates the


of having a need to have two differentaddresses witty on one phone

you have to ship twitter accounts

she’s perfect books all that runninginto separate

basically phones

in one in one place

so that’s a really nifty future uh…that’s unique

two black rita

the browser

is something that’s uh… that’s alwaysbeen traditionally a bit of a sore point

for batteries is been a little slow

has been that quake has not openedthings that fast

do really redesigned it they weren’tsure if you really well it’s very fast


and if we open that up real quick here

i’ve already bookmark to st


national geographic

i was very

you picture heavy site very did you havethe site utica awhile though the most

browsers so if we hit is all square inthe bottom corner of some from the crew

bookmark many

so many hat that’s where we see ifhistory newt has a book marks so

no right to our book parks

open after geographic

and within a couple seconds

we have the entire page loaded

there is no checker boarding all justpopped up when our screen and i can go

down open up a article

and the three little dawson bottom righthand corner of the screen and could


and then he was on the call readermarxism also from a is from other

devices that we’ve had

reader modes trips up all the picturesand just gives you the text of whatever

your re

much easier to read stories are all mynews articles

and he might have thought that biggerbit smaller cats

and we can go through and see and youcan see there’s no wag nothings

drifting anywhere it’s a very very quickbreath

something the piper is really focused onredesigning fall

even shared these web anywhere pager atyou can share with anywhere in the

phones we hit a few buttons again

you also have

so if you want to send this message youhave agreed to someone else the

bacterial uploaded to your twitter facebook

you have all of those options from share

so you have been the anti-communistgroup that link you can sentence it

expresses no

you can share between for what happenedand get raising

neopets communication nfc

uh… or he attitude blackberry

reminder remember

now blacker remember is a pretty awesomefeature of black tray ten

analyzed to treat and managed in bed

to-do lists

so you can link thing set due dates kinde-mails all using blackberry remember

so if we go into blacker member

we have

some folks

so everyone earlier called

home let up

in criminal might have been done

the plus side

pick a color

name your name your full heating andsink it

with or counsel at michaels accountinsecure palaces organized my outlook

so it’s all fighting with that as well


newspersons nothing in a minute


trackers travelers

now i want to put in that nationalgeographic webpage interim interim

so i don’t remember it

gives us the blink

his us

the title of the article wherein

i can click on full alert

pick which

for i want to send it to you

i completed due date

was gonna states too

on the twenty

savings can remember that were monumentwhen he had to do that

i can go into remember again

at different things mckinley emailstudents

so final into my

text messages here

press and hold during a down won’t taxincentives winston

that ball at the table but

you can’t i mean i was about five minwill go into a specific they will go

into that

on f_i_t_ entry folder and from thereyou can move it

into whatever for the war

season really typings of the creekquebec trait to do list around

whatever you want it

do in a much more organized you knowthings are different due dates inc no

due dates as you go through

you can check off that pastimedisappears

many people at the bottom you see thatonce completed seeking keeper really up

to date

to do this for whatever egyptian dot

the calendars also something to me thati use on a daily basis i have all my

sessions in there that we do with mymoney center i have personal clemens

bills that are due every month with mycounter so i don’t forget

the open up calendar one thing i reallylike if we go to the month u

the days that and busiest

are larger

so i can just a quick look a littlefifteen fifteen seventeen eighteenth and

nineteenth affect me and repeat busywell joining us not so much


an introvert than what is your are andyou know

friday saturday

pretty boring


this is a great one view look of what’sgoing on the phone what’s going on in

your calendar

swam in here

business and personal life

ishcmc really know what was his abouttwenty seconds

i’m pretty busy before


your calendar

you can use some pretty nifty stuff

so five ad

an event

let’s name it



though he had this event

previously saved into my phone

if i go down

to invite

it’s going to

c to other people that have beenpreviously entered in a similar event

the cinnamon and recommend

that i invite them

to this one

so it smart enough to go through myprevious calendar entries

and they know what you had something inthis before

might wanna make the same people tourthis summer only name data

so i was eugene you might not us theirmember that this person was at that


and they should be at this meeting aswell

but this feature reminds you

tonight’s game with his blackberry iswell is the whole phone because there’s

no buttons

you are

gestures are the biggest way to getaround

