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Fort Saskatchewan Telus Mobility providers provide a wide variety of services to their customers. However, taking care of your phone to ensure its longevity is not one of them—that’s your responsibility. This article teaches how to make sure your cellphone doesn’t get “out of hand” – and what you can do to prevent that from ever happening in the first place.


First, keep track of your cellphone. Whether it’s in your pockets or in a purse, don’t lose track of it. Public transit is a particularly easy place to lose such a device. In Edmonton, the incidence is so high that ETS has started asking cellphone owners to come forward when they won’t. In Fort Saskatchewan, it’s not such a big problem, but you can be certain that cellphones are lost every day. Don’t count yours among them.

If your cellphone is ever lost, keep in mind that you can suspend your phone at any time. This will prevent your phone number and data assets from being used, for example. But keep in mind that it won’t stop ne’er-do-wells from looking at your pictures or apps, or using wi-fi for that matter. A suspended cell phone is still a functioning cell phone. Note, also, that your service charges generally won’t be suspended along with the service itself.

Obey local laws to do with cell phones, too. In particular, there are provincial laws stating that you shouldn’t text and drive. This is a habit that a lot of people develop, and it’s become almost infamous among motorists that those using their cellphones are breaking the rules and harming the road for everyone. Avoid contributing to this.

Finally, keep in mind that a smartphone suffers a lot of wear and tear in its life. Within days of using it, you might already have smudged its screen a bit. Some models are harder to find accessories for than others, but it’s worth inquiring about screen protectors, phone cases, and earbuds, among other items, no matter how you plan to use your cellphone.

Following the tips above can help ensure prolonged use of your mobile device. For quality cell phone products and accessories in Fort Saskatchewan, visit a trusted provider such as Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated.

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 Posted on : December 28, 2015