The HTC ONE X has officially launched with Telus! Just for $129.99!

To follow up on our report about the arrival of the HTC One X on Telus Mobility in Canada, we’ve got more news to share on the price of HTC’s flagship phone on the carrier and when you’ll be able to purchase one.

Although the carrier’s website still has the HTC One X listed as “coming soon”, a leaked internal document that was uncovered by Mobile Syrup indicates that the phone will arrive on July 13. This gives you a day to decide on whether to get Samsung’s latest and greatest – if you haven’t already done so – or pick HTC’s device instead.

Look what Everything Tech had to say about the launch by Telus of The HTC Onx X.

“If you’re still on the fence between the two, perhaps some price details of the HTC One X will help you make an informed decision. Telus will offer the One X for $129.99 with a three-year contract. The two-year and one-year contract will set you back $529.99 and $579.99 – respectively. If you don’t want to be bound by any contractual agreement, you can purchase the HTC One X out right for $629.99. In case you’re wondering, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is offered for $159.99 with a three-year contract.

So, will you choose the HTC One X over its Samsung competitor?”

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