whole page of the phone the top morris’sblack red white and the two sides are

all ac

so if you go into


i have done that

farm from less as my my city for my wifeand those ramstein air pretty cold


but i also want to see

was a little like around

because of the top pulldown

and his image you see these that i’vesaid

stepping on the four that’s twentydegrees in town

unicode either privilege to be theretoday

and i can also go left her in the daysbut judging from the border from right

to left

much right to go back

sold all the borders anaphylactic thanthat

that’s how you’re going to go throughand have a or out

any of those backed by means or blackribbons ur call and teachers are all


and again that peak works just in anystream springer i’m up

a quarter of the way


one really fun thing that i found withthis to us


when how natural you are using thegestures become very second nature

you go through them all with beyond justby more than a month rina down access

any of your settings


you’re able to leave the applicationsopening or using on a regular basis

and you’re not jumping around screensnot going to find a it’s folder

you just have an open on that mainstreamkorea there

i’m assuming another background musttake a look at it

so paul person is not a question fromour arch social networking site for

facebook samak

want to know what happens

and asking whether any plans for new aps

or existing ones to be black retentioncouples print preview question actually

pretty important calls


so blackberry ten has seventy thousandthat’s available right beginning i’ve

watched which is the most side any

new device

platform launched effort estamosanyone’s ever had

has a lot of being a map stories touh… personally for me i don’t last


songs that

now fixture in the flash setup blitzer

outside his own pretty regular basis

uh… there will be more comingblackberry knows that after important to

their users

uh… and they’re going to

do their best to bring the most premiumapts to their users

uh… so

for a new after coming new maps that arebeing designed

let’s hang tight and they’re going tocome in keep checking the

back there will be seeing what’s theavailable there and

and the commandments writing more andmore

this also works with

the black replay booked so black ruizblackberry bridge

pair your blackberry tendinitis withyour black replay but and he’s in both

three seems to be together

uh… which is pretty nice as well

so i was there when doing with all thatso far

pretty good

one other out

that i would


uh… recommend

would be


your tell us my account

so if you on your

on your device you can download causesmy account

and he has to manage view and changeeverything on your account

right over your file

so if you want to change your favoritenumbers and you can get it right now

that it’s going to be strategies

you can see the right place

i mean as you used

said all right and the place

so saves you from even bigger billwherever you’re from

which is pretty

another question we have

uh… bill would like to know

from face book

lhasa how you do a regular call

so that we always kind of regatta posesa threat

phone call is from the last thing reallyreally really really now texting make a

regular although is a good idea

the way you make a regular call

really quickly the bomb which man isusing it for what we have your little


and from that we can tap that

was right into our dollar

all calls miss calls contacts the dialpad


in dire voicemail deposit voicemail asyear

the favorite operation cap that doesn’tlist now

masses of your doubt that impressive oldone key

uh… it was fun that way as well

so really quick to get your phone alsothe quick way to get your camera

is on that by tomorrow so that wheneveryou pull up from that blackberry pull-up

by pre icon in palau you have quickaccess a search

phone in-camera

you can also when the phone is locked

it’s remarks transplant because there’sa

there’s a camera in that same spot

anne press that

will launch a camera from even the locks

so if you were i want to hear cricketsare really fast as something that you


you five lakhs personal not watch me

uh… kamran khan i want you write inspanish


she wasn’t too so a quick way to get toyour regular text messaging the hot the

hubble freedom ago taxes everything andyou can you have on their texting email

work email twitter facebook

is also black rehab

sleep or the bottom of the shrimp orover

we’re we’re out our house right

and we seem younger bbm a text messages

so from there

braved the very top of me but i hope wedon’t even have to go into our text


side meeting to compose

an ass is what you want blocks do youwant to compose abhi bhi m

you are composed text messages wantcomposing

then go into texas you type in pol

and say

and other corrected

some version of body that i typedantibody

and additional sentencing

amor back into


biggest thing for me that i found withhis father i was worried about

with the people


one team i’ve seen as rich hyping acouple times there

is words will pop up above the sheets

spasm typing


max letter would be al for a while

there is

the workload well that’s where my i ormy thing rematch from normal ego

all have to do is his elance fucked up

