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Google’s New Operating System is Officially Android Oreo

Every year, Google announces the release of a new update to their Android operating system and on August 21st they officially announced that the next iteration would be name Android Oreo. While the operating system has been available in beta for a number of months now, some of Android O’s marquee features include Android Instant Apps, a system that allows users to access apps without needing to download them, as well as picture-in-picture, which lets users multitask and text, browse the web or send emails while watching a YouTube video.


Google also says that Android O features faster boot speeds when powering up devices and that the OS now limits the background activity of less frequently used apps. Finally, Google says that the final version of Android O feature a full redesigned emoji set, complete with over 60 new emoji.


Customers should start seeing this update roll out to their Android phones within the next few months depending on the device.

 Posted on : August 22, 2017