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Making the Long Leap: Upgrade to a Newer iPhone at Your Nearest Dealer

Apple’s iPhone line has been the first word in touch-based smartphones since the initial model came out in June 2007. The possibility of users sticking to the first couple of models for the longest time may be farfetched, but stranger things have happened. MarketWatch’s Quentin Fortrell notes, for example, a lawyer who used his 1st-gen iPhone as a car audio player instead of having to buy an iPod Touch.

Upgrade to a Newer iPhone at Your Nearest Dealer

Why Upgrading Is the Smart Move

While soldiering on with the first iPhone versions can be viewed as a mark of “loyalty,” Apple’s “planned obsolescence” tactics forces loyalists to upgrade. There are a number of reasons why you have to upgrade your iPhone at some point. The existing iOS is often the strongest factor, since the latest operating systems no longer support older iPhone units. The oldest model the current iOS 8 can support, for instance, is the 4S; anything older than that can no longer accommodate the platform. Even then, Ars Technica’s Andrew Cunningham writes that the 4S struggles with processing on iOS 8.

What to Choose

Authorized dealers of cellular telephones in Fort Saskatchewan, such as TELUS/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, have a range of recent iPhone models that are active under Apple’s technical support programme. At present, these are the 8GB iPhone 5C, 16GB 5S, and the 16/64/128GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Each model has a price under a two-year subscription plan, or a no-term unit carrying a higher price tag.

If you loved storing images on your older iPhone, you could learn how to do it on newer units through your phone seller. With the iPhone 6’s large screen, you’ll have more opportunities to display images and information, and create a streamlined layout for your apps at the home screen.

Despite the seemingly endless birth of iPhone babies throughout the years, there are people who are forever attached to their older phone. If your own friends and family have been convincing you to switch to a more advanced unit for the longest time, you should consider the logic in their words. After all, your phone doesn’t have long to live, and who knows, upgrading could be the start of something big for you.



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 Posted on : August 26, 2015