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Galaxy Note 7 recall: what a mess!

This recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been bad news for everybody.  I as well as everybody else has been disappointed with the events which have come upon the Note 7.  Its bad for the consumer as well as the industry as a whole.  Nobody likes to see the bad luck that has come with the launch of this exciting new phone.  It’s really too bad but I for one know Samsung will fix this issue and come out stronger because of it.  They make excellent products and the information I see is the problem was not with their phone but the battery which is built by and outside company.

So far the process for return has just begun and already some people are not happy with the way its going.  I say patience is needed.  Read whats happening below written by BOGDAN PETROVAN over at Android Authority below:

Consumer Reports is not happy with the way Samsung is handling the Note 7 recall

samsung galaxy note 7 unboxing aa (14 of 27)

Following days of heavy rumors, Samsung has moved in to quell fears about the safety of the Note 7. The company assured that only a very small number of devices pose a risk and announced a worldwide recall program, “out of an abundance of caution.”

While some have praised Samsung for acting decisively in the interest of customers, not everyone is happy with the way the Note 7 recall program is being conducted.

Consumer Reports, a respected US-based consumer rights organization, said Samsung should have conducted an “official recall” together with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a US government body that oversees consumer products recalls.

Consumer Reports says that a CPSC-sanctioned recall would have made it illegal to sell the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States until the remediation of the problem. The consumer rights group said that it identified stores that still had the Note 7 on sale on Friday.

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Perfect example of un -needed criticism just to make things worse.  Samsung is doing what needs to be done and will correct everything while having replacements in short order.

Here some information for customers who have purchased Note 7s

Play it safe and swap your Note 7 because of the recall

Unless you think you know better than the people who built your Note 7, not getting it replaced is stupid.

I’m seeing a disturbing trend in forums and social media — people are saying they aren’t going to return their recalled Note 7 and get a new one. Don’t be that person.

Some of the reasons I’m seeing for not returning a Note 7 for a new one do make sense on some level. Nobody wants to take the time to set up a new phone, or people are worried that the replacement might not be as “perfect” as the one they are using now. I feel ya. I hate setting up phones and I know getting the perfect piece from a giant mass-produced manufacturing pile can be tricky sometimes. But other things I’m reading have me a little concerned.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: Everything you need to know

Only (insert you own made-up number here) phones have been found defective” or “I only use a (put the name of your favorite brand here) charger and everyone knows they are safe” and other assorted nonsense not only defies logic but shows how far people will reach to escape the obvious:You need to swap your phone under the recall.

Yes, only a small percentage of the phones that were boxed up and sent to stores or homes have burst. Odds say yours isn’t one of them. Odds also say that sex without birth control won’t necessarily lead to pregnancy, too. Both cases here, as well as countless others, like not wearing a seatbelt because I never had an accident or nobody needs to know Calculus are equally wrong. Some people do need to know Calculus, and some Note 7s are going to explode in a ball of dragon fire.

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Read this if you don’t want to wait for your replacement which is a couple weeks away.  Written by Russell Holly over at AndroidCentral below:

Best phone to buy if you’re returning a Galaxy Note 7

What should I get if I’m returning a Galaxy Note 7?

It’s a tough question, but one a lot of people are asking themselves right now. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall is coupled with some particularly violent photos of phones in various stages of burning and melting, which is the last thing you want with a brand new version of that phone in your pocket. Samsung has identified 35 cases of phone explosion across the over a million that have been sold so far, but most folks who bought a Note 7 are still well within their return window. If you decide to return your Note 7 instead of waiting for an recall exchange from Samsung, here’s a few suggestions for what your next phone should be!

Galaxy S7 edge.


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