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Which Telus Internet Connection Option Do You Need Most for Your Work?

The Internet has become a necessity for a lot of people. From the high-earning CEO, who makes business presentations, down to the adorable 6-year-olds who play games on tablets, the internet is simply something that every person must have. Speed, availability, and of course the number of people who need it are the three considerations you must make when choosing your TELUS Internet connection.

Which TELUS Internet Connection Option Do You Need Most for Your Work

Wireless Connection

A wireless connection is ideal because it doesn’t require the user to connect his or her computer or handheld device to a line. The connection is very popular because it can be shared by a large number of people at the same time, as long as they are able to receive the signal. The most common wireless networking technology is Wi-Fi. The downside of a wireless connection, however, is that it is slower and less secure than a wired connection since anyone could access the network if it doesn’t have a password.

Most houses and public places, like coffee shops, airports and sports arenas, have wireless connection installed. This is the most ideal type of connection for businesses that cater to the public since it allows their customers to enjoy internet connectivity within their premises.

Wired Connection

A wired connection works best in an office setting because of the security and reliability that it offers. Furthermore, since wired connections require devices to be physically connected through a cable, companies have full control over which devices can connect to the Internet.

One disadvantage of this is that phones and tablets are designed to be unwired so employees are limited only to desktop computers or laptops in a wired setting. Another disadvantage is that once the line or the Ethernet pins break, the computer loses connection as well. The network is therefore more prone to disruption based on the hardware’s wear and tear.

Portable Connection

Under this category, users have two options when they visit local TELUS stores, like TELUS/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated near Edmonton. The first is a mobile hotspot, which, in simplest terms, is a portable wireless connection, and an internet key, which is the portable equivalent of a wired connection. The advantage of portable connections is that they can be brought anywhere and be used anytime. Frequent travelers and on-call professionals will benefit most from this type of connection since they will be able to bring their work with them anywhere they go.



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 Posted on : August 27, 2015