now yet that word there

so you don’t have to look for it youdon’t have to you

move anywhere differently than younormally would

you go to a year next finger gesturerabin and that’s what pops up

it also learns

bird tries to guess what you want to saynext so i can say

hello again


and he keeps coming going through andlearns what you know more

so type things like

uh… and what

one essay

and we can take a look up we have somemore questions for facebook’s o’brien

one smoking high stuff from the hubblechilam out if you don’t want desi

new can stop it from


but you can remove it from the street


present this morning our governor is oneof my email accounts on accident visa

but a lot

i can’t hide it accused khalid

uh… you can sub updating so as yet andthat any alice emails today suffer

mucking up was repeating everything

fifteen seconds here

uh… we got that

not updating anymore so you can do thatyou can remove it from that may not


another nifty thing you can do within


is if i go into


network lived

coming into town

and if we go to event that’s already


black ritual

i can look at at the top

there is

and emails

category tag radar no kidding also hadthis line but it will do though i had

emails that has some decline of blackretraining at

it would

show them there

and i can put them in english

show all the emails are related to thecity

and any documents that would be relatedto that as well

so it’s one place you don’t really knowwhat i had fifteen miles they’re talking

about this

and i want to

going and reference them again they’reall just in that one spot

it also recommend people so anyone whois related to that effect

so if i go you know i can remember thetwenty third person i was invited to the

black retraining event

was click on that see who was all partof that

and i can quickly get to them and sendthem off

all right from just the calendar socouple everything together

integration is a big part of my freetime

having everything running very welltogether

you have to jump between aps

role in one spot for your quickly get to

and use

and using a constituency of another bbm

so julie would like to know

if you think that a photos uh… like


so if we go any photos

to question two

it’s videos spoonful ste

to ensure a fraud

you can open up a bit

and on the bottom of your screen whenyou open it but you see a couple of


yet edit near share any other optionsfor to refund at it

we can

do a lot of different things at thepicture

so we can change

to color now that we can say we want togo

black and white

mission go sepia tone

we can go

what occurred

all right from the phone save it andthen updated to applauded face book



all right from the device you can changea brightness if you want

uh… if you change

you can’t cut crop things you can fordifferent factions make rainy using

aided the photo

all right and then if you don’t need anykind of third party after the that you

can do it all up

immaculate argent


and then if you don’t like it but idon’t like that

returned there is now

and nothing’s going to leave theirpermanently changed photo


yet so you know we are

change original

monterey peninsula

you can also with those three littledownstairs share it

julian anyone of your

social networking programs are occasionsalready on the phone

like forceware

bluetooth the center of the devices

and i’ve seen any other and i’ve seen inthe west is going to separate acronym


idea to get out of point is pulled outup from the blackberry bar

and you have

all your open implications taiwan’sapplication open just busy minimizing

doesn’t mean that really useful in so asyou see the pictures

it trial’s outcome of four pitches forme

so it’s still an active atmos coastalcolor going through

that’s all about pictures

another really good after that is north

your file manager soweto my file managertrash only

weather pictures i have all my device oron my esti ferret or dropbox

define minimize this

is gonna change has been changing imagesthree things that i would

access to my phone for stores

my device my esteemed card my dropboxand it’s giving me

what percent are free at all

so i can leave that bear

see that i have

eighty seven percent through my fortyesti garg nine nine nine percent three

of my son for me dot lights may sixpercent treatment for t_v_ place

so i can know right away where oneessential somewhat a pitcher we’re down

to the docking from you know

you know what certified drop box that iwas christopher mask or want to say that

to you

my device because i don’t want to be anasty karenmathews

so having that

you know wife kinda like that


even things like whether will suddenlybe proven information

even though it’s been

that little window you it’ll reorientitself to use a quick look i love you

what weather is going on uh…

in whatever city you pulled off mattsettings by

so you can leave out the common apts youwant

new information from

and quickly reference them from anywhereon the file

respec repeat we have another media

so let’s see even for face book

noticed that some of the icon remainpains change uh… after a few seconds

why is that

i decided to your question


is either of those dot life at housethat you keep giving information as you


some of the

