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Telus Internet Services in Edmonton Just Got a Lot Faster Than Ever

It’s official: Edmonton is about to become the number one city in Canada with nearly ubiquitous and extremely fast internet services available for both residential and commercial sectors. This will be facilitated by Telus’ one billion dollar fibre optic investment, and the fair city of Edmonton will be the first beneficiary.

Telus Internet Services in Edmonton Just Got a Lot Faster Than Ever

This technology makes use of plastic or glass threads to transmit data as light pulses instead of signals through metal cables. This infrastructure investment is expected to reach up to ninety percent of homes and office buildings while boosting education, innovation and streamlined health care services in Edmonton.

With this, the education sector is expected to benefit from a more enhanced telecommuting capacity, as well as interactive, virtual field trips. For the health sector, this technology is expected to support digitizing patient information and delivering primary care electronically, especially in e-prescribing medication.

Telus executive chairman Darren Entwistle called it a generational investment as they seek to create Canada’s first significant urban gigabit society. This offers residents a distinct advantage, giving them unrivalled access to economic development opportunities and sensational social applications to improve their consumer lifestyles. Indeed, these are exciting times for Edmonton.

As expected, this news has been welcomed by residents and business owners alike as they look forward to the new doors of opportunities that this new fibre optic era will usher in. It also raises speculations as to how other service providers can maintain their market structure.

According to the Edmonton Sun, Canadian telecommunications analyst Mark Goldberg stated, “It’s not a question whether TELUS can afford the billion dollar investment to fully wire your city and then others, it’s whether the other big TV/Internet companies across Canada – can afford not to.”

Telus internet has always provided fast service, but this new development takes “fast” to a whole new level. How fast? How about downloading a full feature-length movie in less than three minutes? Or streaming up to four Netflix movies at the same time? It also supports interactive video gaming with participants from all over the world. It’s like being able to keep your entire family happy at the same time.

If you want to benefit from this new service, hurry down to your licenced Telus stores and resellers here in Edmonton, like Telus/Cambridge Electronics Inc. to hook you up with lightning-speed internet. Their specialists are dedicated to ensuring that you relish a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


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