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Three Major Advantages of Having a Digital Telus TV Box in Your Home

Back in the time of cable TV-only, providers offered a wide selection of channels. That would have been a great come-on, but the downside was that many subscribers were only really interested in a portion of the channels, either because they understand the language or the material is something they like. This means that a good number of channels are wasted even though the subscribers are paying for them as part of the package.

This issue is resolved by digital TV boxes that offer flexibility in content choices, as well as an option to add video recording capabilities for shows you’ve missed. Here are the benefits of wireless digital TV boxes:

Three Major Advantages of Having a Digital Telus TV Box in Your Home

Tailored Viewing

A customised channel package, such as the Optik® TV line from TELUS dealer Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated in Fort Saskatchewan, includes a base package of regular channels that are viewable in standard or HD, but you can also opt for specialty channel packs. Certain premium channels may be requested for an extra fee. You may also get a personal video recorder (PVR) to connect to your digital box so you could watch the shows you like during your preferred time.

Expandable and Recordable

When applying for a wireless digital TV box with your TV service provider, consider how many TV sets you have at home, since every TV is ideally connected to one box. If you have a PVR or digital video recorder (DVR), decide which TVs/boxes will be networked with your DVR. You also have to check your TV’s specs for wireless connectivity and HD compatibility.

Some digital TV providers have systems that work with one DVR per household, and one digital box locked in to each TV you want to link to the DVR. Current DVRs have up to three tuners, which allow viewers to record one show per tuner. While this gives you the option to maximise recording by using all three tuners simultaneously, a Tech Radar article warns of sub-channels that could complicate the recording.


Since there are no cables to worry about, a wireless TV box does not limit the TV’s position to only one place. You can move your TV around and place it where you are at the moment. You can go on doing what you have to do, like dusting windows or baking, while enjoying the latest episode of your favorite series.

Just because the program currently on is not to your fancy doesn’t mean you have to waste hours channel surfing to find the one you want. A digital TELUS TV box can help reduce the stress of searching and allow you to access the video content of your choice whenever you want it.



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 Posted on : August 26, 2015