really useful features of blackberriesdocuments darkness ago comes preloaded

on the phone so doctors to go he’sreally intriguing injury a word or excel

arthur right on the device

and then share it with people whetherit’s female or dropbox

uh… you can just do it someone youknows you

word document

dollar rate from email writes the phoneattitudes you know i don’t like how that

was ordered

around that’s real change that

you know that paragraph of that workdocument an email back making it again

and send it back to the however havingto go to compete

not having to flip back and forth youdoing just all my best

blackberry world

we talked about a bit earlier with theseventy thousand abst

uh… redesign relief and how it looksas well so if we go into black great


gives you some really

you read user-friendly view

use of what

dot turning upside

so we have c_b_c_ news new york timesyes p_m_ score center for sports fans

out there

you can even bring movies by movies

get songs


one thing that i thought was pretty coolis usually i don’t like the whole alone

artextl at one oh two songs

you can’t really though some of thekidnapper

so before buying

a song by peruvian click and then go

do i really like old mumford and sons ordo i want

just when she sucks

movies tv episodes even on about greenwith the issue my cable makes it pretty

awesome supporting g_a_t_t_ and watch


having to transfer to something else

a player from there

the cloud has been a big thing latelyyou know



by pretending there is a very very wellwith those


might be some before file manager

where show the with space i haveavailable

not only do i see how much i have i canquickly access i can just go into a drop


and see

you know i bought great photos

camera close and go and see what thewhat documents and stuff i have been

there and then share them

two other shippers so i can go into mydrop us well you know i want to send


and the tax cuts

person this

as you know

already through

the device and author launch somethingelse go to a website it’s all built in

right quick taxes for me they’re i don’thave to

jump around and

and waste time

and other media

gave for phase one fidel

are there any way is to add bbm contextother than in america

that’s what they really need to pokermachine as well so i thought it was a

little bit about n_f_c_ which is nearfor the communications which is anyone’s


aapke pass on a credit card re-used haveto pay

that’s what that technology has its ownvisit ship that was was very close one

of the transfer that

so when you’re in blackberry messenger

you can if you tap on your name

you could use yousendit com

has got to go see a beard normalembargoed

but if you just put u devices messageothers long as you’re n_f_c_’s mabel

and to enable your ass you just go intoyour settings pointed out the top bar

filling the settings

networks and connections


and then you’ll see a little and thetopic or every screen here

letting you know that your n_f_c_’sintranet will and i’ll use putting two

black resources backtracked anti-cancerreacts isn’t asi framing of the world’s

library reading i needed it and that’sthrough meeting going out there what you

can address your barcode inkatha anglethings every so that’s a pitcher’s

justice palm and dot

any that


slot tags feature is

again anything with placards so youthink three tags that allow to

your fun to do certain things houstoncha rockin bluetooth

you can

so that when you get home i want it toyou on a tap this time

and then go not my branches off wifeastronomical odds

so you don’t have to go through and yourlistings right back

this walking go click anima dash foryour carcinoid walking and ability turns


my profile is allowed

uh… ends

you know my knees

all right but it’s going to talk back

uh… and that’s part of the n_s_c_features as well

no questions is because he wants to know

what program she’s a transformation fromblackberry uh…

front to back reassured by greatestabout it not working so

blackberry desktop manager simplewell-known lover here’s your for

transferring data from old operation inblackberries

their redesigning color black really

black really is what you need to buythree ten devices now

it’s a

anomaly design program is very quicklyvery user-friendly

long you can use your blackberry i_d_

and you’re able to transfer a given allthe blackberry device

open about really to bill clinton you’reover blacker device there

and then he will transfer all yourcontent right over to your new device

seems that’s everything is poisoned

oppose the blank playing in his own ten

and put everything back over for air contax messages

alex archer placard

another pretty amazing thing with us therest i found is

battered that’s a big question i getwhen you have

touchscreen phones

amaral pretty heavy users so

marvelous com lassie all day

this phone i found has lasted me up forwork in a no problems

uh… worked well are out of it

so obvi depending on your use but thatis a


thing that i agree that it is hundredbeing very powerful battery that gives

you full

for working in the election and worryabout burning out there on the into kind

of busy morning


are they’re really nice thing

is when you first get his final d_n_a_you have passed a manager on your


past him and he doesn’t come built intothe phone with something that i always

loved within blackberry seems i’ve wayto make bastards

and i can’t remember them all

between work and personal home inbanking

you can download

after keeper from blackberry it’s beenbacker worlds are still available smell

worries a blackberry is not there

he said that it’s the people yourpasswords yeltsin under one master pass

until more ever forget what your treealong in his

we face the volume is

order online banking pass his again

it’s almost

someplace easy access

uh… that we’ve all

on jewish perhaps


well that’s

the basics

now the more of your


so i don’t have any

questions fighting is not over anythingwith the u_n_ collide sir

to repair it wasn’t for both in theblackberry


it is

right on your screen my tree right herewith some thought they were three

similar serie and you have

alice you’ll go through and said yourlanguage in and

over the years you’re going to call youcan see if you recall

email frank

uh… yes an alarm dualism things thatyou went through other personal

assistant bush veto programs

that we’ve seen another devised

cluster setup now coz

but the funny thing is ridiculous

yeah personal a deep into have


yet the

the contact me

exceeded its lighter side you contactbut part


that indian on exp contacts the and

is there list that’s just like orcontact the poster justin or basement

worker or is it resort is just like theone preset whether seasonally the

through what hal spoke from

solutions like me

and you see on your gmail contacts oronly or contact there’s no way to

just filter only for them

says the lord we animal numbers of onlyadd to the sender

uh… your uh… is andy’s the phone toyour data contact

uh… it default this is a great thedevice

contact inside yet with his in the areainclude leonard it is going to all

to say that this is a tax bill



there is so when you’re in your contactsso if i want to


particular member so

art expert one i hit that starr

are brother i should say i go to thethree docks inside

and then you get


sony and that number is favored

when you pull over to your contact listyou have a favorite stab you can see

and each have their dues you whateveryou’ve listed as a favorites

g distant worked with

last technology and know that earliestbut this is last year definitive

question three flashes a is a big scenein web pages now and it does the black

river has asked for fox or open trip

it’s not me

it’ll rather boxes into the websiteright now i will say

flashes in chennai do you want to turnon

yet and it runs for process for

flash an html five support so

there really isn’t a web site you can goto that won’t display act so it’s a

really the brothers bearable real focusfor black ring to prolong the time and

effort into making sure that the webpage is that

you know its uses coach on regular basisare supported and easily accessible and

to be presented well place

antiquities turkeys patrick buchanan

tricia absolute so the past but yourphone

all you have to do is the topic are youcall them

annual plant reset

sitting on a settings

you have all your system settings thathe has security and privacy

sneaked up on security and privacyyou’re able to at a device path

onions u_s_ password

mind returned on youthful canonical isoff then you can see what you want your

asks to be unchained unity alphanumericacevedo all letters or numbers overall


anti-cancer than how long wanted to go

go off for a walk so you have a sororitythe parakeet aloft railways and i’m

getting to your phone at the momentpress it or like i have it for fifteen

minutes wave you down for fifteenminutes a lot but after that

or for that a while

uh… you can even certain acts in a lotof stuff in the long times like the

camera for example from recording videoi don’t want to

lock now fifteen minutes and i want tokeep going

i see china etzel

and fitted hypnotic questioning whatwould you recommend immediate actually

switched over you know i contacted setact nineteen ninety airy wicked evil

out using out


the best way that would be coming totell the story and will be able to

transfer the fund

uh… it without you mcleod uh…unfortunately is only for gc welcome

back for your blackberry the desktopsoftware so that the best way is the

only according to his attention to itapproach toward you’re able to

the facilitator transporting


he copy or you now


it immediately


the called as i hear that the is reallyis really is really neat

the best the attitude on one issue tothe card is just coming in we have a


and it’s pretty awesome our gratitudefor like ten years in a one-issue before

talent so it’s a really really great

new device play one finding the foranything to anything so

that’s the best place to come

but here

actors questionnaire downloading acts isthere a way for me folder social older

absolutely a question so

on my phone here you’ll see that i havea social networking for their habits for

twitter retain force great so if youwant to make a folder

let’s say will take

text messaging media wanna make up forthe sole use press on text messaging

and geraci over on top of the via andthen that though it’s going to ask me

what i want it

companies up virginia’s press an ear onthe screen top spots



here picture here

don’t to ek

cap rate seemed uh… you’d have to dothem all the device first so using file

manager taking dropbox entrance uh…

uh… and then once they receive cientremember that was then you can get

history maker just as we mister makerhas rendering it

is pulling it from the device notdownload each individual pictures so

that’s the

needed be saved on the file


uh… three constant

online and i have a file folder with aphoto on it

not that i know the honest i haven’ttried that yet uh… i haven’t seen in

the functionality can say like a photoas a thailand and put them into folders

just for applications

with that i have the blackberry occurcurrently who can use it


with mine

i think i’m seeing athlete absolutioneazy-e_ that remote feature as well and

then delete these if i shall be spenteven more when piper tech comes at work

uh… people are

blackberry as before

then protect here actually so byprotecting that feature we realize that

backward creation of the worry about itlocator device if you’ve lost it

so the black rebalance because your workand personal information

is so saccharine

from that harbor level down you can haveplacard protect

on your personal so the device

slayer contact person who saved all year

your contents all say that when yourcalendar that you know it’s all the

customers back up for you but it doesn’tinterfere with your best control so

if you lose something that the othercontact fax in your calendar

gets messed around with you can restorevery simply keep accurate

that’s a really good feature forenterprises nagging you can have that

peace of mind securities in backreproductive

as well as your best support

any other questions many but everythingpeyote yen

was a lot of stuff went over anything

that uh… you on the phone

try adding an error c

the question so that we couldn’t paste

is if we go into

part especially from foggiest ipl i wantto copy a message

impersonal messaging or copy but if youhave a copy and paste in something so

let’s look at

attacks if i want to copy and paste aspecific point net means for the webpage

jelous over a browser

and i want to

woken up national geographic yen

let’s go in open up another article

and the way you copy and cases you pressand hold and you have to little blue


personal right here

as you know more and i have

not those two blue dots

either press on the one thing i candrive that line

outward the

and the bottom once done i want to be

and up on that

as class taught search it share itselfaway from air-conditioner

rating ever texans chemical to somebodyis a message

orton copia and put it in ads

email peace and something else or faceand my

for a status update ur

my twitter size of the courtroom


wiring tour guide to be again when yourtwitter

what what what are your technique andyou can do that with from what someone

else is doing so within twitter so youwant to retrieve something and comment

on it as well

you use the shared by

and then he would be able to pick upsome in st

of since yours and that you can’t usethat principle how it works please

during their medium it lets you copiedthe whole thing we can that’s why i

don’t want between these works

that’s mr shipp i’m spectra

yeah spiro aspin every alveolar

fun stuff we went over here

great woth day care for their thank youfor

be here for every first virtuallysession and becos

thanks kevin thanks everybody in thankseveryone online for your great questions

we purchase patient as well

uh… if anyone’s missed any of thisrepair stuff you want to go back and get

me the your your pay attention somethingthat you were doing on your phone book

it was talking this is going to be ontarget to channel it a little bit so

feel free to go back and check it thereagain for figure france

and once again thanks everyone forcoming in track even team dot com post

locally dot com excuse me later as welland uh… hope we’ll see again here soon

thanks very much


CRTC Announces New Rules for ‘Big Four’ Media Providers

After months of deliberation there was amajor announcement today from the sea r_t_c_ new rules for count is big formedia providers bell shaw rogers in tibet for are all over the industry describes asvertically integrated cos that means that their satellite and cable andwireless providers that own many of the channels they distribute facilities he wants to make sure that you’re getting the services of the options you deserve it homeland of about a vices so the regulator today essentially toldthe companies to play nice and share seem to be slowly start reports tighter rules are coming to canadiancompanies that own television content and the ability to distribute it the canadian radio television andtelecommunications commissioner of the r_t_c_’s new rules for media giantinclude restricting companies from offering tv shows exclusively to theirmobile internet subscribers but companies will be allowed to produce explicit programming for internet or mobile devices only twenty five percentor more of specialty services distributed by a large company must beowned by an independent broadcaster and the media groups must also adopt and newcode of conduct to prevent anti-competitive behavior for exampleduring the olympic games in vancouver the company that owns this station bellmedia broadcast olympic events live to people who had bell phones and othermobile devices supported by the network with the changes that but it must beavailable to every person with him about the vice not just those with telephonesif it is also offered on television and a technology worked brilliantly consumers love it and i was the impetus for like the waythrough the belmont bob t_v_ content that we have today which is without exaggeration in world leading product with uh… with the tremendous amount of customer take-up that kind of experimentation is now part of thepotential for tax year communications specialist a dusty cr_t_c_’s decision was neutral i think in a sense this is a reasonably good decision is not one that pleases everybody but uh… i think that uh… it is an environment where thereare so many stake holders so many interests with often opposing views ithink that was your keys he has tried to do this roughly down the middle of the system the c_r_t_c_ also last television distribution companies to give viewers more flexibility for individual services affectively offering up taking pay system where customers can subscribe to channels they want and not pay for the ones they don’t watch the big four haveuntil april twenty twelve to submit a report to the c_r_t C cheesy showing how they have adapted to customer demands by Louise Hardly C t_v_ news victoria

New CRTC Wireless Rules Ban Contract Break Fees After 2 Years by December 2013

“Canada is clearly the people getting screwed compared to the rest of the world”

This damage to forty seven million canadians all on cell phone bills and many of them share

at that same sentiment.

that cell phone bills in this country are far too high

today the country’s broadcast regulator’s announced big changes to the wireless

industry which could translate into lower costs. (Maybe but probably not!) the new code of conduct

includes the two-year cap on contract length. The fifty dollars ceiling on extradited charges

and one hundred dollar cap on international data roaming charges. sovermont have is the world’s back to you

our business has jeannie lee is herewhen you can we recover three-year

contracts that of the countdown is onicsc that we’re talking about six months

less today so that’s how much i’ll haveto wait matchmaker at the new rules kick

in on december second that’s when youcan break your three-year contract if

you’ve already hit the two-year mark and after that any new contract anyone signs

out there can only stretch at at the most by to years

after that you can cancel for free or renegotiate. Yet a big changes are those

limits you talked about on data and those dreaded international roaming

fees in particular. So no more

big shock when you come back with a patient

and get at fort digit sam and holdingfee gabrielle

now go to some of the biggest defeat cr_t_c_ hurt when it held those hearings

be settling

and also had people’s side had sound offonline and by email and five thousand

people did so in fact and so thec_f_t_c_ said chairman john smale delay

explains it this is what

and said everyday canadians

rely on wireless services and the wireless code will contribute to a more

dynamic market place by making it possible for canadians

to discuss their needs

with service providers at least

every two years and the code does apply to every single service provider in

canada so theoretically they’re point after seeing it on their toes too

at keep you as a customer if you can renegotiate your terms more often than

say three years okay what else do we need to know about what’s in this kind

of where there are some other advantagesges that these two ones we talked

about already where the big at tension grab respect there are plenty of ca

annoyances that people i’ve talked about it and send the c_r_t_c_ has addressed

them here they are photos will beunlocked in fact they’re paid in full

tilt unlocked immediately

or after ninety days

and your phones can be returned within a fifteen day trial period and is already

happens with some provider so this that change make it basically uniform across the

industry as far as terms and conditions.

We will have to be crystal clear and have no doubt in a clear easy, easy to understand

contract. So that consumers can really understand what they’re getting into

so we took this two the streets to find out what you think about all of this

on the outcome.

Still to pass

a-level little too much hope that theschool work things too much magazines

from europe and

he can’t believe

the rates we came here so

really needs to change one of my friends had a bill

for a hundred and forty seven thousand dollars

and he’s an expert in the field it would help to know that i’m

aware of mobile my unit

face and has a very hard to get people talk about anything when you try and get

ice skaters fact that no problem today were actually people love to sound off

about a different services and so the c_r_t_c_ has listened but the chairman

also seemed to ah… point net we have a responsibility to and now that we have

these clear too and clearly understood contracts there we have to educate

ourselves so that we can’t use the excuse of pain, I do now read the

contract rate before signing.

Article by İhsan GUNEY